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Black Roman Shades made in the Flat Roman Shade style of Nate Berkus' Gemma in Noir add a bold look to a modern kitchen
October 5, 2023

Black Roman Shades & Other Bold Options

If you’re looking for black Roman Shades, you’re likely looking for a bold, dark element for your window treatments. You may also be looking for excellent light control and privacy. Black Roman Shades are a great option to add that extra layer of design finesse to your space as well as providing excellent functionality.

Find out more about Roman Shades in general, and dive into your color and lining options to capture the right look with the right functionality. Finally, get ideas from curated designs featuring richly hued Roman Shades, black and white Roman Shades, and more.

What Are Roman Shades?

Roman Shades are a type of shade made from soft fabric that fold into themselves when raised and unfurl in a beautiful cascading motion when lowered. These shades deliver the soft, elegant look of drapery with a more tailored look on your window, especially when inside mounted within the window frame.

Roman Shades come in several styles and vary in their functionality, with some being easy to use and adjust and others being best used decoratively. Before diving into ideas for black Roman Shades, it’s important to first understand your style options so you can pick the right one for your style preferences and aesthetic needs.

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Black vs Blackout Roman Shades

When looking for black Roman Shades, it’s important to differentiate between black and Blackout Roman Shades.

  • Black Roman Shades refers to the color of the shade’s fabric and it will filter light based on its weave and whether or not it has any lining added.
  • Blackout Roman Shades refers to the blackout lining added to the shade that blocks up to 99% of the light coming through your window for a room darkening effect. Blackout Roman Shades can be any color.  

While the two have different definitions, they work beautifully together because blackout lining on your black Roman Shades will give you the richest hue and boldest aesthetic.

Beyond Black: Capturing a Bold Aesthetic

Black is a highly versatile neutral hue that suits a wide range of aesthetic styles. However, it’s not the only color that gives you a dark, bold look. Consider these other richly hued colors when designing your custom Roman Shades.

A swatch made of Linen in Mink has a warm dark brown tone ideal as an alternative for Black Roman Shades

linen, mink

A warm dark brown reminiscent of wood bark.

A swatch made of Holland & Sherry Wool Flannel in Navy Blazer has a dark blue color as an alternative for Black Roman Shades

Holland & Sherry, Wool Flannel, Navy Blazer

A deep ocean blue with texture.

A swatch made of Posh Velvet in Dark Green has an inviting leafy green color ideal as an alternative for Black Roman Shades

Posh Velvet, dark Green

A lush leafy green color with the soft sheen of velvet.

A swatch made of Raw Silk in Chalkboard has a textured grey color ideal as an alternative for Black Roman Shades

Raw Silk, Chalkboard

A lovely stone grey with lots of natural texture.

A swatch made of Holland & Sherry Andes in Algae has a dark turquoise color ideal as an alternative for Black Roman Shades

Holland & Sherry, Andes, Algae

A beautiful aquamarine with a cool grey undertone.

A swatch made of Sunbrella Alma in Char has a multi-tonal warm grey color ideal as an alternative for Black Roman Shades

Sunbrella, Alma, Char

A multi-tonal weave that features a mix of cool and warm tones

Inspiration: Black Roman Shades & Beyond

Discover curated examples of custom black Roman Shades as well as other richly hued tones and even bold patterns like black and white Roman Shades.

High Contrast Living Room

A modern living room with a bold blue couch has Black Roman Shades and Tailored Pleat Drapery made of Jasmine in Midnight
Pictured: Flat Roman Shade and Tailored Pleat Drapery, Victoria Hagan, Jasmine in Midnight

When using black Roman Shades or other richly hued window treatments, it’s important to think about how to create balance with lighter contrasting tones as well as natural and ambient light. In a living room with lots of tall windows and glass doors, you already have lots of natural light during the day to brighten the space and create balance with the dark window treatments. However, when night comes and you shut your richly toned or black Roman Shades and Drapery, you’ll need to ensure there are lots of other light elements to brighten the space and keep it from feeling too heavy. White walls and furniture, as well as a light-colored rug or flooring and bright overhead or ambient lighting can beautifully balance your richly hued window treatments and keep the space feeling open and welcoming.

