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Home office curtains made of Sheer Elegance in Winter cover a corner window with a minimalist desk in front of it
June 11, 2024

Home Office Curtains for a Stylish, Calm Workspace

Looking for home office curtains? As a place where you’ll likely be spending several hours a day, you want your office to be a calm, tranquil and creative place in which you can be comfortable. Drapery is a great window treatment solution for helping you achieve the right look and atmosphere for your home office. Their soft, elegant look gives you an inviting, elevated aesthetic while their benefits like sound absorption, light control and cutting glare create a serene environment to help you focus.

Learn more about the benefits of home office curtains, get tips for choosing the right drapery to meet your needs, and then explore several curated offices to spark ideas for your own design. Plus, get some extra ideas featuring other types of home office window treatments for even more inspiration.

Cover Photo: Ripple Fold Drapery, Sheer Elegance in Winter, design by Natalie Myers

Benefits of Home Office Curtains

The right home office curtains can transform your workspace into a serene, yet invigorating place to work. Learn more about the unique benefits drapery offers to your space to confirm whether this window treatment solution fits your needs.

Home office curtains made of Aberdeen in Oat add warmth to a dark office with their cozy plaid pattern
Pictured: Tailored Pleat Drapery, Aberdeen in Oat, design and photography by Studio McGee
  • Block out distractions: Home office curtains can block visual distractions outside so you can focus.
  • Enhance privacy: Curtains provide privacy to conduct your work in peace and keep private information private, especially if your home office window has a view that’s clear for passersby or neighbors to see through with ease.
  • Control light: Curtains help cut the glare of sunlight on your computer screen for reduced eye strain.
  • Improve acoustics: Curtains absorb sound (especially thicker curtains with lining), cutting down on distractions while improving the acoustics while you’re in meetings.

Factors to Consider For Home Office Curtains

Home office curtains made of Wool Blend in Ash with Flanders trim in Onyx hang in a mid-century modern office
Pictured: Ripple Fold Drapery, Wool Blend in Ash with Samuel & Sons Flanders Trim in Onyx and Inner Layer: Roller Shade, Mesa Verde in Mist

Before diving into ideas and product options for home office curtains, first review some important factors to consider that will help you choose the right drapery solution for your space.

Home office curtains made of Sheer Brilliance in Godl wiht privacy lining provide light control to a bay window office
Pictured: Tailored Pleat Drapery, Sheer Brilliance in Gold with privacy lining, design by Angela Kim

Light & Privacy Control

Curtains are available in a variety of weights and opacities, from light, airy sheers to thick wools so you can capture the right level of light and privacy control. You can also add lining to moist fabrics for added privacy and light blockage.

Ease of Use

Drapery is available in easy-to-use pleat styles and hardware as well as stationary decorative panels. If you’ll be adjusting your curtains throughout the day, choose functional pleats and hardware like Ripple Fold Drapery on a track system (pictured). If your home office curtains will be purely decorative you can choose stationary options. If you love decorative panels but still need functionality, layer your curtains with Shades or Blinds.

Home office curtains made of Wool Sateen in Winter offer a plush, luxe look to an office and help with sound absorption
Pictured: Ripple Fold Drapery, Wool Sateen in Winter, design by Ariel Okin for the 2018 Real Simple House, photography by Darina Todorova

Sound Absorption

The long panels of drapery fabric are excellent at absorbing sounds to keep your office peaceful and quiet. For the best sound absorption, choose thick fabrics like wool or wool blends, heavyweight linens, velvet or even silk. Adding lining, especially interlining (a cotton flannel insert), can also help absorb more sound for a more tranquil office.

energy efficiency

Need to block a draft or hot air coming through your office window? Choosing the right customizations in terms of fabric and lining will give you a more temperate interior climate that you can be more comfortable in. Luckily, the same customizations for sound absorption are great for energy efficiency, too, so choose thicker fabrics and add lining for the best insulating effect.

Home office curtains made of Velvet in Cream and Silver adorn a window in a traditional room with an antique desk
Pictured: Pinch Pleat Drapery, Velvet in Cream and Silver, with Samuel & Sons Sakiori Embroidered Trim in Mist, photography by John Bessler
Layered home office curtains made of Breeze in Sand and Vanda in Midnight provide dimension and functionality to a study
Pictured: Inner Layer: Tailored Pleat Drapery, Victoria Hagan Breeze in Sand and Outer Layer: Tailored Pleat Drapery, Victoria Hagan Vanda in Midnight, design by Victoria Hagan


Think about how you want your home office curtains to look in your space. Do you want them to be a focal point of your design, or blend into the background? Drapery is available in hundreds of fabrics with a variety of colors, textures and patterns for you to find just the right look.

Home Office Curtain Ideas

Now that you know what factors to consider when choosing home office curtains, explore curated home offices with drapery to help visualize your own space. Plus, see which products were used so you can recreate any design that catches your eye.

Create Warmth & Comfort with A Backdrop of Drapery

A marble desk and wood chair sit in front of home office curtains made of Lowell Tweed in Ivory for a lush, inviting look
Pictured: Ripple Fold Drapery, Nate Berkus Lowell Tweed in Ivory, design by YES Design: Studio Athena Calderone, photography by Jenna Saraco

Create a soft, inviting space with a backdrop of luxurious drapery. Choose Ripple Fold Drapery for its modern, linear design thanks to S-curve folds that give it subtle highlights and lowlights. To keep your space bright without feeling too stark or cold, choose a warm, off-white color like Lowell Tweed in Ivory. Made from a wool blend, Lowell Tweed is reminiscent of menswear suits for a rich, warm texture that delivers a sense of comfort to your office.

