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Located in beautiful Bellevue, a prime destination for unique shops and eats. This showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts ready to assist you. 425.748.7110 / email

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Gregory M  | Bothell, WA |  July 24, 2020

Thank you Tony- everything went perfectly well - Great service !! 

Lara S  | Kirkland, WA |  July 21, 2020

We are so happy with our shades! Our installer was very professional and thorough, and the shades look great. 

Anne F  | Sammamish, WA |  July 9, 2020

All went well in the end today, the blinds look lovely & the installer did a great job. Many thanks! 

Whitney E  | Newcastle, WA |  July 6, 2020

It went awesome, thanks so much! 

Leven B  | Montgomery Village, MD |  July 6, 2020

The shades were installed today and they are perfect! The installer has always provided good service. He was very professional and cordial. 

Bobbi  M  | Ronald, WA |  July 2, 2020

Everything looks and works fantastically thank you very much for everything. I truly appreciate all your hard work! 

Daniel M  | Newcastle, WA |  July 1, 2020

It turned out well. Thanks! 

Eric F  | Kirkland, WA |  June 25, 2020

Everything went well. 

Heidi D  | Woodenville, WA |  June 25, 2020

Thank you it is perfect!!! Appreciate all your help. 

Annie L  | Issaquah, WA |  June 22, 2020

Thank you so much for your help! We got all the shades installed and they are fantastic. Really appreciate you going out of your way to help us and even dropping off samples to our home. Thank you so much! 

Marla & David M  | Berkeley, CA |  June 22, 2020

Thank you . They are great! 

Damon H  | Seattle, WA |  June 20, 2020

Everything went smoothly from A to Z on this. The installer did a great job and the shades are perfect. Happy customers. 

Amy R  | Bellevue, WA |  June 18, 2020

Love them! Everything is perfect. 

Jennifer & Sam C  | Spokane, WA |  June 10, 2020

We love all of our new shades! We are super happy with how they turned out and the installation was easy. The fabrics are beautiful. The motorized shade in the master is amazing and I wish I could have done all of the shades with a motor. Thank you again for all of your help! 

Cristin D  | Clyde Hill, WA |  June 2, 2020

Yes I am super happy with them! It has been a pleasure, thank you for checking in. 

Sarah L  | Mercer Island, WA |  May 29, 2020

Thank you for all of your help getting our order placed and facilitating the install changes during this unusual time. Your service and ongoing communication has been exceptional and greatly appreciated. 

Cindy  O  | Seattle, WA |  May 28, 2020

It is absolutely perfect and was easy to install! We appreciate the careful material selection- thank you! He uses it even on cloudy days to cut the glare. Thank you again. 

Tiffany M  | Laguna Beach , CA |  May 28, 2020

Everything went great! Thanks! 

David & Le D  | Camas, WA |  May 28, 2020

Our shade looks nicely and works beautifully! It keeps the sun out of our dining area at sunset so we accomplished what we were seeking! Again, thank you for your time and helpfulness in our selection of our blinds. 

Kathleen C  | Largo, FL |  May 26, 2020

Everything went perfectly, the installers quick and professional, and I love my shades! Thank you so much! 

Gwen M  | Anaheim, CA |  May 26, 2020

My window coverings were installed yesterday and I loved how they turned out. Very happy with the product. Thank you again for all your help. 

Jeff  R  | Renton, WA |  May 26, 2020

Everything went well. Now, I am interested in the shades for the two side windows in the living room. 

Zak M  | Normandy Park, WA |  May 26, 2020

We LOVE the shades and will be contacting you to do the remaining windows. 

Lezley S  | Mercer Island, WA |  May 11, 2020

The window treatments turned out really great! Thanks for all of your help!!! All the best!  

Mary B  | Mercer Island, WA |  May 5, 2020

Everything went fine, and the shades look great. Thank you. 

Elizabeth W  | Kirkland, WA |  May 1, 2020

Wanted to say THANK YOU again for helping us with our shade order for our bathroom. They were installed yesterday and they are exactly what we were hoping for. Thanks very much. 

