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A luxurious dining room has a long dining table and Velvet Curtains in the Tailored Pleat style made of Posh Velvet in White
November 30, 2023

Add a Touch of Luxury with Velvet Curtains

Considering redecorating your home with velvet curtains? The drapery you choose can completely transform the look and feel of your room. Velvet drapes are an excellent choice for adding a touch of luxury and sophistication while also providing practical benefits.

To help you decide if velvet curtains are the right choice for your space, first learn about the history of velvet and the benefits of choosing velvet for your drapery. Then learn how to choose the right velvet fabric and customize them to suit your liking and your needs.

Cover photo: Tailored Pleat Drapery, Posh Velvet in White with blackout lining and Madison Hardware in Gold, design by Angela Kim

A Brief History of Velvet

Velvet has a long history, with pile weaves of silk and linen that resembled velvet being made in ancient Egypt and China since about 2000 BC. In the Middle Ages, thanks to the Silk Road trading route, velvet made its way to Europe where it became popular and began to be more widely produced. Originally, velvet was made primarily of silk, and due to its traditionally difficult manufacturing process, velvet was considered a luxury item and was reserved for the wealthy for centuries. Over time, velvet has evolved to be more accessible thanks to more affordable fabrics, like cotton and synthetics, and industrial advances in weaving. While originally used for clothing, velvet has a wide use of applications today including fashion, furniture, drapery, décor pieces and more.

Are Velvet Curtains in Style Today?

Velvet is a timeless, versatile option that adds depth and dimension to any room. Current curtain trends are leaning away from dramatic, formal, and heavy curtains and leaning into lighter options like linen and cotton. However, it’s important to consider the style of your home to determine the best type of curtain for your space. For homes with a touch of opulence to their design, such as traditional, classic or even modern glam homes, velvet curtains are an excellent choice.

Pictured: Tailored Pleat Drapery, Posh Velvet in White with blackout lining and Madison Hardware in Gold, design by Angela Kim

A bay window in a room with a luxe chandelier has Velvet curtains in the Tailored Pleat style made of Velvet in White

Why Choose Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains offer several benefits, including:

  • Delivers a luxurious, opulent look to elevate your design.
  • Add lots of depth, dimension and texture to your space with its soft shimmer.
  • Creates a sense of coziness and warmth with its thick, soft fabric.
  • Provides good insulation, especially when paired with lining, to keep cold air out in the winter and cool air in during the summer.
  • Sound-absorbing for calmer, quieter space, especially when paired with lining.
  • Light blocking, thanks to thick fabric, although for a true room darkening effect, add blackout lining.
  • Low maintenance when you choose velvet curtains made from synthetic fibers like polyester or from hardy natural fabrics like cotton.

Velvet Fabric Options for Curtains

When it comes to choosing velvet fabric for your curtains, there are two primary options from The Shade Store: Posh Velvet and Velvet. Both options come in a range of timeless and modern colors.

A close up of Posh Velvet in Crimson shows the luxurious soft texture, subtle sheen and rich color of the fabric

Posh Velvet

Posh Velvet is lightweight compared to standard velvet and has an incredibly soft touch. It is made from 100% polyester for a durable, low-maintenance material. Available colors include subtle neutrals as well as bold, vibrant colors.

Since Posh Velvet is lighter in weight compared to standard velvet, it’s best paired with lining to give it more body and give the color a richer look.


Velvet is plush and luxurious with a unique subtle horizontal texture. This Velvet is made from a mix of viscose and polyester and features a very soft feel. Available colors include light neutrals and a few richer tones.

A close up of Velvet in Cream shows the plush weight and unique, subtle horizontal texture that gives it its luxe appeal

Customizations for Your Velvet Curtains

Once you have chosen your velvet material, you can customize your curtains to fit your style and needs. There are three elements you will need to consider: pleat style, hardware and lining.

A close up of Pinch Pleat velvet curtains made of Velvet in Cream shows the elegant aesthetic of the pleat style

Pleat Styles

Pleat style refers to how the curtains look at the very top of the panel, and subsequently, how the fabric falls toward the floor. Pleat styles range from modern like Ripple Fold and Tailored Pleat to traditional like Pinch Pleat and Goblet Drapery. Choosing the right one for your velvet drapes will depend on matching the style to your existing décor as well as choosing a pleat that best accentuates the beauty of your chosen fabric.


Finding the right drapery hardware and control type is essential for achieving the look you want with the right functionality. Drapery hardware can be divided into three main categories: traditional rod and rings hardware where you pull the panels themselves to adjust them; modern track systems where you pull a baton to slide the curtains along the track; and motorized track systems, which allow you to adjust your curtains with a remote, an app on your smartphone, and even the sound of your voice.  

