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The Shade Store Returns to the Kips Bay Dallas Decorator Show House as the Exclusive Window Treatment Partner

the shade store curtains at kips bay dallas 2021

Interior Designers Bring Their Creative Visions to Life with Custom Window Treatment Installations 

The Shade Store, the leader in custom window treatments, returns to the Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Dallas, Texas, for the second year as the exclusive window treatment partner. The custom window treatments that The Shade Store produced in collaboration with 20 internationally acclaimed designers demonstrate how transformative window treatments can be. 

The 2021 Show House features a striking variety of different types of custom window treatments ranging from simple Roman shades and woven wood shades to dramatic drapery and elaborate valances and cornices. Each designer’s concept was expertly executed by The Shade Store and was handcrafted using a combination of the 1,300+ in-stock fabrics that The Shade Store offers or C.O.M. fabrics that designers provided

The Shade Store is also debuting its newest collection at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas this year with exclusive materials designed by renowned interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Bullard, a participant in the house, uses his new materials on the windows and bed hangings of his room in the Show House. 

“The Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas is a platform for our community to demonstrate the power of design — both in the incredible work of the designers to transform individual rooms into statements of their talent and in the efforts of the house as a whole to make a positive impact,” said Ian Gibbs, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Shade Store. “We are inspired every day by the designers that we work with and Kips Bay gives us the opportunity to support them and to showcase the wide range of capabilities that The Shade Store has to help them realize their visions.” 

Below are highlights of the various window treatments that the 2021 Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas designers incorporated into their room designs. Photography by Douglas Friedman.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard 

Martyn Lawrence Bullard debuts his new exclusive collection of window treatment materials for The Shade Store at Kips Bay Dallas, showcasing his designs for the very first time as the focal point of his space on the windows and bed hangings. Inspired by his travels, Bullard is a proponent of using window coverings within his designs to add drama and dimension to his spaces. “I often design around the palette of the window dressings when creating a room,” says Bullard. “The window is the soul of the space — it controls the light, and light is critical when creating a mood.” 

Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s custom window treatments include all in-stock fabrics from his debut collection with The Shade Store. The Roman Shades are Martyn Lawrence Bullard Tangier Weave in Blanco and Drapery and the bed hangings are Martyn Lawrence Bullard Nomad Stripe in Sand. The hardware is The Shade Store’s Steel Drapery Hardware in Matte Black. 

Alexa Hampton, Mark Hampton Inc. 

Pictured: Inner Layer — Waterfall Woven Wood Shades — Alexa Hampton Newport, Reed

Outer Layer — Tailored Pleat Drapery in the Designer’s Own Material

Alexa Hampton challenged herself to use luscious red and russet tones, a palette that’s typically eschewed for bedrooms, in a unique and elevated way. The deep dark colors of the front layer of the Tailored Pleat Drapery are contrasted by the back layer in a traditional ticking stripe and both are dressed up with elaborate trims. The combination is paired with Waterfall Woven Wood Shades in her own Newport Bamboo fabric, a part of her exclusive collection with The Shade Store, add to the sultry reds of the space. 

Alexa Hampton’s custom window treatments from The Shade Store include: Waterfall Woven Wood Shades — in-stock Alexa Hampton Newport in Reed; Tailored Pleat Drapery — two layers of custom Zoffany Wool Satin in Venetian Red with backing lined with Eastern Accents Ticking Stripe in Fawn custom Decor de Paris Luigi Naturals Collection Frieze Braid in Platinum; Steel Drapery Hardware in Oil Rubbed Bronze. 

Ken Fulk, Ken Fulk Inc. 

Ken Fulk worked with The Shade Store on two distinct areas of his room both with elaborate custom lambrequin-style cornices and dramatic drapery. 

The Sunroom features a dramatic 17-foot-wide shaped cornice in a custom Misia fabric and Samuel & Sons trim and coordinating tailored pleat drapery with an additional layer of tassel trim and lined in Dedar Dragueur. 

For the Study, The Shade Store worked with Fulk’s team to craft an intricate lambrequin with nailhead detail in a Conway velvet from Zoffany paired with Tailored Pleat drapery sheers in Dedar Lux, Sole with Samuel & Sons Charmer Embroidered trim in Amber.

