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Blocks from Lake Michigan, this showroom is located in the village’s walk-able shopping district. It features interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts to help you find beautiful custom window treatments for your space.

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The Shade Store

908 Green Bay Road, Suite B

Winnetka, IL 60093

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Cynthia B  | Chicago, IL |  March 5, 2021

Everything went great. The installation gentleman was awesome. And they look amazing. Thanks for all your help! 

Ellen & Pete L  | Lake Forest, IL |  March 4, 2021

OMG the shades are absolutely beautiful! The installer did an awesome job, was so careful and explained everything to us! We have been so impressed right from the moment we first called you. My design consultant, install pro, all of your excellent communication, and the quality of the product should all be a examples in a business school for how to run a company! Thank you for all of your expertise and kindness! 

Prameela B  | Northbrook, IL |  March 1, 2021

Installation went smoothly and turned out good. Thank you for all the help. I will be in touch if I need any further help.  

Nancy S  | Evanston, IL |  February 24, 2021

All went well with the installation and the shades look great! 

Rita M  | evanston, IL |  February 21, 2021

Everything went smoothly and they look great! Thanks for your help! 

Calli M  | Dorchester, MA |  February 20, 2021

Thank you for reaching out! The installation went smoothly and the shades look great! And they block out so much more light than the old ones. 

Molly L  | Winnetka, IL |  February 18, 2021

Our roman shade looks great! We're very happy!! Thank you so much! 

Charlene F  | Lodi, CA |  February 16, 2021

It's been very nice working with you as well. I feel confident in my choices now and you helped with that. Thanks 

Dale K  | Northbrook, IL |  February 15, 2021

Everything looks great! Thank you for your help. Very very happy with everything! 

Ellen & Scott M  | Lake Forest, IL |  February 10, 2021

We Love our new blinds! The installer was outstanding. He did a great job, professional, very nice. It’s been a pleasure to work with The Shade Store. I appreciate how you followed our order status and communicated with us. I will recommend you to my friends needing window treatments for sure! 

Rori B  | Deerfield, IL |  February 8, 2021

They came out great! We’re very happy! We will definitely be back for phase two! 

Sandy D  | Deerfield, IL |  February 4, 2021

Everything went great and the result looks awesome! Thank you so much for your help throughout the process. 

Stan P  | Northbrook, IL |  January 31, 2021

We love our new shades! We have ordered from you before and you guys always do a great job. Thank You! 

Lee C  | Rolling Meadows, IL |  January 28, 2021

I’m so incredibly happy with how everything turned out! Thank you for all your help.  

Georgia C  | Wilmette, IL |  January 26, 2021

They look gorgeous! Really pretty and the installation went very smoothly! Thanks for all your help. 

Kevin F  | Winnetka, IL |  January 24, 2021

Yes it all looks great. Thanks! Installation was very quick and the installer was very professional. 

Emily D  | Rockford, IL |  January 23, 2021

I wanted to let you know, I love our drapes and shades! They turned out great and the install was quick! 

Marja A  | Long Island City, NY |  January 22, 2021

Installation went perfectly and the shades look so great! Thanks for all your help!  

Alice A  | Northfield, IL |  January 22, 2021

Everything went great! We love our new shades! 

Erika L  | Gleview, IL |  January 21, 2021

The window treatments are exactly what we needed and were waiting for! The dining room looks great, as does the living room, and the rooms does feel bigger with the track attached to the ceiling. 

Keegan O  | Winnetka, IL |  January 19, 2021

Installation went well. Blinds look great. Appreciate your help! 

Drew C  | Evanston, IL |  January 18, 2021

Installation was quick and the shade looks great. Thank you for the follow-up.  

Ting K  | Winnetka, IL |  January 17, 2021

The installers did a great job, thank you for your help as always! 

Marita P  | Highland Park, IL |  January 16, 2021

Everything went very well and we love the new shade. Thanks to The Shade Store for making the entire process seamless! 

