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Located in beautiful Bellevue, a prime destination for unique shops and eats. This showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts ready to assist you.

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Joy S  | Medina, WA |  April 22, 2021

The installer just left our home. Wow! The shades look fabulous! Worth every penny. Thanks so much for all your help. I will be referring to all my clients that may need window coverings. Thanks again for all your help!  

Zhitian Z  | Mercer Island, WA |  April 22, 2021

The installation went well, and we all love the look of the roller shades in our nursery room. Thank you very much for your help.  

Warren B  | New York, NY |  April 21, 2021

Our installer was a delight. It is a big improvement. Many thanks!  

Ginny R  | Kirkland, WA |  April 21, 2021

The installation went well and the installer was great. Thank you so much, yuu were also great to work with.  

Karen R  | Sammamish, WA |  April 21, 2021

Everything is so beautiful. Every part of this process was smooth & helpful. We are very pleased how everything looks. The bedroom window fits perfectly to seal out any light!! I will definitely use your company again when needed!!  

Sofia T  | Redmond, WA |  April 13, 2021

They are beautiful! We hung them to make sure they fit and they do. Then I put them away for the bedroom to be painted! So big thanks. 

Katherine K  | Mercer Island, WA |  April 12, 2021

The shades are perfect for my studio needs and the installer was professional and did a fantastic job. Thanks! I will be a returning customer and will highly recommend The Shade Store. 

Katie & Jason T  | Hansville, WA |  April 8, 2021

Everything went great! We’ll be over at out the third home next weekend. We’ll take a look at the swatch samples you sent while we’re there. Thanks for everything!  

Tony & Sandrina B  | Bellevue, WA |  April 7, 2021

The installation went smoothly, the blinds look fantastic and block light really well so we’re really happy we achieved our intended outcome. We really appreciate how quickly the order and installation was turned around and if we have any need for blinds in the future we’ll be on touch. 

Anna M  | Redmond, WA |  March 30, 2021

Thank you for checking and your help. Everything looks good.  

Renata L  | Kirkland, WA |  March 26, 2021

All good, love the shades. The installer was super nice and efficient. 

Chelsea H  | Kenmore, WA |  March 26, 2021

Yes, it all looks great and we’re happy.  

Alan F  | Mercer Island, WA |  March 25, 2021

Very professional install! The shade looks great. Nice product.  

Peichin & Andy W  | Mercer Island, WA |  March 25, 2021

The installation went smoothly and we are quite happy with the results. The placement of the shades work out really great, thank you very much for helping us sorting out all the details.  

Sharon M  | Woodinville, WA |  March 24, 2021

Installation went great and we love our new shades. Thanks so much! 

Lori & Michael M  | Mercer Island, WA |  March 24, 2021

The installation went flawlessly and the shades look great. Thanks for asking!  

Reuel R  | Mukilteo, WA |  March 17, 2021

Installation yesterday went very smoothly. The open drapes look great and we are very happy with the fabric as well.  

Robert G  | Lake Stevens, WA |  March 9, 2021

We just received our shades today and they're lovely!  

Annie C  | Seattle, WA |  March 5, 2021

It was great! The installer was great, thorough, helpful in giving me some tips, and respectful of our space and a generally nice person. 

Mimi M  | Kent, WA |  March 4, 2021

It turned out very nice! We Love it! We're still thinking of doing the two small windows in the future. 

Theo & Xiaoxu P  | Kirkland, WA |  March 3, 2021

The installers came in yesterday and did a great job. The blinds are looking great! We are really pleased with the purchase. 

Rachael S  | Kirkland, WA |  March 3, 2021

Thanks for checking in. We are thrilled with the result - they let just the right amount of light in & are very beautiful. Thanks for your service!  

Linn G  | Seattle, WA |  February 26, 2021

Everyone seems to love the new shades. Lots more light and privacy at the same time.  

Paula R  | Bellevue, WA |  February 26, 2021

Everything went smoothly and I love the window shades! The pink ones in my office cast a rosy glow that makes me happy! 

Jenna M  | Tacoma, WA |  February 20, 2021

Looks great! I wish I would have discovered that fabric sooner! 

