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Seattle Design Center (Kravet)

5701 6th Avenue South, Suite #126 Seattle, WA 98108

Visit The Shade Store at Kravet inside the Seattle Design Center. This location features interactive product displays,
free swatches and a team of design experts ready to assist you. Note: Closed Saturdays and Sundays.
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The Shade Store

5701 6th Avenue South, Suite #126

Seattle, WA 98108

Store Hours

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Sat-Sun Closed

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Rafael S  | Seattle, WA |  December 1, 2020

Thanks for reaching out to us! The installation was easy and on time. I loved how clean and competent the installer was and our curtains look amazing.  

Molly T  | Seattle, WA |  November 17, 2020

Installation went great, and the shades are perfect! Thank you so much for your help. You went above and beyond and I really appreciate all you did to help get these shades installed as soon as it was possible!  

Miho  U  | Seattle , WA |  October 25, 2019

I am very happy how they look, and they give us privacy well. 

Kathleen M  | Seattle, WA |  October 14, 2019

The new shades are so great! I can honestly say that these last two nights have been the best sleep I’ve had in years (no exaggeration) because of the new blackout shades.  

Jenny M  | Orinda, CA |  October 7, 2019

Love the shades--they look even better full size than on the swatches! 

Addy R  | Seattle , WA |  September 30, 2019

Thank you so much for your STELLAR customer service.  

Rayna C  | SEATTLE, WA |  September 13, 2019

We LOVE our new shades, they are absolutely beautiful and the installer did a great job putting them up. 

Sandy N  | Gig Harbor, WA |  September 13, 2019

High praise all around! My clients love their new shades! And I have a new appreciation for The Shade Store. Lovely experience. Thank you! 

KERRIE B  | Seattle, WA |  September 4, 2019

The installation went great, we’re loving the shade! 

Neha  W  | Pasadena , CA |  August 2, 2019

The two gentlemen who installed our drapes today, Adam and Chris, were very professional, helpful, personable, and kind. The drapes look great and we appreciate all of your help. 

Robert K  | Seattle, WA |  August 2, 2019

We are very pleased with our new shades. They are far more effective than the old roller shades at blocking the light and it is very convenient to be able to lower the tops for light while maintaining privacy. The installer was here on schedule and was entirely efficient.  

Erin E  | Seattle , WA |  August 2, 2019

Drew did a great job with the installation and the blinds look perfect! 

Miranda G  | Puyallup, WA |  June 7, 2019

Thank you so much for the amazing service! I am beyond thrilled with my new shades. The fabric is perfect and everything looks amazing! The installer was very nice and professional. I am so happy that I found your company. 

Louanne L  | Edmonds, WA |  May 24, 2019

The shades are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They are very easy to use and keep my condo at a perfect temp without changing the thermostat. Also the installer was professional and efficient.  

Matt  D  | Seattle, WA |  May 24, 2019

The blinds all look great! Thanks again for all of your help, and we'll be sure to recommend your services to friends looking for window treatments in the future.  

Jesse & Natalie  H  | Burien , WA |  April 7, 2019

Thanks so much for all of your help! The shades look great!! 

Rachel K  | Seattle, WA |  March 18, 2019

They are so beautiful, thank you!  

Dawn B  | Tacoma, WA |  March 13, 2019

I did install the roller shade. It looks great! 

Brittan C  | Seattle, WA |  March 5, 2019

The shades are perfect! They look great and we're very happy with them.  

Carissa C  | Westport, CT |  February 5, 2019

Everything looks beautiful!  

Sarah  O  | Seattle, WA |  January 24, 2019

They are beautiful! We love them!  

Lai  J  | Seattle , WA |  January 11, 2019

Everything is installed and working great. Thanks again for all the help!  

Denise W  | Seattle, WA |  January 11, 2019

Everything looks great! We are so happy with our shades. They are gorgeous. Thank you for all of your help and patience!  

Carole  F  | Seattle , WA |  January 4, 2019

The shades look amazing and my client is very happy. Thank you for everything. 

Cathy  P  | Seattle , WA |  January 4, 2019

They look great! Thanks!  

Amy  R  |  | Seattle , WA |  December 11, 2018

The blinds are installed and they look amazing! 

Becky  D  | Seattle, WA |  December 6, 2018

They are great and the installer was wonderful. Thank you! 

Kathryn B  | Seattle, WA |  December 5, 2018

The drapes look amazing! I love them!  

Russell R  | Seattle, WA |  November 28, 2018

The shades look great. Thanks! 

