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99 Vervalen Street Closter, NJ 07624

Visit us at our showroom in the bustlingCloster Plaza to explore custom window treatments including Shades, Blinds and Drapery. All our products are featured in interactive displays so you can experience each for yourself.
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99 Vervalen Street

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Madeline H  | Chester, NJ |  September 18, 2023

The installation turned out wonderful!! Very happy with the finished product! 

Jessamyn M  | Brooklyn, NY |  August 29, 2023

Everything went smoothly with the install and the new shades look great. 

Shirley K  | Demarest, NJ |  August 3, 2023

They came out great! We are very happy with them. 

Lolita L  | Old Tappan, NJ |  June 28, 2023

The shades are fine. I really like them. 

Cathy F  | Kinnelon, NJ |  June 26, 2023

Everything looks great.  

Lisa L  | BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY |  June 21, 2023

The shades are installed and look very pretty. 

Jason A  | Dumont, NJ |  June 5, 2023

Everything was fantastic. So far so good. It was a great experience. 

Melissa S  | Jersey City, NJ |  June 5, 2023

The shades look fabulous and we're thrilled! 

Alyce P  | Morristown, NJ |  June 3, 2023

It looks great! We love it so much!  

Kelley & Jason H  | Nyack, NY |  May 24, 2023

Window treatments look great! The entire process from our first meeting thru today’s installation was seamless. Truly a pleasure to deal with The Shade Store. Great customer service. 

Bridget S  | Marietta, GA |  May 11, 2023

OMG! What a difference a shade makes! The house is done with the exception of the basement, which we will do next year! 

Annabel M  | New York, NY |  April 19, 2023

Yes, everything looks great. 

Joanie C  | Blauvelt, NY |  April 8, 2023

I love the new shades and the installation was perfect. Great choices! 

Charlin B  | BLauvelt, NY |  April 1, 2023

They look beautiful! 

Steve D  | Cliffwood, NJ |  March 16, 2023

Love the cornices! 

Chelsea O  | Closter, NJ |  March 8, 2023

The shades turned out great. 

Jane S  | Seattle, WA |  February 20, 2023

I am enjoying my shades as l write this. I couldn't be more pleased. 

Bianca P  | Closter, NJ |  February 20, 2023

Everything turned out great. I am very happy with the product and installation. 

Brian J  | Peirmont, NY |  February 5, 2023

The shades look great and your team of installers is excellent. 

Julie G  | Tarrytown, NY |  February 5, 2023

They look amazing.  

Courtney W  | Edgewater, NJ |  December 19, 2022

We absolutely love the shades!  

Lou L  | Demarest, NJ |  December 12, 2022

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Had a great experience with order, install, and use of the product: blinds for my bedrooms and shades for our dinning room. Fabulous quality and great selection of fabrics. 

Melissa P  | Rumson, NJ |  November 11, 2022

My Customer is very happy and loves the end result! 

edna n  | Harrington Patk, NJ |  November 5, 2022

I am loving, loving my shades. Thanks again for helping me achieve the elegant and understated look I was looking for. Think we nailed it! 

Mary Z  | Haworth, NJ |  November 4, 2022

Everything looks great. 

Brian W  | New York, NY |  November 1, 2022

The curtains look wonderful! We couldn't be more pleased.  

Louisa R  | Cresskill, NJ |  October 31, 2022

The install was on time and efficient and we are really pleased, thanks so much to you and the team. We are very much enjoying our finished dining room. 

Idania G  | Fort Lee, NJ |  October 19, 2022

Everything went well and the curtains look beautiful.  

Susan R  | Glen Rock, NJ |  September 28, 2022

The shades look great. So far, all is operating well... 

Edna   | Harrington Patk, NJ |  September 27, 2022

Thanks so much for your guidance, professional assistance, patience and friendly service! 

Bridget V  | Madison, NJ |  September 17, 2022

Everything looks great! 

Rachel S  | Little Silver, NJ |  August 29, 2022

Looks great! They are very happy! 

Sheryl S  | Austerlitz, NY |  August 24, 2022

The shades are all installed and look amazing… 

Nora C  | Closter, NJ |  August 18, 2022

The shade is amazing! Love it and worth the wait. I want to get another one for the other bedroom. 

Raquel & Sergio B  | Palisades, NY |  August 17, 2022

We are very happy with the installation! Everything looks great and is exactly what we wanted. 

Ryan C  | Dumont, NJ |  August 3, 2022

The shades are perfect. We’re so happy with how they turned out.  