Nicole P  | Sammamish, WA |  February 19, 2021

It is perfect. Thank you 

Lindzie & Eric C  | Seattle, WA |  February 19, 2021

The install went great and everything looks amazing. All the shades were the perfect size and they work exactly as we imagined.  

Kevin C  | Issaquah, WA |  February 17, 2021

The installation went great and I’m super happy with the window blinds!  

Jennifer R  | Sammamish, WA |  February 17, 2021

Thank you for checking in. Yes, we really like the window treatments. The installer was great. He was very fast and did a great job. I will be in touch in the coming months for additional window treatments. 

Tom C  | Port Townsend, WA |  February 13, 2021

All went well. Everything was measured properly and built properly. Programming was a bit complex, but all is well now! They are beautiful. Thanks for your help. 

Suzanne K  | Kirkland, WA |  February 12, 2021

Looks great! Thank you! 

Katie & Jason T  | Edmonds, WA |  February 12, 2021

Per usual, everything went great with the shades, can't wait to work with you on my next project, 33 windows!!!  

Bonnie B  | Seattle, WA |  February 10, 2021

The installation went without a hitch. The installer was great!  

Rachel B  | Chicago, IL |  February 9, 2021

Everything went great and we are really happy with all of our choices and how everything looks! Thank you for all of your help. I will be in touch in the future if we need anything else for our home! 

Sharon M  | Woodinville, WA |  February 7, 2021

We're thrilled with our new shades, so thrilled we're ready to order a few more! I would like to setup a measure appointment!  

Sarah & Daniel R  | Seattle, WA |  February 5, 2021

Thanks for checking in and for all your help! All looks great, we love them! We will be in touch as there might be another project for us to work with The Shade Store again soon.  

Kristin E  | Seattle, WA |  February 5, 2021

We've installed the ripple fold drapes and they look great! We are installing all four of the shades this weekend. Thanks for checking in!  

Morteza E  | Bellevue, WA |  January 30, 2021

The installation went really great as usual. Thank you for the professional work !  

Diana W  | Kirkland, WA |  January 27, 2021

Thank you for checking in. We love the shades, they are high quality and the electronic mechanism works really well. We are very happy. Thank you for your help. It made a great difference in our experience!  

Jane C  | Mercer Island, WA |  January 21, 2021

The valances are up and look great, thank you! 

Jamie S  | Sammamish, WA |  January 21, 2021

Thank you they look great! I would like to revisit the quote on the living room windows! 

Lynnette & Jon E  | Issaquah, WA |  January 21, 2021

Looks great, thank you! 

Nina K  | Bellevue, WA |  January 21, 2021

Thank for following up. The installation went very smoothly they look great. The installer did a nice job, he was early, very fast and perfectly professional. It was a pleasure working with you! 

Sharon M  | Woodinville, WA |  January 19, 2021

It went so great! Thanks so much for all your help! We love them!!! 

Kristin E  | Seattle, WA |  January 12, 2021

We received the ripple fold drapery and the roman shade for the 1st floor bathroom and the installation went just fine. They look great!  

Emily R  | Seattle, WA |  January 7, 2021

Our dining room drapes and hardware arrived. My husband hung them up. They are beautiful! Thank you. Happy New Year!  

Vicky S  | Bellevue, WA |  December 31, 2020

All went well, and now my shades look so much better. Thank you!  

Sana N  | Seattle, WA |  December 30, 2020

They look great and it went very smoothly :) Thanks for all the help!  

Loida K  | Edmonds, WA |  December 30, 2020

They look great, we’re happy to finally have window coverings.  

Rob B  | Woodinville, WA |  December 26, 2020

We are very happy with our new blinds! They are fantastic!  

Rich M  | Kirkland, WA |  December 17, 2020

He did a nice job. We talked through some of the nuances you and I discussed, and I understand now why there are little imperfections here and there. Blinds look great. We had a nice conversation as well. Thanks for your time today. 

Sandra B  | Mercer Island, WA |  December 16, 2020

The installation of the blinds was very efficient and seamless. Our installer did an amazing job and we are very happy with the blinds. Thank you for your assistance and help with the process. 