A product image shows most of the colors of Steel Hardware for velvet curtains which features a rod and rings
A close up of velvet curtains made of Velvet in Cream with lining shows the additional privacy and light control achieved


Drapery lining provides your velvet drapes with a fuller look and protects the fabric from the sun’s harsh rays. Lining is available in three options:

  • Privacy lining which allows some light through but still provides excellent privacy.
  • Blackout lining which blocks up to 99% of light for a room darkening effect and excellent privacy.
  • Interlining which is a cotton flannel insert that can be paired with privacy or blackout lining for fuller body, excellent insulation and even better privacy and light control.  

Maintaining Velvet Curtains

Maintaining your velvet curtains is relatively easy. Routinely vacuum your drapes with a low-suction, handheld vacuum to remove surface-level dust and dirt and keep them looking their best. For deep cleaning to remove stains and embedded dirt, we highly recommend you find a local window treatment cleaning specialist, many of whom can deep clean your velvet drapes without taking them down. If you can’t find a window treatment-specific cleaner, many carpet cleaning services offer this service.

Velvet Curtains Inspiration

With a better understanding of the benefits of velvet curtains and your material options, you’re ready to explore inspiring examples to get ideas for your own interior design.

Modern Luxe Chalet-Inspired Sitting Room

A modern chalet-inspired living room features velvet curtains in the Tailored Pleat style made of Velvet in Antique
Pictured: Tailored Pleat Drapery, Velvet in Antique with blackout lining and Steel Hardware in Satin Brass

Chalet interior design is all about bringing the outdoors in. For a modern, luxe take on this classically rustic, cozy design style, mix textured worn wood with sleek modern finishes, such as a dark wood-framed chair with a round white coffee table. Tie the two together with a white cushion on the chair to match the table and greenery on the table to bring an organic element to the table. Since chalet-inspired interior décor has its foundations in ski resorts, warm colors and textures are essential. Stick with an earthy color palette like browns, blues and greens and choose materials with a soft, inviting texture. Velvet curtains in a light brown color like Velvet in Antique will complement other warm, soft textures in the room like velvet furniture or faux furs.

Traditional Georgian Office

A Georgian-inspired office features Velvet curtains in the Pinch Pleat style made of Velvet in Cream and Silver
Pictured: Outer Layer: Pinch Pleat Drapery, Velvet in Cream with 30-inch bottom border, Velvet in Silver, and Samuel & Sons Sakiori Embroidered trim in Mist and Lexington Track Hardware in Satin Nickel and Inner Layer: Solar Shade, 3% Thermo in Beige

Georgian interior design is a classic, elegant style with a touch of grandeur, that takes its inspiration from the architecture of the 18th and early 19th centuries. The style emphasizes symmetry, warm, dark colors and somewhat restrained ornamentation for a luxurious, yet inviting look. For a study done in the Georgian style, velvet drapes in a soft cream color, like Velvet in Cream, will blend into the warm color scheme and offer a subtle sheen that adds texture without being overbearing.

A close up of velvet curtains made of Velvet in Cream and Silver shows the Samuel & Sons Sakiori Embroidered Trim in Mist

Add More Interest with TRim & Borders

If you’re looking for a bit more visual dimension for your drapery, opt for a bottom border in another color, like pairing Velvet in Cream with Silver. Separate the two with a sophisticated trim tape like Samuel & Sons Sakiori Embroidered in Mist to create a defined border with a touch of opulence.

Modern Glam Living Room

A modern glam-inspired living room features Velvet curtains in the Grommet style made of Velvet in Antique for a luxe element
Pictured: Outer Layer: Grommet Drapery, Velvet in Antique and Inner Layer: Waterfall Woven Wood Shades, Artisan Weaves, Cove in Ash

Glam interior design is a unique combination of opulence and functionality. It grew out of the “Golden Age” of Hollywood during the 1930s and is also known as Hollywood regency or regency modern style. Glam interior design champions a neutral color scheme featuring white, creams, grays and black with either pastels or dark jewel tones used as accents. The style also has a love for texture and shine, with metal finishes, large mirrors and luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk and furs making regular appearances. For a modern glam living room, velvet curtains in a warm neutral, like Velvet in Antique, make the perfect backdrop. Layer other warm, soft textures in your room like a neutral satin couch and soft medium pile rug. Complete your space with

Find the Perfect Velvet for Your Space

Velvet curtains are a timeless and elegant addition to any home. Their versatility, beautiful texture, and practical benefits make them an excellent option if you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your space. To choose the right velvet drapes, order free swatches of your favorite colors from either our Posh Velvet or Velvet collection. Compare the colors, textures and feel of each to determine the perfect match for your space.  


Compare as many of your favorites from our collection of 1,200+ premium materials at home when you order free swatches online.

A close-up image of white swatches featuing different textures and materials shows the declicate details of these designs