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Mill Valley

800 Redwood Hwy Frontage Road Mill Valley, CA 94941

Located inStrawberry Village in the heart of Marin County, our Mill Valley, CA, showroom serves the surrounding communities of Tiburon, Belvedere and Sausalito with custom window treatments. Visit us today in our vibrant community to start your journey to new window treatments.
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Strawberry Village

800 Redwood Hwy Frontage Road

Mill Valley, CA 94941

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Sarah H  | Tiburon, CA |  October 21, 2023

Client is very happy.  

Leah G  | Sausalito, CA |  September 1, 2023

Everything is wonderful! 

Thomas B  | Fairfax, CA |  August 29, 2023

The installation went well, and I am very happy with how the shades look and perform. 

Mary Lou & Dennis F  | Novato, CA |  August 29, 2023

The installation went great. The install guys were from So. California & did a great job. 

Kress J  | Mill Valley, CA |  August 28, 2023

My shades are great! All went well - love them! 

Natalie F  | Mill Valley, CA |  August 28, 2023

This install went great, the tech was quick and they look great. 

Barbara H  | Mill Valley, CA |  August 13, 2023

We are super happy with our new shades.  

Henri I  | Mill Valley, CA |  July 29, 2023

The client is so happy! They are beautiful, they elevated the look of her home. 

Carole S  | Sonoma, CA |  July 21, 2023

So nice to have shades that look good and work well. 

Ben W  | Piedmont, CA |  July 1, 2023

This time the shade was perfect. All window treatments throughout the house are beautiful, and I am getting lots of compliments already. 

Jennifer M  | Yountville, CA |  June 29, 2023

The curtains turned out beautifully! The peacock fabric turned out stunning. They really enhance the rooms and they are very happy with the results. 

Elizabeth E  | Kentfield, CA |  June 29, 2023

Turned out great. 

James D  | San Francisco, CA |  June 24, 2023

The installer was golden, he was thoroughly professional, wonderfully meticulous, and extremely amiable. 

Albert D  | San Rafael, CA |  June 7, 2023

The drapes and shades look beautiful and our installer did a wonderful job. He had mentioned that there was a piece in the drapery tract that needs to be obtained and installed to replace the temporary one that was used, so we could use the drapery for now. 

Jennie T  | Sausalito, CA |  May 28, 2023

I LOVE the drapes and shade! It's been truly lovely to work with you all on this project. 

Lisa G  | MILL VALLEY, CA |  May 28, 2023

It turned out great!  

Millie Z  | Sausalito, CA |  May 26, 2023

My gratitude and appreciation for the careful attention the team gave us. Our rooms are majestic! What a fabulous upgrade. 

Jim B  | Tiburon, CA |  May 19, 2023

100% Happy. 

Brad K  | Mill Valley, CA |  May 17, 2023

The install of our shades was successful this morning. They look great. 

Barbara J  | Corte Madera, CA |  May 14, 2023

I’m delighted. It turned out beautifully. 

Abbie D  | Mill Valley, CA |  May 14, 2023

The installation went really well - the two folks who installed them were absolutely wonderful and I really appreciated all of their work! There was a bit of an issue with the bedroom shade setup and they worked so hard to make it look the way I wanted it to - and they succeeded! 

Molly H  | Mill Valley, CA |  May 6, 2023

You were fabulous and I appreciated your service and attention. 

Susan C  | Oakland, CA |  April 11, 2023

The new shades are in and working well. Shout out to your installer.  

Michelle S  | MILL VALLEY, CA |  April 10, 2023

It looks terrific -- perfect.  

Nora L  | Greebrae, CA |  April 4, 2023

The installation went well and the shades look very nice in the rooms. 

Melinda R  | Mill Valley, CA |  April 4, 2023

My shades were installed this morning! Love them, and the installer was excellent. 

Jon and Kathy B  | Sausalito, CA |  March 22, 2023

The installer was right on time, polite, professional and really fast. The shades look good.  

Maggie M  | Napa, CA |  March 18, 2023

The installation was perfect! Your installers are really helpful and professional. 

Hilary & Paul C  | Petaluma, CA |  March 18, 2023

The installation went well and we are enjoying the new roller shades.  

Karen S  | Napa, CA |  March 12, 2023

The gentleman who did the measuring was so professional, prompt and nice. What great representation of The Shade Store. 

Joan K  | Mill Valley, CA |  March 12, 2023

Everything went really well. The installer did a wonderful job - asked great questions. Everything turned out really well and I look forward to working with The Shade Store in the future. 

Carly D  | Los Gatos, CA |  March 10, 2023

Our customers love them and are very happy. 

Ellie S  | Tiburon, CA |  March 8, 2023

The shades I ordered for the nursery were installed today and they look great.  

Kaylee H  | Tiburon, CA |  March 8, 2023

We love our shades—everything looks great.  

Karen M  | San Rafael, CA |  March 5, 2023

They are perfect!!! 