Kathleen S  | Jessica Nelson Designs | Sammamish, WA |  December 11, 2020

We Love it! The windows look a AMAZING and now we have privacy in the kids bathroom! We can’t thank you enough for all your help, the emails, appointments and multiple questions we had! Thank you so very much!  

Thomas Storm & Tanya P  | Redmond, WA |  December 11, 2020

Everything is great! Installation went super quickly and I love how it looks! Thank you so much!! 

Cheryl E  | Cheryl Evanson Design | Mercer Island, WA |  December 11, 2020

My clients said they look great and are super efficient and clear.  

Raghu & Aarthy T  | Issaquah, WA |  November 30, 2020

Installer was great! He was meticulous with the installation and made sure every shade was installed perfectly.We love the treatments all around. We're happy with our fabric choices as well as the product selections.  

Ann D  | Kirkland, WA |  November 29, 2020

The install went well and I am happy with the shades, thanks for checking! 

Simona M  | Issaquah, WA |  November 24, 2020

We had the shades installed today and they look even better than I imagined. Thank you for all your help with this process from finding the right products to getting them installed. The person who installed them did a great job as well. He was professional, organized and detailed oriented. It's been a great experience all around, an experience I would not hesitate to share with my friends!  

Brittney D  | Sammamish, WA |  November 20, 2020

The shades are amazing! They suited every room perfectly! Thank you for all your help and recommendations! We are in love!  

Maeva E  | Redmond, WA |  November 20, 2020

The installation went very well, the drapes turned out beautiful. We are very happy with the result. Thank you for your help and assistance along the way. 

Joshua W  | Bellevue, WA |  November 20, 2020

Thanks for checking in, the installation went great - the installer was super nice and took care of everything. The rollers look great and love the motorization. Thanks so much!  

Roxana V  | Woodinville, WA |  November 19, 2020

The panels have been installed today and they are perfect. Thanks so much for all your work! 

Leila B  | Holcomb Designs | Bothell, WA |  November 18, 2020

The installation went great and it looks beautiful. Thanks so much!  

Barb P  | Redmond, WA |  November 13, 2020

Yes, it went well, and we are happy with all the shades, including the latest one. Thanks for your help in “shading” our home! 

Gloria L  | Redmond, WA |  November 13, 2020

Everything went well, they were installed and they look beautiful. Thanks so much for your help! 

Alicia R  | Redmond, WA |  November 10, 2020

Thank you for checking in! We are very pleased with our new shades and very much appreciate your help! 

Laura T  | Bellevue, WA |  October 29, 2020

The blinds are great! Such a welcome upgrade that makes the whole condo look and feel so much better.They seem solid and sturdy and are the perfect shade of off-white. I love being able to control the amount of light coming in. Can see the gorgeous autumn leaves outside my bedroom window now without feeling too exposed. The installation went smoothly. He arrived promptly and worked quickly. He kindly hauled away my old blinds too, which I really appreciated. Thank you both for the excellent service!  

Nicole W  | Sammamish, WA |  October 29, 2020

The shades look so awesome. Definitely the right choice.  

Pelin R  | Maple Valley, WA |  October 21, 2020

The installation was great and we are loving all our window treatments. I’m excited to start thinking about dressing up the sliding doors downstairs, maybe in a couple months! 

Christine A  | Kirkland, WA |  October 21, 2020

Thanks for the help with all the appointments. We’re happy with how the curtains look. We’ll reach out if we want to extend to other rooms in the house.  

Lisa S  | Palm Desert, CA |  October 8, 2020

The installation went smoothly and the shades and color look really good. Super clean looking and really great shade while still being able to see outside.Thank you for your help on this the timing worked out very nicely and was much appreciated.  

Richard & Diana S  | Snoqualmie, WA |  October 2, 2020

Roller shades are up and running with Alexa commands. Love them!  

Chasen F  | Seattle, WA |  September 29, 2020

The installation went flawlessly and we are so happy with the results!! The service guy who came to install was super great, on time, very communicative, and quick to do the job. We are loving our new blinds and so happy we went with The Shade Store :) You have also been a HUGE help and benefit to the whole process by making everything so easy and seamless! So thank you!! If we need any more windows “dressed” in the future, we will certainly reach out to you :)  

Bob W  | Mercer Island, WA |  September 29, 2020

Installation went well and we like the shades. All is good. Thanks. 

