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Chicago - The Merchandise Mart


Located in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. 11 floors of showrooms for gifts, home decor and more. This showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts. 312.924.3796 / email

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Lauren S  | Chicago, IL |  July 24, 2020

Install went great!! Thank you! The tech, Jose, was awesome. I’m sad we have no windows left to cover!!  

Sevila Y  | Chicago, IL |  July 21, 2020

They look fantastic and George was great. Thank you for following up!  

Emily C  | Chicago, IL |  July 17, 2020

Everything went great. Alex was awesome. As soon as the new shades went up I said, I can’t believe we waited this long to switch these out. We are very happy and would definitely use you guys again.  

Robert R  | Chicago, IL |  July 13, 2020

Shades look great. Installer did a great job too. There was a broken mechanism in the roller on one shade and he was able to replace it on site with a spare he had with him! Always a pleasure working with you and your company! 

Elizabeth C  | Highland Park , IL |  July 11, 2020

Thank you for reaching out. I am so happy with them! I will send you a photo. Thanks again! 

Abigail L  | Chicago, IL |  July 10, 2020

The installation went flawless and we felt very safe with the social distancing protocol. Thanks for that! We love the privacy shades! 

Kate B  | Chicago, IL |  July 9, 2020

Everything was great. Thanks for being patient with us! 

Jean S  | Wilmette, IL |  July 6, 2020

Yes, all went well with the install. I’m very satisfied with my new window treatment. Thanks so much for your assistance with it all and for checking in about the install. It has been a pleasure working with you too. 

Christina H  | Chicago, IL |  July 3, 2020

They look fantastic! We are very happy, as always. Looking forward to keeping in touch as well. 

Ross  R  | Washington , DC |  July 1, 2020

The installation was great, the Installer was quick and incredibly cordial. We are very, very happy with the new draperies! Thanks again. 

Erica  L  | Chicago , IL |  June 30, 2020

They look amazing!! We love them. I can't wait to do the rest of my house. 

Eric & Renee S  | Chicago, IL |  June 26, 2020

We absolutely love the shades!!! The mechanized above the door are so cool - We have have “fought” over who would get to raise/lower them each day... glad we went that route. I honestly didn’t realize how much we needed them... we are in awe each day - I think we all made some great decisions and couldn’t thank you enough for your expertise and guidance. 

Kathryn J  | Chicago, IL |  June 26, 2020

It was an absolute pleasure working with you. I have a feeling that when we’ve saved up to do our bedroom we will be calling on you for the same superior quality product and service! Thank you so so much for everything! 

Barbara  B  | Evanston, IL |  June 26, 2020

Installation went very smoothly, he did a great install job and I couldn’t be happier with the roller shades, motorized shades and the beautiful silk drapery in the master bedroom. 

Becca S  | Chicago, IL |  June 20, 2020

Thank you for checking in! Our install was smooth and the shades look great. Thanks for helping make this possible! 

Bill P  | Chicago, IL |  June 18, 2020

The install went quickly and smoothly, and the shades look great. We're very happy with them. Thank you again for reminding me to place the order. You were absolutely right about the cordless mechanism. The timing was also perfect- they're definitely helping to keep some of the heat out today. 

Estelle L  | Chicago, IL |  June 4, 2020

I wanted to reach out and let you know that we received the drapery and installed it. It looks great! We're already seeing that it is very helpful in providing climate control and I'm pleased that it is an aesthetically pleasing fix for a place in the house where we could not install a door frame. Thank you for your help and counsel! 

Colleen A  | Chicago, IL |  May 27, 2020

The installation went great and the shades are awesome. They look so cute in our son's new big boy room. Thanks so much for all of your help throughout this process. I really appreciate it! 

Carol B  | New York, NY |  May 14, 2020

We already bought the treatments and had them installed - love all our Shade Store products and I would not go anywhere else. Excellent experience twice. 

Kathy G  | Livonia, MI |  May 4, 2020

Our blind looks great. We love it. Thank you for your help. 

Tyler K  | Chicago, IL |  April 27, 2020

We love them and the install was easy. Thanks again for helping us with the process! 

Scott J  | Chicago , IL |  March 27, 2020

We absolutely love the dark solar shades you recommended. Looks amazing. Thank you so much!!! 

