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Located in the heart of the Texas capital, home to some of today's most inspirational eateries and lively entertainment venues. This showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts ready to assist you. 512.982.4235 / email

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The Shade Store

500 North Lamar Blvd, Suite 140

(Entrance on corner of W. 5th Street)

Austin,TX 78703

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Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
Sun 11am-5pm


Isabela C  | Austin, TX |  October 15, 2019

Everything’s great. We love our new shades and drapes, thank you so much. 

Cameron G  | Austin, TX |  October 14, 2019

I am very pleased with the result. The shades look great.  

Carolin K  | Austin, TX |  October 4, 2019

The final product looks great and the installers were professional and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with you.  

Angela S  | Austin, TX |  October 4, 2019

I absolutely love our drapes! And the installer did a wonderful job!  

Melissa M  | Austin, TX |  September 28, 2019

I love my shades and i also love the service you guys provided. It was so nice not having to worry about anything. Thanks for your help and i will definitely reach out when I’m ready to do something else!  

Louisa T  | Austin, TX |  September 27, 2019

The shades look great! The color matches the wall paint, and they are so easy to operate with no messy cords to deal with. I am so pleased. Now my boys are ready for the weekend so they can enjoy sleeping in, in a completely dark room! I really appreciate your help with each step of the process. You definitely earned an "Excellent" in the customer service category!  

Jenn W  | Austin, TX |  September 10, 2019

I am so delighted with our new shades! Ken Starr and Tyler Spears were our installers not only were they able to come a little early they were top notch professionals. They went above and beyond and were able to help me with another curtain issue. An issue I had no solution to. They also cleaned and dusted the window sill. Honestly, I can’t thank them enough. I will sing your praises!!!  

Yvette R  | Austin, TX |  September 6, 2019

The shades are in and they are GORGEOUS!!!! Thank you so much for your help with ordering and scheduling the installation. Ken and his co-installer were awesome. Loved this first experience with y’all.  

Jim S  | Austin, TX |  August 23, 2019

The install went quickly and efficiently. Really like clockwork. The shades look great! 

Karen P  | Austin, TX |  August 13, 2019

Everything went well! Luke was in and out in no time! All is good and looks great! Thank you so much for everything!  

Miguel & Maribel Q  | Leander, TX |  August 5, 2019

Everything went great and we’re very happy with our new shades! It was quite the process & journey but well worth it! Our home finally feels complete with the perfect shades. Ken was a pleasure to work with, we were very pleased with his professionalism and appreciated his patience as we were looking for the optimal end result. Thank you for following up and for being there for us every step of the way.  

Jordan S  | Austin, TX |  July 27, 2019

We are definitely enjoying the shade in the afternoons and evenings! Your advice about the material and the valance were spot on. Thank you for your help! 

Sally L  | Austin, TX |  July 18, 2019

Everything was great, and your installer is so nice. We love the shades and will be calling you to order some drapery for my daughter.  

Courtney and Chuck B  | Austin, TX |  July 12, 2019

Thank you for your help with our window treatments, we appreciate it!  

Chloe G  | Dallas, TX |  July 5, 2019

It went really well and looks great. The south main installation went well also. We will definitely keep using The Shade Store in future projects!  

John and Betsy B  | Austin, TX |  July 5, 2019

Everything is installed and looks and works great. Thank you!  

Erin V  | Austin, TX |  June 27, 2019

Thank you so much for all your help! We are thrilled with the results. I appreciate your professionalism and guidance. It was a pleasure working with you.  

Gail and Ellen A  | Austin, TX |  June 24, 2019

We, the forests, and the planet thank you very much. We so appreciate it.  

Tracy B  | Austin, TX |  June 20, 2019

Thank you so much for all your help. We love them!  

Cecile S  | Austin, TX |  June 19, 2019

The shades are great! Thanks!  

Gail and Ellen A  | Austin, TX |  June 18, 2019

Thank for checking in. We are pleased with the look and the service we got from everyone.  

Leigh Ann B  | Austin, TX |  June 13, 2019

We are loving our new shades. The installation went perfectly! Thanks again for your help! 

Martha Z  | Austin, TX |  June 8, 2019

Thank you so much for all your help. We appreciate you making everything so easy for us and we LOVE our blinds and shades!  

Sarah K  | Austin, TX |  May 30, 2019

The install went so smoothly and efficiently, thank you! Our client is very pleased with the shades as well.  

Victoria K  | Victoria's Inspired | Austin, TX |  May 23, 2019

Your service has been outstanding and I am so happy with everything that you and The Shade Store are doing. The Shade Store has beautiful products and our experience proves that they also have outstanding customer service. Thank you again. 

Kennon W  | Austin, TX |  May 16, 2019

I couldn't be happier, Jillian! The experience was delightful, from meeting you through the installation process.  

Bob and Betsy D  | Austin, TX |  May 14, 2019

The installer just completed the job. The blinds look great! I want to make a special mention that not only was he efficient, but he is a pleasure to work with!! Please let management know we sincerely appreciate the great product and exceptional service!  