Daria I  | Issaquah, WA |  September 25, 2020

I’d like to thank the measurement/installation team and you personally to make this project happen! I truly enjoyed working with you and have already shared my pleasant experience with a couple of my friends :)  

Susan & Paul A  | Issaquah, WA |  September 25, 2020

It went awesome! I love the way they look! Thank you so much. We'll definitely keep in touch!  

Indu J  | Redmond, WA |  September 21, 2020

We love our new window treatments and the installer did a great job at installing them. 

Gwen M  | Anaheim, CA |  September 16, 2020

Everything was great. Thank you!!  

Melissa F  | Redmond, WA |  September 12, 2020

They look sooooo good!! Amazing! 

Dominique J  | Montrose, CA |  September 8, 2020

Looks great and my client is happy with it! 

Doina B  | Kirkland, WA |  September 1, 2020

The drapes are really beautiful! Thank you for your help! I might want to get some other drapes for my kids room and the guest bedroom! 

Kristiann S  | MERCER ISLAND, WA |  September 1, 2020

A couple of weeks ago we started sleeping in our house again. I"m so happy to be back, especially w/ summer still here. I love the shades! Thank you. They look great.  

Kristy H  | Seattle, WA |  August 31, 2020

Overall, we are love, love, loving the new drapery and romans. Really gorgeous fabrics and thoughtful installation. Thanks very much for your help. 

Jennifer M  | Issaquah, WA |  August 24, 2020

We love our shades and they were installed simply and quickly! Thank you.  

Nadia K  | Issaquah, WA |  August 23, 2020

We’ve received the shades and installed them a few days ago. The pattern and material is beautiful and we like them a lot.  

Elissa S  | Seattle, WA |  August 14, 2020

Thank you very much! Your customer service goes above and beyond. And everyone I’ve interacted with has been exceptional as well. I’m very happy with my shades and all of your service! 

Patrick T  | Kirkland, WA |  August 14, 2020

I just finished installing them last night, they look great and I’m very happy with them! I really love how the black blends into the darkness at night. Thank you again for all of your help. 

Geir J  | Port Townsend, WA |  August 12, 2020

They’re working great! Thanks! 

Tammy H  | Everett, WA |  August 11, 2020

They look great! Thanks for checking. The valance really helped the light in the bedroom. 

Seon K  | Renton, WA |  August 11, 2020

Thanks so much for your help, the shades look great! 

Brigit H  | Bellevue, WA |  August 10, 2020

It was a delight to have the installer put up my kitchen blinds. I cannot believe how beautiful they are. 

Mike A  | Seattle, WA |  August 10, 2020

Got the blinds and all are installed. My wife loves them. She says the solar shades are soothing to her. Thanks so much for all your help and follow up. Very pleased with the product and the experience. 

Shannon D  | Mercer Island, WA |  August 7, 2020

You did a lovely job installing the blinds and we are very happy with them. Thank you for all of the follow up and suggestions. 

Ikuko Y  | Bellevue, WA |  August 6, 2020

Installation went smooth. We are very happy with the product! The depth perfectly fit with our window as if it was custom made. You sincerely answered all the fine detailed questions we had, showed us how it functions, and double checked that the product comes with the wide span that our window had. This will be easily missed when we just ordered via online. I am happy that I was able to go to showroom and discuss all the details with you. 

Morteza E  | Bellevue, WA |  August 1, 2020

We would also like to appreciate the professional service you and The Shade Store provided to us. 

Winsome S  | Bainbridge Island, WA |  July 31, 2020

I appreciate your patience and cheerful help even though it’s taken me so long to finally place the order! 

Gregory M  | Bothell, WA |  July 24, 2020

Thank you Tony- everything went perfectly well - Great service !! 

Lara S  | Kirkland, WA |  July 21, 2020

We are so happy with our shades! Our installer was very professional and thorough, and the shades look great. 

Anne F  | Sammamish, WA |  July 9, 2020

All went well in the end today, the blinds look lovely & the installer did a great job. Many thanks! 

Whitney E  | Newcastle, WA |  July 6, 2020

It went awesome, thanks so much!