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Houston - Decorative Center Houston

5120 Woodway Drive, Suite 1070 Houston, TX 77056

Found in theDecorative Center of Houston, our Houston, TX, showroom is in a top destination for interior design. Visit us today to explore how custom window treatments, including Shade, Blinds and Drapery can elevate your home interior.
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Decorative Center Houston

5120 Woodway Drive, Suite 1070

Houston, TX 77056

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Angelica B  | Montgomery, TX |  July 27, 2023

Everything looks great! I’m so excited! The shades look great and what a difference with the heat in front of those windows. 

Elizabeth  M  | Houston , TX |  July 5, 2023

Everything went very well, and we are happy with the results. 

Nick S  | Houston, TX |  June 13, 2023

They turned out great. 

Kari R  | Houston, TX |  May 12, 2023

Everything is looking great! 

Lili C  | Pharr, TX |  May 12, 2023

It all looks perfect and met my expectations!  

Teena C  | The Woodlands, TX |  May 8, 2023

installation was very smooth. Our new shade looks great! 

Morgan H  | Houston, TX |  April 12, 2023

Everything looks great. Always a pleasure working with The Shade Store team. 

Kimberly B  | The Woodlands, TX |  March 21, 2023

As always, the installation was great and I really like the blinds. The installers are always so nice, professional and timely.  

Lauren B  | Houston, TX |  March 8, 2023

Everything looks great and the Installer was super helpful! 

Kathleen K  | Houston, TX |  March 7, 2023

Great install. 

Kristin W  | The Woodlands, TX |  March 2, 2023

It's awesome!!! 

Lauren H  | Missouri City, TX |  February 17, 2023

We LOVE the Roman shades and they make such a difference in the living room! We like them so much we're thinking of adding the exact same flat roman shades to the windows directly below the three upper windows.  

Sylvia D  | Houston, TX |  February 15, 2023

They are all perfect. 

Kathleen W  | Houston, TX |  February 9, 2023

My installation was perfect! 

David H  | San Diego, CA |  January 26, 2023

I believe my customer is very happy with the installation and her new window treatments. Everything looks beautiful. 

Gabe S  | Houston, TX |  January 11, 2023

The window treatments look great! 

SILVANA W  | SPRING, TX |  October 19, 2022

Everything went fine and I loved my new shades! 

Danial S  | Richmond, TX |  September 1, 2022

The service was excellent. The person who came out to fix the shade was extremely courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him and The Shade Store’s unmatched customer service. 

Edward Jay R  | Houston, TX |  August 17, 2022

Everything went very smoothly and it was a delight. The installation was not easy and he was very professional and kind to deal with. 

Emmy M  | Houston, TX |  August 17, 2022

The installation went great, my shades look so good. I am very pleased with your services and your team. 

Tricia G  | Houston, TX |  July 26, 2022

It was excellent. Wonderful customer service all around from sales to installation. 

Kristen K  | Houston, TX |  June 30, 2022

Install went swimmingly- the shade is perfect. Many thanks. 

Helen P  | Houston, TX |  June 21, 2022

I love the drapes! Very cool to have the bedrooms feel more comfy and relaxing without all the harsh west sun. The installers were also very perfect and great. I just got back from traveling and will be thinking about what to do next with shades in the living areas.  

Traci V  | Houston, TX |  June 21, 2022

The new shades are AWESOME and the installer was fantastic! Sweet, polite, and efficient! Very nice young man. 

Alejandra R  | Houston, TX |  May 16, 2022

I think this looks great as is now that the furniture is in.. Thank you again, I will certainly recommend you! I loved my experience at The Shade Store.  

Caitlin C  | Sugar Land, TX |  April 7, 2022

I am very pleased with how they turned out! Thank you. I will be in touch when we’re ready for another room!  

Liliana S  | houston, TX |  April 7, 2022

it was great!.. The installer, he was fantastic. I am happy with the look of it.  

lexi a  | houston, TX |  April 1, 2022

Thanks so much! Everything looks great. Appreciate you being so accommodating throughout the process. I am happy we were able to work together. I will absolutely keep your info for any further projects.  

Rebecca D  | Houston, TX |  February 18, 2022

Everything looks great! 

Maura Y  | Houston, TX |  January 13, 2022

They look great--- thanks. 

Ada P  | Washington DC, DC |  January 11, 2022

You have the best product and the best customer service.  

Mona K  | Houston, TX |  January 11, 2022

Everything went well. The installer was very professional and nice, and we are very happy with how all the shades look. Thanks for your help!  

Talida C  | Katy, TX |  January 10, 2022

Thanks for checking in! Everything was fine, and we’re super happy with how it turned out in the end.  

Brandon S  | Spring, TX |  December 23, 2021

I really appreciate the follow up. Installation went well and everything looks great. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the entire process  

Sherie R  | Lake City, AR |  November 30, 2021

Thank you again for following up. I think everything is working perfectly now.  

