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A pool house features striped Roman Shades made of Flat Roman Shade in Awing Stripe, Fawn and a built-in kitchen
November 17, 2023

Explore Bold & Subtle Striped Roman Shades

Striped Roman Shades come in a wide variety of both bold and subtle designs. From simple pinstripes to sophisticated shadow stripes and harmonious balanced stripes, there are a number of striped designs to choose from to add the right visual complexity to your space.

Learn more about the benefits of striped Roman Shades as well as common types of stripes in window treatments. Then, get inspiration for your own design with examples of curated interiors with different aesthetic styles featuring striped Roman Shades.

Benefits of Striped Roman Shades

Understanding the benefits of striped Roman Shades can help you determine if they’re the right choice for your space. Benefits include:

  • Vertical stripes create the illusion of height while horizontal stripes create the illusion of width both of which can help make your window and wall appear larger so your room feels more spacious.
  • Stripes add visual depth and dimension to your interior design for a more complex, sophisticated look.
  • Striped designs offer a lot of versatile options to complement many interior décor styles so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

In addition to the benefits of a striped design, learn more about the benefits of Roman Shades, as well as customizations to further solidify your choice in this window treatment option.

Roman Shade Styles, Linings & More

Get a broad overview of Roman Shades and learn about styles like Flat Roman Shades and Cascade Roman Shades, privacy and blackout lining, control types like cordless and motorization and so much more.

Now that you know the benefits of a striped design as well as Roman Shades as a great window treatment option, dive into the different types of stripes to find the perfect one for your space.

Types of Stripes

Stripes in fabric design have a long history and come in a wide variety of styles from simple, subtle stripes to complex, bold stripes. Discover some of the more common designs for striped Roman Shades and learn what material options correspond to each type of stripe.

Keep in mind that, like many design elements, types of stripes can come with several variations of their own that may diverge from the classic definition, so keep an open mind when exploring your options.

A swatch of Victoria Hagan's Casa Stripe in Mica shows a balanced stripe design for striped Roman Shades

Balanced Stripe

Balanced stripes feature a repeating symmetrical pattern of a dominant stripe with additional stripes of single narrow band or a set of narrow bands either above and below (in horizontal stripes) or left and right (in vertical stripes) of the dominant stripe.

Example Swatch: Victoria Hagan, Casa Stripe, Mica

Other options:

A swatch of Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Nomad Stripe in Graphite shows a ticking stripe design for striped Roman Shades

Ticking Stripe

A ticking stripe Roman Shade features a central broad stripe with thin stripes on either side of the same color. The effect is the illusion of a wider stripe, but with greater visual depth and dimension.

Example Swatch: Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Nomad Stripe, Graphite

Other options:

A swatch of Windsor Stripe in Vista shows a light blue and white pinstripe design for striped Roman Shades


The pinstripe is a classic, elegant stripe pattern that features repeating thin, parallel vertical lines that are equidistant apart with the space between lines wider than the lines themselves.

Example Swatch: Windsor Stripe, Vista

Other options:

A swatch of Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Sahara Stripe in Desert shows a barre stripe design for striped Roman Shades

barre stripe

A barre stripe refers to a simple horizontal stripe in the fabric of a solid color. The stripes are typically equidistant apart and equal in width. Styles range from wide stripes to narrow stripes and those that are close together or far apart.

Example Swatch: Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Sahara Stripe, Desert

Other options:

A swatch of Victoria Hagan's Tidal Line in Sand shows a chalk stripe design for striped Roman Shades

Chalk Stripe

Chalk patterns feature a plain background with stripes that are actually made of dots or dashes in the style of a line drawn with chalk. Traditionally, chalk stripes are similar in design to pinstripes, but can also be used as horizontal stripes and in various balanced stripe designs.

Example Swatch: Victoria Hagan, Tidal Line, Sand

Other options: None

A swatch of Victoria Hagan's Harbor Stripe in Stone shows a shadow stripe design for striped Roman Shades

Shadow Stripe

A shadow stripe features thicker stripes in a lighter color with narrower stripes, usually in a darker color that borders the lighter stripe on each side. This creates a shadow effect for the stripe. Each set of shadow stripes is typically equidistant.

