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A modern kitchen has colored window blinds made of 2-inch Metal in Champagne for a warm golden sheen
November 21, 2023

Choose the Perfect Colored Window Blinds

Colored window blinds come in a wide range of colors and finishes, from natural wood tones to painted wood looks and sleek metal finishes. Plus, if blinds colors don’t quite suit your aesthetic, there are lots of colors and patterns for shades so you’re bound to find the right look for your space.

Before diving into some of your color options for blinds and shades, first make sure you understand the difference between these two similar window treatments.

what are Blinds & Shades?

Blinds traditionally feature horizontal slats made from a sturdy material like wood or metal. The slats on the blinds can be tilted up or down to control your light and privacy. With Cordless Wood and Metal Blinds, you can also lift and lower the blinds to cover and uncover your window.

Shades are single-panel window treatments made from a variety of materials from hard textiles to luxuriously soft fabrics to woven fibers. Shades can only be lifted and lowered to control your light and privacy and they come in a wide variety of styles to suit your aesthetic.

Now that you understand the differences between blinds and shades, dive into your color options for both to discover the right colored window blinds or shades for your space.

Blinds Colors to Choose From

Blinds colors fall into three main categories: real wood colors, painted wood colors and metal finishes. Discover each category and see examples of each to learn about your options for colored window blinds and get a sense for which category will best suit your aesthetic.

Natural Real Wood Tones

A mid-century modern room has colored window blinds made of 2-inch Exotic wood in Ebony for lots of color variation

Natural Wood Blinds are a classic window treatment option. These colored window blinds come in a variety of real wood grains and finishes from simple straight grains to highly varied exotic-wood-inspired grains. Real wood blinds colors are typically best suited to aesthetic styles that champion natural wood tones, such as mid-century modern homes, Scandinavian-inspired homes and traditional or southern homes.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Bamboo in White for a very light natural wood tone and straight grain

Wood Blinds, 2-Inch Bamboo, White

A light, honey-colored wood tone with a simple straight grain and subtle highlights and lowlights.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Laminated in Bleached Oak for a cool aged wood tone and subtle grain

Wood Blinds, 2-Inch Laminated, Bleached Oak

A bright wood tone with a soft open straight grain and subtle color variation that resembles white oak.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Basic in Cherry Wood for a rich warm color and handscraped grain

Wood Blinds, 2-Inch Basic, Cherry Wood

A rich, warm color with a hand-scraped finish for a sophisticated, bold look that resembles cherry wood. 

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Exotic in Ebony for a deep wood tone with dramatic highlights and lowlights

Wood Blinds, 2-Inch Exotic, Ebony

A highly varied grain and striking coloring for a character-rich look reminiscent of exotic wood.

Painted Wood Tones

An office features colored window blinds made of 2-inch Faux wood in Blanc for a bright clean aesthetic

Painted wood offers a simple, modern look for your space. Painted wood blinds colors typically stick to more neutral tones like white, grey and black. Depending on the finish, painted wood tones may show some grain pattern through the paint, or it may cover it completely for a sleek, simple surface. These colored wood blinds offer a clean, simple appearance and so are better suited to modern or minimalist homes.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch High Gloss in White for a gleaming white to brighten any space

Wood Blinds, 2-Inch High Gloss, White

A bright white with a glossy surface for an elevated look with a touch of glamour.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Painted Bamboo in Dune for a soft warm grey color and subtle straight grain

Wood Blinds, 2-Inch Painted Bamboo, Dune

A muted sandy tone with a straight wood grain barely visible for subtle texture.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Faux in Dark Grey for a deep almost olive grey with a painted wood look

Faux Wood Blinds, 2-Inch Faux, Dark Grey

A deep warm grey color that delivers a touch of visual impact to your space.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Matte in Coal for deep rich black for a dramatic painted wood look

Wood Blinds, 2-Inch Matte, Coal

A true black with a matte finish for dramatic look and bold linear design.

Sleek Metal Finishes

A mid-century modern kitchen with wood tones features colored window blinds made of 1-inch Metal in Silver for contrast

Metal Blinds, made from either 1-inch or 2-inch durable yet light aluminum slats, offer several metal finishes, some with a matte finish and others with a metallic sheen. These colored window blinds are ideal for adding a metallic element to the interior décor of industrial-chic or modern homes. They can also be used in glam interiors to add more shine to an already extravagant design. Keep in mind that 1-inch Metal Blinds are only available with wand tilt control, and you won’t be able to lift and lower them. 2-inch Metal Blinds are available with lift and tilt control options.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Metal in White Pearl for a soft, inviting white gleam

Metal Blinds, 2-Inch Metal, White Pearl

A soft white with a subtle brilliance.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Metal in Silver for a medium grey with a subtle sheen

Metal Blinds, 2-Inch Metal, Silver

A classic silver with a soft sheen.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Metal in Champagne for a warm golden color with a subtle brilliance

Metal Blinds, 2-Inch Metal, Champagne

A beautiful golden hue with a subtle sheen.

A swatch for colored window blinds shows 2-inch Metal in Night for a rich black color with a starry gleam

Metal Blinds, 2-Inch Metal, Night

A rich black tone with a touch of shine.