Jeff K  | The Woodlands, TX |  October 4, 2021

Good morning, the installation went very well and the treatments look fantastic. I will definitely be ordering more soon.  

Seema  P  | Bellaire, TX |  September 23, 2021

Yes! The new shades look great! Thank you guys again! The whole experience has been great!  

Sally D  | Houston, TX |  August 27, 2021

It looks great! Thank you!  

Stacy A  | Houston, TX |  August 26, 2021

Everything looks great. I was there for the appointment and it went smoothly. The installer was great. 

Silva M  | Houston, TX |  August 13, 2021

Thank you for your help and great service from the store. 

Loren J  | Houston, TX |  August 12, 2021

Can’t believe y’all turned those around so fast! Thank you for your help. 

Tina J  | Denver, CO |  August 9, 2021

We’re super happy with our purchase and the installation. Everything looks great. 

Jennifer L  | The Woodlands, TX |  August 3, 2021

Everything looks great- I’m really happy! You were right, I love it! Thank you for all your help and patience!  

Taryn L  | The Woodlands, TX |  July 27, 2021

Thank you! My client is very happy with the rollers. I will be in touch with you with any future clients. Thanks again! 

Phillip P  | Houston, TX |  June 16, 2021

They look great. Thanks so much for your help throughout this process, i really appreciate it! 

Lotte v  | The Woodlands, TX |  May 20, 2021

Yes I love it! Thank you!  

Alicia S  | Houston, TX |  May 18, 2021

Everything was great. My clients are very happy with their shades and all of the service providers were very professional 

Sara M  | Houston, TX |  May 17, 2021

They look great! Thanks for your help! 

Cynthia C  | Houston, TX |  May 14, 2021

Our installation went very well, and we love, love our new window shade. Both The Shade Store and you have been a pleasure for us to work with as well.  

John S  | Houston, TX |  April 14, 2021

The shades are great. Thanks. 

Bruce H  | Houston, TX |  March 31, 2021

The installation went well. The shades look great and tonight we will enjoy a near blackout room. Hurray!!! 

Julie B  | THE WOODLANDS, TX |  March 29, 2021

The Shade Store installers did a wonderful job! They were both professional, efficient and friendly. They went about the installation with minimal disruption to our sales floor and kept each installation area neat and tidy.  

Betsy N  | New York, NY |  February 7, 2021

I finally got a couple of good pictures of the shades in NY apartment and they look great!!! Still looking forward to seeing them personally one of these days. Thank you for all your great help!  

Andrea K  | Richmond, TX |  October 30, 2020

Everything went great and we love the shades! Thank you so much!  

Tina F  | Fort Lee, NJ |  September 14, 2020

I’m am so happy with my new solar shade. I never imagine that I would be purchasing a product like this on line. The Shade Store team was great and the installment was seamless. Thank you again for your guidance. Your customers are in good hands. 

Katherine P  | Houston, TX |  September 13, 2020

It went great and the windows look beautiful! Thanks for all of your help, guidance, and expertise. I look forward to keeping in touch as well - when we are ready to do other rooms, I will let you know. Thank you!  

Sue M  | Spring, TX |  August 12, 2020

Just wanted to let you know that my client is very happy with the shades. She said the installers were very prompt and efficient. Thanks for your help. It was a pleasure working with you. 

Steven C  | Galveston, TX |  July 17, 2020

Shades are in and I’m thrilled. Thanks so much. Want to give a shout out for Alex, fantastic, super professional and neat and tidy. You guys truly have an awesome team.  

Traci V  | Houston, TX |  July 16, 2020

The installation went smoother and quicker than I expected, and the shades look FANTASTIC!!!! I was just telling my husband how impressed I have been with you and The Shade Store - what an easy, rapid, and painless process it has been, and the quality of the shades is top notch. I will gladly be referring you guys to anyone I know in need of window treatments! Thank you for everything! 

Kaitlyn K  | Houston, TX |  July 11, 2020

Everything went really well and I love the window treatments! Thank you so much for your help. 

Lindsay B  | Houston, TX |  June 17, 2020

The shades looks great! The installer was very quick and cleaned up the little bit of mess that was made when drilling the holes. We were very satisfied with our experience. Thank you for your help. 

Walter D  | Houston, TX |  April 3, 2020

Everything went well and it looks very nice. Thank you for the quick and professional work. 

Amber & Drew G  | Spring, TX |  January 22, 2020

We are so happy, everything looks great!!! We will be in touch if we have any questions or want to add anything on. Really appreciate your help. 

Jim W  | Houston, TX |  December 31, 2019

Everything looks super-Primo! Couldn’t be happier. Thanks for handling our order. 

John P  | Houston, TX |  December 31, 2019

Excellent experience - fantastic product and professional installation. 