Black Tones & Metal Finishes

A modern dining room has a dark Roman Shade made of Hemp in Dune layered with a Roller Shade made of Cherry Blossom in Taupe
Pictured: Outer Layer: Flat Roman Shades, Hemp in Dune and Inner Layer: Roller Shade, Cherry Blossom in Taupe

Black and metal combinations make for an elevated industrial-chic aesthetic and black Roman Shades are a great way to bring in a strong black element.

When mixing black Roman Shades with other black décor pieces such as wood furniture and upholstery, it’s important to make sure all the black items are the same shade of color. Shade in color theory terminology refers to the darkness of a color. While it may seem like black can only have one shade, there are actually many different shades that vary in their brightness and tone, with some being warmer and others being cooler in tone. And while these varieties may be difficult to discern when viewed separately, if viewed in the same room, the differences can quickly become apparent. Choosing the same shade of black will create perfect cohesion between all the different textures of black in the room, from the painted hardwood furniture to black upholstered chairs to the black Roman Shades fabric.

For your metal finishes, work these in sparingly for a more modern look, as using too many metal finishes can quickly transform the room into a more glam-inspired design. Thin metal picture frames, metal furniture legs, drawer nobs or handles as well as metal fixtures are all great subtle ways to bring an industrial metallic element into your design.

Dark, Warm Grey Bedroom

A dark, warm grey bedroom features Flat Roman Shades made of Wool Blend in Charcoal with blackout lining
Pictured: Flat Roman Shades, Wool Blend in Charcoal

Richly hued or black Roman Shades with blackout lining can contribute significantly to the tranquil, calm atmosphere of a bedroom. A warm, dark grey color can be a great alternative to black as it offers a rich, deep color but with a warmer, more inviting aesthetic that’s perfect for a cozy bedroom. Plus, with a slightly lighter tone than black like dark grey, balancing light and dark is less important in the space, since the grey tone won’t absorb as much light from its surroundings as black will. So, you can stick to a similar color scheme throughout, mixing other warm, neutral tones with a similar saturation for a dark, rich, relaxing palette.  

Bold Bedroom with Black and White Roman Shades & Drapery

A bold bedroom features Ripple Fold Drapery and a Flat Roman Shade made of Shoreham Stripe in Jet for striking stripes
Pictured: Outer Layer: Ripple Fold Drapery and Flat Roman Shade, Shoreham Stripe in Jet and Inner Layer: Roller Shades, Naomi in Slate

Prefer a bold look that isn’t all black? Try black and white Roman Shades and Drapery for an eye-catching aesthetic that keeps your space looking and feeling lighter than all black or dark tones would. Black and white Roman Shades and other window treatments come in a wide range of patterns, including east-west stripes like Shoreham Stripe in Jet, subtle dot patterns like Gemma in Noir, and bold block prints like Family of Cranes in Zebra Black. For bolder patterns, you may want to tone down the visual intensity by sticking to softer white or off-white elements throughout the rest of your space. Softer elements can include light wood tones and plush, off-white elements like carpeting or rugs, bedding or pillows. For more subtle patterns in your black and white Roman Shades, you can create a more even balance between black and white elements throughout your space, like dark furniture with light flooring or vice versa.

Explore Your Options for Black Roman Shades & More

With inspiration and insight into black Roman Shades and other richly hued options, you’re ready to start making your fabric selections. Order free swatches of all your favorite dark hues and black and white patterns to compare each in the comfort of your home. Be sure to hold each to the light to get a sense of how much privacy and light control you’ll have so you can decide if privacy or blackout lining is right for you. You can also get free swatches at your local showroom, where you’ll also meet our expert Design Consultants who can answer your questions and help you create the perfect custom black Roman Shades for your space.


Compare as many of your favorites from our collection of 1,200+ premium materials at home when you order free swatches online.

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