Robert C  | Park Ridge, NJ |  August 2, 2022

Very happy with the product and install, as usual.  

Meg L  | Brooklyn, NY |  July 26, 2022

Everything went well.  

Marie G  | Dumont, NJ |  July 21, 2022

I think The Shade Store is first class in every way.  

Todd & Lisa W  | Hoboken, NJ |  July 11, 2022

The installation went well and she is very happy with her new shades! Thanks for all of your help.  

Brooke N  | Palm Beach Gardens, FL |  June 28, 2022

It looks great!! Thank you.  

Randi K  | Closter, NJ |  June 24, 2022

Shade looks great and I love the automatic feature! Thanks again for all your help!  

Jennifer T  | Bronx, NY |  June 20, 2022

This one came out looking really nice. Thank you.  

Amit R  | Tenafly, NJ |  June 18, 2022

Thank you so much. It was a super smooth and easy process. The shades look great!  

Kathleen D  | Demarest, NJ |  June 6, 2022

We are so happy! Everything came out great!  

Jaime G  | Tenafly, NJ |  June 1, 2022

I’m very happy with the curtains. Thank you!  

Eve & Heshy F  | Englewood, NJ |  June 1, 2022

Went perfectly! 

Bryan S  | Las Vegas, NV |  May 27, 2022

All is well! Looks great. Thanks.  

Bridget S  | Marietta, GA |  May 23, 2022

Thank you so much! The first round of shades are in! I love them! I love them! I’ll get the rest soon!  

Cara R  | New York, NY |  May 23, 2022

Everything is great and I love the shade! Thank you for all of your help!  

Dianne//Caroline R  | Ridgewood, NJ |  May 18, 2022

The shades are absolutely beautiful! We couldn’t be happier !! Thanks for all of your help with them, we appreciate it !  

Rebecca O  | Jersey City, NJ |  May 12, 2022

I adore my shades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The installer was fabulous. Thank you so much for all of the help! :)  

John P  | Byram Township, NJ |  May 10, 2022

Everything came out great. Thank you!  

Leslie C  | Closter, NJ |  April 26, 2022

I received the absolutely beautiful thank you card with the gift of shade! I am so touched and pleased that you have planter in a tree in my name. What a wonderful thing to do. Thank you so much!!! It is wonderful to make a difference!!!!  

Viraj M  | Hoboken, NJ |  April 22, 2022

Wanted to reach out to let you know that the blinds were installed yesterday, and they look great! Thanks for working with us on this and on the quick installation, we appreciate it!  

Magdoline S  | Demarest, NJ |  April 18, 2022

Hi, thank you everything worked out so nicely! It was nice working with you. Looking forward to working with you more :).  

Gary L  | Dumont, NJ |  April 6, 2022

Hi! I'm sorry for the late response. Everything went perfect from your terrific guidance to the end of the install. You are my number one person with regard to blinds!  

Ron  G  | Nyack, NY |  March 24, 2022

Everything went very well thank you. The installation was on time and well done. 

Linda L  | Glen Rock, NJ |  March 23, 2022

My window treatments came out great! The process was very smooth. 

Naomi K  | TEANECK, NJ |  March 22, 2022

Everything went perfectly!  

APARNA P  | Brooklyn, NY |  March 12, 2022

Thanks for emailing me - everything is absolutely perfect - thank you! 

Jessica C  | Demarest, NJ |  March 9, 2022

We are so happy with how it came out!  

lesley L  | Haworth, NJ |  February 23, 2022

Thanks so much for checking in they look great we’re so happy!  

Caroline F  | Harrington Park, NJ |  February 22, 2022

This is long overdue but I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our Shade Store purchase. You were so patient while we looked at so many swatches and changed our minds so many times. The overall look of the drapery is tasteful and timeless. Thank you so much for your patience and expertise.  

Skyla M  | Nyack, NY |  February 12, 2022

Thanks for checking in! Yes, installation went great and the shades look fantastic.  

Jackie & Kevin L  | Harrington Park, NJ |  February 9, 2022

The installation was a breeze. We are really happy with the quality of the shades. The colors work perfectly with our home.  

Lauren F  | Tenafly, NJ |  February 2, 2022

Looks great! Thank you! 

Andrea M  | Tenafly, NJ |  January 20, 2022

Hi! The installation was perfect.  

Neil E  | Cresskill, NJ |  January 19, 2022

The valances in our dining room look beautiful and fit perfectly. Thanks you for your kind assistance and guidance. 

Ryan C  | Dumont, NJ |  January 17, 2022

The install was excellent and we couldn’t be happier with how they came out. We’re so pleased.  