Hilary S  | Tiburon, CA |  February 22, 2023

We love them so far!  

Maria V  | San Rafael, CA |  February 22, 2023

It all looks great and your installers do a fantastic job! 

Hillary M  | Kentfield, CA |  February 11, 2023

All went well. Easy peasy! 

Hilary S  | Tiburon, CA |  February 8, 2023

Everything went great! The Installer was prompt and super quick, he was gone before I knew it. We love our new blinds. 

Sophia C  | Novato, CA |  January 28, 2023

The install went perfectly and everything looks great.  

Traci T  | Tiburon, CA |  January 5, 2023

We love our shades. 

Julie N  | Greenbrae, CA |  January 4, 2023

I met the installer on the job for the install appointment. The shades look amazing and Installer couldn’t have been kinder!  

Mark M  | San Raphael, CA |  December 31, 2022

Everything went well with the installation and I’m enjoying the shades.  

Jen C  | Mill Valley, CA |  October 27, 2022

Everything looks really amazing!!!  

Julie G  | Mill Valley, CA |  October 1, 2022

We’re so thrilled with how they turned out! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we all slept incredibly well last night, even the baby. She’s normally awake around 5:45-6 and today slept until closer to 7. That’s worth the cost alone! :) In all seriousness, the quality is perfect and they look beautiful. I’m so happy with the fabrics. Not going to lie, my husband was a little skeptical about the fabric we had selected for our master bedroom drapes but the moment he saw them in the room he changed his tune. They look so high end and elevated our room immediately. I would never have chosen that fabric on my own, so thank you for the recommendation. I also can’t say enough positive things about the person who handled the installation. So kind and incredibly efficient. My dog was being annoying and hovered the whole time and he was so patient with him. Two big thumbs up. 

Jemma T  | Mill Valley, CA |  September 7, 2022

The installation went very well. 

Daniel C  | San Rafael, CA |  September 1, 2022

The shades were installed yesterday – they look great. 

Robin B  | Kentfield, CA |  August 14, 2022

Everything looks great! 

Inger B  | Tiburon, CA |  August 14, 2022

The installation went smooth, all looks good. 

Ayesha and Dan W  | Mill Valley, CA |  August 8, 2022

We LOVE the drapes. Really enhance the room!  

Ellen & Akiva Z  | Sebastopol, CA |  August 5, 2022

The shades are just what we wanted and look terrific.  

Janine D  | Kentfield, CA |  July 31, 2022

The installation was great. The technician was very efficient & friendly & did a great job. 

Dave M  | Sausalito, CA |  July 12, 2022

Installation went very well!! The pro was terrific!! The shades changed the look of the room! Could not be better!! Still need to do the ground floor. Probably place order in early August!  

See-Ming P  | Healdsburg, CA |  June 27, 2022

The installation turned out great and we’re very happy with how the shades look! It’s a night and day difference between these and what we were using.  

Entela B  | Sausalito, CA |  June 24, 2022

I consider myself lucky to work with you. You put your heart into it and I really appreciate that. Thank you so so much for using your expertise and helping me to be able to make the order. Looking forward to the near future projects with you.  

Robin R  | Fairfield, CA |  May 27, 2022

Thank you. The Installer came and did a wonderful job. It looks lovely. Thank you so much for your help.  

Mary & Curtis M  | Tiburon, CA |  May 26, 2022

The install was quick and curtain looks great in the bedroom. Thanks.  

Nancy C  | San Rafael, CA |  May 24, 2022

Everything went really well. The new curtains look great and really brighten up the room. Well want to thank you for all your help and attention to our order. We will most definitely contact you if we need new curtains or shades for other rooms.  

Gail G  | San Anselmo, CA |  May 20, 2022

Everything went well. Functions exactly as we needed.  

Craig & Minerva T  | Woodacre, CA |  May 20, 2022

Hi, everything was great and the shades look awesome and function perfectly- thanks again! 

Martha H  | San Francisco, CA |  May 14, 2022

What great service!  

Judy D  | San Rafael, CA |  May 12, 2022

I’m very happy with the blinds, they’re perfect!  

Pamela T  | Sonoma, CA |  April 21, 2022

The men who installed the shades were terrific. I would recommend your services to any and all! The shades fit perfectly and look great. I’m very happy I went with the automatic version. Such a clean and efficient look. I definitely would like to work with you more in the future.  

Ann and Martin S  | Tiburon, CA |  April 20, 2022

The pro did a great job & it looks wonderful. Thanks! 

Jodi K  | Healdsburg, CA |  April 2, 2022

I want to acknowledge how professional, courteous and friendly the two men were who came out to measure the windows. They were top notch ambassadors for The Shade Store.  

Clara D  | Ross, CA |  April 2, 2022

All went great thank you!  

Bia L  | Petaluma, CA |  March 24, 2022

I loved the pro who came to measure well as the lovely young man who came to install. Super nice and professional.  