Yen-An C  | Kirkland, WA |  April 30, 2020

Everything looks fine. Thank you so much for checking in with me. 

Elin L  | Redmond, WA |  April 4, 2020

We got the shades installed on Thursday and we are really pleased with them! Both when they are up and nicely tucked close to the window, and when they are down. The color goes really well with the rest of the interior. We are also very pleased with the blackout material, especially now when the days are getting longer. 

Beth G  | Seattle, WA |  April 1, 2020

All is good. I am very pleased with the window treatments. 

Jan M  | Kenmore, WA |  April 1, 2020

The install went great and we absolutely love the shades. They look and work great! Our dog is not so thrilled about the motorized shades but he’ll have to get used to them. 

Kathleen & Brett N  | Sammamish, WA |  March 30, 2020

We have been very happy with The Shade Store. The installation crew were very experienced, they have installed the rod precisely where we wanted. Your quote is close to perfect, the curtains are just above the floor, and the width/fullness is just perfect. The quality of curtains are very good. The curtains were packed very carefully. Anyway, we love it so much. And thank you for your help. 

Thomas & Cherie S  | Bellevue, WA |  March 19, 2020

We sincerely appreciate the friendly yet professional service we have received from you and the installers. From the time we walked into the store in Bellevue until the final instillation was completed we have been totally happy. The beautiful new Solar shades now make a big improvement in our enjoyment of condo living. 

Diane C  | Renton, WA |  March 16, 2020

We installed the shades last week and we love them! Thanks for all your help! 

Danielle W  | Lummi Island, WA |  March 14, 2020

All went perfectly! I have already referred you to several people! 

Joy R  | Medina, WA |  March 13, 2020

The shade looks beautiful! Thank you for your help.  

Lillian C  | Bellevue, WA |  March 6, 2020

Everything is fine. Thank you for your help! 

Michelle C  | Mercer Island , WA |  March 6, 2020

It’s amazing! Thanks for your help and quick attention to booking the installation- the quote and installation guy was SO nice! My husband and I loved how detailed he was! Thanks again! 

Rosemary N  | Mercer Island, WA |  March 5, 2020

I love my new shade. Please pass on to the appropriate person that the installer was prompt, efficient, courteous and friendly All in all, a very good representative for your company, as are you. Thank you again. 

Kimberly M  | Issaquah, WA |  March 4, 2020

Good morning! It looks great. Thank you. I will come back when something comes up. 

Resa R  | Woodinville, WA |  March 4, 2020

Thanks, Debbie! The shades look fantastic; we are really pleased!!! 

Lisa S  | Seattle, WA |  March 3, 2020

Looks great – thank you! 

Chris  K  | Seattle, WA |  March 1, 2020

Installation went well. I really like the upstairs rollers and wood blinds. Still getting used to the Roman shades! 

Katherine B  | Everett, WA |  February 27, 2020

I appreciate your willingness to help solve the issues that came up over time and for your positive approach. Thank you. I am also grateful for your installer, his expertise and customer service. 

Chrystal H  | Sammamish , WA |  February 27, 2020

The shades are working great! Clients like them a lot. 

Katelyn S  | Sammamish, WA |  February 27, 2020

We are enjoying the shades. Thanks again for your help. 

Stephanie C  | Woodway, WA |  February 24, 2020

Thank you so much, everything looks wonderful! The same technician that installed in my previous home was here to install this home. It was great to see him. Thank you again for all the suggestions and for the great quality service. 

Kimberly M  | Issaquah, WA |  February 22, 2020

They look great! Thank you! 

Hadassah L  | Kirkland, WA |  February 22, 2020

Installation went great and the shades look awesome, we are really happy! I will reach out when we figure out what to do with the sliding door. Thank you so much for being so helpful and patient! 

Debbie D  | North Bend, WA |  February 22, 2020

We are extremely happy with everything. Our installer was great and very meticulous! Thanks for everything! 

