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Wood Blinds

3 Wooden Blinds Collections | 60+ Exclusive Finishes

Featuring beautiful woods and wood alternatives, custom Wood Blinds from The Shade Store offer a timeless look and unmatched longevity. All wooden blinds are handcrafted in the USA and ship free in 7 days or less

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From basic to designer—with plenty of wood alternatives to choose from, too—our Wood Blinds are a durable, functional way to outfit any window. All in classic 2’’ slats, our custom Wooden Blinds are available in 60+ finishes, including gorgeous grains from our Designer Collections. For expert advice on which finish to choose, request a free design consultation to get started.


Known for their unmatched quality and craftsmanship, our Wood Blinds offer endless benefits for any room of the home.

Long Lasting Style
Wood window coverings are one of the most timeless ways to achieve light control and privacy in your home. Combining both style and function, our real Wood Blinds are crafted from premium American basswoods to guarantee longevity.

Endless Versatility
Because of their simplicity, wooden shades are a great solution for any room of the home. With easy-to-use cordless control that allows you to lift and lower your blinds by the bottom bar as well as a wand you can twist to tilt the slats, you have effortless control over light and privacy in any room in your home. You can also choose motorized tilt that allows you to tilt the slats with a remote, an app on your smartphone or tablet, or even the sound of your voice when paired with a smart home device. Keep in mind though, motorization only allows you to tilt the slats; you won't be able to lift or lower the blinds.

Innovative Alternatives
Handcrafted from premium foamwood, our sustainable Faux Wood Blinds are an eco-friendly, sustainably sourced alternative to authentic wood, designed to resist moisture, mildew, and warping.

Customization Options
When you select Wood Blinds for your home, you can choose from 30+ real wood (including 15+ Designer Collection options!) and 10+ faux wood finishes. Plus, at The Shade Store you can order as many free swatches as you’d like — and our expert Design Consultants are always available to help you make your selections.


Customizing your wooden blinds at The Shade Store goes far beyond material selection. All of our Wood Blinds are custom fit to your windows with uniform 2-inch slats. You can choose either an inside-mount application, where the blinds are installed within the window frame, or an outside-mount application, where the blinds are installed on the wall or ceiling above the window. You can also choose between cordless lift and a wand tilt for control, or motorized tilt, but keep in mind you won't be able to lift your blinds with the motorized tilt option. Lastly, you also have the option to add decorative tape to your blinds for added design dimension. However, when adding tape, keep in mind that your blinds won't be able to be lifted; you'll only be able to tilt the slats with a wand or motorization. To ensure the perfect fit every time, we offer resources on wood blind installation as well as full in-house measure and install services for whichever window treatments you choose.


When choosing wooden window treatments for your home, there are a few important things to take into consideration.

Moisture Absorption
While all of our wooden blinds are designed for superior longevity, it’s important to consider moisture absorption levels for spaces like bathrooms. Our innovative wood alternatives offer enhanced moisture and mildew resistance for rooms that are likely to have increased humidity levels.

Whether you prefer the classic look of wood or a painted finish to coordinate with the rest of your home decor, it’s easy to find a match for every space. The Shade Store even offers statement-making materials, like High Gloss and Exotic wood finishes.

Control Type
Wood Blinds are available with cordless control, which means you lift and lower the blinds by adjusting the bottom bar and you tilt the slats by twisting a wand. Cordless control allows for easy functionality and gives you a clean, streamlined look without any dangling cords. You can also choose No Lift as an option, which is required if you choose Motorized Tilt or add Decorative Tape to your blinds design.


At The Shade Store, both our real and faux wood blinds are eco-friendly and responsibly sourced, but offer distinct differences for your spaces.

Real Wood Blinds
At The Shade Store, our real Wood Blinds are handcrafted from American Basswood and come in 30+ finishes, including 15+ finishes within our exclusive Designer Collections, all with guaranteed longevity. Any of your selections will be finished with a straight valance for a clean, modern look.

Faux Wood Blinds
Our faux Wood Blinds are constructed from premium foamwood and offer enhanced durability and resistance to moisture, mildew and warping and come in 10+ finishes. All of our wood alternative blinds come with a beveled valance to complete the look.


To get started with your custom Wood Blinds, visit one of our local showrooms. With over 145+ locations nationwide, you can explore all of our different wood and faux wood finishes, and work with a Design Expert to help you make your selections. Find a showroom near you to get started today.