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Child Safety

As a third-generation family business, nothing is more paramount to us than child safety. Every window treatment we produce is in accordance with the child safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Window Covering Manufacturers Association. To ensure that the highest safety standards are always being met, we voluntarily have all of our products tested and verified by an independent, third-party testing laboratory. Our cordless products and many of our motorized products have received the industry’s rigorous ‘Best For Kids’ Certification.
Follow These Safety Tips:
  • Replace. The best way to keep your children safe is to replace all window coverings that have cords with either cordless window treatments or motorized window treatments, where there are no cords, or the cords are inaccessible. Please select from our Cordless Product Line, which has been Best For Kids® Certified, for the safest product for your home. Or choose from our Motorized Window Treatments, most of which are also Best For Kids® Certified (except for Motorized Tilt for Wood and Metal Blinds at this time). If you are unable to replace or remove all your window treatments with cords at one time, start with the windows in the rooms where your child spends the most time – usually bedrooms and living rooms – and replace the others as you can.
  • Retrofit. The Window Coverings Safety Council (WCSC) offers Free Retrofit Kits with instructions on how you can make existing window treatments with cords safer. Visit the WCSC website to order the kits and for more information regarding instructions.
  • Move furniture. Cribs, beds, couches and other furniture should be moved away from windows so children cannot climb on them to reach the window or corded window treatments.
  • Every room, every home. Implement the above steps in every room of the home for the safest outcome. Also, be an advocate for child safety and mention these solutions to people in other places where your child spends time: their grandparents’ house, their daycare facility and their school.
  • Let Our Professionals Measure & Install For You. If you’re ordering from The Shade Store, we recommend using our professional measure and installation services to ensure every window treatment is installed properly.
  • Follow Our Measure & Install Instructions. If you wish to measure and install on your own, please follow our step-by-step guides and take special note of safety instructions.
  • Learn More. Check out the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Window Covering Safety Tips at
A warning label has cautionary language in English, French and Spanish on the potential danger of window treatment cords