Sanjay & Samvita M  | Clyde Hill, WA |  February 19, 2020

The blinds look great, and the technicians were super friendly and professional at the same time. 

Brandon T  | Issaquah, WA |  February 18, 2020

Shade is up and awesome! Thanks again. 

Nadia K  | Issaquah, WA |  February 18, 2020

Everything went smoothly and the shades look beautiful! Thank you so much! Have a great day! 

John & Kelly M  | Bellevue, WA |  February 13, 2020

Yes, they look nice! 

Tina R  | Bellevue, WA |  February 11, 2020

It was a pleasure to work with you! Loving all my drapes and shades. Thanks again! 

Amanda O  | Kirkland, WA |  February 3, 2020

Thank you so much. I appreciate your excellent customer service. 

Anne L  | Seattle, WA |  January 31, 2020

Shade looks nice! Thank you very much! 

Elizabeth W  | Kirkland, WA |  January 29, 2020

Thanks for all your help! The shades look great. We’ll be in touch in coming weeks for our master bath. Also, have to say, love the thank you card with the tree planting. That’s really great! 

Bobbi  M  | Bothell, WA |  January 29, 2020

It's been a pleasure working with you! 

Jessica B  | Bellevue, WA |  January 24, 2020

Thank you so much for the follow up! Yes the installation went incredibly smoothly and they were really fast! One of the designs we chose will definitely take some getting used to now that we're seeing it on the larger scale, but I'm hoping that will just come with time. 

Mary B  | Mercer Island, WA |  January 23, 2020

The installation went well, and we are happy with the shades. The motorized lift and lower is great. I look forward to working with you on the dining room and living room shades in the spring. 

Paul & Pam M  | Renton, WA |  January 23, 2020

Veni, vidi, veci…….just now. Everything is great! 

Crystal C  | Sammamish, WA |  January 22, 2020

They look amazing! Thank you! 

Lori & Matt H  | Mercer Island, WA |  January 19, 2020

The shade was perfect! No problems at all, and even better - it took like ten minutes to install. We look forward to being in touch as well. 

Tracy S  | Kirkland, WA |  January 18, 2020

Yes, everything was great! So happy with the romans and drapes. 

Bruce H  | Renton, WA |  January 18, 2020

The shades look great. Better than what we imagined. The installers were great. 

Oliver C  | Seattle, WA |  January 16, 2020

I just wanted to share with you what a great experience it has been working with The Shade Store. You guys are great. First class! 

Iris G  | Kirkland, WA |  January 16, 2020

Thank you again for your follow-through. Even though we had several issues with the order, we would use The Shade Store again simply because of the great customer service. 

Tracy B  | Issaquah, WA |  January 11, 2020

An absolute pleasure to work with you. We came back because the shades, blinds were so progressive compared to everything else we were finding. Blinds need to reflect current and future, not 1984. The Shade Store materials and designs were very forward thinking.  

Michelle H  | Bellevue, WA |  January 8, 2020

I am very pleased with my shades! My dog not so much. He is not a fan of the motorized ones when we put up or down! The gentleman who installed them was very nice and professional. He was very knowledgeable and installed them all quickly. I enjoyed working with you, thank you for your advice and patience! 

Kent F  | Benton City, WA |  January 7, 2020

Everything looked good. Thanks for all your help! You are great!!  

Anne F  | Sammamish, WA |  December 19, 2019

Thank You so much! All went well and the installer did a great job. Blinds look wonderful & we look forward to doing the den sometime next year. The blinds complement the sage colored kitchen so well & look very modern & chic. 

Michael & Diane S  | Kirkland, WA |  December 18, 2019

Thank you very much for your help! We got the shade installed today, and Michael was very surprised as the shade installer finished all in 20 minutes very professionally. I think we need more shades after remodeling our basement. Will contact to you later!  

Kavita G  | Bellevue, WA |  December 3, 2019

We are very pleased with the drapes and the service was excellent. 

