Drapery vs Curtains: What’s the Difference?


Nearly every bit of confusion surrounding drapery/curtains nomenclature is due to history and semantics. Let’s go a few years back. You know what? Let’s go 700 years back to the Middle Ages. See, back in the Middle Ages, Drapers were merchants who sold fabrics to the curtain makers – two separate and distinct occupations. One specialized in the fabrics while the other specialized in the sewing and crafting of the product. Drapers were known for their luxurious fabrics (suedes, velvets, etc.) and were a key component of the supply chain.

Today the distinction between curtains and drapery comes down to semantics. We prefer to use the title “drapery” to describe this type of window treatment because of its historical association with quality and craftsmanship. If you come into one of our showrooms and ask for curtains, we’ll lead you in the right direction and get you set up in no time. Don’t let the difference trip you up!

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3 Window Treatment Ideas Your Plants Will Love

Indoor plants are a great way to add interest to your interiors.  Traditionally, they require little maintenance, but there are a few things to keep your eye on. When it comes to sunlight, some plants thrive in indirect sunlight, while others need the full blast of those sunny-day rays. Here are a few window treatment ideas to help you control the natural light that enters your home. Your plants will thank you.




Solar Shades


Because solar shades come in a variety of transparencies (1, 3, 5, 7 & 10%), they’re the perfect window treatment to get that just-right amount of sunlight for your green buddies. If you find your plants only need a little sunlight, consider a 1% transparency. Think they need a little more? Then 10% is the way to go. The lower the percentage, the tighter the weave. The tighter the weave, the less sunlight gets through.




Roller Shades in Light Filtering Materials


Similar to solar shades, light filtering roller shades will open up your home to natural light. There are no percentages here, so we recommend ordering some free swatches, holding them up to your window, and seeing which provides the right amount for you and your plants. With more than 55 materials and 6 collections, you’re sure to find something your plants will love.




Sheer Fabrics


Soft and pliable with a lovely texture, sheer fabrics will filter natural light into your home, saving your plants from harsh direct sunlight. Both roman shades and drapery can be made from sheer fabrics, so there’s no shortage of styles to choose from. Browse our sheer collection of 35+ materials, and visit our photo gallery for some inspiration.


To learn more about light control in your home, speak to one of our design consultants today.

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Cut Energy Costs with these Window Treatments

Hot enough for ya? Summertime has a way of spiking energy costs. Air conditioners and fans are working overtime to keep you cool and comfortable, but there’s always that feeling of dread when energy-bill time rolls around. We have a few window treatment ideas that will improve the insulation of your home, keep your thermostat in check, and help lower your energy costs.




Cellular Shades


Also known as “honeycomb shades”, cellular shades have a unique cell design that helps trap air within the shade. This maintains interior temperatures by preventing warm outside air from getting inside. Pretty cool, huh? Cellular shades are available in light filtering and blackout materials, with the latter providing a cooler result (less light, cooler interiors). There are also single and double cell materials, with double cells providing maximum insulation and temperature control.




Heavy Draperies


Have drafty windows? Hang something heavy in front of them. Seems obvious, right? But not everyone is aware of this simple tip. Select a heavy fabric like wool, velvet or suede when customizing your drapery. The heavier the fabric, the more stopping power it has. Our draperies can also be customized with special linings – Privacy, Blackout, or Privacy + Interlining. While all linings will add body and weight, the Privacy + Interlining is specifically designed with a cotton flannel material for improved insulation.




Lined Roman Shades


Speaking of linings, did you know all of our roman shades can be outfitted with linings at no additional cost? This includes our Privacy + Interlining option! Since draperies and romans are made from the same fabrics, the same rules apply here: heavy fabric + lining = draft-stopping insulator.


To learn more about how custom window treatments can help insulate your home and lower energy costs, speak to one of our design consultants today.

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4 Ways to Open Up Your Space with Window Treatments

Small space doesn’t have to mean small style. Here are 4 ways our custom window treatments can open up your space and elevate your decor.




1.  It’s All in the Placement


Mounting your window treatments near the ceiling makes your window and room appear taller. This will automatically draw the eye up for a grander feel when you walk into the room. This tip works especially well with drapery and roman shades!




2.  Choosing a Color


For a smaller space, lighter colors will help to reflect light, creating an open and airy feel. To create the illusion of even more space, match your window treatment color to the wall color creating a continuous look.




3.  Let Light In


Choose a sheer material that will allow light to fill the room, making it look brighter and more inviting. Since natural light is an expander and a mood lifter, your room will feel bigger and you’ll be happier. Try Linen Sheer, Sheer Elegance and Basket Sheer fabrics in light colors.




4.  Keep it Simple


Roller shades can help create a clean, minimalist look. They roll up when not in use which helps let in the maximum amount of light and keeps the window looking sleek!

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Window Treatment Tips for Any Bathroom

You picked the perfect faucet. Your shower curtain and towels are carefully coordinated. You finally found that Dyptique candle you’ve been searching for. Don’t stop there!


A just-right window treatment can be the perfect finishing touch for your dream bathroom. Here are a few expert tips to help you choose:


1. First things first: How steamy is your bathroom? Does your mirror fog up when you shower? If so, pick a treatment that’s great for high-moisture baths and in-shower windows, like a solar shade, a Chilewich roller shade, or faux wood blinds. These treatments are extremely durable and won’t warp. They’re also great for privacy, speaking of which…




2. How much privacy do you need? It’s different for every customer and every bathroom.


Roller shades made from our Thompson and Park materials offer tons of privacy while still letting in natural light – but they are best suited for well-ventilated bathrooms.


Top down bottom up shades can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top, allowing for various degrees of privacy and light control. Top down bottom up functionality is available for roman, woven wood, cellular and XL pleated styles, so there’s tons of selection.




3. Working on a powder room? A small half-bath is your chance to turn an often overlooked space into a jewel box for you and your guests.


Try a decorative tulip roman shade in a rich fabric. You can even layer it over a light filtering roller shade for extra privacy.




4. Try it before you buy it. We know you’re impatient for that first bubble bath, but do yourself a favor and stop into a showroom or hop online to order free swatches – it’s the best way to test out privacy, color, texture and durability for your bathroom.

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