Example Swatch: Victoria Hagan, Harbor Stripe, Stone

Other options:

Tips for Choosing the Right Striped Pattern

With so many options available to you for striped Roman Shades, you may be wondering how to choose one for your space. These tips can help you zero in on the perfect striped pattern that adds the right amount of visual interest.

  • Think about which orientation of stripe will best suit your design: To create height, go with vertically oriented stripes like a pinstripe or ticking stripe Roman Shade. To make your room appear larger widthwise, go with a horizontal stripe like barre stripes or horizontal chalk stripes.
  • Consider your existing color scheme and how the colors of the stripes will complement it. Stripes range from high-contrast colors to subtle designs with soft neutrals, so you can find the right one to complement your existing color scheme.
  • Decide on a bold look or subtle look. High-contrast colors in wide, block stripes like those in wide balanced stripe designs or in a ticking stripe Roman Shade, will give you the strongest visual effect. Soft pastel and neutral colors with narrow, soft lines like pinstripes or some barre stripes can give you just a touch of visual interest.

Stripes Inspiration

With a broader understanding of different stripe designs for Roman Shades as well as tips for choosing the right one for your space, you’re ready to consider your own design. Get ideas to spark your creativity with these inspiring examples of striped Roman Shades in different rooms and aesthetic styles.

Bold Ticking Stripe Roman Shade in a Casual Living Room

A family room features Flat Roman Shades made of Nomad Stripe in Graphite for a bold look in a casual space
Pictured: Flat Roman Shades, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Nomad Stripe in Graphite

Add an eye-catching element to your casual family room with a bold ticking stripe Roman Shade featuring a wide stripe in a high-contrast color to the background. The vertical stripes will help add height to make your windows and ceiling appear taller for a more spacious feel. Plus, the striking design will add depth and dimension to your design. To ensure your bold striped Roman Shades aren’t too jarring, be sure to use the same colors in your Roman Shade in other elements of your space. For instance, dark throw pillows, blankets and even furniture will contrast nicely with light colored walls and flooring to mirror the contrasting effect of your Roman Shade design.

Subtle Pinstripe in a Coastal-Inspired Sitting Room

A coastal inspired sitting room features Relaxed Roman Shades in Windsor Stripe in Sage for a subtle pinstripe design
Pictured: Relaxed Roman Shades, Windsor Stripe in Sage

For a coastal-inspired room, stripes fit in naturally as they are a classic nautical element thanks to the well-known striped sailor shirt of the French Navy. While the sailors donned bold nautical stripes of blue and white, you can incorporate stripes into a coastal space with much more subtly. Try a pinstripe design with a bright background and soft colored stripe, like Windsor Stripe in Sage. The subtle striped pattern adds just a touch of visual interest to your windows, while letting other elements of your coastal design, like woven and distressed wood furniture as well as elegant seaside-inspired décor, shine.

Balanced Horizontal Stripe in a Contemporary Bedroom

A contemporary bedroom features Ripple Fold Drapery and a Flat Roman Shade made of Shoreham Stripe in Jet for a bold look
Pictured: Flat Roman Shade and Ripple Fold Drapery, Shoreham Stripe in Jet

Capture a striking aesthetic for a contemporary bedroom with a horizontal balanced stripe in high-contrast colors like Shoreham Stripe in Jet. The horizontal lines add a sense of expanse widthwise to your window and the space as a whole while also adding lots of visual interest to your interior design. While striped Roman Shades will typically present a striped pattern in a clean, clear way on their flat face, for a greater sense of visual depth, consider pairing your shade with matching Drapery. The folds of drapery create ripples in the stripes for a beautiful sense of visual movement. Ripple Fold Drapery, with its soft S-curve pleats creates an ideal ripple effect for horizontal stripes.

Find the Perfect Striped Pattern for Your Space

With a greater understanding of striped Roman Shades, including their benefits, types of stripes and tips and inspiration for how to choose, you’re ready to dive deeper into your options. Order free swatches of all your favorite striped patterns to compare at home. Whether you’re thinking about a classic pinstripe design a simple barre stripe or a bold ticking stripe Roman Shade, you can order as many swatches as you like to compare stripes, colors and material textures.


Compare as many of your favorites from our collection of 1,200+ premium materials at home when you order free swatches online.

A close-up image of white swatches featuing different textures and materials shows the declicate details of these designs