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Amy and Travis T  | Denver, CO |  March 19, 2019

Thanks! I am grateful of your willingness to work with us with regard to our decisions.  

Eric and Kelly Z  | Denver, CO |  March 14, 2019

Thank you very much for your attention to detail. 

Sarah R  | Evergreen, CO |  March 14, 2019

The shades are absolutely perfect! The valance and outside mount looks incredible! And I’m already spoiled with the motorization. I could not be happier! 

Candece & Ted Y  | Denver, CO |  March 14, 2019

Everything is great! We love them! Thank you so much!  

Sherry T  | Golden, CO |  March 14, 2019

I love our window treatments. They are just what we wanted. We are very happy with the shades and installation. 

Kathy E  | Denver, CO |  March 10, 2019

Thanks so much. The installation was very quick, and the new shades look great! I'm sleeping better now that I have, better light blocking in the master bedroom. I appreciate all your help!  

Katie A  | Conifer, CO |  March 9, 2019

They look great. Thank you for all your help!  

Eric and Kelly Z  | Denver, CO |  March 8, 2019

Thanks for the prompt follow up and for taking care of us. 

Liz and Steve C  | Denver, CO |  March 7, 2019

We appreciate you working with us so we can have beautiful shades.  

Kathryn L  | Westminster, CO |  March 7, 2019

The shade is 100% perfect and I am absolutely thankful and thrilled at the speed and at the outcome of your customer service. Thank you! 

Josh & Jennifer M  | Parker, CO |  March 6, 2019

The installer did a great job and they look fantastic!  

Debbie B  | Denver, CO |  March 4, 2019

I love my new drapes! They look great and my neighbors are complimenting me on how nice they make my window look.  

Henrick S  | Greenwood Village, CO |  March 4, 2019

The installer was a wonderful and polite man. He did a great job! We love the shades. You folks have been soooo nice to work with! Thank you again!  

Anna J  | Denver, CO |  March 2, 2019

The shades look great! Just like I expected! We are very pleased.  

Kathy S  | Palo Alto, CA |  March 2, 2019

The contractor just installed the shade today and it look great. Thanks!  

Alexandra T  | Denver, CO |  February 28, 2019

Thanks for the quick turnaround. I really appreciate all your help.  

Carson L  | Alpine, NJ |  February 27, 2019

The shades look gorgeous! Thank you. 

Dominic P  | Denver, CO |  February 27, 2019

Appreciate your assistance! 

Gina T  | Aspen, CO |  February 23, 2019

Everything looks absolutely perfect, and I love it all! 

Eileen H  | Golden, CO |  February 23, 2019

It’s turned out well. I really like them. Thank you!  

Ivy T  | Campbell, CA |  February 22, 2019

Just wanted to let you know I received all the shipments. Can’t wait for install on Monday. Thank you for everything!  

Michael S  | West Hollywood, CA |  February 21, 2019

I did not want to have our working relationship conclude without expressing to you my appreciation for the time, effort, expertise, and empathy that you have expended on our behalf. The Shade Store should be appreciated for having you represent them. 

Renee & Kerry C  | Edwards, CO |  February 20, 2019

Everything was good. The installer was a really a nice guy. Thanks for all your help!  

Maura G  | Edwards, CO |  February 13, 2019

Everything looks great! Thank you so much for all of your help!  

Patricia B  | Denver, CO |  February 11, 2019

The shades look great! The installation looks perfect and the installer was a great guy. On time, fast and tidy! Thanks for all your help!  

Stephanie B  | Denver, CO |  February 11, 2019

We received the final order of shades last week and have installed them! They look terrific! The blinds with navy border are especially charming and I love the character it gives to the room! I also want to thank you for the help with the kitchen blinds. Overall I am very pleased with experience and product! Thanks for all your help throughout the past couple years as I finished up this window project!  

Niki L  | Wheatridge, CO |  February 8, 2019

We love the shades! 

Amy and Travis T  | Denver, CO |  February 7, 2019

Customer Care was quite helpful on the phone yesterday. They may have been the only person with customer service who took the time to listen and read all of the notes related to the orders.  

Lauren A  | Denver, CO |  February 7, 2019

Everything went well and it looks great! Thank you for making sure all went well and handling it so promptly.  

Amy and Travis T  | Denver, CO |  February 4, 2019

Thank you for your help today! I appreciate you taking the time to understand today.  

Laura Z  | Aurora, CO |  January 31, 2019

The Installation went well and everything looks great! Thanks so much for your help! 

Susan B  | San Rafael, CA |  January 29, 2019

I can assure you that if I need more shades at either of my properties, I will go to The Shade Store. Love the products and the service!  

Polly and Danny M  | Lakewood, CO |  January 25, 2019

There is nothing we didn’t like about the whole process and of course your product. We are so happy. Thank you for all your help! 

