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Discover custom Blinds, including Wood, Metal and Vertical options, made from materials like sustainably sourced wood and aluminum, all with excellent privacy and light control. Window Blinds are handcrafted in the USA and ship free in 10 days or less.

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Our custom blinds come in three main styles: Wood, Metal, and Vertical. Which window blinds are best for your home will depend on your aesthetic style and the type of application for which you plan to use them. Sustainably sourced and available in a variety of rich finishes, our real Wood Blinds are best for interiors with classic appeal. With a look like real wood, but with greater resistance to moisture, mildew, and warping, our Faux Wood Blinds are perfect for spaces like laundry rooms, bathrooms and basements. Chic, durable and affordable, our Metal Blinds are ideal for modern, functional spaces. For a beautiful modern drapery alternative that’s ideal for covering wide areas and dividing rooms, try our Vertical Blinds.

To start selecting and designing your custom blinds, request a free quote today or visit your local showroom.


The Shade Store offers a selection of customization options to make the most of your window blinds, giving you the look you want with the functionality you need:

Mount Types
Your window blinds may be inside or outside mounted, depending on your window size, preference and light control needs.
  • Inside Mount: Your custom blinds are installed inside the window frame for a clean, built-in look. Keep in mind, inside mount is only possible if there’s enough depth within the window frame for the headrail to be installed.
  • Outside Mount: The window blinds are installed outside the window frame, either on the trim or above the trim. Outside mount blinds give you a taller, fuller look and more dramatic appearance, while being more effective at blocking light when tilted closed.

Control Types
The control types available to you will depend on which style of blinds you choose. Choosing the right one for your space will depend on several factors such as your preferences and how accessible your window blinds are.

Control Types for Wood and Metal Blinds:
  • Cordless Control: Eliminates exposed, dangling cords, and allows you to lift or lower your window blinds with a gentle push or pull of the bottom rail.
  • Control types for tiling the slats: A wand, which you can twist to tilt the slats up or down. Or, motorization, which tilts the slats with a remote, app or your voice when paired with a smart home device. Motorization is only compatible with 2"" Wood Blinds and 2"" Metal Blinds with no lift control.
  • Motorization:As a control type only for 2"" Wood Blinds and 2"" Metal Blinds, motorization only allows you to tilt the slats; it does not allow you to raise and lower your blinds.
Control Types for Vertical Blinds:
  • Cord Draw: Pull on a continuous loop cloth cord, held taut by a tension device, to slide your Verical Blinds left and right.
  • Baton: Pull on a baton hanging from the top of the vertical blind panel to slide your Vertical Blinds left and right.
To find the perfect custom blinds for windows in your home, get started by ordering free swatches online or visiting your local showroom. Our expert Design Consultants are available to answer any questions you may have and help guide you through the selection and design process.


Custom blinds not only add character to your windows, but also offer excellent privacy and light control. Learn more about the benefits of each type of custom window blinds to help you decide which is right for your space.

Wood Blinds
Our Wood Blinds are made sustainably from real wood, and are available in an assortment of rich finishes to complement your interior décor whether traditional, contemporary or something in between. Authentic wood is full of character and works well in many applications, but is especially suited to living rooms, dining rooms, and other low-humidity and low-moisture areas. This is because, as real wood, Wood Blinds naturally absorb moisture and may gently warp over time. While this is often seen as a charming element of wood blinds, if you’d rather avoid it, consider our Faux Wood Blinds. Made from a durable, moisture-resistant composite material, Faux Wood Blinds give you the look of real wood you love with the performance you need.

Metal Blinds
Our Metal Blinds are stylish, durable and affordable, making them a great way to add privacy and light control to your windows while also adding modern clean lines. Metal Blinds come in 9 attractive finishes so you can choose the right look for your space. Plus, being made from aluminum, our Metal Blinds offer superior performance and durability, and work great in high-traffic and high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Vertical Blinds
Our Vertical Blinds are ideal for covering large, wide windows or sliding glass doors and also make perfect room dividers. With their sleek modern look and high functionality, vertical blinds look best in modern and contemporary spaces, but are versatile enough to suit nearly any home style.


Upgrades for custom window blinds depend on the type of blinds you choose.

2"" Wood and 2"" Metal Blinds come standard with cordless control, but you can upgrade these blinds with motorized tilt which allows you to tilt the slats with a remote, an app on your smartphone or tablet, or even your voice when paired with a smart home device. Motorization only controls the slats. You won't be able to lift or lower your blinds.

For Vertical Blinds, they come standard with a cord loop control but you can choose a baton control for a seamless cordless experience.


Still have questions about our custom blinds? See if your question is listed below, or contact your local showroom for help from our expert Design Consultants.

Are blinds safe for children?

Our window blinds are Best For Kids™ Certified thanks to their cordless functionality, whether you choose cordless control or motorized tilt, which means no dangling cords or strings.

How to measure for blinds?
Inside Mount Blinds:
  • Width: Because windows are not perfectly square, we recommend measuring the window in 3 places to get your width: across the top, middle and bottom. Round all measurements down to the nearest 1/8"" interval. The smallest of the 3 measurements is your ordering width.
  • Length: Measure the length of the window in 3 places on the window: left, center and right. Round all measurements up to the nearest 1/8"". The largest of the 3 measurements is your ordering length.
  • Depth: Measure the depth at the top of the inside window casing. The depth of the product varies based on control type and options. 3/4"" minimum depth is required to do an inside mount.
Outside Mount Blinds:
  • Width: Measure the width of the area you wish to cover. If space allows, we recommend adding 2 to 3"" (1 to 1 1/2"" on each side) to this measurement to help eliminate light. This is your ordering width and will be the overall measurement of the shade.
  • Length: Measure the height of the area you wish to cover. This is your ordering length.
Detailed instructions on how to install custom blinds can be found online — but to ensure your window treatments fit perfectly, we recommend letting our professionals take care of the measurements for you. Schedule a free measurement today to get started.

How should I clean my blinds?
Cleaning your window blinds is simple. For dusty blinds, gently wipe a duster or microfiber cloth horizontally across your blinds from top to bottom. For dirtier blinds, use a damp cloth with gentle, mild soap. A vacuum cleaner with a dust attachment is also a quick and easy way to clean your blinds.

How should I style my blinds?
There’s no wrong way to style your custom window blinds, but here are a couple of simple tips: To give your space an architectural touch with clean lines and bold contrast, adorn your windows with our 2” Basic Wood Blinds in a color like Chestnut or Noir. For a brighter, livelier look, try our 2” Faux Wood Blinds in Blanc.


Our showrooms across the US are your destination for the finest custom window treatments, including our Wood, Metal and Vertical Blinds. Our expert Design Consultants are available at each location to help you select and design beautiful blinds for your windows. Plus, you can sample unlimited free swatches to find the perfect color complements. Visit your local showroom today to get started.