Jo K  | Tiburon, CA |  March 13, 2022

Everything was great - love the blinds and a super-fast (and friendly!) install.  

Jeanne B  | Stinson Beach, CA |  March 2, 2022

The installers arrived on time, were very efficient, and installed all the blinds very quickly. They look great.  

Diane B  | San Rafael, CA |  February 22, 2022

Everything is great! I love the new shades.  

Marian R  | Tiburon, CA |  February 12, 2022

Thanks for checking in! We’re thrilled with our new blinds and shades!  

Julie S  | Kenwood, CA |  January 15, 2022

The drapes and valances look fantastic and I’m very pleased. The trim fabric in the second bedroom really works beautifully, the striped fabric in the living area looks fun and exciting and the main bedroom is looking well tailored. I’m very happy with everything and the installer was wonderful.  

Tressa B  | Mill Valley, CA |  January 12, 2022

All went quite well. The installer was friendly and efficient. I love the motorized shades!  

Erin H  | Greenbrae, CA |  January 11, 2022

It looks beautiful - great job! Thank you so much for delivering the perfect match to us, size, fabric and service. I appreciate it!  

Corrine S  | Mill Valley, CA |  January 6, 2022

They look great! The installer did a really nice job being careful and precise.  

Jennifer B  | Sonoma, CA |  January 5, 2022

I wanted to let you know the installer today was awesome, and the shades look amazing!! Very happy with how they turned out.  

Kristy D  | Mill Valley, CA |  December 13, 2021

They look lovely. Thank you for checking!  

Cindy P  | Mill Valley, CA |  November 27, 2021

All went great and I really like the shade, perfect. I appreciate your patience and guidance and definitely will reach out to you for future needs.  

Margaret W  | Larkspur, CA |  November 24, 2021

The shades look great! They are easier to manage, too.  

Fred S  | Mill Valley, CA |  November 22, 2021

Thanks for checking in ! The installation went well and it looks great.  

Debra E  | Tiburon, CA |  October 21, 2021

The installation went well and I am very happy with the coverings I chose. Thank you for your help. I’m sure I will be back at some point in the future.  

Laurie C  | Mill Valley, CA |  October 12, 2021

The installation was amazingly quick - and smooth. I’m really glad I chose the black continuous chain. It looks really look against the black metal frames of the windows.  

Jennie T  | Sausalito, CA |  October 6, 2021

The shades were installed yesterday and I LOVE THEM!!! They are perfect and I so appreciate your help and excellent customer service!  

Shauna H  | Mill Valley, CA |  October 6, 2021

We love the shades and think they look great! Many thanks for all your help!  

Claude C  | Mill Valley, CA |  September 30, 2021

Everything went well with the installation. We like the new feel of the room! All good. Thank you for checking,  

Jessica F  | Corte Madera, CA |  September 11, 2021

Yes, the installation went smoothly and we love our new shades!! They look fabulous and function well; we couldn’t be happier! So now we’d like to consider shades for other rooms. Thank you so much for all your help!  

Molly W  | Sausalito, CA |  September 9, 2021

All was great!  

Jessica P  | Larkspur, CA |  August 24, 2021

It was great! Thanks! 

Helen C  | San Rafael, CA |  August 18, 2021

I totally love them and they look great. Thank you for your assistance. 

Coco & Jesse P  | Stinson Beach, CA |  August 2, 2021

We are THRILLED with our new shades!!! They are so pretty. Thank you so much for all of your help! We're definitely going to want them on more windows, eventually!  

Gail G  | San Rafael, CA |  July 30, 2021

I love the drapes......better then I ever imagined. Thanks for hanging in there and going to bat for me. I really appreciate your effort.  

Kris M  | Belvedere, CA |  July 29, 2021

All went very well. The installers arrived on time and handled everything beautifully. And the shades look fabulous. Thanks for everything,  

Dan & Terri S  | Tiburon, CA |  July 5, 2021

Love the new shades. The installers were great.  

Beth Z  | Mill Valley, CA |  June 28, 2021

I love my shades and the installation couldn’t have been more perfect. Thank you for checking in.  

Elizabeth T  | Stinson Beach, CA |  June 26, 2021

All went well!  

Samantha B  | San Anselmo, CA |  June 24, 2021

The shade looks great. Thanks so much!  

Jan M  | Sonoma, CA |  June 23, 2021

My shades look great, thanks for all your help.  

Mark & Carol T  | Novato, CA |  June 8, 2021

All went smoothly, quickly and efficiently. The drapes are a perfect addition to our home, we’re very pleased. Thank you again for your support and guidance.  

Lisa R  | Sausalito, CA |  May 10, 2021

Thanks for checking in! Yes all went great. The window shades work perfectly and it took the installer all of 20 mins.  

Diane M  | San Anselmo, CA |  May 8, 2021

Thank you for checking on me! The install was flawless as always! It looks amazing and was a perfect continuation!