Ideas for Bay Window Treatments

Choosing window treatments for bay windows can be tricky. Should each window be treated individually, or should the group be viewed as one large window? Where should shades be mounted? What about drapes?


There are no right answers to these questions, and each bay window can be dressed a multitude of ways. We have collected a few of our favorite bay window treatment ideas with shades and drapes to provide you with some inspiration.


Narrow Bay Windows

Cellular Shades

If you have narrow bay windows in your home, you may be worried that individual shades on each window could look awkward and too small. One way to combat this problem is to coordinate the color of your shades with your trim color.

These Cellular Shades are inside mounted, so the trim of the windows is still on display. All three shades are white and have a blending effect with the trim, minimizing the narrowness of the separate windowpanes. Cellular Shades are uniquely well suited to bay windows because of their insulating power – perfect for both colder climates and very sunny areas.


cellular shades bay window treatments

¾” Single Cell Blackout Cellular Shades, White


Flat Roman Shades

Another way to make narrow windows look larger is to mount Roman Shades on the outside, so they maximize the width of the window area. Flat Roman Shades were mounted close together, forming a single visual unit with the bold pattern. If you have other interesting architectural details around your bay window, such as the detailed molding on the arch in these photos, a simpler style of shade like the Flat Roman will allow those details to shine while still providing interest with color and the softness of a fabric accent. When all three shades are raised, the neat stack of the Flat Roman can give the illusion of a fabric valance.


If you’re struggling with finding a drapery style you like for a bay window, consider Roman Shades, which add the same softness and fullness with fabric without the considerations of rods or length.


roman shades bay window

Flat Roman Shades, Futura


Wide Bay Windows

Roman Shades + Drapes

What about wide bay windows?


Layered shades and drapes look beautiful together on large sets of windows. Our custom shades can be made in wide widths, so make sure to talk to a design consultant about your options if you have a wide window. The Flat Roman Shades pictured below are available up to 120” wide. The sheer material keeps the large shades from feeling too heavy. Finally, Tailored Pleat Drapery frames the whole window unit.


roman shades and drapery

Flat Roman Shades, Basket Sheer + Tailored Pleat Drapes, Fennimore


Woven Wood Shades

For a dose of natural texture, Woven Wood Shades add instant interest to a bay window. These shades are an outside mount, forming the look of one cohesive shade and the versatility of raising and lowering each section one at a time.


woven wood shades bay window

Cascade Woven Wood Shades, Bryce


For more help with your bay window treatments, visit one of our nationwide showrooms or call us at (800) 754-1455. And don’t forget our Free Photo Rendering Service, where one of our design experts will render your window treatment ideas into a photo of your room.  

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Simple & Elegant: Custom Roller Shades

custom roller shades


If you have oversized or oddly-placed windows, it can be difficult to find window treatments that fit your needs. Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect color to match the pattern in your sofa, or you want to make your shades the focal point of your room with a stunning print. How can you make your vision come to life?


That’s where we come in.


With completely custom, handcrafted shades, blinds, and draperies, we can create the ideal window treatment for your space. Our products are handmade in our state-of-the-art workrooms throughout the USA, which means we have higher manufacturing standards and better quality control than any off-the-shelf options. In this post, we’ll focus on custom roller shades, a simple and sleek window treatment solution for almost any room in your home.  


Wide Roller Shades

Picture windows, banks of multiple windows, and even some doors can be large and difficult to dress. At The Shade Store, our roller shades can be made in any width from 12” all the way up to 132”. With very wide roller shades, we do recommend the continuous loop chain control, which makes the shades easier to raise and lower.


Designer Roller Shades

Looking for gorgeous, high quality fabrics from top designers? Then our Chilewich designer roller shades fit the bill. Husband and wife team Sandy Chilewich and Joe Sultan are the masterminds behind the Chilewich textile brand, which produces textiles for placemats, floormats, and many more applications.


The Chilewich collection for roller shades features 4 exclusive materials available in 18 colors, and protects your interiors with UV and fade protection.   


