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A Flat Roman Shade made of Lisbon Woven in Bronze provides bathroom window privacy in a tranquil bathroom with stone decor
April 10, 2024

Bathroom Window Privacy Ideas: 6 Simple Solutions

Your bathroom is likely a place of quiet relaxation and sanctuary where you can disconnect from your busy life and slow down with self-care practices. While the warm glow of sunlight streaming through your bathroom adds to the serene atmosphere, there’s another component that is essential for your peace of mind: bathroom window privacy. As one of the most intimate rooms of your home, bathroom window privacy is a big part of cultivating that sense of relaxation and calm.

Discover bathroom window privacy ideas based on types of window coverings to find the right treatment that suits your aesthetic as well as gives you the right levels of light filtration and privacy control.

Cover Photo: Flat Roman Shade, Nate Berkus, Lisbon Woven in Bronze, design by Nate Berkus

1. Blinds for Bathroom Windows

Faux Wood Blinds made of 2-inch Faux in Nutmeg deliver bathroom window privacy in a stand-up shower with tiles
Pictured: Faux Wood Blinds, 2-inch Faux in Nutmeg

Blinds are a popular choice for bathroom window privacy thanks to the easy control of light and privacy with their tiltable slats. Blinds come in several styles including natural wood grains and tones as well as chic metallic sheens. Explore your options for blinds and their benefits to help you decide which might be the right choice for your bathroom window privacy solution.  

A close up Wood Blinds slats made of 2-inch Exotic wood in Zebrano show how to tilt the slats for bathroom window privacy

Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds are made from real wood and feature a wide range of wood finishes and grains from chic painted wood looks to exotic grains.

While Wood Blinds are generally durable, their natural wood composition does make them vulnerable to slight warping from moisture and humidity, so these are best for half bathrooms.

A close up of Faux Wood Blinds made of 2-inch Faux in Blanc shows how the slats offer great bathroom window privacy

Faux Wood Blinds

Made from foamwood and designed with natural wood colors and grains, Faux Wood Blinds give you the look of real wood with greater resistance to moisture and humidity.

Thanks to their resistance to moisture, Faux Wood is a great choice for bathroom window privacy in full baths with a standing shower or bathtub.

A close up of Metal Blinds made of 2-inch Champagne feature a subtle gleam and offer great bathroom window privacy

metal blinds

Made from aluminum, Metal Blinds are modern, lightweight and durable. They’re available in 1-inch and 2-inch slats and come in multiple metallic finishes from matte colors to those with a soft sheen.

Being made of aluminum, these blinds are ideal for full baths as they’re highly resistant to moisture.

Bathroom Window Privacy Ideas with Blinds

See curated examples of bathroom designs featuring Blinds to get ideas for your own space.

2. Roller Shades for Bathroom Windows

Roller Shades made of Techno in White offer bathroom window privacy for a modern white bathroom with a standalone tub
Pictured: Roller Shade, Techno in White, photography by John Bessler

Roller Shades feature a single panel of material that rolls around a tube at the top of your window. They are extremely versatile and easy to use and come in both light-filtering and blackout materials so you can get the right level of control for your bathroom window privacy. Materials for Roller Shades are considered “hard” textiles, made of synthetic fibers like polyester and other synthetic blends making them highly durable and resistant to moisture. Some materials even come with a Microban® certification which refers to their ability to resist bacteria growth.

Learn more about the privacy levels of light-filtering and blackout Roller Shade materials to get the right level for your bathroom windows.

Roller shades come in light filtering material like Techno in Linen that filters light while offering bathroom window privacy

Light-Filtering Roller Shades

=Light-filtering materials filter and soften light for a gentle glow. Even with some light filtration, these shades offer great bathroom window privacy. However, at night, if your bathroom light is on and you’re near the window, passers-by may be able to see a faint silhouette.  

