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Roman Shades

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Our custom Roman Shades combine the softness of drapery with the functionality of shades. From subtle and sophisticated to bold and striking, we offer styles to suit your tastes. All Roman Shades are handcrafted in the USA and ship free in 10 days or less.

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Our Roman Shades collection showcases six elegant styles — Flat Roman Shades, Cascade Roman Shades, Aventura Roman Shades, Relaxed Roman Shades, Tulip Roman Shades and Pleated Roman Shades. Each is crafted to introduce its own custom look to your windows, from elegant to rustic, all while also providing excellent privacy and light control.


Unlike Roller Shades or Solar Shades, Roman Shades fold into themselves as they are raised, rather than being rolled up around a tube. The folding creates a series of soft lines for a rich, full look. Then, when lowered, the process of unfolding achieves a gorgeous cascading effect. Roman Shades give your windows a similar fullness as a drapery, but are typically more closely tailored to the dimensions of the window.

What is the difference between Roman Shades and Roman Blinds?
There is no difference between Roman Shades and Roman Blinds, as they refer to the same type of window treatment. At The Shade Store, we call them Roman Shades, and they offer you a sophisticated solution to elevate your interior décor while improving light and privacy control.

Customizations for Roman Shades
We offer a variety of customization options for custom Roman Shades to give you just the right look and the best functionality for your needs:
  • Control Types: We offer Continuous Loop and Cord Lock control options for all of our Roman Shade styles. Cordless control is available for our Flat and Cascade Roman Shades, and motorization is available for our Flat, Cascade, Aventura and Pleated Roman Shades.
  • Linings: Privacy or Blackout Lining can be added to any Roman Shade styles for no extra charge. For our Tulip and Relaxed Roman Shades, you can choose Privacy and Interlining. Lining in any form is beneficial to your shade design: It offers privacy, protects the material from UV rays, and provides some extra insulation. Aesthetically, it adds more body and fullness to your Roman Shades for a more luxurious look.
  • Optional Features: Our Top Down Bottom Up option for select Roman Shade styles allows you to lower your shade from the top or raise it from the bottom for greater light and privacy control. The Top Down Bottom Up feature is only compatible with the cord lock control method. Additionally, we also offer Upholstered Valances, handmade from the same material as your shade, to give your window treatments a clean, finished appearance.


Choosing the right style and fabric for your Roman Shades will depend on multiple factors such as your existing home decor and your light control and privacy needs.

If you plan to lift and lower your shades daily, Flat, Cascade, Aventura, and Pleated Roman Shades are highly functional and easy to operate no matter which control option you choose. Relaxed and Tulip Roman Shades are more decorative in nature and not ideal for everyday use, due to the dressing they require to ensure they look attractive when stacked.

When thinking about your Roman Shades aesthetically, it’s important to consider your existing interior design. Do you plan to complement it with matching shades or stylishly contrasting shades?

For instance, if you have a traditional home with a neutral palette, consider a more classic style such as Flat, Cascade, or Pleated Roman Shades with a soft Linen or Wool Flannel material from our exclusive Holland & Sherry Collection. These materials convey understated elegance and complement all types of décor. As for color and pattern, the soft pastels and neutrals of the Holland & Sherry Collection won’t steer you wrong. Choose from lots of grays, beiges, and whites across materials for a simple look, add visual texture with an Emerson material, or add just a touch of color with selections from the Andes or Wool Flannel materials.

For modern homes, the clean lines and minimalist looks of Flat, Cascade, and Aventura will work well. Choose a modern fabric with simple beauty and seamless functionality such as a selection from the Sunbrella Collection. Made from an innovative polyester blend that’s easy to clean — even with bleach — Sunbrella offers easy maintenance. Plus, with Microban technology, this material resists mold and mildew, making it perfect for moist environments such as above the kitchen sink, or in the bathroom. And what’s more, you can choose from lots of colors and patterns including calming neutrals, bold dark tones, and intricate patterns like Zapotec or Diamond River Tonal.

For a more farmhouse-inspired or southern-style home, try our Relaxed Roman Shades or Tulip Roman Shades. Crafted to be primarily decorative, they make beautiful backdrops for your gathering spaces with their informal, yet charming, design. When it comes to material, you can think more about aesthetic than function, as these decorative shades are less likely to experience everyday wear and tear. Choose silk for an elevated look with its soft sheen, cotton for a more countryside-inspired look, or opt for linen for its rustic, character-rich texture.

For window treatments that truly stand out as statement pieces, we recommend our exclusive designer material collections. Throughout the years, we have sought out the design world’s most recognized talents to collaborate on exclusive collections that are truly one-of-a-kind. Their unique taste, style and dedication to quality is exemplified in each material and we are proud to bring their visions to your window design. Visit your local showroom or order free swatches to experience each vibrant pattern and understated design today. We also invite you to visit our blog for more helpful tips on choosing the perfect Roman Shades for your windows.


For more guidance on choosing the right Roman Shades for your windows, we’ve put together a few extra tips:

Everyday Use
Our Flat, Cascade, Aventura and Pleated Roman Shades open and close easily, making them great everyday window treatment solutions for privacy and light control. Our Relaxed and Tulip Roman Shades are primarily decorative and are not designed to be opened and closed regularly.

Privacy & Blackout
If you are looking to achieve privacy in your home, we recommend adding Privacy Lining to your Roman Shades. Or, Blackout Lining is perfect for bedrooms, media rooms and other spaces where you would like a darkened space. For most fabric Roman Shades, we recommend lining even if Privacy or Blackout isn’t a primary concern for you. Linings come with no extra charge and they help protect your window treatments from UV rays which, over time, can cause fading and deterioration. Unless you choose a fabric that is meant to be sheer, lining is highly recommended.

To get the perfect fit, we recommend letting our team of professionals take care of installing your Roman Shades for you. Schedule a free measurement today to get started.


Our nationwide showrooms are your destination for the finest custom Roman Shades and window treatments. Visit your local showroom to sample our curated collection of 1,300+ luxurious textiles and designer exclusives, experience every handcrafted product and receive complimentary assistance from our team of expert Design Consultants. We also invite you to schedule a free design consultation to get started finding the perfect window treatments for your home.