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Nothing adds a sense of coziness and comfort quite like pillows do. Our custom, handcrafted Square Pillows can help elevate any room as well as tie together your custom window treatments to the rest of your interior decor. From chic knife-edged square throw pillows to lavish fringed square pillows, we have a wide selection of options to suit your sense of style. 

Order free swatches of your favorite materials to get a sense of how each looks in your space. Be sure to pay attention to not only the color and pattern, but also how the texture of the material fits in with the rest of your interior decor. Not sure how to decide? Schedule a free design consultation with one of our talented Design Consultants who can help you choose the perfect decorative square pillow design for your space.


Square throw pillows are a great addition to any space including living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and more. While they may seem like a small accessory, pillows can truly help transform your room by adding inviting color, texture and dimension. Pillows help to complete your space by introducing a touch of comfort and coziness. 

Plus, when you choose square pillows from The Shade Store, you enjoy added benefits, including:

  • Custom made to give you just the right look and feel you want
  • Handcrafted in the USA for superior quality you can trust
  • The opportunity to perfectly match your pillows to your custom window treatments from The Shade Store for a cohesive aesthetic


Customize your square accent pillows just the way you want them. Your customization options include:

  • Fabric- With over 400+ material options to choose from, you can easily find the color, texture, and pattern for each room you plan to add square pillows to.
  • Size- Choose what size you’d like each pillow to be, from 12” x 12” to 30” x 30”. Mix and match sizes for greater visual complexity and dimension to your interior decor.
  • Trim- From a simple, chic knife-edge trim to elegant piping, luxe fringe, and sophisticated tape, you can find the right fit for your square pillow design.
  • Fill- Choose from poly fill for a firmer feel that keeps its shape. Or opt for natural feather down fill for a soft feel, but keep in mind this option will often need fluffing.


The textile you choose for your square pillows plays a big role in not only its design, but also its performance. Different textiles have varying levels of durability and functionality, so choosing the right one for your home environment is essential. When it comes to our custom square pillows, your material options include linens, wools, cottons, silks, and Sunbrella fabric. Premium natural materials like linens, wools, and silks don’t hold up well to moisture or UV rays so you may not want to add them to a room with either high humidity or lots of sunlight. Plus, if you have pets that will be able to access your square throw pillows, these natural materials may not stand up well to paws and claws. The same can be said for children who may rough-house with the pillows.

Cottons can also be sensitive to moisture and sunlight, but are a bit more durable to rough housing and pets.

For the best performance, consider Sunbrella®. Renowned for their highly durable, easy to clean fabrics, using Sunbrella for your square accent pillows may be the best solution for a high traffic home.


Your decorative square pillows can be used in any room that has a couch, chair or bed to place them on, and are most often used in the living room, bedrooms and entertainment rooms. However, you can also consider adding them to a bench in your foyer, an accent chair in a large bathroom, or even as luxe accessories in your dining room.

When styling your square pillows for a particular room, you can choose to either match the existing window treatments and interior decor in the room, or opt to complement it with contrast. Choosing a bright pattern for your square pillows in a room with neutrals will draw the eye to your pillows and add a touch of vibrancy to the space. If your room is already full of colors and patterns, you can decide to either tack on more colors and patterns with your square accent pillows or play them down with complementary neutrals. Also, when designing your square throw pillows, be sure to think through the level of everyday wear and tear your pillows will experience. If the room is a high-traffic room with lots of people, kids, and pets, be sure to choose a high -performance fabric like Sunbrella, which will more easily weather the activity. For calmer, quieter rooms, you can choose your material and design solely based on your aesthetic preference.


For more insight into your Square Pillow options, as well as our full range of custom window treatments, visit your local showroom. Our Design Consultants can help you choose the perfect square throw pillows to complement your existing decor. You can also order free swatches online of your favorite pillow materials to compare in the comfort of your home. If you have any questions, request a complimentary design consultation and we’ll be happy to help.