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See what our partners are saying. We've partnered with some of
the best interior designers and tastemakers in the industry.


We started as a customer of The Shade Store when there was just one location in SoHo and we used them for our own home. We have been huge fans of the brand ever since. They offer the best customer service and incredible products. We've collaborated on personal homes and design projects - both residential and hotels - and each time it has been a pleasure to work with them. We first started talking about the possibility of a collection after we used them on The Bungalow Hotel. We thought, 'how did we not think of this earlier?' The timing to create a new collection was perfect on both ends.

"The Shade Store is such a great resource, and now to have designed a collection for them is fantastic. They understand home design and are committed to providing the very best quality and service."

"It is both a pleasure and a thrill to work with
The Shade Store. For me it is not working
with a company, but rather working with a
family, one with which our company
has partnered in different ways for about fifty
years. Mutual respect, creative dialogue and a
desire to find new opportunities fuel our
collaborations. Our latest initiative involves
providing Kravet textiles designed by Diane
Von Furstenberg, kate spade new york,
Jonathan Adler, Jeffrey Alan Marks and Echo
Design to The Shade Store. It is very easy and
rewarding to do good business with good
people, and I am looking forward to working
together on future projects."

"In 2007 the Shade Store approached us
because they had the vision to use our textiles
for window coverings. We felt a great synergy
between their family-run business and our own
family-run business. We have collaborated so
well over the years because we shared an
entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for product
and brand building. It has been a great pleasure
working with them."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with The
Shade Store for a line of high performance
textiles for shading products. The parallels
between our businesses – a long heritage of
family-owned operations, manufacturing
here in the United States, and a drive to
create an unbeatable customer experience –
excited us with the opportunity to
collaborate. The Shade Store has built a
reputation as the premiere supplier of
custom window treatments in the USA, their
exceptional focus on quality has provided the
basis for this dynamic and exciting venture.
The Sunbrella team looks forward to working
together with The Shade Store to create
beautiful, durable shade products."

"We can remember the very first time a
Shade Store catalog arrived in the mail.
Everything about it was impressive: the
photography, the assortment, and – most
importantly – how easy it was to shop for
window treatments. So it was a thrill when
we became partners in 2010, and has been
such fun working together ever since. We
love that the Shade Store is truly
collaborative while still being best in
class in their industry (something very rare these
days), and we’re looking forward to many
more successful years together as both of
our brands continue to evolve."


Michelle J  | Scottsdale, AZ |  March 30, 2023

The blinds and curtains look GREAT!!! The last 2 nights were the first 2 we haven't woken from the sun in 361 days so it was amazing and they look beautiful!  

Giseli V  | Issaquah, WA |  March 30, 2023

All is well and excellent service! 

Katherine K  | LONG BEACH, CA |  March 30, 2023

I LOVE the drapes, they are gorgeous. 

Jane M  | Denver, CO |  March 30, 2023

We are delighted. We think they look great. The DC was so helpful and knowledgeable. The Installer was so professional but very approachable. 

Sally B  | Seattle, WA |  March 30, 2023

You’ve been great. I’ve really appreciated the excellent service provided. 

Rosalie O  | Manhattan Beach, CA |  March 29, 2023

Shade looks great. Installation was speedy and done right. 

Ashley R  | Dallas, TX |  March 28, 2023

Everything went great. 

Ian T  | La Jolla, CA |  March 28, 2023

Very pleased with he whole process and really appreciate the quick turn around.  

Sue H  | Charlestown, MA |  March 27, 2023

Install went great. Very fast. 

Julia + Danielle C  | Rhinebeck, NY |  March 27, 2023

The installation was super easy, and the guy was fantastic—on time, professional, and quick! Everything looks great.  

Joanie A  | Jericho, NY |  March 27, 2023

Gorgeous!! Client loves them, color is perfect and worth all the time it took to move it ahead. We truly appreciate the knowledge & professionalism.  

