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How to Install Roman Shades

Installing Roman Shades

Do you have your heart set on Roman shades for your home window treatments? Use the step-by-step instructions below to learn exactly how to install Roman shades.


Roman Shades

Tools You Need to Install Roman Shades

Before you install Roman shades, it’s important to make sure you have the proper tools and resources. You need the following items to install Roman shades:

  • Drill
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Metal tape Measure
  • Step ladder

Choose Inside Mount or Outside Mount Roman Shades

Once you have your tools, it’s time to decide if you want inside mount or outside mount Roman shades. This step is necessary in order to ensure the correct fit on your window. Learn more about the pros and cons of inside mount Roman shade vs. outside mount shades in this guide.

How to Hang Roman Shades

The information in this guide will provide general step-by-step instructions for how to install Roman window shades. Depending on the brand and style of shade that you choose, however, different types of Roman shades may have varied installation instructions. Be sure to check the installation guide that accompanies your shades to know if there are any additional steps or considerations.

Mount Your Roman Shades

The first step to install Roman shades is to hang the mounting brackets. Where you place the brackets depends on if you choose inside- or outside-mount Roman shades.

Inside Mount Roman Shade Installation

Step 1: With Roman shades, the mounting holes are pre-drilled into the headrail. In order to line them up with the window, you need to put the screws through the mounting holes and then hold the shade inside the window frame to line it up with the center of the frame.

Step 2: Once the shades are lined up, push up on the headrail to leave small indentations from the screws in the frame. This will make the next step much easier.

Step 3: Drill a hole at the indentactions. Once the hole is in place, finish the installation by attaching the screws to the headrail and drilling them into the pre-drilled holes.

Outside Mount Roman Shade Installation
The process to install outside mount Roman shades isn’t that much different from inside mount shades, however, you want to ensure that you position your mounting brackets on the wall or window frame where they won’t interfere with the operating mechanism that raises and lowers your shades.
Step 1: Place your shade against the wall where you will mount your window treatments. Mark the top of the headrail with a pencil. Your mark should be approximately 2.5 inches from the outside edges of your headrail. Fasten your brackets to the wall or window frame using long screws. Ensure your brackets are level so that your Roman shades will hang evenly.

Step 2: Once your brackets are in place, place your headrail on the brackets and snap into place. Make sure the cords can move freely and will not get caught on the brackets.

Step 3: When your shade is set in the brackets, use screws to secure your window treatments firmly in place.

Step 3: Test Your Roman Shades

The final step of the Roman shade installation process is simple:test your shades! Gently pull down and roll up your shades to make sure they are even and function properly.

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