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Located in beautiful Bellevue, a prime destination for unique shops and eats. This showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts ready to assist you. 425.748.7110 / email

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Carol B  | Bellevue, WA |  March 27, 2019

The installer was here and did an excellent job. He also gave me a few pointers on the shades he installed awhile ago. We're very happy.  

Elizabeth P  | Issaquah, WA |  March 26, 2019

They are beautiful and I will be ordering the rest soon.  

Meena R  | Washington , DC |  March 26, 2019

The shades are beautiful. Hope you are well!  

Todd C  | Woodinville, WA |  March 22, 2019

Everything is complete and we are happy. Thanks!  

Reed K  | Seattle, WA |  March 20, 2019

Thanks! It looks great and we’ll contact you soon.  

Jeff & Paula P  | Simla, CO |  March 18, 2019

The blinds look great. Thank you for your help delivering such a nice product. 

Linda S  | Burien, WA |  March 15, 2019

We are thrilled, but I don’t think my windowsill plants are too happy. No, really, the installer was delightful, and it all looks very nice. 

Matt S  | Kirkland, WA |  March 15, 2019

The shades turned out amazing. The guys that did the install did a fantastic job. Thanks for all your help.  

Joann B  | Beaux Arts, WA |  March 15, 2019

The nice installer did a good job and the shades look great! It was a pleasure working with you, too. 

Deb L  | Buckeye, AZ |  March 15, 2019

Thank you! Awesome service!  

Andrea H  | Bellevue, WA |  March 11, 2019

I appreciate your responsiveness and that of your team! The Shade Store has been great to work with. Thanks!  

Fran & Soren E  | Redmond, WA |  March 11, 2019

I am so happy with my shades. I enjoy every time they go up and down automatically in the morning and evening.  

Tatu &Tuuli S  | Mercer Island, WA |  March 9, 2019

Everything worked fine, and motorized shades in particular look fabulous! Thank you!  

Marisa D  | Edmonds , WA |  March 6, 2019

Everything looks great!  

Ben B  | Bellevue, WA |  March 4, 2019

The blinds are in and look good! We are very happy with them.  

Pam & Gary F  | Yakima, WA |  March 4, 2019

The Shade Store is a stand up company. We will be more than willing to give a referral. In fact to be able to say a company is willing to stand by their work and make it right is a huge endorsement. 

Glen H  | Woodinville, WA |  March 3, 2019

It went well and we love our new blinds and will definitely be back when we need to get more. Thanks for everything!  

Heather  R  | Clinton, WA |  March 1, 2019

I wanted to let you know that we received the shade this afternoon and my husband installed it. It looks great and will get the job done as far as blackout goes. The color looks good too, very neutral in the space and blends with the wood ceiling. Thanks for your help again! 

Bich L  | Woodinville, WA |  February 28, 2019

The final installation went very well and the tech did a great job on the installation. We are very pleased with the service and our window treatments. 

Reanna P  | brier, WA |  February 28, 2019

Thank you! I love them!  

Aileen M  | Bellevue, WA |  February 27, 2019

We haven’t moved in yet, but we went by last night and the window treatments look great!  

Jayson M  | McMinnville, OR |  February 25, 2019

The shades are installed and they look awesome.  

Jacqui & Lance R  | Bellevue, WA |  February 25, 2019

It is perfect! We are very happy with the shade.  

Joyce S  | Bellevue, WA |  February 24, 2019

Everything went great! Thanks so much for your help.  

Rolin P  | Kirkland, WA |  February 23, 2019

They arrived yesterday, and I installed them this morning. They fit and look great! Thank you for your help and we look forward to working with you in the future.  

Sonali & Shikher M  | Seattle, WA |  February 19, 2019

The installation went very smoothly and we are loving all the shades! It was great working with you as well, and we really appreciated all your help and patience with us from start to finish.  

Chris A  | Kirkland, WA |  February 18, 2019

The blind install was completed this morning, highly professional, clean and fast. The new blinds look excellent and serve the purpose very well. We love the electric powered blinds in the master bedroom and the door to the garden. Thank you for all your assistance. I am sure we will be in soon to order blinds for the two guest bedrooms.  

Andrew T  | Bellevue, WA |  February 18, 2019

The blinds are great! We are very happy! The install guy was awesome as well. The whole experience with company and people, you included has been a refreshing look forward to the other window treatments in the future.  

Mira K  | Issaquah, WA |  February 14, 2019

The install went great and the shades are beautiful! Thank you so much for your help! 

Rebecca M  | Phoenix, AZ |  February 14, 2019

The shades are amazing and we love them. The motorization was worth every penny. It’s fun to watch them go up and down. Our installer did an excellent job. I would recommend The Shade Store to anyone because of the great products and service.  

Maureen B  | Seattle, WA |  February 14, 2019

All went really well. He arrived exactly on time and did a quick, efficient job. Nice young man. Thanks!  