Bernadette M  | Larkspur, CA |  January 23, 2019

I am so pleased with my new drapes, they look great in my bedroom.The installer did a great job and was very polite and professional. It really couldn't have been simpler.  

Lori K  | Broomfield, CO |  January 16, 2019

Thank you so much for everything.  

Ginny O  | greeley, CO |  January 10, 2019

It looks great! Thanks!  

Migette K  | Manhattan, KS |  January 5, 2019

We got the shades installed and they look quite nice. Thank you again for all of your help.  

Suzanne F  | Denver, CO |  January 3, 2019

It all worked out perfectly and the client is happy! 

Marieka B  | Denver, CO |  January 3, 2019

I love them! I can’t believe how much light they let in while giving me privacy. Thanks!  

Hilary M  | Evergreen, CO |  January 2, 2019

The roman shades were just installed and they are gorgeous! They are even better than what I was imagining. I can't wait to get the drapes installed! Thank you for your help with everything!  

Dawn & Chris O  |  | Chromo, CO |  December 30, 2018

We are super happy! The installer was efficient, clean, neat and tidy. Our Shade Store experience over the last year has been wonderful! Thank you for a great product and a great customer experience!  

Cecily K  | Lakewood, CO |  December 29, 2018

Thanks for your help with the the window treatments! They look great! You all made it so easy!  

Kami and Gary H  | Highlands Ranch, CO |  December 23, 2018

The drapes are installed! Wow, they make a huge difference. The kids' rooms and the guest room look completely different with the beautiful fabric on the walls. Thank you so much for making the effort to have them installed before our company arrived for the holidays. The installer was great to work with, fast, thorough, and clean.  

Heather  R  | Bow Mar, CO |  December 17, 2018

That is great customer service!  

Donna  H  | Colby, KS |  December 18, 2018

Everything looks great! Thanks for all your help!  

Sharon C  | Denver, CO |  December 15, 2018

Thank you. You’ve been great! We are happy with the shades and the installation guy was very professional. What a great experience. We would use your services again.  

Jonathan and Alison W  | Denver, CO |  December 14, 2018

We think very highly of The Shade Store and the service you, in particular, provide. We will be referring all our friends to you. Thanks for the help! 

Jocelyn and Doug C  | Denver, CO |  December 11, 2018

We appreciate The Shade Store’s service. 

Beth M  | Avon , CO |  December 11, 2018

I am very happy with my window treatments. The install went smoothly and quick. 

Diane E  | Denver, CO |  December 10, 2018

Great customer service. I would recommend The Shade Store to anyone that I know based on this experience.  

Sharon & Pat P  | Denver, CO |  December 6, 2018

They look amazing! Thank you for all your help and guidance! 

Becky M  | Denver, CO |  December 6, 2018

The shades look great and the installation couldn’t have gone better! Thank you so much for all of your help. 

Eben and Judy S  | Denver, CO |  December 6, 2018

The shades look and work great. We are very happy with them. Thanks so much!  

Jim & Mary F  | Centennial, CO |  November 30, 2018

First window covering installed. Looks awesome.  

Daveen K  | Windsor, CO |  November 30, 2018

The shades were installed in my guest rooms today and I love them! They are so cute and colorful. I was surprised at how fast and easy it was to work with you and The Shade Store. The young man who did the measuring and installation was very professional, on time, cleaned everything up.  

Nancy P  | Englewood, CO |  November 28, 2018

Oh my god. They look AMAZING. Thanks so much....know I’ll be ordering more soon.  

Amy W  | Draper, UT |  November 21, 2018

Thanks so much for your help and willingness to get these made to perfection!  

diane s  | Bloomington, IN |  November 21, 2018

We got the shades yesterday and they are already up. I love them! Excellent quality construction! 

Sam B  | Denver, CO |  November 20, 2018

Everything went great! The installers came early, were very kind, and very efficient. Everything was installed perfectly and they look great! Thank you very much for all of your help!  

Rachel and Mark B  | Denver, CO |  November 19, 2018

Thank you for your prompt and professional service, you made the process seamless and understandable. We look forward to the installation! 

Julie S  | Highlands Ranch, CO |  November 19, 2018

I appreciate your prompt customer service.  

Stacie and Mike S  | Denver, CO |  November 16, 2018

Just wanted to let you know that our shades were installed yesterday and they look even better than I expected. I love them!!  

Judi L  | Denver, CO |  November 15, 2018

We appreciate everything you do! 

Allison & Ben B  | Denver, CO |  November 12, 2018

Thank you for following up so quickly, and thanks for your patience. 

Michelle and Scott R  | Denver, CO |  November 5, 2018

We LOVE all the shades, and the installers did a fantastic job adding shims where necessary due to some slightly crooked windows. Thanks again for all your help and patience!!! 

Lisa H  | Castle Rock, CO |  November 5, 2018

We absolutely love the shades! We are very happy with them.  

Lisa H  | Castle Rock, CO |  November 5, 2018

We absolutely love the shades! We are very happy with them.  

