Cordless Roman Shades: Certified Best for Kids

cordless roman shades


When choosing window treatments for a child’s room, a home with young children, or a children’s building or facility, cord safety is an important consideration. As a family business, we take child safety very seriously at The Shade Store. All of our products adhere to the Child Safety Standards established by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In addition to these standards, we are proud that 8 of our products have been certified Best for Kids in association with the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA).


The Best For Kids Program

In 2015, the WCMA announced the Best for Kids program, the industry’s first third party certification program designed to help customers choose appropriate window treatments for use around young children. These products must either have no cords or inner cords that are not accessible as defined in Appendix C of ANSI/WCMA A100.1-2012, the National Standard for Safety of Corded Window Covering Products.


To qualify for the program, products are tested by a WCMA-recognized third party laboratory. The Shade Store submitted product samples to the testing laboratory earlier this year for analysis and review, and 8 products received the Best for Kids certification. Learn more about our Cordless Flat Roman Shades below.


Cordless Roman Shades

Flat Roman shades, our most popular style of romans, have four control types available: standard cord lock, continuous loop, motorized, and cordless.


The cordless control Flat Roman shades have met the certification requirements for the Best for Kids program. Cordless control completely eliminates all dangling cords, and can be lifted or lowered with a gentle pull. The sleek look of flat romans is maintained by a permanent bottom fold, which creates a clean, neat stack when the shade is raised.


To shop our full selection of certified Best for Kids products, please visit our Best for Kids page.


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Customized Fabric Roman Shades for Your Room’s Unique Design

fabric roman shades


Choices, choices! Our Roman shades offer a huge variety of ways to customize your window treatments, with 6 styles, 400+ materials, linings, and decorative borders available.

To help with your decision making process, we’ll explain where you can find several different material types by referring to the categories on our Swatches page.


Solid Fabric Roman Shades

Solid materials on Roman shades make a clean, elegant statement on your windows. There are multiple fabric types available in solid colors in the following categories: Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool and Linen Blends, and Velvet. There are even solid colors in our Designer fabrics, from Jonathan Adler and Echo Designs.


Linings are available with all types of materials, and Privacy and Blackout linings are free with Roman Shades. These linings can help block light, heat, and control glare in your home.


If you’re aiming for a bright, light-filtering look, a solid sheer fabric like the Sheer Elegance in Silver shown in the photo above is an excellent choice.


For a textured, non-fabric look in calming colors, our Naturals collection includes several solids sourced from eco-friendly materials.


Solid fabric Roman shades work well in all types of rooms, but especially if your furniture or rugs already have a strong pattern. The fabric of your shades can either blend in with your wall color or pick up on a color present in the rest of the room.


Patterned Roman Shades

Patterns don’t always have to be bold and loud; we carry many subtle patterns that fit in with modern and traditional home décor alike. For example DwellStudio’s Gate Stitch material, The Novogratz’s Geo Arrow, and Robert Allen’s Winding Leaves all have patterns in soft grays and whites that add an understated ornamentation to your shades.


If bright colors are more your style, we have plenty of fabrics for you, too. From flowers to tigers to zebra print, our Patterns and Designers collections are full of eye-catching designs in vivid colors. Cotton, linen, silk, and wool fabrics also have several patterned options.


When choosing patterned fabric for your shades, consider how the room will look when the light filters through them. You may want to add a lining to both protect the fabric from fading and give your window treatment a more substantial, opaque appearance.


striped fabric roman shades


Striped Roman Shades

Always classic, stripes are very versatile for Roman shades: the Suit Stripe pictured above can lend a masculine feel to a room, while a narrower Cottage Stripe material in Lipstick Pink would be perfect in a little girl’s room.


We have a complete category for Stripes + Plaids, and you can find chevrons and other line patterns in the Geometrics section.


Your Unique Design

Whether you need formal velvet shades for a sitting room or crisp linen window treatments for a beach house, we’ll help you create the perfect Roman shade for your space.


To see these beautiful materials in person and test them in your home with your room design, order your free swatches today. Shipping is free, you can order as many as you like, and they’ll arrive in 1-3 days.

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The Shade Store 101: Insulated Curtains

insulated curtains


Selecting a lining option is an important part of ordering custom drapes. Unlined drapes are made only of your fabric of choice, with no lining sewn to the back. This preserves the natural transparency of the material, and is perfect for sheer drapery. If you are looking for window treatments to decrease drafts or block sunlight, then lined or insulated curtains are the way to go.


Drapery linings provide a wide range of benefits for your home, including light blockage, privacy, and insulation. At The Shade Store, we offer three lining options: Privacy, Privacy + Interlining, and Blackout. Read on to learn more about these choices and their features.


Privacy Lining

The Privacy lining is the lightest of the three linings. It consists of a fabric panel stitched to the back of your drapes, which adds an increased level of privacy and light blocking. The extra layer protects the fabric from exposure to sunlight, preventing it from fading. It also adds body and fullness to the material.


Insulated Curtains

The following two linings are heavier than the Privacy option, and are excellent for insulation.


