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NYC - Upper East (77th & 3rd)

1340 3rd Avenue New York, NY 10075

Just a short walk from New York’s iconic Central Park and several world-class museums, our Upper East Side showroom at 77th and 3rd is in a vibrant area of New York City. Visit us today to explore custom window treatments, including Shades, Blinds and Drapery, all handcrafted in the USA.
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1340 3rd Avenue

New York, NY 10075

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Ben G  | New York , NY |  February 21, 2023

Everything went great! 

Michael S  | New York, NY |  February 7, 2023

I am very happy with the shades and the installers were extremely nice, professional, and efficient.  

Michael S  | New York, NY |  February 7, 2023

I am very happy with the shades and the installers were extremely nice, professional, and efficient. 

Sheri S  | Lawrence, NY |  February 3, 2023

Everything looks great! Also, the installer was terrific!  

Melvyn T  | New York, NY |  December 15, 2022

The curtains look great. 

Anne C  | New York, NY |  November 30, 2022

It came out really nice! 

Frances G  | Newport, RI |  November 10, 2022

The shades are BEAUTIFUL! The installer was really good and I am very pleased with the outcome!  

Dana K  | New York, NY |  November 4, 2022

Everything is great! 

Juliette S  | NEW YORK, NY |  September 27, 2022

The shade is beautiful. 

Juliette S  | New York, NY |  September 16, 2022

Everything went perfectly! The client is very pleased. 

Jen F  | New York, NY |  September 3, 2022

They turned out great 

Catherine D  | New York, NY |  September 1, 2022

The shades look great. The Installer was timely and professional. Measurements very accurate. Thanks for your help. All 5 stars. 

Sam B  | Rye, NY |  August 25, 2022

Everything went more than well. 

Paul M  | New York, NY |  August 24, 2022

The shades look amazing. 

Evelyn Z  | Forest Hills, NY |  August 23, 2022

The installation went well. The roller shades look great. 

Lauren M  | New York, NY |  August 19, 2022

We love them. Very happy. 

Valenice C  | New York, NY |  July 20, 2022

Everything went very smoothly, from start to finish! 

Dara W  | New York, NY |  July 19, 2022

The blinds are beautiful, very modern and clean, and work beautifully.  

Anne Marie W  | New York, NY |  July 12, 2022

Thanks for following up. Everything is done and looks great! Appreciate all your help.  

Doug D  | New York, NY |  June 29, 2022

All good thanks. Super professional service from you and your colleagues.  

Ashley H  | New York, NY |  June 28, 2022

They look great and thank you for following up about the guest bed shade. Thank you for all of your help!  

irina B  | New York, NY |  June 17, 2022

The installation went well, the pro was very good. We are happy with our pattern choices too. 

Jennie T  | New York, NY |  June 11, 2022

I am so pleased with your recommendation of the reverse roll of the blinds. Looks really nice!! I wish I had more windows so they can all be dressed nicely. :-) Can’t wait to recommend you to anyone else who may be in need of new window treatments.  

Jill G  | New York, NY |  June 7, 2022

They look great and the guy was so nice!!  

Sloan S  | New York, NY |  May 25, 2022

I love The Shade Store! From start to finish, you are efficient and communicative and do what you say you’re going to do without prompting. I’m very pleased with the shade, and the installer was terrific this morning.  

Ruth C  | New York, NY |  May 24, 2022

The shades were installed today. They look amazing - the color (gray) and the pore (3%) were definitely the right call - thanks for helping me make those choices. The installers were fabulous - very very nice, excellent work, left not a trace - having removed all refuse. A wonderful experience start to finish - thank you for everything. 

Kareem K  | New York, NY |  May 18, 2022

So far so good, they look great!  

Anne-Coalter B  | New York, NY |  May 17, 2022

Everything was great! Thank you so much. 

lori l  | New York, NY |  May 2, 2022

Thanks for all your help! Love them!  

Barbara S  | New York, NY |  April 27, 2022

Installation went well. Very nice and professional and I am very happy to have shades!!  

Stacey Z  | New York, NY |  April 24, 2022

The shades are wonderful. We really like them. The installer also did a great job.  

Victoire G  | New York, NY |  April 18, 2022

The shade installation is fully complete and we are extremely happy with the results. The installer was very good too.  