Find Even More Colors with Shades

If colored window blinds aren’t quite striking you as the best choice for your aesthetic style, you have even more options in Shades. Shades are a great alternative to blinds as they offer similar functionality in even more styles. Each style of shade offers their own material options that range significantly in terms of colors, patterns and textures so you can find the right look for your space.

Learn about each type of shade and its aesthetic options to see which one might suit your preferences.

Roller Shades made of Mesa Verde in Mist offer a cool grey tone to a mid-century modern room with warm wood tones

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are a great alternative to colored window blinds with their sleek design and installation versatility. Roller Shades are available in light-filtering and blackout materials so you can achieve the right amount of privacy and light control. Solid colors range from subtle neutrals to bright colors, while patterns offer simple to intricate designs. You can also get unique designer patterns created by interior designers like Nate Berkus, The Novogratz and more.

double roller shades

Capture a similar look to colored window blinds with Double Roller Shades, also called “zebra blinds,” that feature alternating bands of sheer and opaque material. Colors for these shades are all neutral tones ranging from white to beige and grey to black, so you’re bound to find an option that suits your interior.

Double Roller Shade made of Windansea in Canyon offers a linear design to a window in a mid-century modern dining room
Solar Shades made of 3% Smart Solar in Onyx complements a kitchen with a dark color scheme of black, stainless steel and wood

solar shades

Similar to Roller Shades in their style, functionality and versatility, Solar Shades come in light-filtering material that blocks UV rays while still allowing natural light to flood your space. Colors are mostly neutral tones including white, beige, grey and black, and different materials also offer lots of texture variation. You can also choose from designer colors, textures and a few patterns from well-known brands, Sunbrella® and Chilewich®.

roman shades

Roman Shades come in functional and decorative styles and offer lots of privacy and light control variation with different fabric types and lining options. Solid colors include neutral tones, pastels, bold jewel tones and more. You can also find simple and intricate patterns, including designer patterns created by interior designers like Nate Berkus, Victoria Hagan and more.

A Flat Roman Shade made of Victoria Hagain's Jasmine in Midnight covers a window in a contemporary room with interesting art
Woven Wood Shades made of Artisan Weaves Coastline in Oat offer a warm golden glow to a sunroom filled with plants

woven wood shades

Woven Wood Shades offer four functional styles and are made of natural fibers like bamboo, grasses and reeds. Colors are all natural in tone from warm honey-colored shades to cool sun-bleached grays and dark, richly hued wood tones. Materials vary in texture from elegant smooth textures to coarse character-rich textures.   

cellular shades

Featuring a unique honeycomb design that provides excellent insulation, Cellular Shades offer a similar linear look to blinds without the tiltable slats. These shades are very easy to use and lift and lower the same way as blinds. Light-filtering and blackout materials are available so you can achieve the right level of light and privacy control. Colors are all on the neutral spectrum, with some warm and cool tones with a touch of color like blue, green, red or yellow.

Cellular Shades made of 3/4 Single Cell Blackout in Midnight offer a stark contrast to a bright bedroom

Factors to Consider When Selecting Shades or Blinds Colors

When selecting colored window blinds or shades, there are a few factors to consider to help you choose the right color for your space:

  • Room size and lighting – Large bright rooms are often best balanced with a darker, richer color, while darker, cozier spaces may benefit from a lighter color to brighten things up and make the room feel more spacious.
  • Existing color scheme – Your colored window blinds should complement the existing interior color scheme, either with a newly introduced accent color that provides pleasing contrast or with a color pulled from your existing color palette that blends in harmoniously.
  • Light and privacy control – In terms of blinds colors, all colors and finishes provide the same level of light and privacy control since the sturdy, solid slats will block light and will totally block the view when fully tilted up or down. For shades, however, different materials have varying levels of light filtration and privacy control. For instance, light-filtering Roller Shades will provide less privacy and light control than blackout Roller Shades. For Roman and Woven Wood Shades, you have the option of adding privacy or blackout lining to your fabric to achieve the right level of light and privacy control.
  • Material durability – All colored window blinds are made from durable, hardy material; however, you may experience some color fading of Wood and Faux Wood Blinds over time from exposure to the sun. For shades, the durability of the material varies based on the material’s composition. In general, synthetic materials like Roller and Solar Shade textiles as well as performance Sunbrella fabrics for Roman Shades are very durable and won’t fade easily. However, natural fabrics for Roman Shades, like wool, linen and silk, are a bit more vulnerable to the sun, so may fade and deteriorate over time. To prevent this, add lining, which will help protect the integrity of the fabric.

Color Inspiration

With an overview of your options for shades and blinds colors as well as tips for choosing a color, you’re ready to explore inspirational interiors to get ideas for your own design. See colored window blinds and shades in curated spaces and learn how they complement their existing interiors.

Discover the Perfect Colored Window Blinds or Shades

With a better understanding of your options for colored window blinds and shades, as well as inspiring examples, it’s time to find the perfect color for your space. Order free swatches of all your favorite shades and blinds colors to compare at home. Be sure to look at not only the color and tone, but also the grain in any wood swatches and textures in fabrics to ensure you capture the perfect look for your room.


Compare as many of your favorites from our collection of 1,200+ premium materials at home when you order free swatches online.

A close-up image of white swatches featuing different textures and materials shows the declicate details of these designs