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A child's room has flat linen Roman Shades made of Nate Berkus Lisbon Woven in Bronze for an inviting warm color
May 10, 2024

Linen Roman Shades: Embrace Natural Charm

The understated elegance of linen fabric, coupled with the functionality and design versatility of Roman Shades creates a timeless, yet on-trend, window treatment. Whether you’re a staunch minimalist or someone who cherishes a touch of traditional luxury, linen Roman Shades offer versatility that complements your decor.

Cover Photo: Flat Roman Shades, Nate Berkus Lisbon Woven in Bronze, design by Nate Berkus

What Is Linen?

Linen is a natural fiber made from the flax plant. It’s known for its strength, luxurious feel, and coolness when worn as clothing, and has been valued for thousands of years. The beauty of linen lies in its imperfection: Natural, character-rich crinkles created when linen is exposed to moisture in the air provide a casual elegance to your interior spaces.

Fabric made of Luxe Sheer Linen sits invitingly in a distressed ceramic bowl on a white marble table

Is Linen Suitable for Roman Shades?

Yes, linen is a great choice for Roman Shades thanks to its hardiness and light, airy feel that gives linen Roman Shades a relaxed, but sophisticated look.

However, while linen is a durable, long-lasting fabric, keep in mind that sometimes another material or a different shade entirely may be better suited to certain applications. For instance, bathrooms, basements, or other humid rooms will benefit from a moisture-resistant window treatment and material. For humid applications, try Roller Shades, which are made with hard, synthetic textiles that are less likely to succumb to mold and mildew.  

What Type of Fabric Is Best for Roman Shades?

The “best” will depend on your individual needs and wants, but linen is an overall “best” choice thanks to its natural beauty and hardiness. Linen Roman Shades are suitable for most applications, and come in a wide array of colors, patterns and textures to suit nearly any aesthetic. Plus, linen is versatile enough to offer both sheer and opaque options, catering to different privacy and lighting preferences.

All about roman shades

Roman Shades are a popular style of window treatment that come in several designs and many customization options. Learn more about Roman Shades in our Buying Guide to confirm your choice. READ THE GUIDE

Explore Styles for Linen Roman Shades

Roman Shades are available in several styles from modern, functional designs to luxe decorative options. Explore these styles to get a sense for which will suit your linen Roman Shades best.

Discover Linen Fabrics from The Shade Store

Now that you’re familiar with the different styles for linen Roman Shades, you’re ready to dive into your fabric options. At The Shade Store, we offer a premium selection of linen fabrics, from simple linen blends to 100% luxe linens to exclusive Designer fabrics made from linen or linen blends. Explore our selection to find the perfect fabric for your linen Roman Shades.

100% Linen Fabrics

Flat linen Roman Shades made of Luxe Linen in Oyster with Samuel & Sons Mare Embroidered trim add softness to a luxe bar area
Pictured: Flat Roman Shade, Luxe Linen in Oyster with C.O.T. Samuel & Sons Mare Embroidered in Oyster, design by Scott Sanders for the 2023 Kips Bay Palm Beach Showhouse, photography by John Bessler

Made purely of linen, these fabrics for linen Roman Shades feature all the characteristics of this natural fiber, including the tactile and visual texture as well as charming wrinkles. The two options in this collection differ in their weave and weight: Linen is a lightweight fabric with a basic weave while Luxe Linen is a heavyweight fabric with a more complex, tighter weave.


Soft and textured, Linen is a beautiful, simple material with excellent durability. Available in several earthy colors from classic White to deep, warm Mink.

Choose this for: A simple, approachable look with characteristic linen charm.

Linen fabric in different colors is folded neatly and features a soft texture for linen Roman Shades
Luxe Linen fabric in Oyster features tight folds and offers a plush, soft look for linen Roman Shades

luxe linen

A heavyweight linen for a plush, full look, Luxe Linen is masterfully woven for a soft, feel and textured look—along with excellent durability. Available in several natural hues from bright Optic White to a deep earthy Black.

Choose this for: A soft, supple feel and opulent look.