Patrick C  | Chicago, IL |  March 25, 2020

My installation happened on Friday and all is good. I’m very happy with them and appreciate all of your help. 

Courtney T  | Chicago, IL |  March 16, 2020

I LOVE THEM. They are perfect and they look amazing. Thanks again for making the process easy!!  

David T  | St. John, IN |  March 10, 2020

We just wanted to say THANK YOU! The difference with the new shades is incredible! You should have seen my wife's excitement when she got home that day.  

Lisa S  | Elmhurst, IL |  March 5, 2020

The installer was great, he helped walk us through connecting to the WiFi hub/bridge. He cleaned up his area and helped put furnishings back. Nicely done Shade Store! 

Nelly M  | Chicago, IL |  March 4, 2020

The shades look great & more importantly, my clients are very happy with the look. They are like semi-sheers with texture & flexibility of up & down. Thank you for your assistance. 

Pam K  | Chicago, IL |  February 29, 2020

Everything went well and the shades look nice. Thanks for your guidance and input on the material selection! 

John L  | Chicago, IL |  February 27, 2020

We absolutely love our new window treatments! Installation went smoothly and they complete the look of our home - thank you for all of your help in this process! 

Rebecca G  | Chicago, IL |  February 19, 2020

The installation went great and my client couldn’t be happier with the window treatments. They turned out beautifully and we're so pleased. Looking forward to working together again in the future! 

Franck  O  | Chicago , IL |  February 18, 2020

The installation went great. The product is awesome. I’m a very happy customer! Thanks again for everything. 

Clare  R  | Chicago, IL |  February 17, 2020

We are very pleased with how everything turned out! Thanks for your help! 

Jill S  | Chicago, IL |  February 12, 2020

We absolutely love our new window treatment!! It looks beautiful. The installer was fantastic as well. We’ll be contacting you for future projects. Thanks again! 

Tom D  | Lake Forest, IL |  February 11, 2020

Thank you. All was seamless. Appreciate your service. 

Kasia J  | Chicago, IL |  February 11, 2020

The living room draperies are just beautiful. 

Christine H  | Chicago, IL |  February 6, 2020

Thanks! We are happy with our window treatments and are sure to use The Shade Store if we need more in the future. 

Marla C  | Chicago, IL |  January 28, 2020

We got the shades installed this past weekend, and they are great. Perfect fit, provide privacy and still let the light in too. Thank you again for your help on this! 

Paul K  | Chicago, IL |  January 23, 2020

You made such wonderful choices for me, and the installation was beyond efficient and went perfectly! Thank you for everything. 

Christina H  | Chicago, IL |  January 18, 2020

They turned out great! I really appreciated that the installer did some extra tweaking to make it perfect. But they look beautiful and the texture adds just the right amount of the natural element to the space. 

Valerie G  | Chicago , IL |  January 15, 2020

Everything went great! We absolutely love everything! Thank you! 

Sara H  | New York, NY |  January 15, 2020

My husband installed and they look great!!!! I'm very happy with the change. 

Keith and Rosemary H  | New York, NY |  January 13, 2020

The shades look great. Thank you so much. Just what we wanted. I love the remote controls! 

Anne R  | Chicago, IL |  January 13, 2020

The shade looks fantastic and everyone loves it!! 

Andrea D  | Chicago, IL |  January 13, 2020

Everything went very smoothly & the shades look fantastic. The guys that did the install were great - very professional, quick & accurate. We appreciate it. 

Megan O  | Chicago, IL |  January 11, 2020

I wanted to follow up with you now that the installation of all our window treatments is complete. We are SO HAPPY with how everything looks! I also wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to work with you, the measurers and installers. Everyone I interacted with throughout this process was helpful, knowledgable, professional and courteous. The installers were especially fantastic. Given the big scope of the job and the disruption of installing shades and drapes in almost every room of the house, they truly could not have been any more efficient or respectful. A really top notch team! 

Suzie S  | Chicago, IL |  January 10, 2020

It’s been fantastic and the installer was prompt and did a great job! There was a part missing, but he thankfully had an extra and it looks awesome! We’re very happy. 

Rachel L  | New York, NY |  January 8, 2020

I’m continually impressed by your company. 

Christine P  | Wheaton, IL |  January 6, 2020

Our installation went smoothly and our shade is perfect. I love it so much! Thank you for your patience and time. It is so appreciated. Our installer was great! Thank you.  