Dana & Jonas D  | Natick, MA |  March 26, 2023

We love the shades and the installer was fabulous!  

Andres + Steven O  | New York, NY |  March 26, 2023

We’re obsessed!!! We are thrilled with the results 

Leslie + Steve W  | Sherman Oaks, CA |  March 23, 2023

All went well, they look great and we could not be any happier with them. 

Ericka and David H  | Agoura Hills, CA |  March 25, 2023

The shades look amazing! We love it! 

Tricia Pool  | Jonestown, TX |  March 25, 2023

I thought the curtains looked great.  

Carolyn & Ken T  | Scottsdale, AZ |  March 25, 2023

We are quite happy with the shades. The installation went well, and the shades look super. 

Meghan P  | Seattle, WA |  March 24, 2023

The install went great. All in all it looks so good and I'm pleased with it. I can't wait for the clients to see them! 

Brooke B  | Atlanta, GA |  March 24, 2023

So happy with the drapery and install! I had a wonderful night of sleep with all of the busy street lights blacked out. 

Amanda M  | Costa Mesa, CA |  March 23, 2023

Install went well. 

William W  | Indian Harbor Beach, FL |  March 23, 2023

Installation was great. Done perfectly. Can’t say enough about how professional and courteous both installers are. Great team!!! 

Lauren B  | Scottsdale, AZ |  March 23, 2023

I love everything.  

Kristi & Don B  | Phoenix, AZ |  March 23, 2023

Everything is perfect! 

Rocio O  | Dallas, TX |  March 23, 2023

We had the opportunity to visit the house yesterday and see all the window treatments installed. 

Elizabeth W  | New York, NY |  March 23, 2023

Everything looks great! 

Mary B  | Birmingham, AL |  March 23, 2023

Love the shades! 

Kenneth B  | Los Angeles, CA |  March 22, 2023

The installation went well, and my clients are pleased with the shades. 

Jon and Kathy B  | Sausalito, CA |  March 22, 2023

The installer was right on time, polite, professional and really fast. The shades look good.  

Justin P  | Forrest Hill, CA |  March 22, 2023

I love the company and what you folks are all about and I am in the customer service industry too and I value quality.  

Richard + Patricia M  | Brooklyn, NY |  March 22, 2023

We absolutely love our new shade. The installation was quick. It is exactly what we were looking for.  

Jay + Denista A  | New York, NY |  March 22, 2023

The install went really well, we're really happy with how the shades look. 

Kimberly B  | The Woodlands, TX |  March 21, 2023

As always, the installation was great and I really like the blinds. The installers are always so nice, professional and timely.  

Connie A  | San Diego, CA |  March 21, 2023

Our shades got installed today and they look great!  

Amber M  | Franklin, TN |  March 21, 2023

Everything looks great, thank you again!  

Natalia H  | Rockville, MD |  March 21, 2023

Installation went super well. Installer was great and fast.  

Effe F  | Greenwich, CT |  March 21, 2023

The installation went well and they look great. 

Jodie N  | Boston, MA |  March 21, 2023

The installation was so smooth and so quick! The technician was so kind and everything was great. 

Mohammed and Yumna M  | Orange, CA |  March 21, 2023

We are super delighted with the experience and end result.  

Jessica M  | Huntington, NY |  March 21, 2023

We absolutely love the shades, the installer was great and they make the rooms look so much more put together.  

Megan C  | New York, NY |  March 21, 2023

It’s beautiful! We are very happy with it.  

Michelle M  | New York, NY |  March 21, 2023

I am very happy with the new bedroom shade. It looks great & fits perfectly! 

Sharon P  | Greenwich, CT |  March 21, 2023

Everything was great. 

Janice H  | Manhasset, NY |  March 21, 2023

The shades look amazing! I am so happy with how they turned out and I’m loving the motorized ones :). 