Sharon & Pat P  | Denver, CO |  November 3, 2018

Everything worked out great!! Drapes look beautiful! 

Kelly & Brian T  | Denver, CO |  November 2, 2018

My shades are perfect and installation was easy. Thanks for the help.  

Summer S  | Denver, CO |  November 2, 2018

The installer was professional, task-oriented, and a lovely young man. My blinds are terrific! I really appreciated your time in the store and the meaningful sized samples that gave me a great sense of what I was getting. My lovely Chilewich shades in my living room are also spot on. Thank you for making a major purchase so pleasant.  

Becky S  | Denver, CO |  November 1, 2018

All went great and looks beautiful!!! Thank you!  

Nancy H  | Denver, CO |  November 1, 2018

The window treatments turned out really nice and we are very satisfied. 

Jonathan and Alison W  | Denver, CO |  October 27, 2018

It was an absolute pleasure working with you. We appreciate your clear passion and expertise.  

Will B  | Lakewood, CO |  October 24, 2018

Thank you for the wonderful experience and assistance, both online and in person.  

Tilden N  | Denver, CO |  October 18, 2018

The window treatments look great! I’m very happy with them. The installation went very well. The two guys who did it were friendly and very fast. Thanks for your help with this project!  

Diana S  | Broomfield, CO |  October 16, 2018

I love my curtains! The measurements are perfect and they look great!!  

Jeannette & Stu M  | Highlands Ranch, CO |  October 14, 2018

We love the shades, they look very nice in the house.  

Ann H  | Lawrence, KS |  October 14, 2018

The shades looked wonderful. Thank you!  

Summer S  | Denver, CO |  October 10, 2018

Thank you! This was an efficient and value driven purchase. I appreciate your advice and expertise and abilities help me get this done.  

Dara D  | Centennial, CO |  October 6, 2018

I can’t thank you enough for your all of your help and patience with me. I absolutely LOVE my window coverings. I couldn’t be happier with the final product. Thanks a million.  

Afsaneh N  | Denver , CO |  October 4, 2018

I am loving the shade!! It’s simple and perfect!! Thank you for all your help!!  

Rebecca H  | Denver, CO |  October 1, 2018

We are thrilled with our new shades and thank you for your assistance and attention. You were so kind to come to our home when the measurements didn’t make sense and help us figure out a complicated old window.  

Duain W  | Denver, CO |  September 28, 2018

I am very happy. Thank for your help.  

Michelle M  | Denver, CO |  September 28, 2018

SOOOOOOOO fabulous!!  

Kristen H  | Fort Lupton, CO |  September 24, 2018

I just had the shades installed - THEY LOOK FANTASTIC.  

Deena and Jason W  | Parker, CO |  September 19, 2018

They just finished the install of our new shades and I LOVE THEM!!!! Can’t thank you enough! They are absolutely stunning and truly complete the look we are going for. We will recommend The Shade Store to others!  

Jessica W  | Denver, CO |  September 13, 2018

We love the shade! And the install was soo much better than the blinds at our last house!  

Gladys F  | Denver, CO |  September 13, 2018

I'm very pleased with the shade. Our thanks to the installation men - they did an excellent job. Great doing business with The Shade Store.  

Kirsten & Chad C  | Denver, CO |  September 12, 2018

The installation went well and we absolutely love the look of the drapery!  

Jane and Stephen  V  | Fort Collins, CO |  September 9, 2018

All of the window coverings are so lovely and we are very happy with the look. Thank you for all of your time, assistance and advice to bring this to fruition. We couldn’t be more pleased. I would also like to mention how professional and courteous the installers were. They worked diligently and quietly.  

Eric & Lauren L  | Denver , CO |  September 9, 2018

Our window treatments came out really well. Thanks!  

Dana P  | Englewood, CO |  September 7, 2018

Everything looks great—we are very pleased!  

Alexandra M  | Aurora, CO |  September 2, 2018

The installation went very smoothly & we’re very happy with the new shades! I will definitely be referring people to The Shade Store, I’ve already told many of my friends! Thanks again for your help.  

Carrie W  | Aspen, CO |  August 20, 2018

The client loves their new shades, and were so impressed with the experience and the installers.  

Jason G  | Denver, CO |  August 17, 2018

It looks great and the installation went smooth!  

Deena and Jason W  | Parker, CO |  August 16, 2018

Thanks! Appreciate all you have done to make this purchase phenomenal! 

Trish and Brandt W  | Denver, CO |  August 16, 2018

The shades look and work great! Thanks! 

Hunter J  | Denver, CO |  August 14, 2018

Everything went well. Thank you!  

Stefanie H  | Denver, CO |  August 12, 2018

The installation went very well and I am loving the shades! Thank you!  

Janessa and Arthur B  | Denver, CO |  August 11, 2018

Your team was great and I’m very impressed by the blinds. Thanks!