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Port Chester

21 Abendroth Avenue Port Chester, NY 10573

Located in downtown Port Chester, NY, our showroom is right on the Connecticut and New York border. Visit us today to discover custom window treatments, handcrafted in the USA, for every room in your home.
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21 Abendroth Avenue

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Jennifer P  | Rye, NY |  March 13, 2023

We love our new shades! My parents stayed in the back bedroom this weekend and thought both the fabric and the functionality of the pull downs were terrific, and thanks to the big one up front we are no longer on display for our neighbors at a push of a button - so nice! 

Karina S  | Rye, NY |  March 9, 2023

The window treatments look great!  

Faisal K  | Rye, NY |  February 10, 2023

It looks fantastic! The installation was super smooth and fast and the shades themselves look really good! 

Cassandra S  | Rye, NY |  January 28, 2023

They look great — happy with how they came out! 

Kate M  | Rye Brook, NY |  January 18, 2023

They are AMAZING!!! I’m in love! 

Joan L  | Larchmont, NY |  January 13, 2023

The repair men were wonderful, polite, experienced and very professional. They were able to fix the loosened shade string and straightened out the bottom of the shade which was curved since it had been installed! I am delighted and love the shades. The motorized shades were my best investment. Sorry I didn’t choose them for my guest bedroom. 

Maddy M  | Yorktown Heights, NY |  November 28, 2022

Everything went well. We are very happy and will be in touch soon for the next phase! 

Rosemary M  | Rye, NY |  November 28, 2022

The blinds are amazing. Really look so good!!! 

Irene T  | Greenwich, NY |  November 15, 2022

The installer was terrific. A real pro and so nice and quick. It looks great, the color is perfect. It just looks so nice. I can't thank you enough for all the help, graciousness and support. 

Shannon M  | RYE, NY |  October 31, 2022

I cannot tell you how easy it was to work with you. I just love how detail oriented you are! 

Elise H  | Croton on Hudson, NY |  October 24, 2022

I LOVE THEM!! Your installer was wonderful, very professional. 

Nancy L  | Greenwich, CT |  October 12, 2022

The installation went perfectly and the blinds look amazing! The whole process from start to finish was flawless. My Mom is thrilled! 

Paget S  | Rye, NY |  September 30, 2022

The installer did a great job. Everything looks great! I am very pleased w the whole process and the result… 

Howard T  | Rye Brook, NY |  September 29, 2022

We love it. 

Lorie K  | Kingston, NY |  September 27, 2022

The Installer did a great job. My only regret is that I did not get all 3 motorized as this is very amazing. 

Gabrielle S  | Harrison, NY |  September 23, 2022

The curtains are absolutely great! And the rod looks amazing The bedroom now feels much cozier and I am certainly enjoying sleeping in a bit longer. 

Celine K  | Ancram, NY |  September 21, 2022

The drapes are PERFECT!  

Gloria O  | Greenwich, CT |  August 20, 2022

Very well done install of top notch product! So happy with your company! 

Brianne  B  | Loudonville , NY |  August 16, 2022

They really are beautiful. The quality and the fabrics are top notch. 

Trisha T  | Rye, NY |  August 10, 2022

The Shades look great, the Professional who installed them was great! We are very happy. 

Alicia L  | Rye, NY |  July 25, 2022

The installation went well and we think it looks great.  

Tara G  | Mamaroneck, NY |  June 24, 2022

I absolutely love love everything. It was a pleasure to work with you and the guys. I’ll be in touch for the office in the near future.  

Eleanor P  | Beacon, NY |  June 21, 2022

It looks fabulous! Love them! You will be hearing from me again soon with respect to more shades for my upstairs rooms which I am redoing. You have made this all very easy for me.  

Paula P  | Rye, NY |  June 20, 2022

Thanks! The installation was excellent and we are very happy with the blinds. Thank you for your help.  

Nina C  | Rye, NY |  June 16, 2022

All turned out great. He was super quick! I will definitely be in touch when I need additional window help.  

KARINA K  | MAMARONECK, NY |  June 3, 2022

The shades look great!  

Greg C  | Harrison, NY |  May 27, 2022

I'm thrilled the way the blinds turned out! I'm really happy with the subtle natural look that it adds to the space and the way it brought it together. Thanks again for all your help and I also look forward to staying in touch!  

Pat K  | Rye, NY |  May 23, 2022

I am pleased with the products and the installation experience was terrific.  

Diane W  | Port Chester, NY |  April 27, 2022

The shades are beautiful and work perfectly with our color scheme. Thanks for all of your assistance.  

Liz P  | Cortlandt Manor, NY |  April 18, 2022

I will definitely be in touch when I'm ready to update window treatments in any other room.  

Kathy M  | Rye, NY |  April 8, 2022

The shades look great! I am very happy with my decision. They eliminate the reflections in the window at night and yet allow street lights and shadows to shine through. Thank you for your patience and advice!  

Sarah D  | Rye, NY |  April 4, 2022

It looks great; we are very happy with it! Thanks for your help.  

