Style Profile: Choosing Drapery Fabric

choosing drapery fabric


The fabric you choose for your drapery can set the mood of your entire room. Drapes can make a space feel light and airy, formal and stately, or opulent and luxurious. Don’t forget functionality though – your fabric choices should also depend on what you wish to achieve with your window treatments, such as insulation, privacy, or light blockage.


We’ve selected a few drapery fabrics that hang beautifully and perform a variety of tasks. Keep reading to learn more about their characteristics, benefits, and our design recommendations for each one.


Formal Elegance: Velvet Drapes

Velvet – just the word brings to mind sophistication and glamour. The heavy weight of velvet makes for gorgeous, full folds of fabric in your drapery. It is an ideal fabric choice for light blocking window treatments, either as freestanding panels or layered over roman shades (as shown in the image above), roller shades, or other sheer drapery panels. Paired with a lining, velvet drapes can provide insulation for drafty windows.


Although velvet tends to absorb light and has the potential to make a room feel dark, lighter colors of velvet have a shimmery quality. Try velvet drapes in a color similar to the walls for a more understated, but still lush, look.


Velvet drapes look beautiful in more formal spaces, such as dining rooms and sitting rooms.



Crisp, Clean + Light: Linen Drapes

Linen drapes lend an airy, light feel to living spaces. Perfect for sunny rooms, they allow some natural light to filter through while reducing glare. Linen is soft to the touch, and its woven texture adds subtle interest. Both durable and affordable, linen is a versatile design choice for any style.


Of course, if you love the look of linen but would like more privacy, choose one of our three lining options: privacy, blackout, or privacy + interlining.


The casual feel of linen drapes fits well with family rooms, living rooms, and sunrooms.


Rich Texture: Silk Drapes

Silk offers a rich, lustrous texture to your window treatments. Silk dupioni and raw silk both have heavier textures than a silk taffeta. Silk also has a luminous sheen, reflecting light and creating an elegant look.

Silk is particularly prone to sun damage, so we recommend a lining or accompanying shades under the drapes to preserve the life of the fabric if the window receives a great deal of sunlight.


Silk drapes create a dramatic statement in bedrooms layered over shades or sheer drapes. They also work in more formal settings, and can act as the focal point of a room.


If you’re still trying to decide on a fabric for your drapes, order your free swatches today. Sample as many as you like, and you’ll receive them in 1-3 days.

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Drapery Ideas for Every Room in the Home

drapery ideas


Drapery doesn’t have to signify old and stuffy. With new styles and a multitude of fabrics, it can be used in every room throughout the home, and fit in with any style. Whether you’d like to simply update the look of a room or if you have a specific need in mind (like light blockage), we’ll share our favorite drapery ideas for every room.


Bedroom Drapery

Sleep is important, and a darkened room can help you catch those 8 hours of shuteye a little easier. We recommend taking advantage of blackout linings in the bedroom, both for drapery and for any shades on your windows. Layering roman or roller shades with blackout-lined drapes will provide an ideal light blocking solution to keep your bedroom dark until you’re ready to wake up.


Drapes with a thicker fabric also look lovely layered over sheer drapes. The sheer layer lets light filter in during the day, while the outer layer of drapes can be pulled at night for privacy and a darker environment.


Bedroom drapery may be opened and closed multiple times per day, so it’s best to choose a style that can withstand a lot of action. Our Ripple Fold, Tailored Pleat, and Pinch Pleat draperies all offer high functionality, and maintain a neat appearance when drawn and pulled open.


Living Room Drapery

The living room is the perfect place to experiment with bolder window treatments. If you have solid colored furniture, try a print in complementary colors to add flair to the room.


In order to make windows look larger, hang your drapes higher and wider than the window frame. This also lets in more natural light when the curtains are open, making the room feel brighter.


Decorative styles like Grommet and Goblet drapery look stunning in bright colors and prints. If privacy is a concern, you can still use decorative drapes – add a roman shade or roller shade mounted underneath the drapery that can be closed when needed.


Kitchen Drapery

For a bright, cheerful kitchen, stick with sheers and light filtering fabrics that allow sunlight into the room. We recommend pairing your kitchen drapes with a roller shade or solar shade to block UV rays and also for easy cleaning – simply wipe down with a damp cloth when they get dirty.


Browse our photo gallery by room to see more inspiration for window treatments throughout your home.

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Benefits of Blackout Roller Blinds

blackout roller blinds


Roller blinds, also known as roller shades, are stylish, easy to use, and functional. If you are looking for a light blocking window treatment, blackout roller shades are an excellent choice.


Simple Design + Exceptional Functionality

The simplicity of roller shades makes them extremely versatile. For starters, they can be mounted inside the window frame or on the outside. They are simple to operate, with the choice of either a continuous loop chain control or cordless control.


