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A black cat sits on a window sill with cat proof blinds raised above for her safety and for the blinds sake
November 24, 2023

Dog & Cat Proof Blinds: What to Know

Cats and dogs enrich our lives and bring us a lot of joy, but if you have pets, you also know it’s essential to keep them in mind when choosing any home furnishings or décor. In terms of window treatments, finding dog and cat proof blinds, shades or drapery will give you attractive, long-lasting window treatments. While no window treatment is entirely cat or dog proof, there are lots of product options, customizations and other tips and tricks to ensure minimal pet interference with your window treatment.

Learn more about finding the right cat and dog proof blinds or other style of window treatment that will give you the style and functionality you want, while being a safe, durable option for your pet-friendly home.  

Why Choose Cat Proof Blinds?

Choosing dog or cat proof blinds, or another type of window treatment that’s pet-friendly and made with durability in mind, has benefits for both you and your pet:

  • Peace of mind in your investment – Choosing a more durable window treatment option means you’ll have confidence that your cat or dog proof blinds, shades or drapery will be a good investment that will stand the test of time.
  • Pet safety – Cat and dog proof blinds, shades and drapery can also be a safer option for your best friend, as you can choose control type options that lack any dangling chains or cords which can be a hazard if your pet gets entangled.  
  • Lasting beauty & functionality – With pet-friendly window treatments, you’ll be able to find beautiful styles you’ll love with functional designs that offer the light and privacy control you need.

factors to consider for Dog or Cat Proof Blinds

Before diving into your product options for cat proof blinds and other window treatments, it’s important to first think through a few factors that will help you choose the right product for your pet-friendly home.

Cat proof blinds include motorized Metal Blinds made of 2-inch metal in Champagne for durability and convenience

Choose Cordless or Motorization

Most window treatments come with different control type options, from basic continuous loop chain to upgrades like cordless and motorization. Even though continuous loop chains are help taut by a tension device, they can still be an object of curiosity to your pet. That’s why, for a pet-friendly home, it’s best to choose cordless control or motorization to minimize your pet’s interaction with your window treatment. Plus, both of these control types are super easy to use and allow you to effortlessly adjust your window treatments as needed.

Control Type Considerations for Blinds

While cordless and motorization are great control types to choose for your pet-friendly window treatments, when it comes to blinds, there are a few extra considerations to think through.

Cordless control is available for Wood Blinds and 2-inch Metal Blinds, but not 1-inch Metal Blinds. 1-inch Metal Blinds only come with tilt functionality, which may not be the best option for a pet-friendly home. Instead, choose Wood Blinds or 2-inch Metal Blinds, which feature easy cordless control where you simply lift and lower your blinds by pushing or pulling on the bottom rail. Tilting the slat is just a matter of twisting the wand.  

Motorization for Wood and Metal Blinds will only control the tilt functionality of the slats. You won’t be able to lift or lower your blinds. That’s why for cat and dog proof blinds, we highly recommend cordless control so you can lift and lower your blinds as well as tilt the slats.

Be Conscious of Material Selection

No matter how well your pet is trained or how hard you try to block off the windowsill, your cat or dog will still likely interact with your window treatment to some degree. To mitigate the damage they may cause, it’s best to choose sturdy, durable materials. For dog and cat proof blinds, that means hardy 2-inch slats made of Wood, foamwood in the case of Faux Wood Blinds or Metal. For shades, choose more durable materials including synthetics like Sunbrella performance fabric or hardier natural materials like linen, cotton or wool.

Cat proof blinds include Metal Blinds made of 2-inch metal in Champagne which are durable and long lasting

Types of Dog & Cat Proof Blinds & Other OPTIONS

Most window treatments can be used in homes with pets, but it’s essential to make the right choices in terms of control type and material for a long-lasting design. Plus, some styles of window treatments, like certain shades and drapery can be a bit more difficult to customize for pet friendliness while still optimizing the look and functionality of the window treatment.

Learn more about the different types of window treatments you can choose for your home and get insight into what makes each one a pet-friendly choice.

