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Two zebra blinds hang in a minimalist Mediterranean-style entryway to a home with a potted plant and a chair
March 26, 2024

Custom Zebra Blinds: What to Know & How to Buy

Zebra blinds, also called Double Roller Shades, are a modern, functional window treatment for your home. They feature a sleek, linear design with easy, seamless operation, making for a versatile choice. Deciding if Double Roller Shades are the right choice for your home will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

To help you decide if these modern blinds are right for you, first learn more about what they are and why choosing custom zebra blinds is a good choice.

Cover Photo: Double Roller Shades, Pacifica in Char, photography by Paul Haverkort for Coulisse

What Are Zebra Blinds?

Zebra blinds made of Pacifica in Char offer a modern linear look to a minimalist European-style home with a leather chair
Pictured: Double Roller Shades, Pacifica in Char, photography by Paul Haverkort for Coulisse

Zebra blinds, also called zebra shades, zebra roller blinds or Double Roller Shades are comprised of two layers of material with alternating sheer and opaque bands. You can adjust the bands to alternate and let light through or overlay them for privacy and light control.

What Is the Difference Between Zebra Blinds & Zebra Shades?

Zebra blinds and zebra shades refer to the same product comprised of two layers of material with alternating sheer and opaque bands. Other names for this type of window treatment include zebra roller blinds and Double Roller Shades. At The Shade Store, we refer to them as Double Roller Shades.

A bright living room with a modern black sofa has zebra blinds made of Windansea in Coal for an eye-catching look

Cover Photo: Double Roller Shades, Windansea in Coal, photography by Eric Piasecki

Why Choose Custom Zebra Blinds

Custom window treatments tailor-made to perfectly fit your window for an intentional, curated aesthetic. Plus, with custom zebra roller blinds, you get to choose the material and color, the control type and any optional customizations like valances and the bottom bar design. The result is a window treatment made specifically for you, that reflects your tastes and meets your needs.

Need a bit more guidance for the ordering process or still on the fence as to whether these blinds are right for you? Learn the steps for ordering custom zebra blinds to ensure you make the right choices at the right stage of the process. Then, discover additional considerations for choosing these window treatments for your home to ensure you’re making the best choice.

How to Order Custom Zebra Blinds

A lounge with wood herringbone floors has zebra blinds made of Windansea in Canyon layered with Raw Silk drapes in Glacier
Pictured: Double Roller Shades, Windansea in Canyon

Ordering custom zebra roller blinds is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to create the perfect Double Roller Shades to suit your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Step 1: Measure Based on Mount Type

Proper measuring for your custom zebra blinds will depend on whether you plan to inside- or outside-mount your shades.

  • Inside mount is when your zebra shade is installed inside the window frame, typically being secured to the top or “ceiling” of the frame.
  • Outside mount is when your zebra shade is installed outside of the window frame and secured to either the wall or ceiling above the frame.
An illustration shows arrows indicating 3 measurements each for length and width for ordering an inside mount shade

Measuring for Inside Mount

Step 1: Measure the depth of your window frame (from the glass to the edge of the window’s interior trim) to ensure you have the appropriate depth requirement (at least ¾-inch).

Step 2: Take three measurements for length (from the right, middle and left of the frame) and use the largest number as your order length.

Step 3: Take one measurement at the top of your frame (because that’s the widest part of zebra roller blinds) and this is your ordering width.

Measuring for Outside Mount

Step 1: To measure width, measure the entire distance you want your zebra blinds to cover beyond the window frame on either side, making sure the shade extends the same distance on each side of the frame (2-3 inches beyond the frame is a good best practice).

Step 2: To measure for length, start at the point above your window frame where you want the headrail to be installed. If you’re installing it on the ceiling, start at the ceiling. Then measure down just past the window frame. This is your ordering length

An illustration shows arrows indicating measurements length and width for ordering an outside mount shade

Step 2: Choose Your Material

To choose the right material for your zebra roller blinds, there are two main factors to consider:

  • Aesthetics and how the material will complement your existing décor.
  • Light and privacy control and whether you want the opaque bands to be light-filtering or blackout bands for a room darkening effect.

The best way to make your decision is to order swatches of all your favorite materials and colors to compare in your own home’s lighting. Choose from three materials, all of which feature several neutral colors to suit your aesthetic.

A swatch of Zebra Blinds material made of Catalina in Driftwood shows a warm gray color in the light-filtering opaque bands


  • Light-filtering opaque bands for a soft glow of natural light.
  • Provides good privacy.
  • Comes in 8 colors with a smooth texture.
A swatch of Zebra Blinds materials made of Windansea in Canyon shows a warm beige tone with texture in the opaque bands


  • Light-filtering opaque bands for a soft glow of natural light.
  • Provides good privacy.
  • Comes in 3 colors with a highly textured look.
A swatch of Zebra Blinds material made of Pacifica in Char shows a dark grey color in the opaque, blackout bands


  • Blackout opaque bands for a room darkening effect when aligned.
  • Provides excellent privacy.
  • Comes in 4 colors with a smooth texture

Step 3: Choose Your Control Type

Control type refers to the mechanism used to adjust your zebra blinds. You have two control types to choose from: continuous loop or motorization. Deciding on the right one for your space will depend on your functional needs as well as your budget, as motorization is an upgrade.

