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Designed to make the most of your beloved living spaces, our recommended living room window treatments include six top-selling styles: Roman Shades, Drapery, Woven Wood Shades, Roller Shades, Solar Shades and Wood Blinds — but the possibilities don’t stop there. All of our window treatments are completely customizable, so you can create a design that suits your style — and your needs — perfectly. Visit your local showroom or request a free quote today to get started selecting and designing the perfect living room drapes, blinds, or shades.


When creating your custom living room window treatments, you’ll want to take the following features into consideration, depending on the way you use your space:

Light Protection
If your living room is filled with natural light, you might want to consider window treatments that provide protection from UV rays. These materials not only reduce glare, and reduce heat retention, but also protect your furniture and art from fading. 

When your family spends a lot of time in a space, privacy is of the utmost importance. In your living and family room, you may want to consider window coverings that obstruct the view from the outside — especially at night. Light filtering and blackout materials are available for living room shades and drapes, while blinds can block the view from outside with a tilt of the slats. All will help deliver peace of mind as you kick back and relax at home.

Energy Efficiency
If keeping energy costs down is important to you and your family, choose energy efficient materials for your living room window treatments. Options like Solar Shades and Cellular Shades can reduce heat retention, keeping your living room cooler in the summer. Cellular Shades have the added benefit of providing insulation with their unique honeycomb design, preventing drafts and keeping your home warmer in the winter. Helping to control your interior temperature results in not only more comfort for your family, but helps cut down on your energy bills, too.

Personal Style
The living room is a central gathering place in the home, making it an ideal setting to showcase your unique sense of style. At The Shade Store, we pride ourselves in offering finest custom window treatments, allowing you to select from virtually endless styles and materials to create a design that truly reflects you.


When it comes to selecting window treatments for living rooms and family rooms, you’ve got a variety of options to suit your taste and functional needs: 

Living Room Roman Shades
One of our most popular styles, Roman Shades create classic charm with their cascading design. Customize your living room roman shades by choosing from six unique styles and over 500 materials. 

Living Room Drapery
From pinch pleat to grommet styles, and everything in between, our Custom Drapery delivers a wide variety of styles so you can find just the right look for your space. Plus, with living room drapery options like light filtering and blackout, you’ll achieve the light control and privacy you need.

Living Room Woven Wood Shades
Our Woven Wood Shades are handcrafted from sustainable, natural materials that add an organic feel to your living room. The woven design allows natural light to shine through, while reducing glare and providing privacy. Choose from a variety of materials, colors, patterns, and styles to find the right fit for your space.

Living Room Roller Shades
For a highly functional — and attractive — option for your living room window coverings, consider Roller Shades. With light filtering and blackout options, plus multiple control types like cordless and motorized systems, you can get the right amount of light and privacy controlled the way that best suits your needs and preferences. What’s more, you have the opportunity to create the perfect design for your space with six styles and 400+ materials to choose from. 

Living Room Wooden Blinds
A timeless choice for the living room, Wooden Blinds bring a natural, organic element to your decor while providing light and privacy control with tilting slats. With nine unique collections, including Faux Wood Blinds, and over 65 beautiful stains and finishes, we have a range of options to suit your aesthetic style, whether traditional, modern, or something in between. 

Living Room Solar Shades
Prevent glare on your flat screen TV and reduce fading on your furniture, floors, and art, all without blocking natural light with Solar Shades. Featuring innovative UV protection, filter out harmful UV rays responsible for causing fading and heat buildup in your living room. Plus, with an attractive minimalist design, they’re highly versatile, pairing well with a variety of aesthetic styles.


After you’ve selected your living room window treatment style, you can continue to customize your design to suit your space. If durability is essential for you, choose a material that’s easy to clean and fade-resistant, such as an option from our top-selling Sunbrella Ventana Collection. If you’d like to increase your energy efficiency and privacy while reducing glare and UV damage, explore our Solar Shades and other light filtering materials. Once you’ve selected your material, you can upgrade your living room window treatments with further customizations. Choose cordless functionality which features the ‘Best for Kids’ certification from the Window Covering Manufacturers Association while also providing a modern, sleek look without cords. Or, you can add motorization to Roller Shades, Solar Shades, Blinds or Roman Shades to effortlessly control your family room light and privacy levels at the touch of a button. To get started on your living room window treatments, our team of Design Consultants is always available to assist you in your selections.


While your personal style will ultimately define your selection of living room drapes, shades, or blinds, looking toward trends can inspire you to take your design to the next level. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Create Layers
Layered window treatments, such as combining Roller Shades and Drapery, create a space that’s filled with depth and dimension. Plus, more layers with different window treatment styles  further enhances your privacy and light control levels to strike just the right balance any time of day.

Stick to a Color Palette
Choosing a color palette for your living room window treatments can help you create a unified, cohesive aesthetic. Create a calm, relaxed retreat with neutrals or add energy to your space with bright and bold window treatments. 

Add Color or Pattern
Depending on the rest of your living room design, window treatments can be a great way to add dimension to your space with a bold color or pattern. Our exclusive Designer Collections are filled with easy-to-style patterns that range from subtle to striking — and will give you a look you won’t find anywhere else. 

Take on Texture
Add another dimension to your living room design with window treatments that feature character-rich textures like Velvet, Linen or Woven Woods. These sensorial textures add not only different touchable surfaces to your living room, but also create subtle visual complexity that adds depth to your design.


To get started with your custom living room window treatments, visit us at one of our nationwide showrooms. Our team of expert Design Consultants is available to help you select the perfect living room drapes, blinds or shades and more. Find a location to get started.