Their low profile means they pair very well with drapery. Sheer drapery can be used with blackout roller shades for a gentle, diffused light during the day, and the shades can be drawn at night to provide privacy and block morning light. For a complete light blocking solution, mount your shades under blackout drapes and add a cornice at the top of the window, preventing any light seepage.


Reduce Glare + Heat

Our blackout roller blinds are available in sturdy material options that will cut down on heat and reduce the glare from sunlight in your home. This can help make it easier to maintain a consistent temperature indoors.


For more insulation, roller shades and drapery again make a functional and beautiful combination. The addition of drapes will help decrease drafts from leaky windows and add to the light blockage from the roller shades.


Blackout Roller Blinds Throughout the Home

Blackout roller shades are an obvious choice for the bedroom, where a dark, soothing environment is essential for a good night’s sleep. With their clean design, blackout roller shades can be lifted during the day if desired, allowing light to enter leaving the window unobstructed.


Blackout shades can also work well in other places throughout the home. In living rooms or family rooms with a TV, blackout roller shades can eliminate glare that can occur on the screen. This also applies to offices or computer rooms, where sunlight can reflect off of computer screens and cause discomfort and distraction.


With their opaque material, blackout shades can provide privacy in spaces such as closets or bathrooms. Their minimal, sleek design is ideal for these types of small areas, adding style and protection without overwhelming the room.


If you’d like to see our blackout materials in person, order your free swatches today.


Begin customizing your blackout roller shades here, or see your shades in your own room with our free Photo Rendering service.

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Window Treatments for French Doors

window treatments for french doors

French doors are often pieces of art in their own right, providing a unique and attractive transition between two rooms. When paired with the right window treatments, French doors can become a focal point of any space. Capable of adding color, creating privacy, blocking out light, and enhancing the overall appearance, size, or shape of the doors, window treatments can prove to be a valuable addition to any set of French doors.


Pull the look of your room together with one of our favorite window treatments for French doors – Roman Shades, Drapes, or Blinds. Whether you’re looking for sleek and modern, classic and soft, or something in-between, The Shade Store has a solution to meet your wants and needs.


Roman Shades for French Doors

Roman Shades are an obvious choice to enhance the look and functionality of your French doors. Roman Shades offer privacy, block out light, and deliver a sleek, modern appearance. Because Roman Shades stack up evenly as they are opened, they offer a unique and clean look while still adding luxurious texture.


Choose from our six distinct and meticulously handcrafted Roman Shade styles available in more than 400 different materials. Learn more about the unique styles and benefits of our roman shades here.


Drapery for French Doors

If you’re in search of a soft, romantic look for your French doors, drapery is a distinguished choice. A classic look with a modern edge, drapery is mounted at the top of each door and hangs freely to the length you desire. Drapes deliver a lavish softness to any space, thanks to their cascading folds of high-quality fabric. Choose from simple, understated designs to create a backdrop for your room, or choose a unique, eye-catching design to make the drapery a focal-point of the space.


The Shade Store features eight unique custom drapery styles to meet the needs and enhance the personality of any room.


Blinds for French Doors

If you’re looking for a simple, minimalist method of creating privacy and blocking out light, blinds remain a classic choice. Wood blinds offer warmth and texture, while metal blinds deliver modern functionality and durability.


We encourage you to take a look at our three types of blinds, wood, vertical, and metal. Wood blinds are available in a number of stains and finishes to complete the look of your French doors and enhance the design of your room.


Do you need guidance in determining which window treatments would best fit your needs and complement your French doors? Talk with a design expert today at one of our showrooms, or by phone at 800.754.1455.


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Cordless Roman Shades: Certified Best for Kids

cordless roman shades


When choosing window treatments for a child’s room, a home with young children, or a children’s building or facility, cord safety is an important consideration. As a family business, we take child safety very seriously at The Shade Store. All of our products adhere to the Child Safety Standards established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In addition to these standards, we are proud that 8 of our products have been certified Best for Kids in association with the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA).


The Best For Kids Program

In 2015, the WCMA announced the Best for Kids program, the industry’s first third party certification program designed to help customers choose appropriate window treatments for use around young children. These products must either have no cords or inner cords that are not accessible as defined in Appendix C of ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012, the National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products.


To qualify for the program, products are tested by a WCMA-recognized third party laboratory. The Shade Store submitted product samples to the testing laboratory earlier this year for analysis and review, and 8 products received the Best for Kids certification. Learn more about our Cordless Flat Roman Shades below.


Cordless Roman Shades

Flat Roman shades, our most popular style of romans, have four control types available: standard cord lock, continuous loop, motorized, and cordless.


The cordless control Flat Roman shades have met the certification requirements for the Best for Kids program. Cordless control completely eliminates all dangling cords, and can be lifted or lowered with a gentle pull. The sleek look of flat romans is maintained by a permanent bottom fold, which creates a clean, neat stack when the shade is raised.


To shop our full selection of certified Best for Kids products, please visit our Best for Kids page.


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