Linen Blends

Flat linen Roman Shades made of Shoreline in Cloud deliver idyllic texture to a dining room with a long wood table
Pictured: Flat Roman Shades, Shoreline in Cloud, design by James Huniford

Linen Blends feature linen as a primary material and blend it with other natural or synthetic fibers for enhanced durability while maintaining a characteristic linen appearance. The selections in this category for linen shades range in texture, from soft and supple to more rugged visual and tactile textures.

Linen Blend

A simple linen-rayon blend, Linen Blend gently filters light while providing privacy for your peace of mine. Available in five neutral hues for easy incorporating into your design style.

Choose this for: A simple linen look with added durability and less wrinkles.

Linen Blend fabric in neutral colors is stacked neatly and features a simple textured look for linen Roman Shades
Shoreline fabric in three colors is folded and stacked and delivers a rustic, textured look for linen Roman Shades


Made of linen, viscose and polyester, Shoreline is a tastefully uneven weave with contrasting threads that add depth and a rich, pastoral texture to your interior. Available in several light, inviting hues for design versatility.

Choose this for: A rustic, textured look ideal for farmhouse, boho and other similar aesthetic styles.


Another linen, viscose and polyester blend, Upton features a dense, rustic weave reminiscent of artisanal textiles. The intricate texture creates a tactile experience for your linen shades that invites touch. Available in six nature-inspired tones for an earthy palette.

Choose this for: Lots of visual texture for design dimension and a highly tactile experience.

Upton fabric in different colors is layered over each other and offers visual and tactile texture for linen Roman Shades
Heathered Linen fabric in different colors is neatly folded and offers a warm, textured look for linen Roman Shades

heathered linen

A blend of linen, viscose and synthetic fibers, Heathered Linen is a lightweight blend with timeless character. Super soft in look and feel, Heathered Linen shades drape beautifully and add rich texture to your interior. Available in several natural colors from warm Ivory to cool, dark Slate.

Choose this for: A warm, textured look you can feel with the softest touch.

Linen Sheers

A contemporary kitchen with white brick walls has Aventura linen Roman Shades made of Lannister Sheer in White
Pictured: Aventura Roman ShadesLannister Sheer in White, design by Mark Williams for the 2021 Kips Bay Palm Beach Showhouse, photography by Emily Blackwell

A beautiful choice for softening natural light, linen sheers offer balance between light control and privacy. Linen sheers are a delicate, light choice for linen Roman Shades and can be 100% linen or a blend. Sheers are an excellent choice for sunny spaces where you enjoy the sunlight but need to soften the glare and add a touch of privacy. They’re also ideal for layering with another shade or drapery for greater privacy and light control.

Linen Sheers is partially folded and offers a delicate look and lots of light filtration for linen Roman Shades


Made of 100% linen for a delicate weave and a subtle texture that filters light for a warm, welcoming glow.

Choose this for: Classic sheer linen shades that beautifully soften light.

Sheer Wool Blend fabric swatches hang from a line and offer a light, airy look for linen Roman Shades

sheer wool

A linen-wool-acrylic blend, for a delicate, soft sheer that welcomes sunlight in to warm your interior.

Choose this for: A very light gossamer sheer fabric that gives you an airy, breezy look.

Luxe Sheer Linen fabrics swatches are piled together and offer a luxurious tactile experience for linen Roman Shades

luxe Sheer

A beautiful sheer made from 100% linen with a textured look that’s accentuated when sunlight filters through it.

Choose this for: A luxurious textured sheer with a tactile experience.

Lannister Sheer fabric is puddled on a wood floor and offers a soft and delicate look for linen Roman Shades


A soft, pliable linen-polyester blended sheer that’s ideal for light filtering on its own or in a layered design.

Choose this for: A soft and delicate sheer that keeps your space bright.

Sheer Metallic fabric is folded over other materials and features a subtle metallic sheen for linen Roman Shades


A durable linen-synthetic blended sheer with a lustrous sheen, textured look and gentle light filtration.