Stefanie P  | Chicago, IL |  January 3, 2020

Everything went very well and we are happy with our purchase. 

Marie D  | Chicago, IL |  December 30, 2019

The shades look beautiful and the installer is, as always, a dream to work with. 

Jim D  | Chicago, IL |  December 27, 2019

We are very pleased with the installation. Our new shades look great! 

Abby L  | Chicago, IL |  December 26, 2019

The windows look fantastic, thank you so much!!! I really appreciate all you did to get it right. We love it! 

Maggie E  | Chicago, IL |  December 19, 2019

I'm so happy, everything looks beautiful, thanks for taking the time to meet with me at your showroom to pick everything out. 

Sean C  | New York, NY |  December 19, 2019

Everything is perfect and installation went flawlessly. I really appreciate it. They look great and client is very pleased (again). 

Jennifer H  | Wilmette, IL |  December 18, 2019

We love the shades and drapes! Everything turned out really well.  

Larry B  | Pewaukee, WI |  December 16, 2019

I had used The Shade Store for shades, but never for drapery before. After this recent project, I will be using you all the time! My customer and I were both very satisfied with our project. 

Jillisa B  | Chicago, IL |  December 14, 2019

I am SO happy! The shades are perfect. They fill the window and the thicker blackout lining makes them hang really beautifully. It makes a genuine difference. You have been absolutely wonderful with your problem solving and follow up. This has been an outstanding experience. Thank you again! 

Dan P  | Chicago, IL |  December 14, 2019

The service yesterday was fantastic. I couldn’t possibly be more satisfied with the shades and the service.  

Erik K  | Chicago, IL |  December 2, 2019

Everything is great and amazing! So appreciate the follow up! They look so good and fit perfect! 

Lauren H  | Chicago , IL |  December 2, 2019

The installation went GREAT, and we love our new shades! 

Joe and Kristen S  | Chicago, IL |  November 29, 2019

Everything is great! Really love them! Thanks again & we will keep in touch if we need more! 

Kathleen J  | Chicago, IL |  November 16, 2019

The install went smoothly, the team was great, and we’re all very happy with the results. 

Nicole  B  | Chicago , IL |  November 15, 2019

You were a dream to work with. We appreciate your help! 

John S  | Chicago, IL |  November 15, 2019

The install went great! The shades look fantastic! 

Jacqueline  K  | Glen Ellyn , IL |  November 14, 2019

Thank you so much for making the process so easy. The installers did a great job and the client is super happy with the result.  

Scott L  | Chicago, IL |  November 14, 2019

Blinds are in and I love them!!! Thank you so much for all of your help! Will definitely be taking my clients to The Shade Store.  

Lauren S  | Chicago, IL |  November 11, 2019

The shades look awesome - Tim did a great job, per usual! :) Thank you!  

Diana R  | Wilmette, IL |  November 11, 2019

Everything went smoothly, thank you. We love the shades!  

Dana K  | Highland Park, IL |  November 6, 2019

Thanks for the follow up! Everything is amazing, especially the drapery. Thanks for your help. I can’t wait to do the living space in the spring.  

Ann P  | Chicago, IL |  November 6, 2019

Lindsay is very happy with her new drapery. The installers did a great job! Thanks for following up! 

Samantha B  | Chicago, IL |  November 6, 2019

We love them so much! Thank you for all your help and patience!  

Darline S  | Chicago, IL |  November 5, 2019

The installers did a great job and we are really pleased with how it looks. Thanks to you and the team for such a great experience.  

Paul L  | Chicago , IL |  November 4, 2019

Thank you very much. The installation could not have gone smoother today, and the entire process was so easy. I really appreciate everything, beginning to end. 

Jerith Bailey L  | Chicago, IL |  October 28, 2019

Tim did a great job and resolved everything. He was great!  

Jason  M  | Jones, MI |  October 25, 2019

The motorized shades look great! They seamlessly blend into the black mullion. Couldn’t be happier.  

Germaine R  | Chicago, IL |  October 24, 2019

We are super happy with our shades; thank you so much for all your help on this project.  

Barbara G  | Chicago, IL |  October 23, 2019

Everything went well and we are very happy with our blackout blinds. 