Patterned Roller Shades

For jaw-dropping prints and a wide variety from which to choose, browse our Prints collection for roller shades. With 28 materials and more than 120 colors, you’re sure to find the pattern that matches or accents your décor.



We have subdued prints such as Lotus and Broadway, florals like Bloom and Cherry Blossom, and lively colorful patterns such as Wave and Zig Zag (just to name a few). Order as many free swatches as you like to test these fabrics in real life.


We believe that craftsmanship matters, and we want your custom roller shades to exceed your expectations. We stand by every product we make with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Every shade is hung and tested before we ship it to you. With us, you get all of this attention to detail and quality, and your custom shades will still ship for free in 7 days or less.

Give us a call or talk to a design consultant in one of our nationwide showrooms to get started building your custom shades today.

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How To Decide If Roman Shades Are Right For You

roman shades


When you stop into a showroom or call The Shade Store, our design consultants are ready and waiting to provide expert design advice and help you choose the perfect window treatments for your home. Please welcome back Liz Irwin, a design consultant in our Garden City, NY showroom. Liz will share some of her insights, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions here on The Shade Store Blog.


As a veteran design consultant who has been helping clients dress their windows for almost 8 years, I’m no stranger to narrowing down our selection of over a dozen window treatment styles and more than 900 materials. All of the expert design consultants at The Shade Store are intimately familiar with the appearance, function, and options available for each of our beautiful products, and with a few questions and key words, we can quickly narrow down our ample collection to the treatments that fit your needs.


Roman Shades are among our most frequently requested treatments, especially our signature Flat Roman Shade. I rarely come across anyone who does not fall in love with them. And, why not? Our Roman Shades boast handcrafted, couture quality, hundreds of supple fabrics to choose from, and a lush, indulgent presence uniquely their own. Here are some of my most tried and trusted tips to figure out if Roman Shades are right for you and your home.


You’re After a More Formal Look

The fundamental difference between Roman Shades and other types of shades is that Roman Shades fold onto themselves as they are raised, creating a series of sumptuous, soft folds. When lowered, they are visually stunning, and when lifted, the folds create a finished “faux valance” effect. I tell my clients Roman Shades are drapery-esque, in a horizontal treatment; it creates the same fullness on a window as a drapery, but more closely tailored to the lines of the window itself.


That’s not to say Roman Shades can’t have a casual elegance – like all other treatments, it’s all in the execution and context. A rumpled Linen fabric in a Relaxed Roman Shade is quite different than a Tulip Roman Shade in Silk in the tone that it sets. However, Roman Shades can do heavy lifting as standalone window treatments in formal spaces, which other shades can’t always accomplish. It all comes down to the lines that Roman Shades create, both when lifted and lowered on the window.


relaxed roman shades yellow

Relaxed Roman Shades, Pantheon


You’re Looking to Make a Statement

Some clients want their window treatments to make a statement in a room, and act as a featured part of the decor. Roman Shades are statement pieces, even in a standard, white cotton material. When they lift, they have volume and folds at the top, which we refer to as a “stack.” This means that the shade will be ever-present and visible on your windows, even when lifted up (and this includes sheer fabrics).


On the other hand, I have clients who describe a window treatment that will “disappear” on the window, or something that will “clear the glass.” When I hear anything to that effect, I know I can probably preclude Roman Shades.


Talk to a Design Consultant

Still not sure whether Roman Shades are the right fit for you? Visit one of our nationwide showrooms to see and feel Roman Shades in person at our interactive product displays. Order free swatches to test out fabrics in your home. And you can always give us a call at (800) 754-1455. We can’t wait to talk about your windows.


See Liz’s tips on how to begin your window treatment project here.

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Modern Window Style: Shades, Prints, & Hardware

modern window treatments


Modern interior design can feature a wide variety of elements, from clean lines to geometric shapes and monochromatic rooms to bold pops of color. Whether your whole home embodies a modern aesthetic or you’d simply like to add a sleek, minimal window treatment to a room, both our shades and custom drapery are available in many contemporary styles.