Privacy + Interlining

The Privacy + Interlining takes the standard Privacy fabric and adds another layer: a cotton flannel “interlining.” The flannel layer provides an even greater degree of privacy, and helps your curtains insulate drafty windows.


Blackout Lining

For the highest degree of light blockage, choose our Blackout lining. It blocks 99% of light, and the heavy material is very insulating. Blackout curtains are perfect for bedrooms, TV rooms, or anywhere else that you would like to block sunlight.


For complete room darkening, you may want to consider layered window treatments, such as a Blackout Roman Shade with Blackout Drapery and a Cornice or Valance.


All three of these lining options are available with our Roman Shades as well as our Custom Drapery. Talk to one of our design consultants to pick the perfect combination of insulated curtains and window treatments for your space.

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Drapery Hardware – It’s All About the Accents

drapery hardware



Poring over swatches and choosing the perfect material and color is only half the fun when it comes to choosing custom made drapery. You still need to decide on your hardware, which will determine both how your drapes look and how they function.


Drapery Rails and Tracks

At The Shade Store, we offer 11 exclusive hardware collections, and all of them are customizable to your individual needs. In some cases, the type of drapery you choose will determine the corresponding hardware.


For example, Ripple Fold and Cubicle Drapery both glide along a Track, which is included with your purchase of those types of drapes. Tracks can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling, and are controlled with a traditional baton or a cord. Track systems are very functional and excellent for frequent use. They are also subtle, and tend to blend in with the wall or ceiling where they are mounted.


For hardware systems that use rods or rails, some come with optional rings while others have a track built into the rod and are controlled with a cord or baton. The following collections use rings:

  • Royal Wood
  • Essex
  • Wrought Iron
  • Gramercy
  • Acero
  • Steel

When you order any pleated style of drapery, they come with drapery pins that hook onto the rings.


These collections do not offer rings:

  • Tribeca
  • Lexington
  • Swarovski
  • Madison

The rods are exposed and unencumbered at the top, and the drapery hangs below, hooked into its track at the back of the rod.


Grommet and Rod Pocket Drapery styles simply sit directly on the rod, and require no extra rings or pins to hang.


Decorative Drapery Hardware                     

All of our hardware collections offer different finishes, from chrome to bronze to wood.


If you are choosing a hardware option with rods, 8 of our collections offer decorative finials. Swarovski finials feature beautiful sparkling crystals, Essex finials offer clean wooden shapes, and there are many more styles to choose from.


To view all of our hardware collections, visit the Drapery Hardware section of the site. If you need help deciding on a type, finish, and finial, our design experts are always ready and willing to help.


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Custom Made Drapes – How The Shade Store Brings Your Unique Drapery Style to Life

custom made drapes


Cascading folds of fabric surrounding a window bring a luxurious softness to the space. Drapery is a wonderful decorating asset; bright prints can become the focal point of the room, or muted colors can fade into the background while adding texture and dimension to a simple wall.


Not all drapes are created equal, however. The quality of the fabric matters, the stiffeners and liners impact how the fabric lies, and the hardware determines how the drapery hangs and moves.


What does it really mean to have custom made drapes from The Shade Store? We’ll tell you.


Custom Made Drapes

When you place an order for drapery, our workroom will get started on it immediately. The craftsmen in our workrooms have years of experience bringing to life the unique projects thought up by interior designers.


All drapery is handcrafted with an exquisite attention to detail. Many of our drapery styles include hand-sewn corners. Before you receive your order, all draperies are hung and tested to ensure their look and functionality meet our standards of excellence.


Drapery Styles

One size fits all does not apply to our drapery here at The Shade Store. Depending on location and the amount of use, we have different drapery styles well suited for every application.


Frequent Use Draperies

In the photo above, we have featured all eight styles of drapery available. For drapes that will be opened and closed often, Ripple Fold, Tailored Pleat, Pinch Pleat, and Cubicle Drapery are good choices.


Decorative Draperies

Sometimes drapes are meant to be purely decorative, and will not experience frequent movement. For a truly rich and sophisticated style, try our Goblet Drapery. For deep folds and a more modern look, Grommet Drapery is your best bet. Inverted Pleat and Rod Pocket Drapery are also exceptional choices for decorative accents.


Drapery Fabrics

Drapes can be subtle or dramatic, but they always make a statement. We offer more than 450 materials from classic cottons and linens to designer prints and plaids. Depending on the décor and the purpose of the drapes, interlining (made of cotton flannel), privacy liners, and blackout liners can add body to the fabric as well as help insulate the home.


Decorative borders are also available, which can add an appealing color contrast around the drapery edges.


Sheer Drapery Fabric

Open your home to natural light with sheer drapery fabric works well. Choose from six different sheer materials in solid colors and subtle prints.


Our custom made drapery brings the highest quality individual craftsmanship into your home, making it accessible while preserving the striking look only achieved with the best materials and meticulous fabrication.


Browse our drapery styles here, or speak to a design expert in one of our showrooms or at 800.754.1455.

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