Roller shades come in blackout material like Quilt in Tuxedo that blocks light and offers bathroom window privacy

Blackout Roller Shades

=For the best bathroom window privacy from Roller Shades, choose a blackout material. These materials block up to 99% of the light from the outdoors for a tranquil room darkening effect. Plus, they fully block the view from the outdoors as well, day or night.

Bathroom Window Privacy Ideas with Roller Shades

See curated examples of bathroom designs featuring Roller Shades to get ideas for your own space.

3. Solar Shades

A Solar Shade made of 5% Metallic in Copper offers some bathroom window privacy in a minimalist bathroom with a large window
Pictured: Solar Shade, 5% Metallic in Copper, photography by Darina Todorova

Solar Shades are a type of Roller Shade made with unique material that filters light while blocking up to 99% of UV rays. The result is reduced glare, less heat buildup and minimal fading of your furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays.

Understanding Solar Shade Privacy

Solar Shades come in different transparency levels that indicate the percentage of UV rays they block as well as affect how well you can see through them to the outdoors. While you can see through Solar Shades from the inside to the outside, you typically can’t see through them from the outside to the inside. However, at night, Solar Shade transparency reverses. This is because our eyes are adapted to see light, and at night, light from inside our homes will allow passers-by to see in from the dark outside.

Solar Shades come in different transparency percentages to allow you to see more or less through the shade

Since Solar Shades privacy isn’t ideal at night, it’s best to use them for windows that don’t have a clear sightline from the outdoors or in homes that are in remote, private areas. Another option for bathroom window privacy with Solar Shades is to layer another type of shade with more privacy over your Solar Shade so you get the best of both worlds.

Explore Solar Shades

Dive into your options for Solar Shades to find the right combination of light control and privacy for your bathroom.

Bathroom Window Privacy Ideas with Solar Shades

See curated examples of bathroom designs featuring Solar Shades to get ideas for your own space.

4. Roman Shades

A Flat Roman Shade made of Tangier Weave in Desert delivers bathroom window privacy in a bathroom with gold accents
Pictured: Motorized Flat Roman Shade, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Tangier Weave in Desert, design by Sergio Mercado for the 2023 Kips Bay New York Showhouse, photography by John Bessler

Roman Shades are window treatments that are raised and lowered by folding into themselves, creating a series of folds when raised and unfolding in a cascading motion when lowered. In terms of privacy, you have the option of adding privacy or blackout lining to your shade for added privacy and light control.

Since Roman Shades are made of fabric that can be vulnerable to mold and mildew in a humid bathroom, it’s important to keep a couple extra considerations in mind.

A Flat Roman Shade made of Nomad Stripe in Blanco offers bathroom window privacy in a luxe bathroom with a gold tub

Choosing the Right Style

Roman Shades come in several different styles, with some being more functional and others being more decorative. For bathroom window privacy, it’s best to choose from one of the functional styles, such as Flat, Cascade or Aventura Roman Shades, as these will provide easy use so you can get the light and privacy you need, when you need it. Plus, you’ll be able to fully extend the shade to fully air out after a bath or shower.

Pictured: Flat Roman Shade, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Nomad Stripe in Blanco, design by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Choosing the Right Fabric

With high humidity being a factor in bathrooms, the fabric folds of Roman Shades can be a prime location for mold and mildew. For the best result — and easy cleaning — choose a high-performance fabric with moisture and stain resistance, like Sunbrella fabrics. These materials are made with proprietary acrylic material designed for beauty and performance.

Pictured: Fabrics from the Sunbrella Designer Collection

When choosing Roman Shades for bathroom window privacy it's important to choose performance material like Sunbrella fabrics

If you prefer natural fabrics, you still have options. Linen, cotton and wool are all hardy materials that can withstand some moisture and humidity — ideally with time to dry out between bath times. Yet, keep in mind these fabrics deliver character-rich looks with their natural imperfections like wrinkling. These imperfections are often a desired characteristic as they showcase the use of natural materials, but if they’re not ideal for your aesthetic, consider going with a performance material like Sunbrella.