Embrace a Bright, Inviting Mid-Century Modern Look

Home office curtains made of Palmier in Sand offer a botanical element to a mid-century modern office with clean white decor
Pictured: Ripple Fold Drapery, Martyn Lawrence Bullard Palmier in Sand with Madison Track Hardware in Gold, design by Rasheeda Gray for the 2022 Kaleidoscope Showhouse

For a mid-century modern office that you want to keep light and bright, mix light wood tones and white in your wall paint, furniture, flooring and accent pieces. For a depth of color, paint an accent wall a warm salmon tone with to bring out the warm of the wood. Choose home office curtains that complement the lightness and warmth of your design while adding a touch of visual interest and color to the space. Ripple Fold Drapery gives you modern, clean lines with its S-folds while Palmier in Sand offers an organic look with its leafy pattern in a subtle sandy color that complements the light wood tones.

Embrace Texture In an Elevated Boho-Inspired Office

Home office curtains made of Linen Blend in White with Flanders trim in Olive add another layer of texture to a boho office
Pictured: Tailored Pleat Drapery, Linen Blend in White with privacy lining and Samuel & Sons Flanders Trim in Olive and Inner Layer: Waterfall Woven Wood Shades, Tahoe in Oak, design by Ariel Okin, photography by Donna Dotan

Capture the carefree, relaxing aesthetic of boho design with lots of natural textures throughout your office in the décor, wallpaper and window treatments. Layer natural home office curtains made of Linen Blend in White with Waterfall Woven Wood Shades for a mix of soft and coarse textures. A coarse material in a warm honey-colored wood tone like Tahoe in Oak delivers lots of tactile and visual texture. For a touch more design dimension, add a decorative trim to your white drapery, such as Flanders in Olive. To balance all the textures throughout your space, choose a simple, minimalist white desk and chair.

Go Bold with a Contemporary Glam-Inspired Office

Home office curtains made of Andes in Lavender Mist add an ethereal element to a glam-inspired office with marble accents
Pictured: Ripple Fold Drapery, Holland & Sherry Andes in Lavender Mist with Lincoln Track Hardware in Satin Nickel, design by Tish Mills for the 2022 Kips Bay Palm Beach Showhouse, photography by John Bessler

Embrace bold color and design for your contemporary home office curtains with Ripple Fold Drapery made of Andes in Lavender Mist. Paint the ceiling a similar lavender color and create design dimension with marbled wallpaper to contrast the real marble of a cozy fireplace. Soft lavender colors with the warm visual texture of marble create a calm, tranquil environment. Round out your design with metallic and laminated furniture and décor for the rest of your space to capture a subtle glam-inspired aesthetic.

Home Office Window Treatments: More Ideas

You have more than just drapery to consider for your home office window treatments. Take a look at these curated spaces featuring Shades and Blinds for even more ideas.

Capture a Relaxed Atmosphere with a Modern Organic Design

A creative workspace has earthy tones like deep blue cabinets, a wood desk and Flat Roman Shades made of Grassweave in Hemp
Pictured: Flat Roman Shades, Grassweave in Hemp, design by Becky Shea, photography by Jake Shea

Bring the beauty and tranquility of nature indoors with rustic Flat Roman Shades made of Grassweave in Hemp. Grassweave delivers a beautifully soft woven texture that ads a subtle organic element to any space. Maintain a theme of natural textures and colors throughout your space with wood flooring and furniture, woven décor and deep ocean-blue painted cabinets.

Create Balance of Light & Dark in Your Sun-Filled Home Office

A cozy office with off-white colors has a Flat Roman Shade made of Feather Palm in Waverly White over a blackout Roller Shade
Pictured: Inner Layer: Roller Shade, Morrison Blackout in Pearl and Outer Layer: Flat Roman Shade, Novogratz Feather Palm in Waverly White, design by Erin Fetherston

For a bright, sun-filled home office, create balance with blackout window treatments to block the light and cut the glare while you work. The combination of a blackout Roller Shade with a blackout-lined Flat Roman Shade ensures a peaceful room darkening effect even on the sunniest days. To keep your space feeling light and airy, choose light-colored materials for your home office window treatments, such as Morrison Blackout in Pearl for your Roller Shade and elegant Feather Palm in Waverly White for your Roman Shade. Ensure other elements of your design are also light-colored and streamlined, so that even in the tranquil dark, your space will still feel lively.  

Capture a Sophisticated Look with Wood Blinds

A mid-century modern office has Wood Blinds made of 2-inch Exotic in Oak with Noir decorative tape for a sophisticated look
Pictured: Wood Blinds, 2-inch Exotic in Oak with Decorative Tape in Noir
A swatch of 2-inch Exotic in Oak shows the straight grain and golden oak coloring of the Wood Blinds material
A swatch of Decorative Tape in Noir shows the woven texture in a deep dark color that contrasts the natural wood

In a mid-century modern office with wood and leather tones, choose Wood Blinds to complete the sophisticated aesthetic. Choose a honey-colored wood for your blinds, like 2-inch Exotic slats in Oak for a warm, golden hue to complement your similarly colored wood floors. Adding decorative tape in Noir to your blinds creates a bold look that accentuates the modern, linear design of your home office window treatments.

Find the Perfect Fabric for Your Home Office Curtains

With lots of ideas for home office window treatments and guidance for choosing the right look for your space, you’re ready to start finalizing your design. Order free swatches of all your favorite fabrics for home office curtains and other window treatment options to compare them in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to observe the different colors, patterns and textures in different lighting throughout the day to get a true sense of the aesthetic.


Compare as many of your favorites from our collection of 1,200+ premium materials at home when you order free swatches online.

A close-up image of white swatches featuing different textures and materials shows the declicate details of these designs