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Thousand Oaks

100 Promenade Way, Suite D Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Found at thePromenade at Westlake, our Thousand Oaks, CA, showroom is in a prime, central location. Visit us today to see interactive displays of our custom window treatments, explore our 1,200+ premium material collection and meet our talented Design Consultants.
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The Promenade at Westlake

100 Promenade Way, Suite D

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

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Sarah W  | Malibu, CA |  August 14, 2023

All is great with the new drapery, it looks fantastic. 

Claudia and Shai S  | Oak Park, CA |  August 11, 2023

We are really happy with the shades! They look and work great!!! 

Rick S  | Westlake Village, CA |  August 4, 2023

Everything went Great!! 

Donna and Al O  | Camarillo, CA |  July 31, 2023

We installed the shades pretty easily and they look good. It's nice to have the paper gone from the windows. 

Heather B  | Westlake Village, CA |  July 22, 2023

The last install in the office went great and they look gorgeous! 

Erika T  | Chicago, IL |  July 20, 2023

The drapery really are perfect, and have helped me so much. I really appreciate all the assistance. 

Lauren C  | Westlake Village, CA |  July 20, 2023

All went well with the installation and we are happy with the shades. 

Kelley C  | Camarillo, CA |  July 13, 2023

Our new shades couldn’t be more perfect. The motor is whisper quiet, shades are beautiful, sleek and simple. The inside mount is clean and nice. We re very happy customers. Appreciate the wonderful customer service!  

Wendy and Steven J  | Camarillo, CA |  June 15, 2023

We want to thank our Design Consultant and The Shade Store for such a great buying experience with our newly hung solar shade. The installation went beautifully, and the installers are great at what they do! We will highly recommend you. 

Sheila M  | Solvang, CA |  May 1, 2023

The new blinds were fitted, and we are very happy with them. 

Dena and Paul G  | Simi Valley, CA |  April 29, 2023

We love the shades!!! We are so happy with the way they look.  

Brendan S  | Oxnard, CA |  April 29, 2023

The installation turned out great! 

Heather S  | Westlake Village, CA |  April 27, 2023

The shades are perfect! Install was easy and the installers were professional and friendly.  

Heather R  | Camarillo, CA |  April 24, 2023

We look forward to continuing to work with The Shade Store. We’ve had a great experience so far!  

Megan and Ryan F  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  April 20, 2023

We installed the shades and we are very happy with the result! 

Barb C  | Simi Valley, CA |  April 20, 2023

We love the product! 

Shayla and Les M  | Porter Ranch, CA |  April 10, 2023

My new shades look great. 

Pat C  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  April 7, 2023

We love the new valance, it looks great! 

Ericka and David H  | Agoura Hills, CA |  March 25, 2023

The shades look amazing! We love it! 

Barbara T  | Westlake Village, CA |  March 14, 2023

Thanks so much for everything, I love it! 

Rachel D  | Westlake Village, CA |  March 9, 2023

The Drapery are absolutely gorgeous! The installation was also amazing 

Lauren D  | Westlake Village, CA |  February 23, 2023

We received the shade and it fits perfectly and is just what we wanted. 

Sandy A  | Woodland Hills, CA |  February 12, 2023

Everything was great with install and our new shades are just what I was hoping for.  

Deborah R  | Camarillo, CA |  January 26, 2023

The curtains have been installed and they are lovely! 

Christy H  | Oak Park, CA |  January 19, 2023

The window treatments are in and look good. I really appreciate it!  

Emily and Jason P  | Granada Hills, CA |  January 19, 2023

Shades look great! We really appreciated it. 

Jon R  | Sherman Oaks, CA |  December 31, 2022

Got everything up and it was another flawless installation. 

Jackie A  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  December 22, 2022

Absolutely amazing!! We love love love them!! And the customer service from the design, to ordering, to the install was absolutely seamless.  

Lisa M  | Newbury Park, CA |  December 17, 2022

The shades were installed this morning & they look fantastic! This whole project has just been so easy and everyone has been so helpful & professional including the gentleman doing the measurements & the installer this morning! 

Jennifer R  | Westlake Village, CA |  December 15, 2022

Everything is great! We’re very happy with everything! 

David H  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  November 26, 2022

The installation went well and they look great.  

Zoe D  | Malibu, CA |  November 19, 2022

Very pleased with the shades.  

Matt P  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  November 19, 2022

The installation turned out great, and the shades do an excellent job blocking the sun.  

Elizabeth B  | Westlake Village, CA |  November 15, 2022

Everything went well and I love the shades! 