Randy and Vanessa H  | Austin, TX |  May 14, 2019

We love them! So nice in the heat of the day and they retract where you can't even notice they are there! 

Anna O  | Austin, TX |  May 11, 2019

Thanks Amy! We love them and the installation and entire process was so smooth! Already thinking about getting the rest of our windows installed, and when we do we will be sure to contact you! 

Mike R  | Austin, TX |  May 11, 2019

Thank you, Anthony. The curtains look great.  

Maria H  | Georgetown, TX |  May 3, 2019

Thanks so much for checking in. Everything went great yesterday and were really happy with the way everything looks and feels in the kitchen with the new shade. 

Tim C  | Austin, TX |  April 26, 2019

They look fantastic! Thanks  

Ben B  | Austin, TX |  April 25, 2019

Thank you for your prompt response and action. We appreciate it! 

Jennifer W  | Austin, TX |  April 22, 2019

It went great! So excited! Now just the sun room and we are done. That order is coming soon.  

Matt E  | Austin, TX |  April 13, 2019

It went well and they look great! 

Kishore A  | Austin, TX |  April 7, 2019

We are happy with our install and they look great. Thank you.  

Katey V  | Austin, TX |  April 4, 2019

Everything went great with the install! I love the fabric too. Thanks for all your help! 

Brett  K  | Austin, TX |  April 2, 2019

Everything went very well with the installation today. We love it! Thanks for checking in and your help through this process. 

Ellen L  | Austin, TX |  April 2, 2019

The new shades look great! Thanks so much for your help! 

Geni and James T  | Austin, TX |  March 25, 2019

We love them. The install guy was great and they look amazing. Thanks for your help.  

Tracey H  | Dripping Springs, TX |  March 23, 2019

Everything went well and the shades look gorgeous. I am super happy with them! Thanks for all the help. I’m really pleased with the way it all came out.  

Claire K  | Austin, TX |  March 21, 2019

The romans look fantastic! I can’t wait to do the rest of the house! Now if I can just talk my husband into it. Thanks for everything!  

Kelly N  | Austin, TX |  March 20, 2019

Everything went well. We are very happy with them!  

Sean & Ami F  | Austin, TX |  March 19, 2019

It looks great, thanks! 

Lois L  | Hingham, MA |  March 19, 2019

Everything went perfectly! On time and shades are beautiful! 

Robin and Kevin H  | Hull, MA |  March 19, 2019

The shades look awesome! The install was smooth. Thanks so much!  

Sean  G  | Austin, TX |  March 16, 2019

The shades look amazing! Thanks so much for all of your hard work to make that happen. 

Carlos and Karen G  | Austin, TX |  March 14, 2019

Thank you for your help with our design and order. Everything worked out very well and the installer did a great job. The shades look perfect and the light coming in is soft and easy!  

Matt R  | Austin, TX |  March 8, 2019

Thanks for all your help! I want you to know the hustle truly made a difference! Couldn't have done it without you! 

Lene and Hunter T  | Austin, TX |  March 7, 2019

They look great and we're soaking up the extra dark sleep before baby comes.  

Daniel C  | Austin , TX |  March 3, 2019

The drapes look great! Thanks!  

Sabrina P  | Austin, TX |  March 3, 2019

My client says everything looks great and installation was super smooth. Thanks so much for all of your help! 

Marsha and Ken T  | Austin, TX |  March 1, 2019

Thank you for standing behind your product.  

Lindsie D  | Wimberley, TX |  February 28, 2019

My clients are so pleased with how the entire process went. I really appreciate your help and the entire Shade Store team. Looking forward to our next project together!  

Christa E  | Austin, TX |  February 23, 2019

Thanks for everything! The installers did a great job. We love the drapes! 

Bruce & Makiko F  | Austin, TX |  February 23, 2019

It's perfect! We love it! Thank you! 

Maureen D  | Austin, TX |  February 21, 2019

We love the blinds. I feel like we could be an ad for the top down bottom up blinds.  

Jennifer W  | Austin, TX |  February 19, 2019

The install went super smooth. I loved the installer. Extremely professional, kind, patient and customer focused. 

Shari and John G  | Wimberley, TX |  February 17, 2019

My shades look awesome. Thank you for your attention to detail. The installer was wonderful and completed it on time in no time. Thanks again. 

Madeline A  | Austin, TX |  February 15, 2019

We were there yesterday just after installation and they look great! We are very happy and our clients are very happy. It has been a pleasure working with you as well. You've made the whole process incredibly smooth and easy; we really appreciate that!  

Shelagh C  | Leander, TX |  February 15, 2019

Thank you for all your help. 

Emily R  | Austin, TX |  February 14, 2019

It's up and looking awesome! Thank you so much for your assistance and follow up! 

Maria W  | Austin, TX |  February 13, 2019

Everything went wonderful with the install and I am happy with everything. Thank you so much!  

Bill M  | Austin, TX |  February 12, 2019

Everything looks great! The guys did a superb install, props to them.  

Jen & Max  M  | Austin, TX |  February 12, 2019

The installation went well this morning, thank you! They look great. I will let you know when we are ready to move forward with shades for the rest of the house.  