Karen  S  | Seattle , WA |  November 9, 2018

Thanks for the excellent customer service! We are very happy with the end result! 

Lisa  F  | Seattle , WA |  November 7, 2018

Everything turned out great!  

Kristine J  | Seattle, WA |  November 6, 2018

The products are beautiful. The expertise in measuring, product selection, ordering and installing has been impeccable. We are so pleased with partnering The Shade Store for our business needs.  

Kelly W  | Seattle, WA |  October 25, 2018

The window treatments are great, we are really pleased with them. Thank you so much for your help, you were brilliant!  

Erika D  | Seattle, WA |  October 24, 2018

The shades look great and function smoothly.  

Allen  B  | Seattle , WA |  October 18, 2018

We are very happy with the shades and the experience. Thank you.  

Kristine J  | Seattle, WA |  October 9, 2018

Blinds are working well and look great. 

Richard  L  | Seattle , WA |  October 9, 2018

We are very pleased with the shades.  

Stephanie  C  | Seattle, WA |  October 6, 2018

They look great! Thanks for all your help.  

Courtney G  | Seattle, WA |  September 28, 2018

Installation was very smooth and professionally handled and the shades are perfect!  

Seth  R  | Seattle , WA |  September 16, 2018

Our window treatments are great, we love ‘em!  

Marika V  | Seattle, WA |  September 9, 2018

The blinds look wonderful!  

Catherine S  | Bremerton, WA |  September 8, 2018

I absolutely love the shades and the remotes work wonderfully. Love them!!!! 

Julia  F  | Seattle , WA |  August 31, 2018

The shades look great. All went well with the installation. Thanks. 

Amy  H  | Seattle , WA |  August 19, 2018

Everything is perfect thank you so much.  

Claire & Jim  V  | Seattle , WA |  August 19, 2018

All the blinds look fantastic and we are loving them!  

Kathryn L  | Seattle, WA |  August 15, 2018

We are very pleased with the shades. The shades are easy to operate, and we appreciate the quality materials of which they are made. Besides their functionality in managing sun glare, the shades make the whole room feel more inviting. We will recommend the Shade Store to anyone.  

Matthew P  | Seattle, WA |  August 15, 2018

Things look great and we are finally able to sleep in past 6AM now. Thanks.  

Kate  G  | Seattle , WA |  August 13, 2018

Everything looks great! We are very pleased. It really changes the look and feel of the rooms. Thanks for all your help.  

Erin  N  | Deer Harbor , WA |  August 9, 2018

The shades are perfect! Thank you for your help!  

Francie  H  | Seattle , WA |  August 6, 2018

The blinds are just what I wanted. They look terrific. Appreciate all your kind help.  

Becky  S  | Seattle , WA |  August 2, 2018

Looks great! Thanks for your help!  

Corey G  | Seattle, WA |  July 28, 2018

They’re perfect. I’m soooo happy with them. Thanks for all of your help!  

Katherine  S  | Seattle , WA |  July 23, 2018

We love the window treatments! They look great and keep the place cool. Installation was a breeze.  

Crista O  | Seattle, WA |  July 23, 2018

The shades look great and we’re very happy with them. Appreciate all your help with this! 

Chris H  | Seattle , WA |  July 19, 2018

The shade is great—my room is so much darker at night.  

Jessica M  | Bellevue, WA |  July 18, 2018

Everything looks great! Thanks for everything.  

Lissa G  | Clyde Hill, WA |  July 18, 2018

Thank you for all your assistance. I appreciate the seamless process!  

Donna  B  | Seattle, WA |  July 16, 2018

Thank you, you have made it very easy!  

Thomas  B  | Portland, OR |  July 15, 2018

The install went well. Thanks for all your help. 

Rachel G  | Bellevue, WA |  July 12, 2018

The shades look great and installation was quick and efficient. Thank you for your assistance!  

Springer H  | Eagle, ID |  July 9, 2018

Our two solar shades work well against the sun and we installed them ourselves easily.  

Brian  W  | Kingston , WA |  July 2, 2018

Thanks! We are very happy with the window treatments. 

Cheryl  S  | Seattle , WA |  June 29, 2018

They look amazing! Thank you so much for your help with the shades.  

Nina & Mark N  | Kirkland, WA |  June 28, 2018

Thank you, looks great so far!  

John  B  | JAS Design Build | Seattle , WA |  June 26, 2018

Everything looked great. My clients are very excited.  

