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Woven Wood Shades

4 Custom Woven Wood Shades Styles | 100+ Exclusive Materials

Our Woven Wood Shades are woven with natural and sustainably sourced woods, reeds, bamboo and grasses.
All Woven Wood Shades are handcrafted in the USA and ship free in 10 days or less.

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Our woven wooden shades are available in four beautiful styles — Waterfall Woven Wood Shades, Standard Woven Wood Shades, Cascade Woven Wood Shades and Roller Woven Wood Shades. Each style brings an organic element into your design, lending dimension and depth with their natural fibrous texture. The woven nature of these shades means the light is distributed in between the woven fibers, allowing the light to seep gently into the room, visually softening the space. To get started finding the perfect woven shades for your home, visit your local showroom or schedule a free design consultation today.


The rich, organic texture of our Woven Wood Shades comes from the natural fibers woven into each panel. Using sustainable materials like woods, reeds, bamboo and grasses, these woven shades offer a relaxed aesthetic that invites the beauty of the outdoors, indoors. Woven Wood Shades look beautiful layered with Drapery, Roller Shades, or Roman Shades or installed alone for a simple, rustic look.


We offer a few great ways to customize and control your Woven Wood Shades:
  • Privacy and Blackout Lining Available for Waterfall, Standard and Cascade Woven Wood Shades
  • Designer brackets and sewn-in or exposed bottom bar available for Roller Woven Wood Shades
  • Attractive hardware, including designer brackets and a sewn-in or a stylish exposed bottom bar available for Roller Woven Wood Shades
  • Multiple control options: Continuous Loop, Cordless and Motorization Available
  • Multiple shades on one headrail option available for easier functionality, especially for a wider application


Installation for Woven Wood Shades
To ensure the perfect fit and function for your woven wood shades, rely on our team of professionals to measure and install your shades for you. We offer complimentary measurements to get your project started on the right foot. Our install services are completed by expert professionals who will ensure your woven shades are not only installed correctly, but look and function the way you want them to. Keep in mind install services are provided at an additional charge. Get your project started today by scheduling a free measurement.

Child Safety
Our cordless and motorized Woven Wood Shades feature designs with no accessible cords so you get a beautiful streamlined look with safe design for kids.

Cordless woven shades operate simply, with just a gentle pull to raise or lower the shade.

Motorization is even simpler: Use a remote, an app on your smartphone or tablet or even your voice when paired with a smart home device to lift and lower your wooden woven shades effortlessly. Plus, our advanced motorization options let you synchronize multiple window treatments, set your favorite positions and schedule timers for your convenience.


Our nationwide showrooms are your destination for the finest Woven Wood Shades and custom window treatments. Visit your local showroom to experience our full range of handcrafted products, sample exclusive materials and receive professional design assistance. Our team of expert Design Consultants is available to assist you with everything you need, from inspiration to installation. To get started, visit your local showroom or schedule a free design consultation today.


Get even more insight from our Woven Wood Shades Buying Guide, so you can feel confident in making the right choice. Learn more about types of Woven Wood Shades, get tips on how to choose and explore customizations like materials, linings, control types and more. Plus, you’ll learn best practices for how to measure and install your Woven Wood Shades if you plan to DIY.

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