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Curtain Hanging Tips

Curtain and Drapery Hanging Tips


When installing drapery, it’s important to decide on a few factors before you begin, including where the curtains will hang, the width of the panels, and the length of the curtains. This post will provide curtain hanging tips and advice on the best way to hang curtains and drapes in your home.

How Long Should Curtains Be?

Custom drapery gives you the option to purchase the exact length you need for your desired style and length. The proper curtain length for your home will vary depending on the style of curtains you want to install. There are a few options to choose from when deciding on the length of your curtain, which determines the proper curtain length.

Style 1: Floating above the Floor

You can hang curtains to create the appearance that they “float” above the floor. This is a great option for curtains that open and close frequently. Since your curtains hover above the floor, this will prevent wear and tear from dragging against the ground. The length of your curtains depends on how much clearance you need in your home; 2 inches is a good rule of thumb.

Style 2: Curtains Touching the Floor

Homeowners often wonder: should curtains touch the floor? The answer depends on your personal preference and the style you want to create. To create a tailored look, curtains can hit the floor or hover about a half inch above the ground. This style creates a clean and polished look.

Style 3: Puddled Drapery

Puddled curtains create a dramatic look and are ideal for formal spaces like the dining room or master bedroom. As the name implies, the fabric puddles at the bottom to create a distinct look unlike curtains that hover or just touch the ground. If you want to learn more about this style, we created a guide to puddled curtains.

How High Should Curtains Hang?

The height of your curtain rods depends on a couple of factors, namely your desired aesthetic and the length of your curtains. If you want to make your ceilings look higher and your windows look larger, for example, hang your curtains and drapes higher than the window frame. The actual length of the curtains depends on how high you mount the curtains above the window.

On average, drapery should be placed 3” – 6” above the window. However, if you want to create a dramatic effect, ceiling mounted drapery is a great choice.

How Wide Should Curtains Be?

Drapery Wide

In order to cover the window and create a full effect, your curtains should cover around twice the width of the window. While this may seem like a lot of fabric, it’s actually standard, and easy to manage. You can use wide drapery rods to hold the excess drapery fabric on the sides of the windows while maintaining the view and making the windows appear larger.

If your curtains or drapery are for decorative purposes and you don’t need to open or close them, we recommend choosing materials that are slightly wider than your windows; enough width so that the fabric can gather on either side in a natural, complementary way.

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