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Drapery Hardware



Drapery hardware is the finishing touch to your window treatment design. Available in 16 premium collections and 20+ finishes, including metallics, wood stains, clear Lucite and more, we have the right look to complement your unique interior decor. Our Drapery Hardware comes in three main styles: traditional Rods & Rings, Track Systems and Motorized Tracks. Choosing the right one will depend not only on your aesthetic preference, but also your functional needs. Request a free quote today to get started selecting the perfect drapery hardware for your windows.


The Shade Store offers the finest curtain rods and hardware available. Start with tips for choosing the right drapery hardware. Then, learn about the three main types of hardware and explore all 16 collections to find the perfect style to suit your taste.


When shopping for new drapery rods, there are several factors to consider. Each customized component plays an important role in the overall look and style of the rod, as well as the function.

Style of Hardware
There are three main styles of hardware: Rods and Rings, Track Systems and Motorized Tracks. Rods and Rings offer both functionality and lots of decorative options. Track Systems offer effortless control, allowing your drapery to glide across your window with ease. Motorized Tracks are the easiest of all, allowing you to operate your drapery with just the touch of a button. Depending on the style of your interior décor, each style of hardware offers a selection of finishes and finials to complement it perfectly.

Mount Type
The type of mount you choose will have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of your drapery. A wall mount is ideal for windows and doors that are far apart from the ceiling, as it allows you easy control over your drapes. With a ceiling mount, drapery hangs directly from the ceiling, offering a more dramatic, full-length look.

Each of our drapery hardware collections offers unique finishes to create a distinct look and style. There are more than 20 finishes to choose from, including stainless steel, satin brass, antique bronze, polished chrome, and rich wood stains.

While you may not be familiar with the term finial, you have definitely seen them before. Finials are the decorative elements on the ends of drapery rods. The style of finial that you choose can really elevate the look of the room, whether it be minimal, elaborate, modern, or classic.


At The Shade Store, you have three main categories of drapery hardware to choose from: Rods & Rings, Track Systems and a Motorized Track. Rods and rings are the traditional option, featuring a rod with rings to which the drapery panels attach. Track systems are modern and offer easy functionality with clips the drapery panels attach to that glide through a track system. For the easiest functionally, choose a Motorized Track, which is a track system powered by a motor that allows to control your drapery with a remote, an app on your smartphone or even the sound of your voice when paired with a smart home device.

Rods & Rings Hardware
Rods and rings are what most people think of when they think of drapery hardware. A curtain or drapery rod is mounted above your window, either on the ceiling or on the walls, and rings are used to attach the drapery panel to the rod. The rod and ring style of hardware provides you with the most visual customization options in terms of finishes and finials.

Rods & Rings Hardware is compatible with the following pleat styles: Tailored Pleat, Pinch Pleat, Inverted Pleat, Grommet, Goblet, and Rod Pocket Drapery.

Nine of our collections fit into this category:
  • Steel: Made of durable steel with modern yet timeless finials and finishes, Steel is endlessly versatile. Available in nine shiny and matte metallic colors and three finials.
  • Lafayette: A French return curtain rod, Lafayette features steel rods that curve back toward the wall for an elegant silhouette—as well as excellent light control as your drape panels can be pulled to sit right on the wall. Available in five metallic finishes.
  • Acero: A sleek, modern rods-and-rings system with an authentic cylinder leather finial design and modern colors like chrome, shiny black and shiny white, ideal for contemporary homes. Available in six silver and black finishes with seven finial options.
  • Brass Hardware Collection: Made of high-quality brass in three styles:
    • Kingston: Available in five metallic finishes and four finial options with closed brackets and closed rings.
    • Saratoga: Available in five metallic finishes and two finial options with open brackets and closed rings.
    • Saratoga C-Ring: Available in five metallic finishes and two finial options with open brackets and open C-rings that allow the drapery to glide smoothly and bypass any intermediate brackets.
  • Lucite: Capture an elevated, contemporary aesthetic with Lucite, made of clear, glass-like Lucite, a durable acrylic material. Available in three metallic finishes for brackets and rings.
  • Wrought Iron: Embrace the character-rich look of weathered Wrought Iron, available in five finishes, with either distressed or polished looks, with three ornate finial designs.
  • Royal Wood: Made of authentic solid wood, Royal Wood offers a sophisticated aesthetic. Available in five finishes from stained to painted wood looks and four elegant finial options.
  • Lenox: This solid wood drapery hardware offers a rustic, unfinished wood look with two subtly faded finishes. Choose from five unique finials to complete your look.
  • Bowery: Made of natural, solid wood in richly hued finishes, Bowery offers a stately, elevated look. Available in three rich finishes and four ornate finials.
  • Carnegie: This exquisite steel drapery hardware style features a contemporary aesthetic with three sleek finishes and five finial options in steel and glass.

Track Systems
Our drapery hardware track systems provide a great deal of versatility for mounting and operation. Instead of rings, drapery panels attach to special clips that sit within the track. This design allows for a smooth glide when opening and closing and is excellent for treating large windows or patio doors and other spaces that require frequent use.

Drapery track systems can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling for added height, similar to our rods and rings. The Custom Track System can also be inside mounted so it fits within a window or door frame.

Track systems are compatible with Tailored Pleat, Pinch Pleat, Inverted Pleat, Ripple Fold, Goblet and Cubicle Drapery.
  • Madison: A beautiful track system with rich metallic finishes, Madison is the perfect combination of track system ease with classic appeal. Available in five finishes and five unique finials.
  • Lexington: Simple and chic, this aluminum track system adds contemporary character to your window treatment design. Available in three finishes.
  • Lincoln: A sleek and stylish aluminum track system similar to our Lexington option, but with a narrower silhouette. Available in three finishes.
  • Tribeca: Capture the classic beauty of natural wood with modernity and ease of a track system with Tribeca, made of a steel tube with a wood finish. Available in three wood-toned finishes.
  • Custom Track: Our most economical track system is made with sturdy aluminum and is available in three versatile finishes.

Motorized Track
Motorization improves upon the ease of a track system with the ability to control your drapery with the touch of a button. The powerful, quiet motor operates with a remote, or can be paired with an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also pair your motor with a smart home device to control your drapery with the sound of your voice.

Motorized track is compatible with Tailored Pleat, Pinch Pleat, Inverted Pleat, Ripple Fold and Goblet Drapery.
  • Motorized Track: This advanced track system lets you synchronize multiple drapes, set your favorite positions and schedule timers with your remote, smartphone, tablet or home automation system. Available in classic versatile white.

These are a few of the benefits of motorization:
  • Clean design with no visible controls.
  • Perfect for large and out-of-reach window treatments.
  • Easily control groups of window treatments, even when you’re not at home.
  • Improve energy efficiency and home value.
  • An excellent solution for busy and high-traffic households.

Our Design Consultants are available to help you find the perfect drapery hardware to complement your interior décor. Request a free quote today to get started.


Our showrooms across the US are your destination for the finest drapery hardware and handcrafted window treatments. Each location showcases our wide selection of styles, finishes and finials so you can find the best solution for your home. Find your local showroom to get started.