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Mid century modern window treatments include light waterfall woven wood shades layered with black 5% solar shades
April 7, 2023

Discover Mid Century Modern Window Treatments

Popular in postwar America, the mid century modern style has enjoyed a resurgence in interior design in recent years. Flat roofs, neutral colors, and simple, functional wooden furniture are just a few elements that epitomize the clean and bright feel of these homes. If you live in a home built between the 1940s and 1970s, or if you would like to introduce a touch of mid century flair to your current abode, mid century modern window treatments are a great way to incorporate this inviting, versatile style.  

When looking for mid century modern window treatments, it’s important to understand some of the defining elements of this style, which include:

  • An emphasis on functionality
  • Clean, simple lines, both curved and straight
  • Organic and geometric shapes
  • A mix of synthetic and natural materials like wood, metal, glass and vinyl
  • Embracing natural light
  • Neutral tones with bold accent colors

Now that you know some of the key characteristics of the mid century modern style, you’re ready to explore ideas for inspiration


Each of these ideas speaks to one or more of the key characteristics of this popular style and are versatile enough to be used in any style of home.

punctuate with pattern

Window treatments for mid century modern homes include a sleek roller shade with a tea leaf pattern and eclectic decor
Pictured: Roller ShadeTea Leaves in Brown

Embrace the clean lines and geometric forms of the mid century modern style by opting for a simple pattern for your window treatments. For mid century modern window treatments, stick to the main theme of simplicity and choose patterns inspired by natural, organic shapes like leaves or petals, or opt for angular geometric forms. Keep colors neutral in color, or with only one or two accent colors, to maintain a sense of understated design. Choosing a minimalist window treatment option like Roller Shades also helps keeps things simple, while giving you easy functionality.


Window treatments for mid century modern homes include a tan roller shade paired with a light wood toned woven wood shade
Pictured: Inner Layer: Roller ShadeSullivan in Sand; Outer Layer: Waterfall Woven Wood Shades, Artisan Weaves Reed in Slate

Natural elements like sunlight, wood tones, and woven materials are central to mid century modern design. Incorporate natural texture into your space while complementing the natural light in the room with mid century modern window treatments like Woven Wood Shades. Made from sustainable fibers like bamboo, grasses and reeds, Woven Wood Shades are an eco-friendly choice and will nicely complement any other warm wood tones you have in the room. Plus, their woven design helps to soften the light for a soft, warm glow that brightens your space without making you squint from glare.


A mid century modern office features wood blinds with an inviting warm color and black decorative tape
Pictured: Wood Blinds2” Exotic in Oak with decorative tape in Black

When thinking about window treatments for mid century modern homes, Wood Blinds may be one of the first options that come to mind. They embody many defining elements of the mid century modern style, including warm wood tones, a clean, linear design and easy functionality. To avoid too much of the same wood tone, choose Wood Blinds that complement but don’t quite match other wooden elements in your room. The result will be a character-rich look with a strong sense of refinement and warmth.


Mid century modern window treatments include off-white ripple fold drapery with a black bottom border for contrast
Pictured: Ripple Fold DraperyLuxe Linen in Oyster with bottom trim, Luxe Linen in Black and Madison Hardware in Black

Want to stick with neutrals but still create a bold look? Emphasize contrast with black and white elements throughout your room and in your mid century modern window treatments. Choose white or off-white Drapery and pair it with black drapery hardware for a sharp, defined look for your window treatments. Ripple Fold Drapery can further accentuate the defined lines of your space with its crisp, clean folds that create dramatic shadows when stacked. Plus, this type of drapery is highly functional and easy to open and close.

For an even bolder move that enhances the sharp, high-contrast look, add a black decorative border to the bottom or leading edge of your Drapery. Light wood tones peppered throughout the space in furniture or architectural elements can help soften and add warmth to space to keep it from feeling too cold or stark.

Stay Light & Bright

Mid century modern window treatments include white flat roman shades with a subtle leaf pattern in a bright room
Pictured: Flat Roman Shade, Novogratz Feather Palm Embroidery in Vintage Lace

Window treatments for mid century modern homes should enhance the natural light in the room and complement your interior design for a seamless, streamlined look. For any room that champions lightness and brightness, choose light-filtering window treatments to keep the space cheerful even with the window treatments closed for privacy.

Light filtering Roman Shades in a sheer white or off-white color keep things clean and bright, while adding just a touch of texture with their pleated folds. Plus, many styles of Roman Shades are highly functional, being easy to open and close on a daily basis. Need to balance the brightness of your space? Work in natural wood tones and dark fabrics in your furniture and décor. This will create visual balance while also adding greater depth and dimension.


Mid century modern window treatments include beige double roller shades in a dining room with a rustic wood dining table
Pictured: Double Roller ShadeWindansea in Canyon

Clean, crisp lines are a staple of mid century modern design, and you can accentuate this element in your window treatments design. Double Roller Shades, also known as zebra blinds or shades, are a great choice for a chic linear look. The sleek lines are created by two layers of alternating bands of sheer and opaque material. You can choose to alternate the bands to allow light to filter through, or you can line up the opaque bands for privacy. These highly functional shades fit in perfectly as window treatments for mid century modern homes.

To soften the overall look of the room, choose organic shapes for your décor, such as a reclaimed wood table with un-milled edges. Indoor plants are another perfect option for adding organic shapes — and color — to your décor.


Mid century modern window treatments include minimalist off-white solar shades over large glass windows
Pictured: Solar Shades3% Thermo in Cloud

While minimalism is its own design style, both minimalism and mid century modernism embrace uncluttered spaces for a clean, open look. To keep your window treatments sleek and minimal, opt for simple designs like neutral-colored RollerSolar, or Cellular Shades. These options are highly functional with no ornamentation, suiting window treatments for mid century modern homes and minimalist homes perfectly. Plus, when inside-mounted in your window frame, they take up very little space, keeping your room feeling clean and uncluttered.


With ideas and inspiration for your mid century modern window treatments, it’s time to get your project going. A good place to start is with materials to decide on the right color, texture and pattern. Order free swatches of your favorites a la carte, or start with our most popular swatches collection, which features a variety of inviting neutrals perfect for window treatments for mid century modern homes. Need help? Visit a local showroom in your neighborhood for guidance from our expert — and friendly — Design Consultants.


Not sure where to start your material search? Order our most popular swatches for free to see what’s in style — and maybe find your new favorite.

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