Shelly Rosenberg, Acorn and Oak by Shelly Rosenberg 

Shelly Rosenberg’s room honors families living with disabilities, specifically one of a young girl with Rett Syndrome, as the space adapts to her way of being, providing her with support, self-confidence and dignity. Rosenberg worked with The Shade Store to create functional Roman Shades in the bedroom to add privacy without compromising light or the view, while using elegant Valances with drapery-style shower curtains in the bathroom for a look that is as beautiful as it is accessible. By adding motorization to the Roman Shades in the bathroom, Rosenberg adds another accessible touch in her thoughtful design. 

Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry, Pulp Design Studios 

Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry created a space for women just like them — strong, smart, and savvy with window treatments to both hide and enhance the rooms. The white Drapery Panels soften the space, yet add a bit of drama, while rich, silk Roman Shades and custom Valances disguise unwanted features of arched windows in an elevated way. 

Corey Damen Jenkins, Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates 

Corey Damen Jenkins’ dining room was inspired by historical tented rooms with a 21st Century twist. Jenkins used floor-to-ceiling drapery from The Shade Store to create a dramatic installation across all four walls of the space and a soft valance to link the drapery installation to his tented ceiling above, resulting in a theatrical feel, bringing a traditional concept in a new, modern light. 

Amanda Lantz, A. Lantz Design 

With bold accents and carefully placed geometric shapes, color was the key for Amanda Lantz’s room. She chose to create balance in the space with drapery that leads the eye to the gardens and landscaping outside the window. The designer notes, “window treatments are the jewelry of the space and help balance the color on all sides, as well as enhance the windows, doors and exterior views.”

Dennis Brackeen, Dennis Brackeen Design Group 

Inspired by a pair of 19th century Chinese Chippendale style vitrines, Dennis Brackeen’s space evokes a feeling of fantasy and escape, with décor fashioned to evolve from day to night. Brackeen worked with The Shade Store to create craft panels of Tailored Pleat drapery in a Jim Thompson’s “Palampore” material, the panels were pattern matched and crafted to perfectly align with the walls, dressed in the same pattern. “Since I am using the same patterned wallpaper and drapery fabric, I opted to keep the design of the draperies simple and classic,” explained Brackeen. 

Michael Aiduss, Michael Aiduss Interiors + Architecture 

Aiduss embraced the classic Georgian style home to incorporate architecture and materiality appropriate to the era. For the window, he selected a Pinch Pleat style drapery in a natural Raw Silk from The Shade Store’s in-stock material collection in a Glacier white that he combined with a custom trim from The Michael Aiduss Collection for Houles and then bordered with the same Raw Silk in Glacier. 

“The drapes help to bring light into the room, being light-colored, they absorb the light and add a glow,” said Aiduss. “They also make the room feel softer especially when paired with strong architecture.” 

Michael Hilal, Studio Michael Hilal 

When designing a study, Michael Hilal strived to create a non-binary space inclusive for the modern-day person. With a monochromatic space, “the window treatments work as an integral part of bringing vertical texture into the space,” says Hilal. The Ripple Fold Drapery in the study does just that, creating separation from the walls and the windows.

Meredith Ellis, Meredith Ellis Design 

Inspired by bold colors and the Georgian Architecture of the home, Meredith Ellis chose a classical and traditional feel, with a touch of nautical throughout the space. To draw attention to the windows, Ellis worked with The Shade Store and committed to patterned fabrics to utilize within the entire room, including the window drapery and bed hangings. Ellis states that “Drapery brings warmth to a room, and also helps with sound abatement.” 

Kathleen Walsh, Kathleen Walsh Interiors 

Kathleen Walsh used the window treatments to enhance the overall design and finished look of the space, taking a laundry room and hallway from ordinary to special. The designer notes, “Elevated finishing touches, like custom window treatments, are what made the laundry room really shine.”