Shari and John G  | Wimberley, TX |  February 7, 2019

We are delighted we chose you to buy our shades from! Great product and awesome service! 

Myriam J  | Brookline, MA |  February 7, 2019

Everything went great yesterday and my client loves her new drapes! They really look fantastic!  

Caroline F  | Austin, TX |  February 5, 2019

They look great! Thanks for all your help this time!  

Mike and Leslie H  | West Lake, TX |  February 4, 2019

We're very happy with the shades and the install. They look great and we finally have some privacy.  

Erin P  | Austin, TX |  February 4, 2019

We are so pleased with the entire experience.  

Christa and Tim E  | Austin, TX |  February 3, 2019

You guys are awesome. Thanks again for everything. I told my wife and she is super excited I chose The Shade Store.  

Kathryn T  | Austin, TX |  February 2, 2019

The shades look great! I gave you a great review on Yelp. I’m thrilled! Thanks so much! Your patience is one for the books and thank you so much for your help!  

Julie S  | Duxbury , MA |  February 1, 2019

They look wonderful. They go perfectly in the room and they work great. Thank you for all your help with the process. I so appreciate the extra help with rescheduling the installation.  

Mike C  | Austin, TX |  January 26, 2019

The shades are wonderful. Thanks so much for your help! 

Rosalee T  | Austin, TX |  January 24, 2019

We love the new shades, everything is perfect. Thank you so much! I will definitely contact you with any future projects, you really made everything so easy and stress-free.  

Traci S  | Austin, TX |  January 23, 2019

They look great, thank you! 

Emily R  | Austin, TX |  January 22, 2019

You've been awesome! I'm sure this won't be the last time I order from you guys!  

Megan B  | San Antonio, TX |  January 18, 2019

They are all working perfectly. Thank you again very much for your help.  

Jo and Sig W  | McLean, VA |  January 17, 2019

The shades are great and the installer as well. I appreciate your help!  

Jesse S  | Austin, TX |  January 17, 2019

The shade looks great, thank you!  

Ryan F  | Austin, TX |  January 15, 2019

I am very happy. I am sure my client will love them. Thanks again for everything!  

Amy R  | Austin, TX |  January 9, 2019

The curtains were installed today by your Shade Store crew, and they are gorgeous! I love them. Thank you so much for all your help. I am so glad we went with the white, so dramatic and dreamy.  

Jes W  | Austin, TX |  January 6, 2019

I love them. Thank you! I will spread the word as people move in. 

Andrew and Barbara G  | Austin, TX |  January 5, 2019

The shades look great! Thank you for your help. We will stay in touch to order the rest of the shades!  

Dave & Ling A  | Austin, TX |  December 31, 2018

Thank you so much for your help on this project. 

Daniel M  | Austin, TX |  December 31, 2018

The installation went smoothly, and we could not be happier with our new shades! Thank you!  

Jihyun M  | Austin, TX |  December 31, 2018

All valances and shades were beautifully installed this evening and I can't be happier. I can't thank you enough.  

Mike W  | Burnet, TX |  December 22, 2018

They are great! Thanks again for expediting them for me.  

Page G  | Austin, TX |  December 19, 2018

The installation went fine and the quality of the shades is lovely. They transform the room. Thank you for all of your help getting things picked out and installed!  

Janson W  | Austin, TX |  December 17, 2018

They are wonderful; thank you for your help!  

Emily Y  | Austin, TX |  December 15, 2018

The Installation went very smoothly and the installer was super quick. Everything looks so fantastic! I am so excited with my choices! They seriously all look outstanding and really elevate and finish the look of my home! You were such a pleasure to work with and the whole process was so smooth. I was very impressed with the whole process through to shipping and how they arrived. Thank you! 

Dave & Ling A  | Austin, TX |  December 12, 2018

We love our new shades! The installation went well. They were here promptly and they even helped us set up our WIFI Hub. They were wonderful and very professional.  

Cheryl W  | Austin, TX |  December 12, 2018

We love the shades! Thank you for your help.  

Anita P  | Austin, TX |  December 11, 2018

They look great! And we really like the day/night option - very elegant, clean, and better than looking at construction next door! The solar shades look so good we are thinking about maybe getting shade for kitchen after all. Thanks for all your help!  

Scott  G  | Mueller, TX |  December 10, 2018

We just want to say that we love our new draperies and blinds. They look terrific! Your expert advice and attention to detail really helped us find the right solutions and execute perfectly. An awesome design experience! We would be pleased to endorse you however would be most helpful. Thank you again!  

Natalie Z  | Austin, TX |  December 1, 2018

The shades look great in the bedroom and kitchen.  

Stephen D  | Austin, TX |  December 1, 2018

We love the blackout roller.  

Teresa J  | Austin, TX |  November 26, 2018

They look great! Big positive difference! 

Carylon T  | Austin, TX |  November 25, 2018

The installation went great! The installation guys were wonderful and I love the shades! I'm glad I got the remote! Thank you, you made the process painless. 

Kathy and Jeremy S  | Blanco, TX |  November 23, 2018

It looks great, the installer was also great. Thanks so much.