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How to Install Roller Shades

Installing Roller Shades

Have you decided that roller shades are the perfect window treatment for your home? We’ve got the perfect step-by-step roller shade installation guide to help you setup your new window treatments.

Roller Shades


Tools You Need to Install Roller Shades

Before you begin the roller shade installation process, make sure you have the necessary items on hand. These tools and resources will make installing roller shades as easy as possible.

Make sure you have the following:

  • Drill
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Metal tape Measure
  • Step ladder

Choose Inside Mount or Outside Mount Roller Shades

Now that you have the necessary tools, you need to decide whether the roller shades will be mounted inside or outside of your window. Each type of roller shade has their own unique benefits, but the option you choose will affect the fit and the installation process so make sure to take this into account when you choose your roller shades.

How to Hang Roller Shades

While different types of roller shades may have varied instructions, the information included below will provide general installation instructions for most roller window shades. Make sure to always check the installation guide that accompanies the window shades to determine if there are any additional steps or considerations.

Here’s a general guide for how to install roller shades.

Step 1: Install the Roller Shade Brackets

The first step is to install the mounting brackets for the roller shades. Depending on whether you have decided on inside mount roller shades or outside mount roller shades, the placement of these brackets will vary.

Inside Mount Roller Shade Installation

Inside Mount Roller Shade

For inside mount roller shades, brackets should be attached to the window frame, molding, wall, or ceiling. There are a few options for installing brackets, but with inside mount shades, the brackets will always be installed inside the window frame.

Outside Mount Roller Shade Installation

Outside Mount Roller Shade

For outside mount roller shades, the process is different. When installing outside mount roller shades, you need to fit the shade into the brackets, and then center the shade over the window.

Once the shade is in place, mark the wall on one side of the bracket and then remove the shade and attach the bracket with screws.

Once the bracket is secure, insert the shade into the second bracket and place that in the mounted bracket to make sure the shade is level. Then, mark the wall on the side of the second bracket.

Finally, remove the shade and install the second bracket in place of the markers.

Step 2: Insert the Shade

After you’ve installed the brackets, the next step is to insert the actual roller shade. Place the spring loaded pin end into the bracket and then push the other side of the shade into the slots on the other side of the bracket.

Once the shade is on the two sides of the brackets, you should gently pull down until the shade is securely locked in the bracket. You should feel a “click” when this is done correctly, but this may depend on the features.

Step 3: Test Your Roller Shades

Now that your roller shades are installed, the last step is to test them out. You can test your roller shades by gently pulling them down and rolling them up to make sure they are even and operate correctly. If there are no operational issues, then you have successfully installed your roller shades!

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