Janet G  | New York, NY |  April 10, 2022

I love my shade and the installer was great! 

Joan K  | New York, NY |  April 9, 2022

The shades look great! Just what we wanted. Your installer was very professional. We will be ordering more blinds, most likely roller shades and we will finish off the kitchen with the wood blinds. Our heating and cooling appliances are being replaced, once that is done we will place our order. Thank you so much for your follow up.  

Pamela S  | New York, NY |  April 4, 2022

The shades look beautiful. 

Emily E  | New York, NY |  April 2, 2022

Shades look wonderful! We are really happy with them. Thanks so much! 

Janine W  | New York, NY |  March 23, 2022

Thank you for checking in - we love the shades!  

Sally W  | New York, NY |  March 23, 2022

Shade has been installed. Everything is perfect. Guys were great. Thank you!! 

Paola V  | NYC, NY |  March 14, 2022

Absolutely perfect. The pro was an exemplary employee. He did his job and left. I love my shade.  

Kim G  | New York, NY |  March 2, 2022

Thank you for reaching out today. I couldn't be more pleased with how nice the cellular shades turned out. The installation was done professionally, efficiently and expertly.  

Melissa W  | New York, NY |  February 26, 2022

Thanks so much for the follow up. The shades and curtain rods came out amazing.  

Colleen S  | new yrk, NY |  February 26, 2022

I hope you are doing well. My blinds were installed and they were beautiful. 

Lisa B  | New York, NY |  February 21, 2022

All worked out great and thank you!!  

Joan D  | New York, NY |  February 19, 2022

The shades are great. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the installer. 

Giovanni F  | New York, NY |  February 14, 2022

It is absolutely beautiful.  

Joan K  | New York, NY |  February 14, 2022

It is absolutely beautiful.  

Alexandra L  | new york, NY |  February 13, 2022

It was great - thank you so much!  

Amy L  | New York, NY |  February 8, 2022

Thank you so much. It looks great! 

Sophie H  | New York, NY |  February 7, 2022

Thank you for reaching out! Our new shades look great and are such a help in lightening up our space!  

Alina S  | New York, NY |  January 28, 2022

Thanks so much for following up. The installer came right on time, was fast and very knowledgeable. 

Emily W  | Houston, TX |  January 9, 2022

Thanks! Looks great! 

Amy S  | New York, NY |  January 9, 2022

It went great. Shades looked perfect. Many thanks. 

Jaime B  | New York, NY |  January 5, 2022

It looks Great! 

Nina W  | South Hampton, NY |  January 4, 2022

Thank you! It looks great!  

Anjala I  | New York, NY |  December 20, 2021

Thank you for the excellent service and window treatment. My husband and I are very happy.  

Sandi W  | New York, NY |  December 19, 2021

Everything went great. Thank you for all the help!  

Barbara T  | New York, NY |  December 15, 2021

Came out fab thanks! 

Sarah O  | New York, NY |  December 9, 2021

Thank you for checking in. We love our new shades! Seamless installation and a much cleaner look to our kitchen.  

Tom A  | New York, NY |  December 7, 2021

100% outstanding service! Thanks. Will be back for more 

Patricia H  | New York, NY |  December 6, 2021

Thank you very much for your follow up email. I am quite happy with the Roman blinds now.  

Michael G  | New York, NY |  November 29, 2021

Hi there! The install was great and they look fantastic 

Vivian H  | New York, NY |  November 27, 2021

It looks perfect! Thank you for all your invaluable assistance.  

Kate M  | New York, NY |  November 23, 2021

Shade and curtains were installed and look fabulous! 

John K  | New York, NY |  November 15, 2021

Yes the installation went beautifully. I love the shades and I’m extremely happy. Thank you for your help. 

Stacy S  | New York, NY |  November 14, 2021

Thank you! New shade looks great. All the best. 

Roberta C  | New York, NY |  November 13, 2021

Thanks for checking in! It came out great and the installer was terrific - knowledgeable and a gentleman! Stay well and I’ll be in touch when we need something else.  

Lucia E  | New York, NY |  November 13, 2021

Yes!! They look beautiful! Very happy! They did a great job!!  

Hannah O  | New York, NY |  November 13, 2021

Yes, the installation was perfect and we absolutely love the way they turned out - SO GORGEOUS! They make the rooms way brighter and softer  

Laura K  | New York, NY |  November 10, 2021

They did an excellent job- thanks! 