Shizue L  | Agoura Hills, CA |  October 31, 2022

The installation went very well. The person who came out did a great job! We are enjoying the new curtains.  

Laurel C  | Studio City, CA |  October 28, 2022

The installation went great! They look terrific and the installer could not have been any nicer. So we are delighted. 

Cornelia T  | Agoura Hills, CA |  October 27, 2022

The shades look great. The installer did a great job with the installation. 

Sebastian and Jillian F  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  October 21, 2022

We got the shades and we installed them- They are perfect! 

Regan and Jason G  | Denver, CO |  October 21, 2022

The install looks great and our bedroom/bathroom finally feels complete! 

Bob L  | NY, NY |  October 17, 2022

Things turned out beautifully with the window treatments. The materials used for each room are of the highest quality. We are totally pleased. All the care and attention you provided to me in our numerous phone calls really paid off. The apartment now looks quite fabulous.  

Dana and Steve N  | Camarillo, CA |  September 15, 2022

We absolutely love our sun shade. We are really really pleased. The installers are just fantastic also  

Jennifer S  | Westlake Village, CA |  August 30, 2022

We are very happy with the game room shades. They finish off the room nicely. We appreciate your help and attention to detail with every order. 

Sebastian and Jillian F  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  August 25, 2022

We got the drapery installed!!! They are absolutely gorgeous!! We are very happy with them! 

Lisa F  | Newbury Park, CA |  August 25, 2022

Wow! Everything from beginning to end was seamless working with you! Thank you again for the experience. I have great 10 star respect for you! 

Jana M  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  August 15, 2022

They look amazing!! Thank you so much!! 

Edward and Taeko M  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  August 12, 2022

We deeply appreciate the thoughtful assistance from planning to installation! 

Melanie L  | Camarillo, CA |  August 9, 2022

We couldn't be more pleased with the results!  

Kami H  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  August 8, 2022

They did a really nice job and I really appreciate your help.  

Julie R  | Malibu, CA |  July 18, 2022

The blinds are wonderful, and it really is an upgrade to my quality of life and sleep! 

Marlene J  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  July 18, 2022

The installation process went great. The installer was very nice and professional. The shades look great and we very happy with them.  

Eliza F  | Petaluma, CA |  July 11, 2022

I put the shade up yesterday and I LOVE it! It is perfect!! I’m so grateful for your help on this one too. You are simply the best! 

Nader and Anastasiya H  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  July 8, 2022

The shades look nice and they are helping with the light blocking.  

Natalie R  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  June 27, 2022

Everything went great! I love the way they look. I will definitely recommend The Shade Store and look to you for our future needs. Thanks for making everything so easy. 

Eliza F  | Petaluma, CA |  June 24, 2022

I appreciate all you’ve done every step of the way on this project. You have played a major role in making my home all the more lovely to me.  

Debbie and Mark B  | Westlake Village, CA |  June 2, 2022

The installation turned out great. Very pleased with everything! 

Joanne N  | Newbury Park, CA |  May 24, 2022

The drapery is perfect. Thank you. It has been a pleasure. 

Erica T  | Westlake Village, CA |  May 24, 2022

Everything looks great!!  

Kristen P  | Oak view, CA |  May 9, 2022

Thanks for being so thorough on a job. Other companies don’t take the time to explain the details to their clients like you do. The details really do make a difference as I now understand. These shades will be like frosting on the cake! 

Jason and Lisa C  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  April 29, 2022

We love our new shades and hope to add more this summer. 

Cameron S  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  April 29, 2022

The shades were installed today, and look great! Thank you again for all your help throughout this process.  

Stacey R  | North Hollywood, CA |  April 28, 2022

STUNNING. No other words. Literally one of the best window treatments I have seen. Thank you for everything, always. 

Susan and Hans E  | Camarillo, CA |  April 25, 2022

The shade is beautiful and goes great with the wall and floor colors. The remote is working well.  

Marcie S  | Camarillo, CA |  April 22, 2022

Thanks for checking in with us. She loves her room so much now! She has mentioned it several times. The young man who installed was fast and precise.  

Alexandra L  | Westlake Village, CA |  April 14, 2022

The install went very smooth, and we are very happy with the new blinds. 

Courtney M  | Ventura, CA |  March 28, 2022

Thank you so much for following up. The new window coverings in the house are incredible and we love them - so THANK YOU!  

Scott D  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  March 26, 2022

Everything is wonderful, thanks so much. 

Leonne S  | Malibu, CA |  March 17, 2022

Thanks look great. Thanks for your help and advice. 