Wood Blinds

Cat proof blinds include Wood Blinds made of 2-inch Exotic in Zebrano that are durable & beautiful as the sunlight filters through the slats

Wood Blinds are a great pet-friendly choice for your home, especially when made from sturdy 2-inch slats that are less likely to bend than slimmer mini-blind slats. Plus, they’re made from American Basswood and feature many different grain patterns and finishes, so you can choose a look you love. Some complex grain patterns can also help hide any bite or scratch marks that might occur from pet interaction.

Cat proof blinds include Faux Wood Blinds made of 2-inch Faux Wood in Blanc thanks to their thick slats and durable material

Faux Wood Blinds

Within the Wood Blinds category, you’ll also find Faux Wood Blinds. Made from durable, sustainable foamwood in 2-inch slats, these blinds will also be difficult to bend. However, finishes for Faux Wood Blinds are more akin to painted wood, so they may show scratch and bite marks more readily. Still, they make for a durable choice as dog or cat proof blinds.

Both real Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds have cordless and motorized control options available. However, for the reasons discussed above, for cat or dog proof blinds, it’s best to choose cordless control for optimal functionality.

Metal Blinds

Metal Blinds made of 2-inch Champagne are used as cat proof blinds in a modern kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows

Prefer a more modern, industrial-chic look to your cat or dog proof blinds? Choose 2-inch Metal Blinds which feature slats made from durable aluminum in several sleek metallic finishes. Since aluminum is such a lightweight material, these slats may bend if weight is put on them, but their metallic surface is also more durable to scratching and biting.

Just like Wood and Faux Wood Blinds, 2-inch Metal Blinds have the same control options available, so choosing cordless is your best bet for the most functional dog or cat proof blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds made of Park in Winter are used as cat proof blinds in an open concept kitchen with wall to wall windows

With vertical panels of stiff, durable material that run on a track system, Vertical Blinds are a great choice for tall windows or sliding glass doors. The panels are made from synthetic material that comes in a range of light-filtering options that are durable and easy to clean for your peace of mind. And while you may think panels running across the floor will be tempting for your cat to try to climb, since the fabric sits flat on the panel track, it doesn’t sway or dangle, which will prove less interesting to your curious cat.

In terms of control, Vertical Blinds do not have a motorization option available, but they do have a cordless baton option where you simply use a baton to slide the panels back and forth.

Roller & Solar Shades

Solar Shades made of 3% Thermo in Cloud are used as an alternative to cat proof blinds in a southwest-inspired family room

Available in many of the same sturdy materials as Vertical Blinds, Roller and Solar Shades are a great option for your pet-friendly home. These shades feature a tube at the top of your window, from which the material unfurls. You can choose from many light-filtering and blackout options for Roller Shades for the right level of light and privacy control. Solar Shades are all light filtering but are made from unique material that blocks up to 99% of UV rays for heat mitigation and fade prevention in your furniture and decor.

Both Roller and Solar Shades are compatible with cordless and motorization control types so you can easily adjust them to accommodate your pet and control your light and privacy. Plus, Roller and Solar Shades can often be inside mounted in your window frame so the shade material sits close to the window instead of dangling enticingly over the frame. Keeping the material close to the frame can also keep your pet from getting behind it to look out the window while it’s closed, which can cause a lot of unwanted interaction between your pet and the shade.

Functional Roman Shade Styles

Flat Roman Shades made of Lowell Tweed in Flint are used as an alternative to cat proof blinds in a rustic dining room

Roman Shades come in several styles, some of which are more functional than others. For dog and cat proof blinds and shades, it’s best to choose a more functional style so you can easily lift the window treatment off the window when your cat or dog is showing interest in the window.

Functional styles of Roman Shades include:

  • Flat Roman Shades
  • Cascade Roman Shades
  • Aventura Roman Shades
  • Pleated Roman Shades

For pet-friendly homes, Cascade and Flat Roman Shades are your best bet, as Aventura Roman Shades are typically left unlined which makes the fabric a bit more vulnerable to tears from scratching. Pleated Roman Shades have luscious folds that will be a magnet to cat and dog hair and will be a bit more difficult to keep clean.

All functional styles of Roman Shades are compatible with both cordless and motorization control types, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs.