Choose this for: Subtle visual interested with a soft metallic sheen.

Patterned Linens

Relaxed linen Roman Shades made of Windsor Stripe in Sage cover windows over a dark granite kitchen counter
Pictured: Relaxed Roman Shade, Windsor Stripe in Sage, design by James Huniford

Add visual interest to your interior with patterned linen shades, where the charm of this natural fabric meets sophisticated and playful designs. Explore patterns for your linen Roman Shades, like stripes, polka dots and more, made from linen blends that vary in their weight and texture.

linen dot

A linen-viscose blend that is lightweight and durable, Linen Dot features a whimsical polka dot pattern embroidered with subtly shimmering threads. The effect is a subtle sheen to the dots that elevates the aesthetic. Available in four subtle, versatile colors.  

Choose this for: A subtly playful polka-dot design ideal for kids rooms or nurseries.

Linen Dot fabric in different colors hangs from a line and offers a playful polka dot design for linen Roman Shades
Shoreham Stripe fabric in different colors is layered together and offers a striking look for linen Roman Shades

shoreham stripe

Made of linen and polyester, Shoreham Stripe is a lightweight linen blend with an east-west striped design which creates a bold focal point in your interior. The feel of this blend resembles the texture and patina of antique homespun linen.  Available in four neutral colors.

Choose this for: A striking focal point for your interior design.

Windsor Stripe

A linen-cotton-acrylic blend, Windsor Stripe features a pinstripe pattern with classic appeal. Plus, the lightweight fabric is light filtering for warm, softened light through your linen shades. Available in several classic pinstripe colors.

Choose this for: A subtle, sophisticated pattern that adds just a touch of design dimension.

Windsor Stripe fabric in different colors is folded on a table and offer a subtle, sophisticated look for linen Roman Shades
Herringbone fabric forms gentle waves and offers subtle visual texture for linen Roman Shades thanks to the micro pattern


A soft cotton, linen blend, Herringbone features a micro-V-shaped zig-zag pattern characteristic of its namesake. The miniature herringbone pattern adds a touch of visual texture and comes in six neutral tones.

Choose this for: Subtle visual texture that’s soft and inviting.

Designer Linen Patterns

Flat linen Roman Shades made of Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Sahara Stripe in Desert offer subtle visual interest to a lounge
Pictured: Flat Roman Shades, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Sahara Stripe in Desert and Inner Layer: Solar Shades, Chilewich Mini Basketweave in Sandstone, design by Everick Brown

Exclusive to The Shade Store, these designer patterns deliver artistic, unique looks for your linen Roman Shades. Explore designs made of linen from Victoria Hagan, Nate Berkus, Sheila Bridges and more to find the perfect aesthetic.

Linen Fabrics from Nate Berkus

Flat linen Roman Shades made of Nate Berkus' Claude Stripe in Alabaster add a luxe look to a window between wood shelves
Pictured: Flat Roman Shade, Nate Berkus Claude Stripe in Alabaster, design by Nate Berkus

With a focus on textural solids and subtle patterns, Nate Berkus’ newest collection features linen designs inspired by his travels to Portugal and France, mixed with nods to men’s fashion. These approachable, yet elevated designs range from a rich boucle to classic linen and stripes. The color palette of luxe neutrals and warm tones, including bronze, deep charcoal, and dark green, creates a harmonious blend for linen shades with lots of design versatility.

Swatches of Nate Berkus' Surrey Stripe lay invitingly on a surface and offer a versatile stripe for linen Roman Shades
surrey stripe

A versatile stripe pattern that is tailored yet effortless, dress Surrey Stripe up or down to suit your aesthetic.

Choose this for: Subtle visual interest in a versatile striped pattern.

Swatches of Nate Berkus' Lisbon Woven showcase the rich colors and offer warmth and texture to linen Roman Shades
lisbon woven

A beautifully soft linen-viscose blend, Lisbon Woven offers a charming textural unevenness and a subtle washed finish.

Choose this for: Added visual interest and warmth with its charming texture.