Traci Connell, Traci Connell Interiors 

Traci Connell set out to design a space where one could come to refresh the mind, body, and soul after a relaxing day at the pool, or an eventful cocktail party on the patio. Connell chose white woven shades to create a beach vibe that seamlessly connects the lush tropical inspiration to the bamboo feel and look of many elements in the space. “We always want the window treatments to serve a bigger purpose,” says Connell. “We want the shades to be both functional and beautiful, and we accomplish that by fitting the room with the right fabric or material on the walls.”

Brant McFarlain, Brant McFarlain Design — The Sanctuary 

Inspired by his European travels, designer Brant McFarlain captured a modern concept with timeless designs, mixing both feminine and masculine elements. “With darker, more masculine walls, the white, flowy sheers brighten up the bathroom, creating an airy and fresh feel,” says McFarlain. 

Javier Burkle, Burkle Creative — The Heimat 

“We were inspired by the concepts of travel, retreat, and the creation of an understated, luxurious environment that is simultaneously understandable and transparent—and most of all, reflects a personal sense of belonging,” said Javier Burkle. “The sleek fabric of the Relaxed Roman Shades accentuates the layers of textures throughout the room, framing the window for privacy, while adding a subtle sophistication.” 

Mike Munsterman — Outside Gardens 

Mike Munsterman worked with The Shade Store to incorporate Relaxed Roman Shades with a Custom Valance utilizing materials from the company’s in-stock selection of Holland & Sherry fine wools. 

Caroline Gidiere, Caroline Gidiere Design — Le Chemin au Jonchet 

Caroline Gidiere’s space used Pinch Pleat Drapery from The Shade Store to complement her Floral Chinoiserie wallpaper and modern wall art to create a captivating and timeless space between the entryways of the basement. While a hallway could have the tendency to overwhelm, Gidiere says the swagged portières help to draw emphasis to the entrance of the space. “I love taking the old and adding new, modern elements to create a timeless design,” says Gidiere. “The use of cotton fabric and onion tassel trim helps to create a vibe that is relaxed and unfussy but, at the same time, special.”

Courtnay Tartt Elias, Creative Tonic Design — Moulin Rouge Media Lounge 

Courtnay Tartt Elias’ space was inspired by Moulin Rouge in Paris and the decoration of Parisian homes during La Belle Époque. Layering patterns to create a “more is more” effect, Elias used a sensual mix of classic pieces to create a fun aesthetic with lavish ornamentation and an imaginative use of materials. In a room without windows, Elias created a canopy for the entryways with drapes to match the room’s wallpaper. “Every room needs custom draperies even if it doesn’t have a window — they are the finishing touch on any design,” says Elias.

Liz MacPhail, Liz MacPhail Interiors — A Lounge of One’s Own 

Liz MacPhail chose Tailored Pleat Drapery to help delineate the lounge and cellar, with wool fabric in a similar color of the walls that softens the architectural details of the space while three layers of a tassel trim add a decorative detail. “Window treatments can alter a room’s narrative — highlighting and enhancing key points or softening and quieting points that are less required when advancing the story,” says MacPhail.

Janet Gridley, Gridley LLC Interior Design and Décor — Craft Bedroom 

Janet Gridley worked with The Shade Store to incorporate Tailored Pleated Drapery and custom pillows throughout the bedroom. The Drapery is crafted in a combination of two different tones of Wool Blend from The Shade Store’s in-stock collection to add depth to the space — a rich Charcoal with a deep Sage Border hung from Madison Track Drapery Hardware in Bronze.

About The Shade Store

The Shade Store is a premium custom window treatment company with a rich heritage in luxury textiles and interior design. Its exclusive collection of more than 1,300 in-stock fabrics and materials provides customers with an unparalleled amount of style and customization options. Every window treatment is proudly handcrafted in the USA, hung and tested for quality assurance and ships free in 10 days or less. With showrooms nationwide, The Shade Store offers a complete range of in-person and virtual design services for consumers and design-trade clientele, including swatches, complimentary professional window measurements and photo rendering. Additionally, the company is an advocate for environmental sustainability: For every purchase made, the company provides the ‘Gift of Shade’ by planting a tree in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. For more information about The Shade Store, please visit theshadestore.com.