Jodie K  | Glenview, IL |  January 13, 2021

We absolutely love the shades and can’t thank you enough for all you hard work to make it happen. They are perfect and exactly what we envisioned for our space.  

MJ F  | Winnetka, IL |  January 12, 2021

Everything was great! Thanks for following up and thanks for your help. The entire process was very professional and went smoothly. I truly appreciate a good experience right now. It hasn’t been the same with other things I’ve ordered for our home. Frankly it’s been a real struggle for some companies but The Shade Store was awesome! 

Pat N  | Skokie, IL |  January 10, 2021

The shades look great. Thanks for the great service!  

Christine N  | Long Grove, IL |  January 10, 2021

We love, love our new motorized shades and draperies!! 

Ellen E  | Wilmette, IL |  January 9, 2021

We love our shades!  

Ellen S  | Skokie, IL |  January 9, 2021

Everything is great. I love the new shades. They make such a difference in the rooms. Thank you for your help picking the color.  

Sarah H  | Western Springs, IL |  January 6, 2021

The shades are terrific! Thank you, Sarah 

Judy W  | Chicago, IL |  December 26, 2020

We are now the proud owners of The Shade Store window treatments, and I think they look great! Many thanks for your patience and all your help with this! You made it so enjoyable and so much easier to manage! Thank you! 

Dan & Meredith H  | Arlington Heights, IL |  December 16, 2020

We absolutely love all of our window treatments, we couldn’t be happier!  

Nancy S  | Glenview, IL |  December 12, 2020

Thrilled with everything! 

Kelly G  | Wilmette, IL |  December 7, 2020

The curtains look beautiful! Thank you so much for all of your help. It really makes the space feel like home.  

Cathy J  | Evanston, IL |  December 6, 2020

All the window treatments look wonderful! You have made moving into this big, old historic home more fun, and more comfortable!  

Elizabeth S  | Glenview, IL |  December 5, 2020

The shades look fantastic! Thank you! We are very happy.  

Sheetal S  | Wilmette, IL |  December 5, 2020

The shade was installed this morning and looks great! 

Raphaele H  | Highland Park, IL |  December 4, 2020

The shades look great! 

Kristin   | Evanston, IL |  December 2, 2020

Everything is beautiful! We really love how they turned out. I'll let you know when we're ready to order more! 

Kim M  | Chicago, IL |  November 30, 2020

The installation was quick and easy and we are very happy with how they turned out. The shades look seamless and clean, blending in well with the window trim, which is what we wanted. Thanks again for your help. 

Karen S  | Winnetka, IL |  November 20, 2020

Thank you! The shades look great!  

Corinne R  | Evanston, IL |  November 19, 2020

I am so thankful for your patience and willingness to see us through to this final wonderful install! The new shades are so lovely and the motorization is the BEST thing ever. Definitely the best choice for the room. The shades make the room so special and we just love them. We will be in touch for future shades for other rooms for sure.  

Natalie K  | Glencoe, IL |  November 19, 2020

Oh my gosh! Love it all! Great job!!! Thank you for your help.  

Stephanie K  | Lake Forest, IL |  November 17, 2020

Thank you! We love the new shades. Finishes the room. Great quality too! 

Dena & Paul P  | Arlington Heights, IL |  November 10, 2020

The shade looks great! Thank you for helping us with the selection process. 

Pam K  | Lake Forest, IL |  November 7, 2020

The shades are awesome! Thank you for everything. The installer was a perfectionist. A pleasure doing business with The Shade Store.  

Jessica K  | Northbrook, IL |  November 5, 2020

Our shades are in and we love them! Eager to tackle some more of our windows.  

Karen K  | Northfield, IL |  November 5, 2020

The window treatments have been installed and they are beautiful. We are so happy and look forward to spending more time in this room!  