Beth & Jose R  | Kirkland, WA |  June 25, 2018

You did a very nice job. Thank you.  

Teresa S  | Bellevue, WA |  June 25, 2018

The shades look fabulous and screen the sun well.  

Becky D  | Phinney Ridge Interiors | Seattle, WA |  June 22, 2018

My clients are super happy - thanks for all your help!! 

Ethel & Belen G  | Newcastle, WA |  June 21, 2018

We are VERY happy with the window treatments, they look great!!  

Jennifer K  | Seattle, WA |  June 21, 2018

Thanks! I got the blinds installed and I love them!! :)  

Desiree V  | Kirkland, WA |  June 20, 2018

Thank you most sincerely for all of your involvement in the installation process and helping me make a selection. You've been such a wonderful help, and have incredible customer service. 

Renata  H  | Seattle , WA |  June 18, 2018

Thank you for your help.  

Michael B  | Seattle, WA |  June 15, 2018

The install went smoothly and the drapes are stunning! I'm 100% satisfied. 

Jessica M  | Bellevue, WA |  June 15, 2018

Just wanted to let you know I had our shade order installed today. Everything looks great!!  

Brian  S  | Seattle , WA |  June 12, 2018

Everything went great. Thanks so much for the help!  

Ev R  | Lake Forest Park, WA |  June 12, 2018

The install went perfectly and we are very happy with the blinds. Thanks for your guidance and assistance in the process.  

Rupa  P  | Seattle , WA |  June 8, 2018

It looks and works great!  

Lynn S  | SEATTLE, WA |  June 5, 2018

The new tracks are perfect! The drapes make the windows look larger and in turn make the room feel larger. Thanks!  

Jennifer K  | Seattle, WA |  June 4, 2018

I appreciate your expertise and follow up! 

Shelley W  | Vashon Island, WA |  June 4, 2018

The drapes are hung and look fabulous. The blackout lining is absolutely effective, and the measurements are perfect. We are very pleased!! Great job.  

Desiree V  | Specialty Eye Care | Kirkland, WA |  May 29, 2018

Thank you for all your assistance!  

Shawn H  | Seattle , WA |  May 24, 2018

Everything worked out wonderfully, thanks for your service. 

Maryam & Dan D  | Seattle, WA |  May 24, 2018

Everything went well. Thanks for all your help.  

Lauren / Nursery Project A  | BP Design | Seattle, WA |  May 24, 2018

Everything went great! Thanks!  

Kate  C  | Seattle , WA |  May 24, 2018

Everything is perfect! Thank you so much! 

Chris W  | Seattle, WA |  May 24, 2018

We are loving the shades! Thanks again for all your help. 

Haroula K  | Seattle , WA |  May 23, 2018

The window treatments are great and we are happy with our choice. Thanks.  

Luke J  | Seattle, WA |  May 19, 2018

They look beautiful! Thank you.  

Joan Y  | Seattle , WA |  May 17, 2018

I love my shades!! Thank you so much for mentioning the cordless option - wouldn’t have them any other way.  

Kathleen C  | Clyde Hill, WA |  May 17, 2018

They look fabulous! Thank you for checking in! Appreciate it. Best,  

Leah  W  | Seattle , WA |  May 14, 2018

The blinds are working out great! We couldn’t be happier. Thanks for everything. 

Norma F  | Seattle, WA |  May 10, 2018

The look amazing and fit perfectly. Your installer was amazing as well. Thorough and quick.  

Christine & Baltazar E  | Seattle, WA |  May 7, 2018

Everything went great and the curtains look amazing!! 

Chris W  | Seattle, WA |  May 6, 2018

Thank you for all your help—we were dreading this process, but you've made it very seamless and we are excited for the shades! 

Jane B  | Issaquah, WA |  May 3, 2018

Install went well and love the shades!  

Carolyn & Manfred  D  | Seattle , WA |  April 30, 2018

We put the shade up yesterday and it's wonderful! 

Christian W  | Seattle , WA |  April 27, 2018

They are great! Thanks for your help. 

Julie // Donio Project H  | JH INTERIORS | MEDINA, WA |  April 27, 2018

Everything is great. Thank you.  

Ethel & Belen G  | Newcastle, WA |  April 27, 2018

The windows look beautiful and we are very happy with the installation.  

Grace S  | Shoreline, WA |  April 25, 2018

The replacement works great! We've had lots of compliments on the shades and have told our friends and family we got them through you:). Thanks for taking such good care of us.