5 Ideas for Living Room Windows

You spend a lot of time in your living room (it’s the living room after all). Whether you’re reading, watching television, exercising or enjoying some quiet time, your shades can be customized to complement your lifestyle. Here are 5 ideas for your living room windows, and what each has to offer.


Blackout Roller Shades – Privacy Please


5 Ideas for Your Living Room Windows

Blackout roller shades put the sun on your schedule.


Dark. Private. Eliminate glare on your television and prevent nosy neighbors from watching you watch Law & Order. If you enjoy an afternoon nap on the weekends (or weekdays – no judgements), blackout shades on your living room windows will keep the light out of your eyes and out of your home.


Woven Wood Shades – Natural Elements


Woven Wood Shades on Living Room Windows by The Shade Store

Add texture and interest with woven wood shades.


Introducing natural, earthy elements into your living room decor is an easy way to add texture and interest. Paper-based weaves or bamboo + grass materials make great woven wood shades.


Drapery and Solar Shades – The Buddy System


Solar shades and Drapery on Living Room Windows by The Shade Store

Layering window treatments allows for more functionality.


Sometimes it takes two to get the most out of your living room windows. Layering window treatments, especially those with different transparencies and functionalities, affords you the ultimate in privacy and light control.


Eco-Solar Shades – Eco-Conscious Protector


5% Eco-Solar Shades on Living Room Windows by The Shade Store

With 5% eco-solar shades, it’s easy being green.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly shade, this one’s as eco-friendly as it gets! 5% Eco-Solar shades are PVC-free, lead-free and 100% recyclable. In addition to an attractive green side, eco-solar shades can protect you and your home from harmful UV rays, reduce blinding glare on your screens and monitors, and protect your sofa and artwork from fading.


Designer Fabrics – The Jaw Dropper


Designer Flat Roman Shades on Living Room Windows by The Shade Store

Roman shades in a Diane von Furstenberg pattern. Sometimes you just want guests to tell you how pretty your windows look.


Turn a few heads by putting bold, beautiful designs on your living room windows. If you’re looking to make a statement, consider designer fabrics. These collections are inspired by, and in some cases directly from, the front lines of fashion. Dress your windows in something pretty, sit back, and enjoy compliments from your guests.

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Introducing The Novogratz Collection

This October marks the release of The Novogratz Collection: a line of beautiful new geometric fabrics, only available at The Shade Store. Robert and Cortney Novogratz, along with their seven children, bring energy to the design world with their youthful and eclectic style.


We spoke to The Novogratz about world travel, their charismatic kids, and how to nail the right vibe with your window treatments. Have a look at the interview below, and get your hands on some free swatches of the new collection by visiting The Shade Store’s Designer Fabric Collections Page.


Geoarrow by The Novogratz, for those who appreciate clean geometric lines.

Geoarrow by The Novogratz, for those who appreciate clean geometric lines.


How would you describe the collection?


Robert: We are known for fun colors and geometric designs so the collection has a lot of color. The Shade Store are the best at what they do, so they guided us in creating a collection that stayed true to The Novogratz brand while still delivering what their customers want and brings something new and different to the market.


Colored Dots by The Novogratz - a simple yet elegant pattern.

Colored Dots by The Novogratz – a simple yet elegant pattern.


What tips can you share about choosing the right pattern/material for a window treatment? Where and when does pattern work best?


Robert: Patterns work best in white areas because the window treatments bring color to the space. If you’re going to go with a patterned window treatment, let that be the art.


Cortney: Window treatments should contain a different vibe based on the room they’re within- sexy if they’re in a master bedroom, or sweet and soft if they’re in a nursery.


Indian Summer by The Novogratz - a modern geometric jaw-dropper.

Indian Summer by The Novogratz – a modern geometric jaw-dropper.


What was the inspiration behind the patterns in this collection?


Cortney: We’re inspired by travel and our kids. Travel allows us to see new cultures and broadens our idea of what’s beautiful, and our kids push us to not be afraid. This collection was really all about a fun, colorful aesthetic that will bring life into homes across the country.