A close up of the continuous loop control featuring a chain held taut by a tension device

continuous loop

This control type features a looped chain that hangs from your zebra roller blinds’ headrail and is kept taut by a tension device installed on your wall or in your windowsill. A continuous loop control is easy to operate: Simply pull one side of the chain down or lift it up to adjust the bands or lift the shade entirely.


With motorized zebra blinds, you control your window treatment with the press of a button on a remote, an app on your smartphone, or the sound of your voice when your motor is paired with a home automation system. Motorization options include plug-in and battery-powered systems.

The Shade Store motorization remote and wireless link sit on a white table next to a smart home device

Step 4: Choose Your Valance & Bottom Bar Color

The valance and bottom bar are two metal components of your window treatment. The valance is a metal component that covers the headrail. The bottom bar is a functional metal component at the bottom of your zebra roller blinds that weighs the material down over your window and allows the two layers to mass through it as you adjust the bands.

The valance and bottom bar options for Double Roller Shades show the color difference between black, silver and white

Valance & Bottom Bar Options

The valance and bottom bar come in three colors: black, silver and white. The bottom bar will always match the valance. You can also choose to have a fabric insert for the valance that will match the opaque bands of your chosen material.

Start Shopping

Now that you know how to order, start customizing your own zebra blinds to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Are Zebra Blinds Good?

A dining area with Buddha statues on the window sill and a rustic wood table has Zebra Blinds made of Windansea in Canyon
Pictured: Double Roller Shade, Windansea in Canyon

Zebra blinds offer an affordable window treatment solution that’s modern, functional and highly versatile. And when you choose custom, handmade zebra roller blinds from The Shade Store, you enjoy a well-crafted product designed to last. Learn more about the benefits of these unique shades to determine whether they’re worth it to you.

Double Roller Shades made of Catalina in White blend in with the white walls of a bedroom with wood accents

Benefits of Zebra Blinds

  • Deliver simplified light and privacy control with their easily adjusted alternating bands.
  • Offer light filtering and blackout options so you get the right level of light and privacy control.
  • Reduces glare and heat buildup whether the bands are alternating or aligned.
  • Offers a modern, sleek aesthetic with its clean linear design.
  • Made from durable, high-quality materials so you have confidence in your investment.
  • Easy to clean and maintain thanks to their high-quality materials.

Pictured: Double Roller Shade, Catalina in White

When to Choose Zebra Blinds

Zebra roller blinds are highly versatile and work in a wide range of applications. Some of the best rooms and applications for these window treatments include:

  • Any rooms where you spend a lot of time and will frequently be adjusting your light and privacy levels because they are so easy to control.
  • Rooms with high traffic or activity like kitchens and living rooms, thanks to their durability and easy maintenance.
  • Modern spaces where you might want a chic, linear look for your window treatments.

When Not to Choose Zebra Blinds

While zebra blinds are a versatile window treatment choice there are instances where they may not be the best choice for your space.

  • Very narrow, small or odd-shaped windows.
  • As the only blackout window treatments for your room, as it doesn’t provide the best room darkening effect on its own.
  • Rooms with lots of moisture and humidity like basements and bathrooms.

Can You See Inside with Zebra Blinds?

It depends. If your zebra blinds are alternating, someone may be able to see through the sheer bands into your interior, though it won’t be a clear view. For better privacy, ensure your blinds are adjusted so the opaque bands are overlaying each other. This will make it difficult or impossible for anyone to see inside. Be sure to choose blackout material for your opaque bands for the very best privacy, although the light-filtering options are also excellent in terms of privacy, while still allowing a soft glow of light through.

How to Install Zebra Blinds

A step ladder with a power drill on top sit in front of a window in preparation for window treatment installation

If you’re considering installing zebra blinds on your own, get familiar with the best practices for installation to confirm whether you’re comfortable with the task.

Always be sure to read the full installation instructions before starting your project.

  • Step 1: Gather tools needed for the job including a step ladder, tape measure, pencil, screwdriver and drill.
  • Step 2: Measure the length and width you want your zebra roller blinds to cover according to the guidance above in Step 1 of the ordering process.  
  • Step 3: Mark where the brackets will be fastened.
  • Step 4: Fasten your brackets in the correct orientation based on your mounting application (inside or outside mount), using a drill and the provided fasteners.
  • Step 5: Mount the headrail onto the brackets.

Cleaning & Maintenance

To keep your zebra roller blinds in the best condition, regularly clean them using a handheld, low-suction vacuum, a soft, clean cloth or a feather duster. For embedded dirt or stains, we highly recommend trying any cleaning solution on a swatch first, which you can order for free online if you don’t have a swatch of material available. If the cleaning solution is insufficient or worsens the stain, you may need to contact a window treatment cleaning specialist who can often clean your window treatments onsite without taking them down.

Place Your Order for Zebra Blinds with an Expert

Now that you know all the benefits of zebra blinds as well as customization options and more, you’re ready to make your final selections. Visit a showroom to dive deeper into your options for zebra roller blinds and place your order with an expert Design Consultant for a seamless, easy process. Plus, they’ll be able to answer any questions you have and make suggestions based on your unique needs and preferences.

A round white table with cream chairs sits in a custom window treatment showroom with drapery, shades and blinds displayed.


Visit your local showroom for interactive displays of all our products, 1,200+ premium material swatches and helpful Design Consultants ready to assist you.