Lauren D  | Waldorf, MD |  October 19, 2020

Everyone involved is happy with the final result! Thank you so much for making the process simple!! 

Ellie J  | Wilmette, IL |  October 15, 2020

Thank you so much! The shades look fabulous! I am so excited! I really appreciate your excellent customer service. 

Ashley O  | Winnetka, IL |  October 14, 2020

They look great! We are very happy! Thank you!  

Joe S  | Darien, IL |  October 11, 2020

The Shade looks great!  

Stephen & Christiana H  | Shorewood, IL |  October 10, 2020

Oh my goodness! We love the drapes so much! They look beautiful in her room!! We are so grateful and look forward to working with you again in other rooms, once ready!! :)  

Casey M  | Chicago, IL |  October 8, 2020

The installation went smooth and the shades look beautiful. Thank you! 

Kevin C  | Park Ridge, IL |  October 5, 2020

Got the new Roman Shades last Friday, they look great...Thanks again for the help on this project and we'll see you for the next one! 

Kurt & Christine A  | Kenilworth, IL |  September 29, 2020

The curtains look great! Happy with the way everything turned out!  

Linda S  | Gary, IN |  September 25, 2020

I wanted to let you know that the window treatments were installed today. We really love them. The whole process was so easy and we appreciate all your help! 

Amy B  | Winnetka, IL |  September 25, 2020

Everything is perfect. Really appreciate all of your help these past few months. 

Susan R  | Chicago, IL |  September 24, 2020

I am very happy with our new roman shades! Thank you!  

Jurate O  | Glenview, IL |  September 22, 2020

The installation was great. We loved everything, from service to materials. Thanks so much for all your help. 

Mike & Angie B  | Palatine, IL |  September 21, 2020

Both blinds went up quickly and look great! We’re both very happy with them and appreciate the help and recommendations.  

Kevin C  | Park Ridge, IL |  September 21, 2020

We got the roller shades and put them up ourselves...Fit perfectly!!! 

Marcia & Matthew S  | Highwood, IL |  September 18, 2020

We are very happy with the shades! It is a relief having the bedroom all dark in the evening and privacy protected during the day. Installation was wonderful: smoothly, quiet, quick and clean - a pro, really! Thank you very much for your attention.  

Peter C  | Wilmette, IL |  September 14, 2020

All of the blinds look great! The installer was very efficient and helpful!  

Guy S  | Chicago, IL |  September 12, 2020

The shades turned out really great, we love them! Thank you! 

Janelle P  | Chicago, IL |  September 12, 2020

We are overall pleased with our drapes - the look and the fabric turned out beautifully, and really adds warmth to our room. Thanks again for your time and patience! 

Melissa B  | Wheaton, IL |  September 12, 2020

So far, so good!! Installation was GREAT! Thank you!!  

Nicole M  | Winnetka, IL |  September 1, 2020

My client loves the two blinds we recently did and now would like to do a larger winder that she has in her kitchen. Thank you for all your help! 

George C  | Evanston, IL |  August 22, 2020

I give an A+ to my installer! He was very professional, CDC compliant, and a pleasure to welcome into our home. We are extremely pleased with our window treatment and the whole process.....thank you.  

Jeanine R  | Northbrook, IL |  August 19, 2020

The blinds turned out great. We are so happy to finally have window treatments. 

Kate M  | Highland Park, IL |  August 17, 2020

It looks great, thank you!! 

Prachi D  | Vernon Hills, IL |  August 15, 2020

Everything went smoothly and our window treatments look great! Thank you for all your assistance throughout this process. 

Rachel N  | Evanston, IL |  August 10, 2020

Our shades were installed this weekend and we love them! Thanks again for your help with the shades! 

Claudia P  | Riverside, IL |  August 6, 2020

The installation went smoothly and the shades look great. Thank you! 

Aaron K  | Scarsdale, NY |  August 3, 2020

It went great! Thank you for checking in and for all your help. Really appreciate it and will be sure to reach out for our next shade needs from you. 

