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An inviting bedroom has Pendleton curtains made in the Ripple Fold Drapery style with Diamond River Tonal in Snow material
November 3, 2023

Pendleton Curtains: Authentic Designs

Pendleton curtains, or Pendleton Drapery at The Shade Store, deliver high-quality woven fabrics with iconic American designs. While Pendleton is known for their woolen products, when it comes to drapery, they partnered with Sunbrella to develop their Pendleton Sunbrella fabric collection for The Shade Store. This collection for Roman Shades and Drapery combines the beauty of Pendleton designs with the performance of Sunbrella acrylic.

Start with a brief history of the woolen mill company and the benefits of choosing Pendleton curtains before diving into your options so you can have a fuller understanding of the quality of these fabrics.

Cover photo: Ripple Fold Drapery, Pendleton by Sunbrella, Diamond River Tonal in Snow, designed by Lisa Deiderich

A Brief History of Pendleton

Since the opening of their woolen mill in Pendleton, Oregon, in 1909, Pendleton has grown to be an iconic brand known for their quality and unique American designs. Originally, they created trade blankets, but soon grew to include clothing and later, accessories like hats, scarves and even pillows. Today, the Pendleton Woolen Mill, along with its sister mill in Washougal, Washington, are the last operating woolen mills in the country.

When it comes to window treatments, Pendleton partnered with Sunbrella to create beautiful fabrics designed specifically for Drapery and Roman Shades.  

A tall window has Pendleton curtains made in the Pinch Pleat Drapery style with Zapotec in Terra material

Why Choose Pendleton Sunbrella Fabric for Curtains?

Both Pendleton and Sunbrella are luxury brands known for their commitment to quality and beauty with every fabric and design they create. So, it goes without saying that a collaboration between the two can only bring more of the same.

Choosing Pendleton Sunbrella fabric for your curtains has several benefits including:

  • Features the iconic designs of Pendleton which are inspired by the American West.
  • Made from 100% Sunbrella acrylic which features a soft, pliable touch and provides unparalleled performance.
  • Offers several design options and colors to suit your preferences and existing interior design.
  • Lasts beautifully with minimal maintenance thanks to performance Sunbrella fabric that is resistant to moisture, stretching, wrinkling and tearing.

Pendleton Curtains Fabric Options

Swatches for Pendleton curtains lay invitingly on a dark surface with sunlight gently cascading over the materials

Now that you know the benefits of choosing Pendleton Sunbrella fabric for your curtains, explore your options to find the perfect fit for your interior.


Traditionally a blanket design, Zapotec features an intricate geometric pattern inspired by the 2,000-year weaving history of the Zapotec people of Oaxaca, Mexico. This Pendleton curtains design brings a bold pattern ingrained with history into your space.

A swatch of Zapotec in Sapphire is part of the Pendleton by Sunbrella Collection and can be used for Pendleton curtains

Zapotec, sapphire

Cool stone-grey gradients are broken by a bright turquoise blue for an eye-catching effect in an already striking design.

Diamond River Tonal

Inspired by the American Southwest, this large-scale, intricate geometric pattern is meant to mimic the currents of a deep river, adding lots of visual movement to your space.

A swatch of Diamond River Tonal in Snow is part of the Pendleton by Sunbrella Collection and is used for Pendleton curtains

Diamond River Tonal, Snow

Off-white and sandy tones combine to create a bright, inviting color scheme reminiscent of soft morning sun on freshly fallen snow.

A swatch of Diamond River Tonal in Indigo is part of the Pendleton by Sunbrella Collection and is used for Pendleton curtains

Diamond River Tonal, Indigo

Evoking the deep river currents and churning sand, Indigo delivers a strong visual impact with its mix of dark blue and tan.

Pendleton Sunbrella Fabrics Also Available for Roman Shades

Capture the authentic design you love in a Roman Shade which features styles that range from modern, functional designs to elegant decorative options.

Pendleton Alternatives

Looking for more patterns reminiscent of Pendleton Sunbrella fabric? Here are just a few options that evoke a similar look and feel to the Pendleton designs, with unique elements all their own

A swatch of Aberdeen in Pewter is a great alternative to Pendleton materials as it resembles their complex patterns

Aberdeen, Rain

A traditional plaid pattern with neutral grey tones, Aberdeen in Pewter is reminiscent of a traditional simple plaid with a cozy feel.

A swatch of Victoria Hagan's Vanda in Sky is a great Pendleton Material as it resembles Diamond River Tonal

vanda, sky

Inspired by the exotic pattern of its namesake orchid, Vanda is an intricate pattern that feels familiar, yet contemporary.

A swatch of Sheila Bridges' Origami in Storm is a great Pendleton alternative as it resembles Zapotec

Origami, Storm

A soft, geometric design inspired by the art of origami, this elegant pattern delivers tactile and visual texture to your window.

A close up of Ripple Fold Drapery made of Diamond River Tonal in Snow shows sunlight filtering through for an inviting glow

Customizing Your Pendleton Curtains

After you decide on the right material for your Pendleton curtains, you’ll need to also decide on the style of drapery, hardware and whether you need to add lining. Find out more about your options to choose the right combination for your needs.

Pictured: Ripple Fold Drapery, Pendleton by Sunbrella, Diamond River Tonal in Snow, designed by Lisa Deiderich

Compare Fabrics for Pendleton Curtains

Order free swatches of Pendleton Sunbrella fabrics to compare your design and color options in your own home. Be sure to view the swatches in different lighting throughout the day to see how they’ll truly look in your space. Plus, it’s a good idea to hold them up to the light to see how much light and privacy control you’ll have, which will help you determine if lining is needed. If you’re refreshing other aspects of your room like painting the walls or replacing furniture, bring your swatches with you when shopping to ensure a cohesive, complementary look for all the new elements in your space.


Compare your options for Pendleton curtains in the comfort of your home by ordering free swatches of your favorites.