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Solar Shades

Block UV Rays, Reduce Glare & Keep Your View | 150+ Materials

Made with high-performance materials in versatile colors, our custom Solar Shades block UV rays, reduce glare and prevent interior fading, while filling every space with soft natural light. Solar Shades are handcrafted in the USA and ship free in 7 days or less.

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Our Solar Shades Collection features two styles — Basic Solar Shades and Designer Solar Shades. Both are available in four transparencies that affect how much UV light is let through and how well you can see through your screen shades to the outdoors. Plus, with a wide selection of colors and patterns from simple and versatile to bold and luxe, you’ll find the right look to suit your taste. To get started finding the perfect indoor solar shades for your windows, order free swatches online today.


Solar Shades — or sun-blocking shades — offer multiple benefits to your home, making them an excellent custom window treatment solution:

Reduce Glare
Solar window shades soften the natural light entering your windows which reduces glare, making them ideal for home offices or media rooms.

Filter UV Rays
With innovative, high-performance materials, our custom Solar Shades are specially designed to filter out harsh, harmful UV rays. Depending on the level of transparency chosen, our sun shades for windows block out 90% to 99% of UV rays.

Prevent Fading
Harsh UV rays are the primary culprit for fading and washing out the colors of your favorite furniture, artwork, rugs, flooring, and more. Thanks to their UV-blocking abilities, our solar window shades keep your furniture, flooring and decor richly hued and looking like new for longer.

Increase Energy Efficiency
Because they filter out harsh UV rays, which are responsible for generating heat, our indoor Solar Shades help regulate interior temperatures by keeping sunlight-filled spaces cooler. With cooler indoor temperatures, you may be able to save on your utilities by using less energy for air conditioning during the warmer months.

Certain solar shade materials, such as our Sunbrella Collection and our 3% Smart Solar Collection are GREENGUARD Certified, for low chemical emissions, which means cleaner air in your home. These innovative materials are also stain- and mildew-resistant, as well as easy to clean. In addition, the 3% Smart Solar material is PVC-free and 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life, making for a truly sustainable choice.


To enhance your solar window shades, we offer a selection of features and upgrades to customize for your needs and preferences:

Range of Transparencies
Our sun shades for windows come in four transparencies, or openness percentages — 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%. Materials with higher openness percentages are more transparent and provide less UV protection, while materials with lower openness percentages are less transparent and provide more UV protection. For example, 1% Solar Shades block 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your home but are less transparent, while 10% Solar Shades block 90% of UV rays but are more transparent. So, if you’re looking for more privacy and sun protection, we recommend choosing a lower openness percentage like 1% or 3%. If you’re looking to preserve more of your view while still enjoying substantial UV protection, we recommend choosing a higher openness percentage like 5% or 10%.

Cordless Solar Shades
Cordless Solar Shades allow you to open and close your shade by simply pulling gently on the bottom rail. With absolutely no cords, our cordless Solar Shades are safe for kids and come with a Best for Kids™ Certification for your peace of mind.

Motorized Solar Shades
Motorized Solar Shades offer effortless functionality by allowing you to control your shades with a remote, an app on your smartphone or tablet, or the sound of your voice when paired with a home smart device. Choose from motors by The Shade Store, automation by Lutron or Somfy to effortlessly control natural light and privacy in your home.


Explore our customization options for your indoor Solar Shades to make them perfect for your needs and preferences:

Material Partnerships
The Shade Store partners with a wide variety of fabric manufacturers and interior designers to bring you signature looks with high-performance materials. Two such partnerships that deliver material for Solar Shades include Sunbrella and Chilewich.

Created with tactile materials, our high-performance Sunbrella Solar Collection adds character to your home décor with its highly textured patterns and colors while providing excellent UV protection and glare reduction.

A staple of American interior design, Chilewich’s innovative textiles are instantly recognizable for their unique, captivating designs. Neutral colors give these fabrics versatility while intricate textures draw the eye in, making them suitable for nearly any design style. Our Chilewich Solar Shade materials provide privacy, reduce glare and are also GREENGUARD Certified.

Bottom Bars
For the bottom bar on your sun-blocking shades, you can choose from two types: Sewn-In and Exposed - Designer.
  • In our Sewn-In option, the metal bar rests inside a 2” pocket at the bottom of the shade. The result is a clean, continuous appearance.
  • In our Exposed - Designer option, a metal exposed bar sits at the bottom of the shade, providing a stylish accent and lending your design a more luxe look. Bottom bars are available in four colors: White, Chrome, Satin Nickel and Black.
Adding custom Valances to your Solar Shades is a great way to conceal the tube control mechanism at the top, giving them a finished look. We offer Metal Valances and Upholstered Valances, to suit your style.


Ordering your custom solar window shades is easy with The Shade Store. You can get started in five ways:

Order Free Swatches
Explore our collection of 150+ of the finest solar materials available and order free swatches of your favorites today.

Schedule a Free Measurement
Get just the right fit for your custom Solar Shades when you take advantage of our complimentary professional measurement services. Schedule a free measurement to get started. We also offer expert installation services to ensure your Solar Shades are installed right and function correctly. Or, if you’re considering a DIY job, we do offer detailed instructions online. However, we highly recommend letting our professionals handle measurement and installation to ensure the perfect look, fit, and functionality. Please note, a separate installation fee applies.

Request a Free Quote
For an idea of what your project will cost, request a free quote. Our expert Design Consultants will work with you on your material and control type options to help you design custom sun-blocking shades you’ll love for years. Get started today with a free quote.

Customize Your Shades Online
Design your custom Solar Shades yourself online. Choose your favorite material, the right control type, and other customization options to design the perfect shades for your space.

Visit Your Local Showroom
Experience our full range of handcrafted products, sample all of our materials and control types, plus, receive complimentary assistance from our expert Design Consultants. Find your showroom.


Our nationwide showrooms are your destination for the finest handcrafted Solar Shades and custom window treatments. Visit your nearest location to sample our curated collection of luxurious textiles and designer exclusives, experience every handcrafted product and receive complimentary assistance from our team of expert Design Consultants.


Get even more insight from our Solar Shades Buying Guide, so you can feel confident in making the right choice. Learn more about transparency percentages for Solar Shades, get tips on how to choose and explore customizations like control types, valances and more. Plus, you’ll learn best practices for how to measure and install your Solar Shades if you plan to DIY.

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