Sara-Jane K  | Nashville, TN |  March 21, 2023

Love the shades! Install went incredibly quick and amazing!! 

Katherine S  | Hartsdale, NY |  March 21, 2023

Everything looks great. 

Laura R  | Montecito, CA |  March 20, 2023

The installation was perfect! The shades fit and the team was amazing.  

Keith S  | Ladera Ranch, CA |  March 20, 2023

The shades are awesome, as were the guys that installed them. I'm working in the office today and for the first time it's tolerable in here :) 

Alexa C  | Brentwood, TN |  March 20, 2023

Everything looks perfect! We are really happy with how it turned out. 

jessica Freeman  | Thompson Station, TN |  March 20, 2023

They look great! 

Yanna C  | Potomac, MD |  March 20, 2023

The shades are stunning! I am thrilled with how easy this process was and that my room is actually pitch black at night! 

Jean + Oliver P  | Brooklyn, NY |  March 19, 2023

The shades look so great! We are very happy with the way they turned out and with the install. 

Robert K  | New York, NY |  March 18, 2023

The blinds were installed yesterday and they look great. The installers were professional and completed the job quickly.  

Maggie M  | Napa, CA |  March 18, 2023

The installation was perfect! Your installers are really helpful and professional. 

Catherine L  | West Palm Beach, FL |  March 18, 2023

The shade and installation went beautifully! 

Michelle V  | Las Vegas, NV |  March 18, 2023

The shades look amazing! The color blends into the walls. You can hardly see them when they are rolled up inside the valance!! Very happy! 

Jon and Amber K  | Long Beach, CA |  March 18, 2023

All went well and we're super happy with the shades. The gentleman who did our install was excellent, too. In fact, we are thinking about doing a couple more rooms in our house!  

Hilary & Paul C  | Petaluma, CA |  March 18, 2023

The installation went well and we are enjoying the new roller shades.  

Kevin M  | San Francisco, CA |  March 18, 2023

The installation went very well and the shades look great. The guy who was here was super nice and did a great job. 

Maggie W  | Fort Worth, TX |  March 18, 2023

All went well! 

Tara L  | Seattle, WA |  March 17, 2023

Bedrooms & office all look nice and will be quite functional with their black out shades. And the living room - is soooo elegant, but still casual - beyond what I expected. Fabric & hardware are perfect. It says don't walk by me - come sit down for a while! 

Catriona V  | Sedro Wookley, WA |  March 17, 2023

The installation was great. Everything looks really good! 

Dena F  | Scarsdale, NY |  March 17, 2023

I am really happy with how the rollers look. 

Eleonore P  | Brooklyn, NY |  March 17, 2023

The installation today went well and the shades look great!  

Kari A  | Hermosa Beach, CA |  March 17, 2023

They both turned out great, super happy with them!  

Greg and Cindy H  | Wilsonville, OR |  March 17, 2023

We love all of the shades and they look great! The Installer returned yesterday and we are SO thankful he recommended during his very first visit to our house, that the valance in the dining room would help bring in the two rooms and make it look cohesive. He was spot on! Exceptional service by him!  

Mayra M  | Pasadena, CA |  March 17, 2023

I am 100% delighted with my shades, and I could not be more satisfied with how they look.  

Shari W  | La Jolla, CA |  March 17, 2023

We love our new drapes! They complete the room and make it really cozy. The installation guys were great, too, especially helping with care. 

Breanna O  | Phoenix, AZ |  March 17, 2023

Everything turned out great!! The installer was wonderful!  

Aisha O  | Mercer Island, WA |  March 17, 2023

My installation went well, They did a great job. Happy with how it turned out.  

Margaret S  | Brooklyn, NY |  March 17, 2023

It looks great! Very pleased with it.  

antoinette D  | New York, NY |  March 17, 2023

They look beautiful! 

Steve G  | Naples, FL |  March 17, 2023

The service was terrific from beginning to end. 