Stylish Shades

Flat Roman Shades

Perfect as a statement-maker in an otherwise simple room, Flat Roman Shades add the softness of fabric with a flat finish when closed and a neat stack when raised. Even when the shade is down, the permanent bottom fold remains in place, adding a structural element to otherwise simple shades.


Roller Shades + Solar Shades

For the ultimate simplicity in design, try Roller Shades or Solar Shades on your windows. These shades create strong, straight lines when closed, and virtually disappear into an inconspicuous roll when raised, preserving the architecture of your window or your view. Available in light filtering, UV blocking, and blackout materials, Roller and Solar Shades function well in any setting.


Sleek Hardware

Metal finishes lend a distinctly modern, industrial feel to any space. If you’ve chosen Roller or Solar Shades, there are two spaces to add a unique touch of metal: in the brackets, and in the optional exposed bottom bar. Brackets are available in White, Chrome, Satin Nickel, Bronze, or Black, and exposed bottom bars come in White, Silver (shown in the photo below), or Espresso.


solar shades

Solar Shades, 7% Metallic Silver


You can also add a subtle touch of metal to your windows with drapery hardware. Our Steel and Acero collections both offer steel tubing with modern finial options. Grommet Drapes are an excellent choice for an updated style of drapery, and you can coordinate the color of the metal grommets to match the color of the rod.


grommet drapes print

Grommet Drapes, Mandha

Modern Prints

Bring even more structural interest to your window treatments with a geometric print. For Roman Shades and Drapery, many of our exclusive designer collections feature geometric patterns, such as The Novogratz, Echo Designs, and Dwellstudio.


For a chevron pattern, try Roller Shades in Zig Zag or Chevron fabrics. Even Solar Shades are available in prints, such as the hexagonal pattern in Hive and the elliptical shapes in Orbit. Order as many free swatches of these materials as you like, and you’ll receive in them in 1-3 business days.


If you’d like to talk about creating your perfect modern window shades or drapes, please feel free to call us, send an email, or talk to a design consultant in any of our nationwide showrooms.

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Saving Energy with Blackout Cellular Shades

blackout cellular shades


Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are truly high performance window treatments. Not only are these shades stylish and functional, they are also the best option for insulating your windows. If you’re looking for the ultimate shade in light blockage, privacy, and energy efficiency, try a blackout cellular shade.


All About Blackout Cellular Shades

Blackout cellular shades are incredibly versatile, and go far beyond the simple white shade you’ve probably seen many times before. To start with, we offer 16 eco-friendly blackout materials in both solids and prints, from Mocha to Midnight to Mirage Blackout. View all the cellular shade swatches here.  

You can also choose from two sizes of cells for your blackout shades, which provide differing levels of insulation. Our 3/4” Single Cell blackout cellular shades, shown in the photo above, feature one layer of cells. This larger size cell is well suited for big windows. The 3/8” Double Cell cellular shades have two layers of cells, and create a smaller pleat as shown below. Double cell blackout cellular shades grant the highest level of insulation.


white cellular shades


Cellular shades can be raised and lowered with the standard cord lock, but continuous loop and cordless options are available, too. With the standard cord lock, you can opt for the Top Down Bottom Up style (shown above) which allows you to lower the shade from the top, as well as raise it from the bottom.


If you’re planning on using cellular shades in a child’s bedroom, our cordless shades have been certified Best for Kids in association with the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA).


Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Blackout cellular shades are an excellent choice for energy efficient window treatments. With windows accounting for 25% of heat loss in homes, these insulating shades can make an impact on your home’s energy consumption.


How do they work? Cellular shades are made up of cells created by folds in the shade material, and these cells can trap air, providing a layer of insulation over your windows. Blackout cellular shades go even further and block heat, light, and damaging UV rays when closed during the day, making it easier to maintain a constant temperature indoors.

Choosing blackout cellular shades is a smart decision for your home. Customize your cellular shade online, or visit a showroom to see them in person. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect shade.

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