Joey T  | Oak Park, CA |  March 14, 2022

Everything is absolutely perfect with our shades! Both have been installed, fit perfectly, and are in regular use. 

Andrea and Kavon I  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  March 10, 2022

Everything went very smoothly and the shades look great! 

Lynn K  | Westlake Village, CA |  March 7, 2022

The installation went great and we are very happy with the blinds!  

Michelle F  | Camarillo, CA |  February 22, 2022

Thank you so very much for your expertise and professionalism but also your kindness!  

Kristine M  | Westlake Village, CA |  February 15, 2022

They look beautiful and I’m very happy with the quality! I feel like they will last the test of time. I appreciate you and all of your colleagues working with me. 

Hailey S  | Warren, NJ |  February 14, 2022

The client seemed to love the shades, they came out beautiful!  

Sheri B  | Oxnard, CA |  February 7, 2022

They’re great! Seamless, easy, and good! I really appreciate it! 

Zaira A  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  February 7, 2022

I am absolutely happy about the blinds. They are exactly what I wanted, they look incredible and the installation team was absolutely amazing.  

Kateigh W  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  February 3, 2022

All came together really well - thanks again for your help!  

Michelle K  | Chatsworth, CA |  February 3, 2022

All went well. love the shades! 

Kristina G  | Portland, OR |  January 28, 2022

Thank you and thanks again for your help, expertise and patience! It was a pleasure working with you! 

Melissa A  | Malibu, CA |  January 19, 2022

Install was so easy and the guys were incredibly professional. Everything looks great! Thank you for all your help. 

Pat F  | Simi Valley, CA |  December 23, 2021

The client was very happy with the results, and the installer was so nice and courteous.  

Cristin O  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  December 16, 2021

Everything looks great, thank you so much! 

Ellen P  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  November 30, 2021

The shades look wonderful and the installer was great. Thank you for your help! 

Patrick L  | Santa Rosa Valley, CA |  November 19, 2021

The installation went perfectly -- the drapes and shades look great in my house. Thanks for your help! 

Lorie B  | Malibu, CA |  November 18, 2021

I’m so pleased with my drapes! Thank you for you help. You made this process for me so easy.  

Ron and Karen R  | Westlake Village, CA |  November 16, 2021

The shades were installed and they look beautiful. The color is perfect. Thank you for making this process so easy. It was a pleasure working with you.  

Nic J  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  November 16, 2021

You were a real pleasure to work with from the beginning and your patience and constant clear communication were so appreciated and respected. Again, thank you!  

Kateigh W  | Thosand Oaks, CA |  November 2, 2021

The shades look beautiful- exactly what we needed!  

Justin and Lily W  | Simi Valley, CA |  October 26, 2021

They look great- installation was quick and painless.  

MaryAnn and John G  | Simi Valley, CA |  October 26, 2021

The installation went smoothly and we love the shades! 

Nishanth Y  | Woodland Hills, CA |  October 1, 2021

Everything looks amazing. Thank you for spending the time in the showroom picking out these options with us. All of it looks perfect! 

Linda  B  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  October 20, 2021

I am more than delighted. The whole experience has been A-plus. The installer was efficient and considerate. Thanks for your help, your company is great.  

Rebecca S  | Ventura, CA |  October 13, 2021

The installation went smoothly and quickly. The shades work just as we planned and look great.  

Cynthia P  | Westlake Village, CA |  September 29, 2021

The installation was wonderful. I couldn't be happier. When I finally decide to do the next phase of my project, The Shade Store will be my only choice.  

Brooke E  | Flowery Branch, GA |  September 16, 2021

It went great! The installer was very nice and professional and did a great job. Thanks for checking in! 

Gina G  | San Francisco, CA |  September 16, 2021

Everything turned out beautiful. Thank you so much for all your help. 

Juliana R  | Malibu, CA |  August 30, 2021

Thank you for checking in. We love the new drapery, they are so beautiful! Thank you so much for everything!!!  

Dominique M  | Ventura, CA |  August 19, 2021

The shades are installed and beautiful. Thank you. 

Terri and David G  | Thousand Oaks, CA |  August 19, 2021

The blinds are perfect! We are so pleased. The installers couldn’t have been more helpful, and pleasant. You were extremely patient with all our decisions. 

Kirsten Y  | Westlake Village, CA |  August 13, 2021

We are very happy with everything and thank you for everything! 

Cecile K  | Calabasas, CA |  August 13, 2021

I wanted to let you know the drapes look so beautiful and dreamy. I am beyond happy. It was worth every effort. Thank you so much again!