Sina R  | Houston, TX |  November 14, 2019

The installation went very smoothly and the curtain looks great. Thank you very much for all your help. 

Stephanie D  | Houston, TX |  November 12, 2019

The installation went very smoothly and the window treatments look great. Thanks for your help during this process!  

Charles  W  | Houston, TX |  November 8, 2019

Ryan did a great job installing the three shades. You were great in getting us the shades that look best in our house.  

Stacy A  | Houston, TX |  October 30, 2019

Everything turned out great! Thank you for following up. Looking forward to our next project together.  

Brianne B  | Houston, TX |  October 25, 2019

Thanks for checking in - everything went smoothly and they look SO great! Crazy what a difference it makes in making each room feel more complete. I will definitely be in touch again in the near future as we keep tackling the house section by section. Thanks again for all your help, especially with my indecisiveness :) 

Alison C  | Slidell, LA |  October 14, 2019

I am thrilled with my drapes, the fabric is perfect and the service from you and the installers could not have been more professional. Thank you for everything.  

Katie C  | Houston, TX |  October 11, 2019

They look fantastic! Everything went very smoothly. Thank you so much for your help! 

Ramon L  | Houston, TX |  September 12, 2019

Thank you so much for your help with our window treatments. And, yes, we are very pleased with the final product. The whole process (selection, measurement and installation) went very well. Again, thank you for your help! I would highly recommend anybody seeking to do a similar project to visit your showroom. 

Alison M  | Houston , TX |  August 14, 2019

Everything is wonderful and perfect. They were an awesome team and worked well together, I’m very happy! 

Sissy S  | Edinburg, TX |  July 10, 2019

The window treatments from The Shade Store look wonderful at the new residence. The client is very pleased. I really appreciate all of your assistance and good advice! Hope to work with you again soon! You are a joy to work with!  

Ava M  | Houston, TX |  July 8, 2019

The shades look great! I really like the material we used. Thanks so much for your help!  

Ann H  | Houston, TX |  June 26, 2019

It’s coming together so beautifully. Thank you for your kindness and help along the way.  

Pamela F  | Houston, TX |  June 18, 2019

Thank you so much, I appreciate the amazing customer service! 

Chloe G  | Dallas, TX |  June 17, 2019

Diana said it was wonderful working with your team. The pictures look amazing!  

Buddy and Kelly L  | Tomball, TX |  June 17, 2019

Thank you for your great customer service. I will definitely refer TSS to others. 

Mike and Sophia B  | Houston, TX |  June 12, 2019

All went very good, people are excellent professionals. 

Yesely L  | Canaima Design | Houston, TX |  June 4, 2019

Thank you! Installation yesterday was great!! He loves them!  

Celina S  | Houston, TX |  May 20, 2019

The installation went smoothly and the shades are beautiful. The client was very happy. 

Stacy A  | Houston, TX |  May 14, 2019

Everything went well and they look great. I really liked working with the installer. She was wonderful! Thank you again! 

Sandra M  | Statements in Design | San Angelo, TX |  April 26, 2019

Thanks for checking in. The guys love the window shades. Thanks again for your help.  

Danny and Robin K  | Houston, TX |  April 24, 2019

I have not seen them yet but I heard they are great... we love ours at our home here. 

Danny and Robin K  | Houston, TX |  April 17, 2019

Awesome, awesome! 

Morgan H  | Houston, TX |  April 12, 2019

Thank you again for all of your help, I love the way the curtains turned out. See photo! 

Rosanne R  | Houston, TX |  April 2, 2019

We greatly appreciate all your input in helping us choose our window treatments. We look forward to working with you again soon.  

Sophie  W  | Houston, TX |  March 29, 2019

The install went swimmingly well and we are very happy with the blinds. They look great. Thanks for your help with it all! 

Carrie E  | Houston, TX |  March 19, 2019

My client loves them! Thank you. 

Kristi T  | Houston, TX |  March 18, 2019

They are wonderful. Your installers are the best! 

Brett R  | Houston, TX |  March 12, 2019

Everything turned out great and I would recommend you and your company.  

Eric V  | Houston, TX |  March 11, 2019

I absolutely love them! Thanks for your help. 

Jaye S  | Houston, TX |  February 28, 2019

Thank you again for all of your help.  

Spencer C  | Sealy, TX |  February 14, 2019

Thank you! The installer did a great job. My wife and I are very happy with the new shades. They look and operate great!  

Ashley B  | Houston, TX |  February 4, 2019

The new shades look great! Thanks for your help.  

Stacie C  | Houston, TX |  January 30, 2019

Thanks so much! 

Ava M  | Houston, TX |  January 25, 2019

The installation went very well and I love how everything turned out! All the shades are beautiful, and the motorized shades are the coolest. Your team is very nice and worked hard to make it all look perfect. 

Rima G  | Houston, TX |  January 21, 2019

They are great! We are so so happy!