Tribeca Hardware

1 1/8” diameter steel tubing. Choose from 3 exclusive finishes with a unique finial to give your drapery a distinct look. All hardware is exclusive to The Shade Store. View Details
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Single Set
  • single bracket for one rod
  • one layer of drapery
Double Set
  • double bracket for two rods
  • inner and outer treatments

We provide complete hardware sets with your order. The number of poles, rings, brackets and finials you receive is based on pole length.

How would you like your drapery to function? Consider your room layout and any obstructions that might make operation difficult.

Choose from 3 gorgeous finishes, exclusive to The Shade Store. All
hardware is stainless steel, and will perfectly complement your finish.

These are the end pieces that attach to both ends of your poles. Finials are decorative accents and have no effect on your drapery functionality.

Create a label to help easily identify this treatment when your order arrives. Select a room and enter a brief description of the window’s location.