Sabina M  | West Harrison, NY |  April 2, 2022

The new drapery is perfect! Thank you.  

Adam C  | Briarcliff Manor, NY |  March 23, 2022

Shades look great! Thank you for checking in. I will circle back with you on any future needs!  

Bettina F  | Rye, NY |  March 22, 2022

Hi. Everything looks beautiful!  

Lauren Y  | Armonk, NY |  March 19, 2022

I wanted to thank you for standing behind your product. Everything was fixed and looks great. Thank you!  

Donna M  | New Rochelle, NY |  March 7, 2022

The windows look great with their new look. Thank you for your help.  

Flaivia D  | Greenwich, CT |  March 1, 2022

Yes, it looks great! Thank you so much for all your help!!  

Lucia G  | Rye, NY |  February 23, 2022

Turned out great. Thanks! 

Molly F  | Harrison, NY |  February 22, 2022

The shades are up and look great.  

Cheryl-Anne S  | Katonah, NY |  February 9, 2022

I am so happy with everything! They look better than I expected! Now, I’ll have to return to outfit the windows in my other rooms!  

Anne & Leigh R  | Larchmont, NY |  January 25, 2022

We are thrilled with the shades! All of them. The service from the beginning to the end has been outstanding.  

Cheryl-Anne S  | Katonah, NY |  January 14, 2022

I placed the order today! Phew. Thanks ever so much for your expert guidance and help.  

Paul R  | Grennwich, CT |  January 8, 2022

Everything went very well. Thank you very much for your help.  

Melanie C  | Rye, NY |  December 27, 2021

The shades look great, thank you so much for checking in.  

Bettina F  | Rye, NY |  December 8, 2021

Hi ! Hope you’re well. Love our new shades installed today. So happy! Thank you  

Kristen B  | Pleasantville, NY |  November 22, 2021

Thank you so much for checking in! The installation went well and we are so happy with our shades.  

Ilene W  | Watermill, NY |  November 20, 2021

Everything was wonderful! Thank you.  

Debbie H  | Rye Brook, NY |  November 19, 2021

They are beautiful and the installer was great!!  

Rosemary B  | Rye, NY |  November 19, 2021

Everything looks great and all are pleased.  

Emily C  | Harrison, NY |  November 1, 2021

Just left the house and the treatments in the boys’ rooms look fantastic! For the main bed, yes for the French return.  

Julia F  | White Plains , NY |  October 27, 2021

Everything looks great! Thanks 

Katie R  | Rye, NY |  October 22, 2021

They came out excellent, thank you for asking!  

Shelley H  | Rye, NY |  October 21, 2021

The installation was great and we're so happy with the final product! Knowing us, we'll probably be coming in soon for another project. 

Parmjit S  | Greenwich, CT |  October 20, 2021

Hi. The individual that came was excellent, really good service. 

Marissa W  | Yorktown Heights , NY |  October 18, 2021

Thank you for checking-in and all your incredible support through-out the process. The installers came and did a beautiful job. We are thrilled! Whenever we have a new project, I certainly will let you know.  

Suzanne and Jay K  | Rye Brook, NY |  October 2, 2021

The two man installation team did a great job and finished in no time at all. Everything looks great Thanks for ALL your help and guidance throughout the process.  

Melanie F  | Larchmont, NY |  September 16, 2021

We are so, so happy with the window treatments, and the pros were wonderful, efficient and attentive. Thank you again for your advice and support. I'm so glad it worked out for us to partner with you.  

Shelley H  | Rye, NY |  September 14, 2021

The guys were great and the shades look wonderful. Thank you so much for your help!  

Bari S  | Rye, NY |  September 13, 2021

Everything looks great! Thank you so much. I'm hopefully decorating my office at some point in the next year so I will touch base when I'm ready for the shades!!  

Leslie L  | Larchmont, NY |  September 7, 2021

They look great and work beautifully. Thanks for a great job, all around!  

Jamie H  | New York, NY |  September 1, 2021

Thank you! I love them - they look amazing!! And the install team was great. Appreciate all of your help!  

Rachel G  | Mt Kisco, NY |  August 27, 2021

We love the shades! Thanks for following up,  

Pamela P  | Port Chester, NY |  August 6, 2021

The reinstall went well and now they look right and beautiful! Thanks for everything.  

Valerie L  | Harrison, NY |  July 25, 2021

The window shades look amazing! I was a little worried that I didn’t pick out the right colors and they wouldn’t look good, but they look great. The solar shade isn’t even pushed out by the blackout shade, which I was happy about. And the installation was very quick. Thanks so much for your help with everything! 

Jack M  | Port Chester, NY |  July 14, 2021

Everything went great and I’m loving the new shades. It made a huge difference. Thank you so much for your help with all of this. Also, kudos to your guys who installed these in a flash! 

Maxwell A  | Port Chester, NY |  July 14, 2021

The installation was fast and smooth. Couldn’t be happier. Many thanks for your assistance and outreach. Will be in touch once the kitchen and bathroom windows get installed and need shades. 