Swatches of Nate Berkus' Claude Stripe showcase the luxe boucle stripe and offer casual elegance to linen Roman Shades
claude stripe

Made of linen blended with wool and synthetic fibers, Claude Stripe features a luxe boucle stripe for effortless style.

Choose this for: Casual elegance that elevates your interior design.

Linen Fabrics from Victoria Hagan

Flat linen Roman Shades made of Victoria Hagan's Sankaty Stripe in Moon gently filter light into a bright white sitting room
Pictured: Flat Roman Shade, Victoria Hagan Sankaty Stripe in Moon, design by Victoria Hagan

With designs inspired by the coastal landscape, Victoria Hagan’s linen fabrics offer a quiet sophistication to any spare. With colors of nature and unexpected vignettes, these designs for linen shades are both versatile and elevated.

A swatch of Victoria Hagan's Tidal Line is gently folded to showcase the subtle striped design inspired by tidal waters

Tidal line

Made from 100% linen, Tidal Line is a breezy weave with chalk stripes that vary in width for added depth and dimension.

Choose this for: A fresh, modern look with architectural structure.

Swatches of Victoria Hagan's Oceana showcase the grid pattern that adds subtle visual texture to your design


A 100% linen fabric, Oceana’s understated grid pattern accentuates linen’s charming characteristics.

Choose this for: Adding elegant visual interest and texture to your design.

Swatches of Victoria Hagan's Sankaty Stripe showcase the thin shadow stripe design for a touch of elegance

sankaty stripe

Named after the Sankaty Head Lighthouse, this linen blend features a subtle, thin shadow stripe design.

Choose this for: A subtle touch of design dimension to elevate your interior.

Swatches of Victoria Hagan's Breeze show the lightness of the fabric with a subtle heathered design for softness


A lightweight linen blend with a subtle heathered look, this design is inspired by billowing wind on a lazy afternoon.

Choose this for: A soft, inviting aesthetic with just a touch of visual movement.

Swatches of Victoria Hagan's Harbor Stripe showcase the bold tri-colored stripe design for a dramatic look

harbor stripe

A linen blend with a tri-colored stripe for structure that’s versatile enough for modern and traditional design.

Choose this for: A dramatic backdrop for an impactful focal point.

Linen Fabrics from Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Flat linen Roman Shades made of Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Boho Vine in Ocean add color and movement to a boho bedroom
Pictured: Flat Roman Shade and Tailored Pleat Drapery, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Boho Vine in Ocean, design by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Inspired by the designer’s travel experiences around the world, from the streets of Tangier to the runways of Paris, the Martyn Lawrence Bullard Collection is full of bold colors and striking patterns. Explore these eye-catching designs for your linen Roman Shades.

Swatches of Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Boho Vine are neatly folded on top of each other and showcase the vibrant colors

boho vine

A 100% linen pattern, Boho Vine is inspired by the boho fashion movement. The design merges traditional chinoiserie with modern simplicity for a playful, yet versatile aesthetic.

Choose this for: Bold color and lots of engaging visual movement.

Swatches of Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Chinoiserie drape over the arm of a wood chair and show a delicate, artistic design


Inspired by the artistry of eighteenth-century hand-painted wallpapers often used for European salons, Chinoiserie is a 100% linen pattern with a soft, inviting aesthetic.

Choose this for: An elevated, artistic design that adds a touch of visual interest.

Swatches of Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Sahara Stripe are layered together and showcase the simple, yet distinct stripe

sahara stripe

A sheer fabric defined by a finely incorporated colored stripe, Sahara Stripe is inspired by French runways and offers a refreshing combination of fashion and interior design.

Choose this for: A simple, yet distinct stripe for subtle depth and dimension.

Swatches of Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Tangier Weave are decoratively laid together and show the rich texture of the fabric

tangier weave

Inspired by a basketweave design perfected by the artisans of Tangier, this woven fabric is highly textured and blends culture and period in a timeless textural design.

Choose this for: Lots of visual texture and an inviting tactile experience.