Mike & Babe M  | Mercer Island, WA |  February 13, 2019

We appreciate your attention to the details. We love the shades!  

Brittany B  | Seattle, WA |  February 7, 2019

This is incredible customer service. 

Indu J  | Redmond, WA |  February 6, 2019

Thank you so much for the prompt response and taking care of everything for us. 

Daniel T  | Mill Creek, WA |  February 5, 2019

Everything went very smoothly. We love our new blinds. Perfect look and feel with the new design.  

Paris S  | Bellevue, WA |  February 5, 2019

Everything went very well and we are so happy with the product.  

Beatrice & Paul V  | Burien, WA |  January 29, 2019

Everyone admires and applauds the choice of shades we made. We continue to be very pleased.  

Robert & Marilyn F  | Edmonds, WA |  January 26, 2019

We stopped by the house yesterday to see the window treatments. They look great. We were at the house when the installer got started and it was clear right away that he is a careful and precise person.  

Roma K  | Bellevue, WA |  January 21, 2019

The installation went well. We love the rollers. We still are getting used to the Roman shades. Thanks! 

Li Z  | Seattle, WA |  January 20, 2019

They look perfect! The installation was smooth. Thanks! 

Beatrice & Paul V  | Burien, WA |  January 11, 2019

We are very satisfied with the new widow coverings for both the front window and the bedroom window. The installation went well and the technician worked efficiently. We are particularly pleased with the excellent support you have provided in helping us with the selection of the right product for our house. Your friendliness and the timely answers to all of our questions (and there were many!) made all the difference. We would certainly be glad to recommend your business to our friends and acquaintances if the opportunity presents itself. Best regards, Beatrice van Tulder  

Winsome S  | BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA |  January 9, 2019

They look great and I am very happy with how the installation went. The installer did a great job explaining things to me and made a fast and tidy job of installing, while working around a napping toddler and a curious and talkative 5 year-old. Thank you for all your wonderful service!  

Shepley E  | bellevue, WA |  January 7, 2019

I had them installed, and they look great! Thanks!  

Sophie Y  | Sammamish, WA |  January 5, 2019

It was great! I will come back to do more projects with you, thanks!  

Shirley  R  | Mukilteo, WA |  December 28, 2018

Amazing customer service! You should teach a ‘how to’ course. Thanks!  

Katie R  | Sammamish, WA |  December 23, 2018

The powder shade was delivered and my husband installed it. It works great! Thank you again for your help and for the amazing customer service.  

Ike L  | Medina, WA |  December 22, 2018

I am very happy with the color and function. I am very glad that I found you guys!  

Kurt L  | Kirkland, WA |  December 22, 2018

Everything looks great.  

Jihyun S  | Snoqualmie, WA |  December 20, 2018

The installation went great! They are beautiful! Thank you so much for working with us. 

Tina S  | Bellevue, WA |  December 18, 2018

The installation went great. The guys were nice and knew what they were doing. We are very happy with our shade. Thank you so much for your assistance. You really are the best!  

Helen S  | Kirkland, WA |  December 17, 2018

Thanks for always following up. Everything turned out great!  

Oliver & Una C  | Mercer Island, WA |  December 14, 2018

Everything went smoothly and we are very happy with our new shades. Thank you for your assistance!  

Eric B  | Kirkland, WA |  December 13, 2018

It was very easy to install the shade and we are very happy about the result. It looks very nice. 

Fred W  | Kirkland, WA |  December 13, 2018

All is well. Thanks! 

Suresh & Manjusha A  | Sammamish, WA |  December 13, 2018

All went well. Thanks for all your help  

Tracy S  | Kirkland, WA |  December 10, 2018

The Solar Shades were installed and look great. Thanks!  

Phil T  | Woodinville, WA |  December 9, 2018

We are very happy with how the shades look in our house. The cherry blossom pattern is a hit with everyone. The grey roller without valence looks clean and modern. Thanks for your help and suggestions.  

Darren S  | Bellevue, WA |  December 7, 2018

All went well and they look amazing! Could not be happier. Thank you for your help, I’m sure this will lead to some other projects so expect to see me soon!  

Michele R  | Woodinville, WA |  December 5, 2018

All is well. You guys are top notch. So happy with my new shades! 

Geoff P  | Seattle, WA |  December 5, 2018

They're beautiful! Thank you so much. It's been a great experience working with The Shade Store, and your personally. Much appreciated! 

Hannah B  | Kenmore, WA |  December 5, 2018

Thanks and as always you are super helpful!  

Sean E  | Renton, WA |  December 5, 2018

Everything went smoothly and we are happy with our window treatments. We will use you again for future window treatments. 

Eshwar S  | Sammamish, WA |  November 30, 2018

Everything went well and turned out beautifully. It was a real pleasure working with you and your team. Thanks for all the help. 