Mike and Bev U  | Scottsdale, AZ |  March 16, 2023

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with The Shade Store shades and the crew of installers. The gentlemen did a wonderful job. They were professional, neat and very efficient in the installation and adjustment process...they more than met our expectations. We are so pleased with the outcome. The shades blend so well you don't even notice you have window treatments. In short, we are delighted with our entire experience with the Shade Store. 

Sylvia K  | Chicago, IL |  March 16, 2023

Everything went great and I love the blinds.  

Roma F  | Glencoe, IL |  March 16, 2023

The shades are perfect! 

Jill S  | Somerville, MA |  March 16, 2023

You have an amazing installer. Despite a misunderstanding about the delivery, the installer solved everything. He finished at 9:30 at night. What a fastidious worker, pleasant man. Cleaned up what he brought in. I am very impressed. So far, everything is working, and the new blinds look elegant.  

Jan Y  | Marietta, GA |  March 16, 2023

Bathroom shades look AMAZING!!!! 

Tema S  | Brooklyn, NY |  March 16, 2023

I am very happy with the shades so far. They are simple, elegant, and lovely in the space. 

Neal T  | New York, NY |  March 16, 2023

The installer was professional and friendly.  

Steve D  | Cliffwood, NJ |  March 16, 2023

Love the cornices! 

Meg A  | Winters, CA |  March 15, 2023

We’re so thrilled with the window coverings that got installed! 

Meredith W  | Seattle, WA |  March 15, 2023

Everything has been fantastic. 

Daryl M  | brooklyn, NY |  March 15, 2023

Everything went well, they look great! 

Gretchen N  | Rancho Mirage, CA |  March 15, 2023

It went terrific! Shades look wonderful! The installer was really great  

Liz & Kathleen S  | Seattle, WA |  March 15, 2023

Install went well, the living room shades look great and I’m really impressed with how quiet the motorized shade is! 

Lana P  | Brooklyn, NY |  March 15, 2023

Installation went really well -- so stoked at how everything turned out. 

Lauren + Lukas L  | Brooklyn, NY |  March 15, 2023

Everything went great! I was there for the install it all looks perfect.  

Brandon A  | Crown Point, IN |  March 15, 2023

The installation went super smooth! Everything looks great! 

Keith C  | Charlotte, NC |  March 15, 2023

Install went very very well!! They did an amazing job, and everything looks great!! 

Malka Z  | Woodland Hills, CA |  March 14, 2023

Well the great news is that everything looks AMAZING and I’m inspired to get in the next order. 

Dina C  | Greenwich, CT |  March 14, 2023

The installation was great! Loved the installer, he did such a great job and made sure I was happy with everything! 

Karen L  | Bethel, CT |  March 14, 2023

The shade is perfect, just what I needed for my office. I appreciate the advice along the way. I don't hesitate to recommend The Shade Store. 

Ana V  | Truckee, CA |  March 14, 2023

I love the shades and battery functionality! 

Barbara T  | Westlake Village, CA |  March 14, 2023

Thanks so much for everything, I love it! 

Danielle C  | Valley Stream, NY |  March 14, 2023

Everything went well! 

Barbara H  | NICHOLSON, GA |  March 14, 2023

Installation was fast!  

Cynthia S  | New York, NY |  March 14, 2023

The curtains and shade installation went really smoothly. They look great and the installer was so professional and organized.  

Ludmilla M  | Atlanta, GA |  March 14, 2023

Installer just finished putting up the shades. They look beautiful! 

Avital P  | New York, NY |  March 14, 2023

A quick thanks for the patience and help with the curtain project. The results were perfect and the customer is thrilled. I also want to commend the installers - shoes removed upon entry, hands washed before handling the silk fabric, shipping boxes broken down and discarded - much appreciated. 

Diane G  | Palm Beach Gardens, FL |  March 14, 2023

We have been completely satisfied with The Shade Store, and totally delighted!