Head over to our website to order free swatches from The Novogratz collection. If you’re in Chicago on October 6th at 1pm, we’re hosting a panel discussion with The Novogratz as part of Design Chicago – so be sure to send a tip to rsvp@theshadestore.com to let us know if you’re coming!

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The Shade Store 101: Solar Shade Protection

Here’s a Shade Store 101 quickie to help you make the perfect choice when selecting a solar shade transparency for your home. The percentages attached to each solar material (1,3,5,7 & 10%) indicate both the tightness of the material’s weave, and how much protection from the sun it offers. Lower percentages mean tighter weaves, less transparency and more UV protection. Below you’ll find a graphic that helps illustrate this idea, as well as a few shades in situ so you can get an idea of how the tiniest percentage change can affect how much light enters the room.


Solar Shade Transparency

An approximate illustration of transparencies.


3% solar shade in tan.

3% solar shade in tan.


5% solar shade in grey.

5% solar shades in grey.


10% solar shades

10% solar shades in white.


Solar shades are the perfect window treatment to help with glare reduction, UV protection and interior fade prevention. Want to learn more? Head over to our solar shades page to see even more great pictures and exclusive solar materials. If you’re still not sure which transparency is right for your home, our design consultants are available to assist! Simply email design@theshadestore.com or give us a call at 800.754.1455.

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The Shade Store 101: Know Your Roller Shades

Absolutely brilliant in their minimalist design, roller shades (sometimes known as “roller blinds”) are a simple and elegant way to cover your windows. They’re excellent for managing light, maintaining privacy, and are incredibly functional and easy to operate. Perhaps most interesting is the variety of looks and styles you can achieve simply by changing the material! Let’s look at some different roller shade materials and how they can affect the design of your room.


Light Filtering Materials


Light Filtering Roller Shades by The Shade Store

Light Filtering Roller Shades by The Shade Store


Looking to fill your home with natural light? Then light filtering materials are the way to go. They reduce glare and offer moderate privacy, while still allowing the sun to illuminate your home. Keeps your interiors bright and cheery, and house plants happy.


Blackout Materials


Blackout Roller Shades by The Shade Store

Blackout Roller Shades by The Shade Store


Light is beautiful, but sometimes you need to keep it in check. Trying to get some sleep? Glare on your television set during the big game? Light isn’t doing you any favors there. Not to worry – choosing a roller shade with blackout materials will keep the sunlight out of your business. Want to invite light back into your home? Simply roll up the shade!


Roller Shade Prints


Printed Roller Shades by The Shade Store

Printed Roller Shades by The Shade Store


We get it. Sometimes it’s all about style and making a big, bold statement! If you’re looking to turn a few heads, roller shades with prints will get your guests talking (all good things, we promise). Our roller shade prints collection is constantly updated with the latest styles, so check back often to see what’s new.


Natural Materials


Natural Roller Shade by The Shade Store

Natural Roller Shade by The Shade Store


Have you figured out how to introduce natural design elements into your decor? Roller shades made from natural materials are a great way to do just that. These paper-based weaves are made from low-impact sources, making them an incredibly stylish way to go green. They’re surprisingly soft, filter light and offer moderate privacy.


Have questions about which roller shade is right for your home? We’re here for you! Give us a call at 800.754.1455 or send us an email at design@theshadestore.com. Happy designing!




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Architectural Digest and The Shade Store Celebrate Grand Opening of Flagship Showroom

What a night! We had such a great time celebrating the opening of our flagship showroom in midtown NYC with our friends at Architectural Digest! Editor at Large was on the scene to snap pictures and take some great video of the occasion – a sea of smiles, some delicious local bites, and a few designers are asked the ultimate question – roller or roman shade?







Parker Larson, Hadley Keller & Hannah Martin



Carl Reddish, Bret Mitchell & Santiago Casanova



Ron Marvin speaking with Dannielle Kyrillos, Editor at Large Magazine



Jennifer Rock, Todd Klein and Scott Sanders




Zach Gibbs, Bill Pittel, Adam Gibbs


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