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Cordless Roman Shades made of Baldwin in Stone with Samuel & Sons trim in Flanders, Granite hang in a colonial bedroom
June 5, 2024

Cordless Roman Shades for Easy Use & Style

Cordless Roman Shades, also known as cordless Roman blinds, are a popular style of window treatment, thanks to their stylish, elegant design and easy functionality. To decide if these shades are the right choice for you, learn more about how they work, your product options, the benefits of choosing them and more.

Cover Photo: Flat Roman Shade, Baldwin in Stone with Samuel & Sons Flanders trim in Granite, photography by John Bessler

The tension device for cordless Roman Shades is a tube seen in the headrail that controls the height of your shade

How Does a Cordless Roman Shade Work?

Cordless Roman Shades can be lifted and lowered without the use of cords or strings. Instead, they use a tension lock mechanism in their headrail that allows you to raise or lower the shade by pulling on a metal ring sewn to the back of the fabric.

To adjust your shade, pull the bottom of the shade toward you to release the tension lock device. Then adjust your shade to the desired height and push the bottom of the shade toward the window to lock it into place.

Cordless Roman Shades: Product Options

Roman Shades from The Shade Store are available in six styles, but when it comes to cordless operation, choose from either Flat Roman Shades or Cascade Roman Shades. The other styles are not compatible with cordless operation.

Cordless Roman Shades made of Shoreline in Pewter add color and texture to a kitchen with white cabinets

flat roman shades

With a clean fold at the bottom when raised and a simple, unadorned face, Flat Roman Shades offer a modern look but are versatile enough to suit many design styles.  

Pictured: Flat Roman Shade, Shoreline in Pewter, photography by John Bessler

Cordless Roman Shades made of Novogratz Family of Cranes in Waverly Green adds color and pattern to a sitting room

cascade Roman Shades

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Pictured: Cascade Roman Shades, The Novogratz Family of Cranes in Waverly Green with custom upholstered valance, design by The Novogratz, photography by Anne Gattilia

Learn More About Roman Shades

Explore more possibilities for your Roman Shade design including customization like lining, valances and more in our Buying Guide.

Pictured: Outer Layer: Cascade Roman Shades, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Nomad Stripe in Graphite and Inner Layer: Solar Shades, Sunbrella 3% Sonoma in Light Grey

Why Choose Cordless Roman Shades

A dining room has cordless Roman Shades made of Shoreline in Cloud that add a texture while complementing the white walls
Pictured: Flat Roman Shades, Shoreline in Cloud, design by James Huniford

Still not sure if cordless Roman blinds are a good choice? Learn more about the benefits of these cordless shades to solidify your decision:

Important Considerations for Cordless Roman Shades

While cordless Roman Shades are generally considered a great versatile choice, there are some applications where a different type of control or a different window treatment might be better.

Very Tall Windows

Tall windows in a room with rich wood flooring feature motorized cordless Roman Shades made of Sahara Stripe in Desert
Pictured: Outer Layer: Flat Roman Shades, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Sahara Stripe in Desert and Inner Layer: Solar Shades, Chilewich Mini Basketweave in Sandstone, design by Everick Brown

If you can’t reach the top of your window, cordless Roman blinds won’t be your best choice since you won’t be able to fully lift them off your window or lower them from the top of your window without a ladder.

Solutions for Tall Windows
  • Roman Shades with a continuous loop control — or any shade with continuous loop control — which will easily allow you to adjust your shades, despite the height of your window, since the cord loop will be readily accessible.
  • Drapery for elegant, long panels of fabric to frame your tall window that are also easy to adjust when you choose a functional pleat style and compatible hardware.
  • Motorized Roman Shades, or another style of shade compatible with motorization, as the motor allows you to lift and lower them with a remote, an app on your smartphone or the sound of your voice when the motor is paired with a smart home device.

Very Wide Windows

A wide window in a bright sitting room has motorized cordless Roman Shades made of Victoria Hagan's Sankaty Stripe in Moon
Pictured: Flat Roman Shades, Victoria Hagan Sankaty Stripe in Moon, design by Victoria Hagan

Adjusting cordless Roman Shades on a very wide window may be difficult due to the shade being quite wide and unwieldy. And if you have more than one shade on the same window, it may be difficult to line each of your cordless Roman blinds evenly, as the tension mechanisms in each headrail may have slightly different tensity.

Solutions for Wide Windows

The same solutions for tall windows above will also work for wide windows:

  • Any shades with a continuous loop control will allow you to easily control the height of your wide shade. Plus, it’ll allow you to line up multiple shades evenly.  
  • Drapery is a great choice for wide windows, as the panels of fabric can span wide length with the right hardware. Make sure to choose a functional pleat style and compatible hardware so you can easily move your panels back and forth.
  • Motorized shades for the easiest functionality.

Out-of-Reach Windows

A modern kitchen has motorized cordless Roman Shades made of Nate Berkus Gemma in Noir over windows above the counter
Pictured: Flat Roman Shades, Nate Berkus Gemma in Noir, photography by Eric Piasecki

Windows you can’t reach at all, like those in a stairwell, above your kitchen counter, clerestory windows or transom windows are not ideal for cordless Roman Shades.

Solutions for Out-of-Reach Windows

For out-of-reach windows, your best be is motorized shades. This will allow you to easily open and close your shades from a distance with a remote, an app on your smartphone or the sound of your voice when the motor is paired with a smart home device.

Upgrade to Motorization

Explore all your window treatment options that are compatible with motorization, including certain styles of Roman Shades.

How Do You Hang Cordless Roman Shades?

A professional window treatment installer carefully marks where a bracket should be installed on the ceiling above a window

Wondering if you can hang cordless Roman Shades yourself? Luckily, installation of Flat and Cascade Roman Shades from The Shade Store is relatively straightforward. However, we recommend working with our team of window treatment professionals to ensure your shades are installed properly.

Still, if you’re interested in a DIY install, learn the basic steps for how to install Roman Shades to get an idea of the job.

A stepladder with a drill resting in the holder sits in front of a tall narrow window with black mullions

How to Install Roman Shades

  • Step 1: Gather tools. You’ll typically need a stepladder, pencil, tape measure, level, drill and screwdriver.
  • Step 2: Measure appropriately based on whether you’re inside or outside mounting your shade and mark where the mounting brackets and headboard will go.
  • Step 3: Install the brackets securely and mount the headrail.

Experience Cordless Roman Shades at The Shade Store

Now that you understand how cordless Roman Shades work, your product options and more, it’s time to solidify your decision. Visit a nearby showroom to experience interactive displays of cordless Roman Shades to confirm if these shades are right for you. You’ll also find many other cordless window treatments as well as motorized products for even more options. Plus, you’ll meet our expert Design Consultants who will answer your window treatment questions and help guide you toward the right fit for your home.

A round white table with cream chairs sits in a custom window treatment showroom with drapery, shades and blinds displayed.


Visit your local showroom for interactive displays of all our products, 1,200+ premium material swatches and helpful Design Consultants ready to assist you.