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An Updated Classic: Panel Track Blinds

panel track blinds

The thought of vertical blinds can conjure images of noisy, dated white plastic window treatments that are anything but stylish. We’d like to offer you an updated alternative to those functional yet unattractive blinds: our stunning Panel Track Blinds. With more than 300 materials to choose from, you can add vertical blinds to your home and match any style, from modern to traditional. Try our Solar materials to cut down on glare on reduce UV rays entering your room, or add a touch of organic texture with our Naturals collection. We even offer Chilewich designer materials for Panel Track Blinds.

How Panel Track Blinds Work

Panel Track Blinds from The Shade Store glide along a track, which comes in both white and silver finishes. The track can be mounted to the ceiling, inside your window or door frame, or outside the frame. Operate your blinds with cord control, or opt for our baton control which has been certified “Best For Kids.”

You can customize Panel Track Blinds to precisely fit the needs of your space; they can open left or right, or you can select a split draw, allowing the blinds to open out to either side of your window or door. The width of each panel will depend on the length of the area covered. Each Panel Track Blind system will come with between 3 and 9 equal-sized panels determined by the overall width of the treatment and track.

Window Treatments or Room Dividers

These window treatments are so versatile, they can be used over wide expanses of windows, sliding glass doors, or even as standalone room dividers. Lauren King of Lauren King Interior Design created a polished room divider in the studio apartment shown below, using Panel Track Blinds to offer a divider between the bedroom area and the rest of the living space. The panel system means that even large blinds spanning wide spaces glide effortlessly.

Order free swatches of any Panel Track Blind material, or visit a showroom to see them in person. If you’d like to preview these blinds in action in your space, take advantage of our free Photo Rendering Service. Send us a photo, and our designers will add the window treatment of your choice to your windows or doors.