Remember to Choose Durable Fabrics

For soft window treatments like Roman Shades, it’s important to choose material that can withstand a bit of activity from your pet. Opt for performance synthetic materials like Sunbrella (pictured). Or if you want a natural fabric, try a hardier fiber like linen, cotton or wool.

A bowel holds swatches from the Sunbrella Designer Collection, featuring neutral colors and different textures

Woven Wood Shades

A dog sits on a bed in a bedroom with a Waterfall Woven Wood Shade made of Artisan Weaves Bayshore, Sage for an organic look

Woven Wood Shades are made from natural fibers like bamboo, grasses and reeds. While offering a beautiful, organic aesthetic, Woven Wood Shades may also resemble your cat’s scratch post, which could spell trouble. These shades are better suited to homes with dogs, or no pets at all, but if your heart is set on Woven Wood Shades, choose them for rooms where you can easily keep your cat away from them. For instance, on windows where the sill is too narrow to sit on, or in rooms where your cat isn’t allowed.

For control types, all styles of Woven Wood Shades have both cordless and motorization options available, so you can take your pick.

Cellular Shades

A modern bedroom features Cellular Shades made of 3/4 Single Cell Blackout material in Midnight for stark contrast

Cellular Shades are good choice thanks to their easy functionality. However, the fabric of Cellular Shades can easily be scratched or marred thanks to the soft fabric pleats that form hollow honeycomb cells. To keep this window treatment safe from claws and teeth, it’s best to regularly open the shade off the window when your cat or dog is interested in what’s outside. This can be most easily done as Cellular Shades are available with both cordless and motorization options, so opening and closing them is an effortless experience.

Where Drapery Fits In

A dog sits on a settee in a large living room with Pinch Pleat Drapery made of Sankaty Stripe in Sand over French doors

Drapery is best hung high and wide above your window with panels that drape all the way to the floor for an elegant, flowing look. For a home with pets, drapery may not be the most efficient solution for several reasons:

  • Long flowing panels of fabric may look like an irresistible climbing wall to young or especially active cats.
  • Even float-length curtains, where the panels hang an inch above the floor will still likely pick up a lot of pet hair from their proximity to the floor.
  • If damaged or stained by your pet, drapery will be the most expensive to repair or replace.

If your heart is set on drapery, though, be sure to choose durable fabric, like performance synthetics or hardy natural fabrics like linen, wool or cotton. Many drapery pleat styles also have cordless and motorization control options available for an effortless experience.

You can also learn about the tips for keeping your pets away from your window treatments entirely so you can enjoy beautiful drapes with less worry. These tips can be applied to any type of window treatment whether cat proof blinds, shades or drapery.

Tips for Keeping Pets Away from Window Treatments

Regardless of the durability of your dog or cat proof blinds, shades or drapery, keeping your pet away from your window treatments is better for their safety and for keeping your window treatments in the best condition possible.

Try some of these methods for keeping your pet away from your window treatment:

  • Train your pet to not interact with the window treatment. This is likely an easier task with dogs than cats, but it can be done with both types of pets with the right technique and level of patience.
  • Keep the window treatment open for your pet on a routine schedule. Your pet most likely interacts with the window treatment in an effort to get to the window. By opening your shades, blinds or drapery on a routine schedule, your pet will learn when they can access the window and when they can’t. This is best paired with a bit of training, as well. Additionally, motorization can make this very easy with the option to automate your window treatments on a timer.
  • Give your pet a designated window to look out of. If possible, leave one window open all the time, as long as privacy and light control needs allow. Having a designated window to give them a constant source of entertainment will help prevent them from bothering window treatments on other windows.

Explore Cat Proof Blinds & Other options in Person

Find the perfect dog or cat proof blinds, shades or drapery by visiting a local showroom to see and feel your window treatment options for yourself and get a sense for which will best suit your home. Plus, you can get expert advice from our talented Design Consultants who can help you choose the right customizations to suit your style and your functional needs.

A round white table with cream chairs sits in a custom window treatment showroom with drapery, shades and blinds displayed.


Visit your local showroom for interactive displays of all our products, 1,200+ premium material swatches and helpful Design Consultants ready to assist you.