Vahhab & Aida N  | Wood Dale, IL |  July 31, 2020

You have our five-star customer care. You were very helpful in helping us getting into the right path and choosing the right products. I appreciate all you did and I will definitely work with you again. 

Nancy S  | Chicago, IL |  July 25, 2020

Everything went off without a hitch yesterday and we are very happy. The curtains in particular are just beautiful. Thanks for recommending that material to us and we appreciate you sticking with us to sort everything out. 

Gunnar W  | Skokie, IL |  July 23, 2020

We finally have everything up and it looks great. Thanks for all the help! 

Ann D  | Chicago, IL |  July 20, 2020

Love them!!!! They look great 

Kaitlyn F  | Decatur, GA |  July 16, 2020

The shades are gorgeous and the installation was so smooth! Thank you again for all your help, we love the shades!  

Leslie W  | Evanston, IL |  July 13, 2020

We couldn’t be more pleased. Our windows look fabulous! This has been such an easy process from start to finish and we are very grateful! We may be back at the store to talk about a valence or two, or possibly shades for the doors. 

Bonnie G  | Homewood, IL |  July 11, 2020

I just came back from the client's house, and the window treatments look perfect! Thanks so much! 

Joe & Kathy R  | Hinsdale, IL |  July 3, 2020

Everything looks great, thank you! 

William & Nadia S  | Elmhurst, IL |  June 23, 2020

We received our order and shades fit perfectly. Thank you again for your assistance, greatly appreciate it! 

Andrea H  | Wilmette, IL |  June 20, 2020

We had the shades installed today -- and they look GREAT...... The installer is so super professional. It has been a pleasure. It has been an awesome experience to work with you. 

Kathleen R  | Morton Grove, IL |  June 18, 2020

Yes he did a great job, they are perfect- thanks so much! I feel like my place is finally complete: I’ll be back because I know there are future projects I’d like to do. 

Lee T  | Winnetka, IL |  June 16, 2020

The clients are very happy with the drapes and the blind! Thank you very much for all of your hard work. 

Jennifer A  | Glencoe, IL |  June 15, 2020

Very happy with how it looks and quality of shades. Thank you for your help. 

Molly W  | Wilmette, IL |  June 13, 2020

All the rollers shades are wonderful as well the laundry room shade-love it! 

Amy B  | Northfield, IL |  June 10, 2020

The shades look great and installation was super. Thanks for all your help. 

Laura A  | Lake Forest , IL |  June 7, 2020

Thank you for your help. All the shades look really great. 

Nancy H  | Las Vegas, NV |  June 6, 2020

The blinds are perfect! I love them! Installation went smoothly. Very nice and professional young man. The color of the blinds matches my wall color which I was really hoping for. Now when I awaken in the morning, one touch and the blinds rise. Thank you so much for all you help. 

Amy B  | Winnetka, IL |  May 30, 2020

Installation went great and the new shades look perfect! 

Andrea H  | Wilmette, IL |  May 28, 2020

Thank you also for all your help. You have been great to work with. Your insights have been invaluable and so helpful.  

Chris H  | Northbrook, IL |  May 23, 2020

The Wood Blinds and Cornices looks great! 

Lisa T  | Arlington Heights, IL |  May 16, 2020

OMG I love the new shades. So perfect. We finally slept great last night. Measure was perfect. They really keep the room dark. Once we get through all this I will get back to you for the big sliding door. 

Kate M  | Highland Park, IL |  May 11, 2020

It looks great. Thank you so much! 

Lorraine W  | Chicago, IL |  May 6, 2020

I just love our blinds and hope to be ordering more as we do our room by room approach! 

Carmen C  | Western Springs, IL |  May 5, 2020

Installation was very smooth and I love the products. Getting rid of the sheers gave me more light and opened the space up. I will keep you in mind for future projects. Thank you again for all your help!