Abbie A  | Chicago, IL |  October 18, 2019

The window treatments look great in the master and function SOOOO much better. The kitchen windows also came in and I had them installed. So nice and clean and glad we motorized. Appreciate all the great Customer Service which seems hard to come by these days.  

brittney d  | chicago, IL |  October 18, 2019

Everything went perfect Trina. Tim was super awesome. Thanks for checking in!  

Lon & Mario T  | Chicago, IL |  October 12, 2019

The shades are in and they look great.Thanks for helping us make the right decision!  

Amanda F  | Chicago, IL |  October 11, 2019

The installer was very professional and very nice. I appreciated his assistance very much. 

Katie G  | Chicago, IL |  October 8, 2019

Thank you. We're very happy! 

Jeff K  | Chicago, IL |  October 8, 2019

Thanks everything went well, the installer was great.  

Margaret H  | Chicago , IL |  October 3, 2019

Thanks very much for your help, Colette. The windows look great and the light has been minimized. Tim and the other installer were very helpful and efficient. I’m happy to share this great story with friends. 

Laure L  | Chicago, IL |  October 2, 2019

The installation was so quick and easy, Tim was very nice and did a great job. The window treatments are great, and hide the light really well, I love them!  

Steven A  | Chicago, IL |  October 1, 2019

Thanks for checking in, we love our shades, they really came out great. The installation was excellent, the guys really go the extra mile to make sure everything looks nice and is how you want it. They were extremely helpful and the professional installation was appreciated. You do a great job, thanks for the exceptional customer service. Much appreciated! We will be back for more windows for sure. 

Jamie B  | Chicago, IL |  September 30, 2019

Everything is great!! Thanks for your help with everything. Couldn’t have done it without you! 

Courtney A  | Chicago, IL |  September 24, 2019

We are loving our shades and were so grateful you were able to squeeze us in for Saturday so we didn’t have to use temporary ones! We appreciate it.  

Melissa M  | Chicago, IL |  September 19, 2019

Thank you so much for your help with this order! We absolutely love the window treatments. We are excited to continue working with you in the future! 

Karen M  | Chicago , IL |  September 10, 2019

The shades arrived, and I'm very happy with them. The installation went smoothly thanks to TIm. Thank you so much for your help with everything. 

Jane L  | Boston , MA |  September 6, 2019

He did a great install job! I think we made good choices! 

Joey C  | Chicago, IL |  September 4, 2019

Thank you very much Trina. The installation went perfect, the shades complete the dining room. Thank you and The Shade Store for helping my wife and I reach our goal of fully motorized shades thought out the whole house. Thank you.  

Forrest and Art  S  | Ada, MI |  August 31, 2019

Thank you again for making corrections and answering all my concerns. I do appreciate your patience in helping me understand the process and feeling comfortable with our purchases. Just another reason I LOVE working with you and The Shade Store.  

Katharine A  | Northbrook, IL |  August 31, 2019

My client loves her new shades and said your installer was friendly, professional, and timely! We’re so pleased with the way they turned out, they really compliment my interior design work in the dining room, kitchen, and laundry room! Thanks for everything, I'm definitely going to use The Shade Store and work with you again in the near future!  

Elizabeth  R  | Chicago, IL |  August 31, 2019

Everything went well and I’m loving my shades. Thank you so much for all your help! 

Maggie L  | Chicago, IL |  August 31, 2019

It was an easy and quick install and your team was super friendly. The blinds look great!! Really appreciate your help with everything.  

Jane K  | Glen Ellyn, IL |  August 28, 2019

The install went well and the clients are extremely happy! Thank you for all of your help with this project.  

John L  | Stevensville, MI |  August 26, 2019

The bathroom window treatment is exactly what we wanted. The installation went very smoothly.  

Jeffrey H  | Chicago, IL |  August 26, 2019

Everything went very smoothly yesterday. Rich did a great job re-steaming the drapes and they look beautiful. I am a happy customer and love my window treatments. Everything turned out the way I was hoping it would. Thank you for your assistance through this. 

Christine and Tom K  | Chicago, IL |  August 17, 2019

We would like to compliment Tim, the installer, who was excellent! He has a most professional manner and was very pleasant indeed. We are happy with the quality of the shades and look forward to sleeping in a darkened bedroom.