Mary Lynn B  | Port Chester, NY |  July 13, 2021

Thank you once again for helping me out. They look great and the installers were here at 8 am. I love everything we did. The fabrics are so beautiful and the quality is beyond what I had hoped for! Your help and guidance was so appreciated. You listened to what I wanted and steered me in the right direction.  

Jessica M  | Ossining, NY |  June 29, 2021

Thank you for checking in. Everything looks great! Really happy with how everything turned out. 

Cathie N  | Port Chester, NC |  June 26, 2021

All went well and everything works fine! Thank you for all your help. 

Jessica E  | Bedford, NY |  June 25, 2021

It is stunning and I can’t wait to do the rest of the house. I will be in touch once we’re ready to do that! Thank you so much for everything.  

Joshua N  | Rhinebeck, NY |  June 16, 2021

Yes, everything went great. Thank you so much.  

Marissa M  | Rye, NY |  June 14, 2021

An overdue and huge thank you for making magic happen with the shades for the nursery. They are a total game changer for the room, both aesthetically and practically. The whole experience exceeded my expectations and the personal attention from you is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the installation of the Roman shades. 

Anne M  | Rye, NY |  June 8, 2021

Everything is fine! Job well done.  

Hillary P  | New Rochelle, NY |  June 4, 2021

Everything came out great, thanks for your help! 

Elena  B  | Pleasantville, NY |  May 28, 2021

I just love the way the shades came out. I cannot thank you enough. I would like to do the Mesa verde in cedar for my kitchen.  

Alexander R  | Peekskill, NY |  May 28, 2021

Thanks so much for all your help, the installers were great and super awesome with our pups. The blinds look great, and no issues at all. We will see you again in the future for some shade for our bedrooms.  

Debra S  | NY, NY |  May 28, 2021

The new drapery is just gorgeous in our master bedroom, perfectly made and installed. Thanks for all of your help and advice, I am sure I will see you in the store soon!  

Kristin M  | Rye, NY |  May 19, 2021

Everything looks great! Quick and easy. Thanks for you help!! 

Jenny G  | New York, NY |  May 14, 2021

Everything is perfection! Thank you so much. Now let's work on our upstate home. 

Jason & Mireya S  | Rye Brook, NY |  May 12, 2021

They are PERFECT! We finally made it! Thank you SO much for all of your patience with us! 

Christian G  | Livingston, NY |  May 12, 2021

The installation was smooth and the shades look great! I will be reaching back out over the next few months while we replace other windows and are ready to add blinds. 

Shteff J  | Stamford, CT |  May 10, 2021

Thank you! It’s up and it looks pretty! 

Gloria O  | Greenwich, CT |  May 7, 2021

Everything went so well! I love my window treatments so much! They just bring the whole room together! It has been such a pleasure working with you through this process! When I need more window treatments I will call you!  

Thomas J  | Port Chester, NY |  May 4, 2021

All GREAT here! The installer was here this morning and did a wonderful job. 

Joanna H  | Earlton, NY |  April 26, 2021

To confirm, all the shades are up and they look lovely! Thank you so much for all your help with the process.  

Nily E  | New Rochelle, NY |  April 26, 2021

Thank you everything went well and we're very pleased with our new shades! Thank you for your help in selecting them and in facilitating the process as always! 

Dave H  | Greenwich, NY |  April 12, 2021

The roller shades in the living room are perfect! Just what we wanted! 

Ann P  | Glenville, CT |  April 7, 2021

Thanks for reaching out! Yes - looks great and so happy you gave me the heads up on the “seams” from the last sample. 

Rose S  | Millbrook, NY |  April 2, 2021

Shades and curtains were just installed. Everything looks great!! Thank you for your guidance. 

Kathy F  | Rye Brook, NY |  March 24, 2021

They look great. Thank you! 

Atossa M  | Chappaqua, NY |  March 15, 2021

The rooms look great and our son napped much better today with the blackout shade! Thanks for all your help!  

Caroline S  | Rye, NY |  March 11, 2021

The installation went very smoothly. I am very happy with my new window treatments. Thanks for your help.  

Katy S  | Chappaqua, NY |  March 8, 2021

All is fantastic and many, many thanks. 

Terri R  | Mt Kisco, NY |  February 18, 2021

Thanks for checking in. They look great and the installation was so fast. Very professional all the way around, and I would definitely recommend The Shade Store to anyone.  

Diane T  | Harrison, NY |  February 17, 2021

Thank you, all looks great! 

Vincent M  | Small Wood, NY |  February 17, 2021

Thank you for the follow up. The installers just left, everything was completed and looks fantastic.Thank you for your assistance and expert direction. It was my pleasure to work with The Shade Store! I will be in touch soon about the additional drapery. 

Claudine M  | Port Chester, NY |  February 15, 2021

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. My experience with The Shade Store has been seamless. My design consultant was such a talented designer, I couldn't be happier with the finished product! 

Alex H  | Larchmont, NY |  February 13, 2021

They look great and all went smoothly. The installers were on time and were very professional and efficient. 

Heather M  | Stanfordville, NY |  February 10, 2021

Everything looks great! Thanks so much.