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How To Implement Bold Curtains and Window Treatments

bold curtains

When you stop into a showroom or call The Shade Store, our design consultants are ready and waiting to provide expert design advice and help you choose the perfect window treatments for your home. Please welcome back Liz Irwin, a design consultant in our Garden City, NY showroom. Liz will share some of her insights, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions here on The Shade Store Blog.

As a veteran design consultant who has been assisting clients in dressing their windows for almost 8 years, I’ve conversed with many people about how to incorporate bold patterns and colors into their homes. Draperies and other window treatments are an excellent place to incorporate bright accent colors into your décor, or they can also act as a standalone statement piece in your space.

At The Shade Store, we have a beautiful line of more than 900 carefully curated materials. When I open the swatch drawers to our guests in the showroom, their eyes light up; and that goes for the typical homeowner, who’s tackling the project themselves, as well as the veteran interior designer. Our custom draperies are couture quality, and handcrafted with the greatest attention to detail. Our selection of materials is no exception to that rule.

It’s not the falling-in-love with our collection that our clients have a problem with — it’s how to incorporate the variety of materials into a fluid and harmonious design in their home. Here are some trusted tips on how to implement bold custom draperies and treatments into your personal design:

Use Bold Curtains and Treatments in Neutral Interiors

In many of the images in our Photo Gallery, many of our more vibrant draperies and shades are showcased on neutral walls, surrounded by subtle furnishings and textiles. There’s no “guess work” in how to design with loud draperies if the rest of the room is effectively silent. A white wall is a perfect canvas for so many of our gorgeous drapery fabrics. In this instance, you can think of the drapery as artwork: a piece that breathes color and life into the room, in exactly the same way a painting or a mural would.

goblet drapery
Goblet Drapery, Lalita.

Stick to One Color Family

The designers we work with very often color coordinate their fabrics with each other. DwellStudio, Diane Von Furstenberg, Jeffrey Alan Marks, Jonathan Adler, kate spade new york, Echo Design, the Novogratz — they all have fabrics of different texture and scale that are in exactly the same color palette as many of their other fabrics. That’s no accident, it’s by design. (See what I did there? “By Design”?) Staying within one color family makes it easy to mix patterns while still creating a cohesive space. It’s a tried and true secret in how to be bold with your décor.

yellow curtains
Tailored Pleat Drapery. Photo by Mary Summers Hafner. Design by Hi Sugarplum.

Pick Up an Accent Color

If you love color and already have a multicolor palette for your space, choose one of those colors for your window treatments. These can be colors from wallpaper (as shown above), rugs, furniture fabric, artwork, or even throw pillows. Even bright colors won’t appear overwhelming when they appear elsewhere in your design.

Use Our Expertise

When in doubt, speak to a design consultant! Give us a call, or stop into in one of our nationwide showrooms. Our advice, our swatches, our photo renderings, our remote or in-showroom design consultations – they’re all free! Let us know what you’re after, and we’ll take care of the rest.