Linen Fabrics from The Novogratz

Flat linen Roman Shades made of The Novogratz Daisy Bloom in Sage adds a vintage look to a bedroom with mint green walls
Pictured: Flat Roman Shades, The Novogratz Daisy Bloom in Sage, design by The Novogratz

Known for their stylish sensibilities and hip aesthetic, The Novogratz designs for linen Roman Shades are colorful, fun and bring playfulness to your interior design.

Swatches of The Novogratz Daisy Bloom in multiple colors are layered together and show the vintage-inspired block pattern


A cotton-linen blend, Daisy Bloom is a vintage-inspired interpretation of a daisy pattern with eye-catching flowers in a block print.

Choose this for: A floral pattern with a vintage feel and modern versatility.

Swatches of The Novogratz Zebra Marble are folded invitingly together and show the playful, yet elegant marble pattern


Inspired by an old zebra wallpaper, Zebra Marble is a soft cotton-linen blend with a sophisticated marble pattern with lots of visual movement.

Choose this for: Marble pattern elegance with a playful twist.

A swatch of The Novogratz Feather Palm Embroidered shows the intricate gingko leaf design on a delicate material

feather palm

An updated take on a classic botanical pattern, this breezy linen-acrylic blend showcases an intricately embroidered repeating ginkgo leaf design. 

Choose this for: A beautifully delicate fabric that softens light in your space.

A swatch of The Novogratz Painted Check Embroidered shows the delicate zigzag check pattern for a playful, yet elegant look

painted check

A linen-acrylic blend with a delicate embroidered zigzag check pattern that adds sophistication and visual texture to your window.

Choose this for: An elegant, yet playful design to add depth and dimension.

Linen Fabrics from Sheila Bridges

A Flat Roman Shade made of Sheila Bridges Archer in Lagoon adds a modern arrow design to a kitchen with turquoise cabinets
Pictured: Flat Roman Shade, Sheila Bridges Archer in Lagoon, design by Sheila Bridges

Designed to effortlessly introduce pattern into your home, Sheila Bridges collection of linen fabrics features lots of versatility. Explore these subtle patterns, all inspired by Sheila’s childhood memories of traveling, gardening and outdoor play.

Swatches of Sheila Bridges' Archer in multiple colors are folded together and show the subtle visual movement of the design

A linen-cotton blend, Archer features a modern take on a classic arrow design in an intricately embroidered pattern.

Choose this for: Subtle visual movement and a contemporary look and feel.

Swatches of Sheila Bridges' Aerial in multiple colors are folded together and showcase the subtle linear design

Sophisticated yet subtle, this linen-synthetic blend features a pattern that resembles aerial views of rural farmland.

Choose this for: An easy way to incorporate a geometric pattern into your design.

Swatches of Sheila Bridges' Blossom are hanging decoratively and show the modern floral design with a feminine touch

Soft and luxe, this linen blend is a modern take on a classic floral design, inspired by gardens in Philadelphia.

Choose this for: A modern floral aesthetic that gives your space a soft, feminine touch.

Swatches of Sheila Bridges' Origami in three colors are folded together and show the interesting shapes and textures

A linen-cotton-synthetic blend of fabric crafted with textured patterns of shapes inspired by the designer’s childhood love for origami.

Choose this for: A textural quality for elevated design dimension.

A swatch of Sheila Bridges' Harlem Toile de Jouy in Multi-White is hung invitingly to show the playful, poignant toile design
harlem toile de Jouy

A 100% linen pattern with playful designs inspired by the historical narrative of traditional French toile.

Choose this for: Lots of joyful visual movement and a touch of vibrancy.

Find the Right Fabric for Your Linen Roman Shades

With an overview of all your options for linen Roman Shades, you’re ready to pick your favorites and compare them more closely. Order free swatches to get your favorites delivered to your door so you can see how they look in your home with your own lighting. Be sure to observe how each swatch looks throughout the day and into night to get a true sense of the color.


Compare as many of your favorites from our collection of 1,200+ premium materials at home when you order free swatches online.

A close-up image of white swatches featuing different textures and materials shows the declicate details of these designs