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Window Shades

6 Custom Shades | 1,200+ premium materials

Quality is in the details. All our custom window shades are handcrafted in the USA in our very own workrooms.
Our entire window shades collection is backed by our satisfaction guarantee and ships free in 10 days or less.

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At The Shade Store, we offer six beautiful types of window shades — Roller Shades, Solar Shades, Roman Shades, Woven Wood Shades, Cellular Shades and Pleated Shades — to suit your taste and complement your home décor. Our curated assortment of 1,200+ premium materials gives you virtually endless ways to frame your views for truly custom shades. Request a free quote today or order free swatches to get started selecting and designing the perfect window shades for your home.


When purchasing custom window shades, it’s important to consider form and function. We recommend asking yourself the following questions: What do I want my window shades to accomplish in my space functionally, and what aesthetic am I going for? If privacy is a primary concern in your home, you may want to consider Roller Shades. These functional custom shades come in a selection of materials in versatile colors and patterns that not only block the view from the outside, but also provide stylish backdrops. If you love your view, but want to minimize fading and heat retention, opt for Solar Shades. Our Solar Shades collection features high-performance materials specially designed to filter out harmful UV rays, reduce glare and prevent fading. And if you’re looking for shades for windows that also provide excellent light control, we recommend exploring our collection of Roman Shades. With six luxurious silhouettes and an assortment of textiles and linings, our Roman Shades will help you achieve an oasis of comforting sunlight.


At The Shade Store, we offer six types of custom window shades:

Roman Shades
Adorn your windows with custom shades featuring soft and sophisticated fabrics. Available in six silhouettes, our Roman Shades collection brings luxurious character to windows of all types.

Roller Shades
Soften the natural light in your home or block it out completely with our Roller Shades. Featuring a variety of modern designs, this collection is bound to feature the right look to suit your unique sense of style.

Cellular Shades
Elevate every space as you control natural light with our Cellular Shades. Clean and contemporary with light-filtering and blackout options, these custom shades are designed to improve insulation and help regulate interior temperatures.

Solar Shades
Cut down on fading and glare while still enjoying your view with Solar Shades. These high-performance shades for windows protect against harmful UV rays, reduce glare and prevent fading, while still filling your home with beautiful natural light.

Woven Wood Shades
Introduce organic character to every space with our Woven Wood Shades. Featuring sustainably sourced, all-natural grasses, woods and bamboo, these custom shades are crafted to complement interiors of all types.

Pleated Shades
Add texture and dimension to your space – as well as a perfect balance of privacy and light control – with Pleated Shades. We offer two types of Pleated Shades: Pleated Cellular Shades and Pleated Roman Shades. For improved insulation and a simple, functional design, opt for Pleated Cellular Shades which help regulate interior temperatures with their unique honeycomb design. For luxurious texture and wide range of colors and patterned options, choose Pleated Roman Shades which offer uniform folds for an elegant cascading effect.


The Shade Store offers window shades with additional features and upgrades to achieve the right functionality with sophisticated aesthetics:
  • Cordless & Motorized Window Shades: Child-safe and easy to operate, our cordless and motorized control options let you open and close your window shades without strings, cords or chains.
  • Light Filtering Window Shades: Invite just the right amount of light into your home with a range of light filtering shades for windows with any level of sun exposure.
  • Options for Privacy: Explore privacy lining options that frame your windows beautifully, while blocking the view from the outside.
  • Blackout Shades: Achieve darkness from day to night — a great solution for bedrooms and media rooms.
  • Energy-Efficient Window Shades: These efficient shades for windows regulate your home’s temperature and keep your energy bills in check.


From cordless control to advanced motorization to exclusive designer materials, The Shade Store offers a variety of ways to customize your window shades. We also invite you to explore our selection of custom valances and cornices to give your shades a beautifully finished look.

What’s the Difference Between Shades and Blinds?
Shades are made with a single panel of fabric that filters natural light or blocks it out completely. Blinds are made with metal, wood or faux wood slats that can be tilted and raised to control natural light and privacy.


To ensure the perfect fit, we highly recommend letting our expert professionals measure and install your custom shades for you. Schedule a free measurement to get your project underway. If you’re thinking of a DIY job, you can find detailed instructions on how to install all of our custom window shades in the ‘Installation Instructions’ segment at the bottom of our measurements page.


At each of our locations across the US, we invite you to experience our full range of handcrafted window shades, sample exclusive materials and receive complimentary design assistance. Find your local showroom to get started.