Rachael P  | Bellevue, WA |  December 2, 2019

They look amazing and thank you so very much for the great service! Looking forward to working with you again! 

Isabella T  | Sammamish, WA |  November 30, 2019

Thank you. So happy! 

Marda & Jean-Marie G  | Lacey, WA |  November 30, 2019

We appreciate the excellent service that you and your company provided us. 

Sarah W  | Kenmore, WA |  November 30, 2019

The installation went great. We are very happy with how everything looks! Thanks for your assistance. 

Stephanie P  | Newcastle, WA |  November 29, 2019

he installation went well and it looks great. They did a good job. Thank you again for your help. 

Hajime W  | Duvall, WA |  November 27, 2019

The installation was done, and the shades were great! We love them. 

Judy D  | Seattle, WA |  November 27, 2019

Thank you for all your help. The experience was very smooth and professional and the shades are great. I will refer you to others. 

Judy B  | Mercer Island, WA |  November 25, 2019

The installation went smoothly. One of the installers was the one who did all the measuring before we moved in. They work so quickly and do a great job. I have already used the shades to block the afternoon sun. They do look lovely and I know I will appreciate them! THANKS SO MUCH for your help in choosing my window coverings. 

Lan W  | Bellevue, WA |  November 24, 2019

Everything went well. Again, thank you for your help. 

Bob & Elisabetta G  | Kirkland, WA |  November 23, 2019

The installation went well, and we’re very happy with the shades. Thanks you very much for all your help with our project. We’ll certainly come knocking at your door next time around. 

Carl & Gracie M  | Seattle, WA |  November 22, 2019

Everything went to plan and all look perfect. We are very happy with everything. 

Tsang W  | Newcastle, WA |  November 22, 2019

Thank you for all your help in the process. 

Marie H  | Medina, WA |  November 19, 2019

They look great! 

Hanna C  | Kirkland, WA |  November 15, 2019

It went great and we are very happy with the shades. I cannot thank you enough for all your professional guidance and help on this project. Everyone who visited our house loved the shades and did ask about the product info! 

Whitney E  | Newcastle, WA |  November 14, 2019

I’m obsessed with our blinds and plan on doing the next phase really soon!  

Donna S  | Medina, WA |  November 11, 2019

The shade looks wonderful and the young man installing it is a gem.  

Chris S  | Seattle , WA |  November 6, 2019

I’m really happy with my shades. I’m not on social media but I have said nice things about you and The Shade Store to several friends. I appreciated all your help!  

Luis & Celina V  | Lynnwood, WA |  November 4, 2019

Everything looks great, we're really happy with the shades in general :) Thank you again for your patience with our shopping process, we really appreciate all of your attentions!  

Rosie A  | Kent, WA |  November 2, 2019

The tech installed the last window a week ago Saturday. I'm happy with the window treatments. Thank you  

Kristin S  | Sammamish, WA |  November 2, 2019

The new window treatments look great and were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for all your help  

Denise M  | Kirkland, WA |  November 1, 2019

The install went smoothly and the blinds look great! Thanks 

Tami J  | Sammamish, WA |  October 26, 2019

The Turners are very happy with the shades! 

Christina P  | Snoqualmie, WA |  October 24, 2019

We absolutely love the new bedroom window coverings — the room feels complete now and so cozy, especially with the sheer layer. Thank you for all your help with these beautiful coverings!  

Ashlynn R  | Bellevue, WA |  October 22, 2019

Thanks for checking in. Installation went smoothly and they LOVE their new blinds! We appreciate you working with us on this project and look forward to staying in touch as well. 

Mikaela S  | Snohomish, WA |  October 18, 2019

Yes, very happy with how the shades turned out! Thanks for all your help!  

Marie H  | Woodinville, WA |  October 16, 2019

The curtains were finished yesterday and look beautiful Thank You for you help  

Emmely & Robert K  | Kirkland , WA |  October 11, 2019

Thanks for the email. All is well - we are very happy with the outcome.