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Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Keep Costs Down with Energy Saving Window Treatments


From Solar Shades to Custom Drapery , our energy efficient window treatments options offer a variety of styles to suit your space. Choose from light-filtering materials that prevent UV damage or add a flannel lining to increase insulation. You can also choose OEKO-TEX and GreenGuard certified materials for a safer, more sustainable home. Request a free design consultation to get started.


Our energy efficient window treatments collection showcases beautiful essentials that can filter harmful UV rays, improve insulation and help regulate interior temperatures.

Light Filtering
Our energy efficient materials, like Sunbrella 1% Solistico, help protect against harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and prevent furniture and artwork from fading.

Cost Saving
By helping to keep your home warm during cool months and cool during warm months, energy efficient window treatments can balance your energy bill throughout the year.

Style & Function
Sturdy flannel interlining adds energy efficiency and prevents drafts while creating a fuller appearance.


Available in over 650 materials, including our exclusive Designer Collections, energy efficient window treatments from The Shade Store offer an opportunity for completely customized window coverings — with the added benefit of energy efficiency. To get started, request a free design consultation today.

Energy Efficient Solar Shades
Choose from a variety of materials and transparency levels to help absorb harmful UV rays and prevent your AC from working overtime. Solar Shades are available in a range of styles, from minimal and understated to statement-making and chic with options from Chilewich and other Designer Collections.

Energy Efficient Cellular Shades
Our unique honeycomb-style Cellular Shades improve insulation and regular interior temperatures effortlessly. In addition to boosting energy efficiency, you can also select light filtering and blackout Cellular Shades to further customize your window treatments to your needs.

Energy Efficient Roman Shades
Outfitted with cotton flannel interlining, customized Roman Shades can provide added insulation and prevent drafts. From Flat Roman Shades to Relaxed Roman Shades, it’s easy to find a style to complement your home’s decor without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Drapery
Create a full, classic look with endlessly versatile Drapery with added protection and insulation from sturdy interlining. Effortlessly sophisticated and designed to match your space, energy efficient drapes offer the best of beauty and functionality.


In the same way that energy efficient window treatments are better for your home and the environment, so are eco-efficient materials used for your window treatments. While energy-efficient window treatments help the environment by reducing your energy consumption, eco-efficient materials are made more sustainably and with fewer or no harmful substances. But how do you know if a material is eco-efficient? You can usually tell through green certification, and products made with all-natural materials are often a safer bet as well.

OEKO-TEX® Certification
OEKO-TEX, as an organization, is made up of several independent textile and leather testing institutes in Europe and Japan. The trusted standards these institutes have developed help consumers make responsible decisions in their textile and leather choices. An OEKO-TEX certification means the material was tested and is free from harmful substances, making it safer for your home and better for the environment. Many of our window treatments feature OEKO-TEX certifications, including many of our Roller and Solar Shade materials.

GreenGuard® Certification
GreenGuard® is a certification given by UL Solutions, who tests materials including textiles for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are airborne chemicals often emitted from household items like furniture, building materials, electronics, cleaning products and more. A GreenGuard certification means the item has been tested for chemical emissions and is found to have very low or negligible emissions. This translates to cleaner air to breathe and a healthier indoor environment. Window treatments with GreenGuard certification include many of our Roller and Solar Shade materials.

All Natural Materials
Natural materials are those that come from a natural source, and are often a more sustainable, eco-friendly choice. We offer several different types of natural materials across our product lines, including:
  • Cottons, linens, silks and wool in our Roman Shades and Drapery. These fabrics are also made without the use of azo dyes, some of which have been found to be harmful.
  • Grasses, reeds, paper and bamboo are all used in our Woven Wood Shades. These materials are fast-growing and environmentally friendly.
  • American Basswood from trees specifically grown to be harvested is used for our Wood Blinds, which means we don’t use wood from old-growth forests.
  • Foam wood, made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials, is used for our Faux Wood Blinds.


From material selection to control mechanism, there are endless options for customizing your energy efficient window treatments.

Cordless Control
Effortlessly block out bright light and add insulation when necessary with a simple pull to lock your window treatments into place. You can also upgrade to a more tech-savvy solution for your smart home with our signature motorization technology.

Material Efficiency
From blackout fabrics to light-filtering favorites in a variety of opacities, you can have total control over the natural light in your space. Basic Solar Shades offer four transparency levels to choose from, so you can get the light just right.

Style Versatility
Whether you prefer the streamlined, minimal look of Roller Shades or the classic elegance of Drapery, it’s easy to find an energy efficient window treatment style to suit your space. If you’re not sure which style to choose, our expert Design Consultants are always available to help get the process started.


For added energy efficiency and custom styling, you can layer your window treatments from The Shade Store. Create an energy efficient base layer with Solar Shades, Cellular Shades or Roman Shades and then add custom Drapery or a Valance on top. You can even select energy efficient Drapery as your top layer for two layers of insulation.


To get started with your custom energy efficient window treatments, visit us at one of our nationwide showrooms. Our team of expert Design Consultants is available to help you select an energy efficient style, choose insulating layering combinations, and more. Find a location to get started.