Tammy  H  | Everett, WA |  November 29, 2018

They look great! Thank you!  

Shelagh C  | Redmond, WA |  November 29, 2018

Installation went smoothly. The drapery and shades look beautiful. I appreciate your patience working with me and my husband as well as taking time to ensure the drapery was right. The final product exceeded our expectations.  

Laura N  | Seattle, WA |  November 27, 2018

The shade look great! Thank you for all of your help.  

Christy J  | Seattle, WA |  November 24, 2018

The shades are great. Thank you for all of your help!  

Ulrike M  | Seattle, WA |  November 23, 2018

Everything went well. Thanks!  

Tim P  | Snohomish, WA |  November 21, 2018

The installation went very smoothly and we LOVE our new shade!  

Yukie C  | Bellevue, WA |  November 21, 2018

The shades were nicely installed yesterday and the bathroom selection was a good choice. Thank you for your suggestion. 

Crystal C  | Issaquah, WA |  November 21, 2018

Everything went great! They look amazing! 

Yana B  | Kirkland, WA |  November 17, 2018

The installation went well. It looks perfect. Thank you for your help!  

Janna N  | Port Orchard, WA |  November 17, 2018

They look great! I love how they turned out! Thank you for all your help!  

Sienna R  | Yarrow Point, WA |  November 15, 2018

The shade looks great and went in easily. Thanks!  

Nancy & Don N  | Bonnie Lake, WA |  November 15, 2018

We love the look of our new blinds. We are very happy with them. The installer was very nice and did a great, careful job. 

Mary & Max C  | Bellevue, WA |  November 13, 2018

We love our new electrical shades.The installer was excellent. He finished in two hours and was very professional and capable. A great experience. Thank you for all your good work on this.  

Mikaela S  | Snohomish, WA |  November 12, 2018

Thank you so much for all your help! We couldn’t be happier with how the shades turned out!!  

Joanne E  | Bellevue, WA |  November 8, 2018

Shades look great! They turned out well.  

Tami / Loudon  J  | Issaquah, WA |  November 7, 2018

We are thrilled with the shades, how they function, and were so thankful for your visit.  

Karyn O  | Medina, WA |  November 1, 2018

The window treatments look great! Thank you!  

Taylor W  | Sammamish, WA |  October 31, 2018

Thank you so much!  

Regina & Glenn J  | Redmond, WA |  October 30, 2018

They are gorgeous, especially the drapes in living room. Thanks so much for all your help.  

Lorie L  | Duvall, WA |  October 29, 2018

The windows look great and the installer was super nice. Thanks!  

Jim F  | Kingman, AZ |  October 28, 2018

It would have been impossible to get a better color for this place! I love the window treatments, thank you much for all the time & help.  

Cheryl R  | Redmond, WA |  October 28, 2018

The windows look great. 

James C  | Bellevue, WA |  October 27, 2018

The shades look good, thanks.  

Gail P  | Kirkland, WA |  October 17, 2018

Everything went very smoothly yesterday and the shades look great. Thanks for your color recommendation!  

Brittany  C  | Seattle, WA |  October 15, 2018

The shade looks and works great! The install went flawlessly.  

Tracy S  | Mercer Island, WA |  October 14, 2018

The shades were installed and look fantastic. Super happy with them!  

Dale R  | Kenmore, WA |  October 14, 2018

I'm thrilled! The install was flawless.  

Susan L  | Medina, WA |  October 11, 2018

I love all of my products and was so happy when I received a letter saying you planted a tree on my behalf.  

Halina M  | Bellevue, WA |  October 11, 2018

We are happy with the shades. Thank you for your help with selections!  

Susan N  | Redmond, WA |  October 8, 2018

Our blinds are fabulous and the guys who installed them blew me away with their efficiency, professionalism and friendliness! From beginning to end we had a great experience with The Shade Store. I passed along your catalog to a friend of ours who is in need of window coverings. I hope he contacts you- he won’t be disappointed! 

Nitin & Shwetha R  | Seattle, WA |  October 6, 2018

We are extremely happy with the window treatments!  

Sarah D  | Mercer Island, WA |  October 4, 2018

We love it all! Thank you!  

Ashish & Aman K  | Bothell, WA |  October 1, 2018

I love my shades.  

Katie R  | Sammamish, WA |  September 30, 2018

Our roller shades look great!! I’m very pleased with them – thank you for all your help.  

Bonnie P  | Bellevue, WA |  September 29, 2018

Installation was great, and everything is working well. Many thanks. 

Dan O  | Bellevue, WA |  September 28, 2018

Thanks for all your help in this process. You have been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and prompt in responding to all my questions. I have enjoyed working with you. 

Hong Z  | Mercer Island, WA |  September 27, 2018

We like the new shades!