Rachel/Terry S  | Red Bank, NJ |  January 12, 2022

I love my shades and the installation was great. And, of course, working with you was a pleasure! Thank you so much!  

Louise L  | Goshen, NY |  January 5, 2022

They are beautiful! Came out perfect!  

Brooke N  | Palm Beach Gardens, FL |  December 28, 2021

The install went great today and it looks fabulous! Thanks for your help!  

Marques B  | Closter, NJ |  December 28, 2021

Thanks - was just about to check in. Everything since the initial install has been great!  

YT H  | Cresskill, NJ |  December 20, 2021

Thank you for checking back. The shade fits well and we are happy.  

Jessica M  | Norwood, NJ |  December 20, 2021

We absolutely love our shade. It's exactly what we wanted.  

Arax/Pam B  | Fort Lee, NJ |  December 17, 2021

Just wanted to let you know that the shades were installed today and look great.  

Carole S  | New York, NY |  December 7, 2021

Thank you. Everything looks perfect! The shades filter the hot sun coming through all the windows facing south while letting in the light and the shadow of the divided windows. Quite pretty! Thanks for your help and follow-up! Another great product from Shade Store. 

Arjun M  | San Francisco, CA |  December 3, 2021

Yes, everything is great. Your representative who came to install the blinds was very courteous and friendly and helped us with all our questions and problems.  

Bonnie N  | Tenafly, NJ |  December 2, 2021

Everything went perfectly! Thank you so much! Installer was so professional and neat and prompt. You were so kind and patient and professional! Can’t thank you enough. Thanks again for all ! 

Laurie F  | New York, NY |  November 30, 2021

Thanks very much!  

Anne L  | Washington, DC |  November 30, 2021

Yes, it's a terrific job and well done. Many thanks. 

Drew J  | Fort Lee, NJ |  November 29, 2021

Everything worked out great. Everything is beautiful. Technician was a real nice guy. Thank you very much for your help.  

Barbara B  | Tenafly, NJ |  November 28, 2021

Been so busy with Thanksgiving I just noticed your nice follow up. Yes everything came out great!  

Shelley T  | Alpine, NJ |  November 23, 2021

All good! It was a pleasure dealing with you as well as the gentleman who installed the shade! He was very professional and it looks great!!!  

Frank M  | Hoboken, NJ |  November 20, 2021

Thanks for checking in. We are very happy with the final product!  

Julia S  | New York, NY |  November 19, 2021

Yes, the process from measurement to installation went very quick and smooth.  

Donald K  | Tenafly, NJ |  November 15, 2021

The installation went smoothly and the window treatment is excellent. 

Megan B  | North Bergen, NJ |  October 27, 2021

It looks simply beautiful! I am soooo pleased! 

Michelle R  | Cresskill, NJ |  October 23, 2021

The installation went great and I love my new window treatments!  

Hillary M  | Cohasset, MA |  October 23, 2021

Turned out great, thank you!!  

Ayelett R  | Englewood, NJ |  October 20, 2021

Thank you for all of your help! The shades are installed and beautiful!!  

Mara C  | South Nyack, NY |  October 18, 2021

The treatment is perfect, and the installer was lovely and extremely fast. Thank you! 

Alison B  | Dumont, NJ |  October 9, 2021

Our shade turned out great! Totally helps complete the space! 

Paul & Janice P  | New York, NY |  October 8, 2021

The final shade was installed on Monday – no problems! And, we continue to love them. Just want to thank you for all your good service and help in seeing this order and installation through to completion –and to our total satisfaction. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you for a great product and great service.  

Eric H  | Atlanta, GA |  September 28, 2021

Installer was on time and professional! Thanks for a great experience. Shade looks great!  

Jasmine F  | Closter, NJ |  September 27, 2021

Thank you very much for all of your assistance and design recommendations! I love the look and fabric! The rod is beautiful and it was the right decision to go without the sheers. It was a great pleasure working with you!  

JoAnn S  | NYC, NY |  September 22, 2021

All went smoothly and we are very happy with how perfect window treatments turned out. You have a great eye for the perfect color shade. The room darkening shade is a welcome addition to the bedroom. I appreciate your patience and time.  

Abigail F  | Summit, NJ |  August 30, 2021

Shades are stunning. Thank you for the work and the installers. I appreciate your work and work ethic.  

Jana R  | Little Compton, RI |  August 24, 2021

Everything went smoothly and they look fantastic! Should have done this long ago. Thanks for your help.