Bathroom Window Privacy Ideas with Roman Shades

See curated examples of bathroom designs featuring Roman Shades to get ideas for your own space.

5. Drapery

A luxe bathroom with blue and white patterned wallpaper and a pink tub has Tailored Pleat Drapery made of Andes in Fountain
Pictured: Outer Layer: Tailored Pleat Drapery, Holland & Sherry, Andes in Fountain and Inner Layer: Waterfall Woven Wood Shade, Breakwater in Mist, design by Eneia White for the 2023 Kips Bay Palm Beach Showhouse, photography by John Bessler

Drapery is a great choice when it comes to privacy to control, but for use in bathrooms it’s important to be intentional about your drapery design and fabric selection. Like Roman Shades, Drapery is made of fabric and creates luxurious folds, so it’s important to make choices that minimize the likelihood of mold and mildew development.

Tips for Choosing Drapery for a Bathroom

  • Pleat Style: Drapery comes in various pleat styles, some of which are functional and others which are best for decorative stationary use. For bathroom window privacy, it’s best to choose a functional style like Ripple Fold, Tailored Pleat or Pinch Pleat, so you can control your light and privacy. Additionally, you’ll be able to fan your curtains out to let them dry fully between showers or baths.
  • Length: Be cognizant of your drapes touching the floor. If your drapes hang near a sink or bathtub, keep them short at sill-length so they won’t pick up water that may puddle on the floor.
  • Fabric: Choose materials that are better suited to exposure to moisture and humidity. Sunbrella fabrics are an ideal choice. However, linen, wool and cotton can also be good choices, as long as you allow your drapery to dry fully.

Start Customizing Your Drapes

Select your pleat style, select your fabric, hardware and more to explore the possibilities.

Bathroom Window Privacy Ideas with Drapery

See curated examples of bathroom designs featuring Drapery to get ideas for your own space.

6. Motorized Window Treatments

A simple white bathroom features a Cascade Roman Shade made of Luxe Linen in Optic White with motorized lift
Pictured: Motorized Cascade Roman Shade, Luxe Linen in Optic White with privacy lining, design by Change & Co., photography by Judy Pak

Motorized window treatments are available in a wide range of styles including Roller and Solar Shades, Roman Shades, Drapery and more. Motorization is an ideal solution for bathroom window privacy as it allows you to easily control your window treatment with a remote, an app on your smartphone or even the sound of your voice when paired with a smart home device. So, whether you’re prepping for a bath or already in the tub, you can get the privacy you need at will.

Explore Your Motorized Options

See which products are available with motorized control to get the look you want with the functionality you need.

Why Privacy Glass & Privacy Film Might Not Be Best

When considering your options for bathroom window privacy, you’ve likely encountered frosted glass, glass blocks, Smart glass and privacy film all as possible solutions. These solutions can be a good choice in certain situations, but there are some important considerations to be aware of:

  • These solutions, with the exception of privacy film, are permanent installations that will forever obstruct your view of the outdoors. You won’t have the option to look outside your bathroom window or brighten it with natural light.
  • Glass blocks, Frosted Glass and Smart Glass all require professional installation which means a hefty price tag and a potentially long renovation project.
  • Privacy film is flimsy and will easily show scratches and may start peeling overtime, especially in a humid bathroom.
  • Privacy glass options and privacy film aren’t always that private. Many of these solutions may distort or blur the view to the inside of your home, but they rely on the light inside your home being dimmer and darker than the light outside. This may work well during the day, but come nighttime, the light levels are reversed, with the light in your home being much brighter than the outside. That means a clearer view of your bathroom from the outdoors, giving you far less privacy than you might expect.

Get Expert Advice on Bathroom Window Privacy Solutions

With bathroom window privacy ideas and a better understanding of your options, you’re ready to narrow down your choices to the one you think will work best for you. Discuss your thoughts and get expert feedback with one of our Design Consultants when you schedule a free design consultation. We’ll discuss your bathroom window privacy solutions together and land on the option that works best for you.  

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