Lindsay B  | New York, NY |  November 10, 2021

Everything looks great . Thank you for all of your help, we are very happy with the product and the installation.  

Marla F  | New York, NY |  November 2, 2021

Thanks for checking in. The delivery and installation was seamless and they look great! 

Lisa B  | New York, NY |  November 2, 2021

All went perfectly and I’m very happy. 

Haley S  | New York, NY |  October 31, 2021

Thanks! I absolutely love it. Both shades are perfect and exactly what I wanted. Thanks again for everything.  

Pina Z  | NY, NY |  October 30, 2021

Thank you for checking on the project. The installation was very professional, both window treatments look great.  

Joanne D  | New York, NY |  October 30, 2021

The shades look amazing!! Thank you for your help!  

Karen M  | New York, NY |  October 30, 2021

Thank you for your help with purchasing the blinds. All turned out very well and I am very pleased. 

Ilene T  | New York, NY |  October 30, 2021

Everything went well. The installers were very professional..  

Philip G  | New York, NY |  October 29, 2021

I hope that this finds you well. We are very happy with the shades and with the installation experience. We appreciate your help and are wishing you all the best.  

Maggie B  | New York, NY |  October 23, 2021

They were great and the clients were happy with them!! Thanks so much!  

Jamie K  | New York, NY |  October 23, 2021

Everything was great. Thank you! 

Ana Laura P  | New York, NY |  October 23, 2021

Everything went very good and now we are enjoying our new shades. Thank you very much for all your help.  

William C  | New York, NY |  October 12, 2021

Thank you for reaching out. I think the shades look great, thank you for the help in the process 

Amanda B  | New York, NY |  October 4, 2021

Love them. Thank you.  

Anne R  | New York, NY |  September 29, 2021

Thanks for your note. Yes: all went smoothly and the windows look great. Thanks once again for your help, and for your patience with my need to reschedule the previous installation appt.  

Meg M  | New York, NY |  September 14, 2021

Thank you for all of your help and I hope to see you again soon.  

Teresa S  | ny, NY |  September 13, 2021

Thanks so much for checking in! The installation went great - the service professional was early, extremely respectful, and did a beautiful job. We love the shades and are very happy with how everything turned out - would certainly recommend, and look forward to working with you again in the future.  

Linda D  | New York, NY |  September 11, 2021

We are very happy with the purchase. The quality and sizing is excellent. Your installation crew was also wonderful. We're satisfied all round.  

John O  | New York, NY |  September 11, 2021

It was very well done.  

Harriet M  | New York, NY |  September 11, 2021

The shades have just been installed and look great. The installer was very professional and pleasant. Thank you for your assistance  

Tracey S  | New York, NY |  August 31, 2021

Thank you for checking in. The installation went smoothly and I'm very happy with how they turned out. Thank you for all of your help during the process!  

Danielle R  | New York, NY |  August 30, 2021

The installation went very smoothly and I love my new shade.  

Laura K  | New York, NY |  August 21, 2021

I'm very pleased with the shades, exactly what I wanted. The two technicians who did the installation were fantastic. 

Charlotte G  | New York, NY |  August 11, 2021

The installation went very well. The men are professional and nice. Thank you so much. 

Marco M  | New York, NY |  August 8, 2021

Everything went smoothly and your technician was quick, pleasant and eager to assist. I really am very pleased with the overall experience which was enhanced by your professionalism and your warm personality. 

David M  | New York, NY |  August 7, 2021

Everything went well. It all looks nice. Thanks for all your help. 

Julie C  | New York, NY |  August 4, 2021

Thank you so much for all of your help - I think both shades look great and the installer was great. Hr was done in just a few minutes and before I needed to get on a work call!  

Priya S  | New York, NY |  August 4, 2021

Everything went well and looks good. Thanks for checking in!  

Marina W  | new york, NY |  July 26, 2021

Yes, everything went great with the installer today - it was worth the wait! Thank you for your follow-up. It’s been terrific working with you and your team as well. If I find any more windows that need shades, I know where to find you!  

David B  | New York, NY |  July 26, 2021

Things went well. The installment team was very professional. Shade looks great.  

Lindsay O  | new york, NY |  July 20, 2021

The shades turned out great!