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Custom Track

Handcrafted in the USA | Ships Free in 7 Days

Custom Track System

Wall/Ceiling Mount
  • mounted to the wall, molding, surface surrounding the window or ceiling
  • creates an illusion of extra height to a room
Inside Mount
  • mounted within the window or door frame
  • provide exact measurements, we will take a deduction to ensure proper fit

Inside Mount
Measure the inside width at the top of the window frame where the track will be mounted, wall to wall. This is your ordering width. We will make necessary deductions (approx. 1/2")
Outside/Ceiling Mount
Measure the width of the area you wish to cover. (If space allows, we recommend adding 6"-12" to help maintain view / light when draperies are open) This is your ordering width.

  • open and close panels by using hand drawn baton
  • baton will hang on the leading edge of the draperies
  • open and close panels by pulling on a cord
  • comes with pulley which can be secured to wall

How would you like your drapery to function? Consider your room layout and any obstructions that might make operation difficult.

Choose from 3 gorgeous finishes. All hardware (poles, finials, rings and brackets) will match your finish.

Create a label to help easily identify this treatment when your order arrives. Select a room and enter a brief description of the window’s location.
TOTAL $--.--