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Los Gatos

17 North Santa Cruz Ave Los Gatos, CA 95030

Located in beautiful Los Gatos, one of Santa Clara County’s oldest and most historic communities. This showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts.
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The Shade Store

17 North Santa Cruz Ave

Los Gatos, CA 95030

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Anna T  | Santa Cruz, CA |  February 2, 2023

They look great! We’re very happy.  

Amal P  | San Jose, CA |  December 19, 2022

Everything is lovely. 

Karina P  | Los Gatos, CA |  December 17, 2022

It turned out fantastic!  

Gabriella T  | Los Gatos, CA |  December 14, 2022

Everything looks awesome. The installer was great too. Overall 10/10 experience! 

Noell H  | Los Gatos, CA |  December 7, 2022

The shades look amazing!!!!! And most important my husband is happy with them. It was great service and great product. 

Megan B  | Campbell, CA |  December 7, 2022

They turned out great! The installers were awesome, very quick and helpful. 

Jeanine B  | Santa Cruz, CA |  November 16, 2022

The drapes are in and look great !!!! I am very happy :-).  

Joann B  | San Jose, CA |  November 16, 2022

They look great!! 

Vicki D  | San Jose, CA |  October 12, 2022

Everything was great. Love my shade. 

Cory W  | Campbell, CA |  September 23, 2022

Everything is great! 

Joseph and Donna D  | San Jose, CA |  September 17, 2022

Absolutely perfect now. We are very happy and satisfied with the adjustments  

Megan W  | San Jose, CA |  September 8, 2022

Came out really good and just in time to keep the house a little bit cooler during this heatwave.  

Melisse B  | San Martin, CA |  August 27, 2022

Everything looks great and the installer was very nice. 

Charles O  | Los Gatos, CA |  August 26, 2022

All looks great! We're very happy with them! 

Amy C  | Los Gatos, CA |  August 14, 2022

We’re very happy with your work. 

Doris C  | Castro Valley, CA |  August 12, 2022

Installation was great! It was smooth and everything was installed perfectly. The drapes and shades look fantastic. It really changes the room! 

Susana F  | Santa Clara, CA |  August 9, 2022

You continue to show impeccable customer service and professionalism. We truly appreciate this type of service, which makes us want to keep business with you and The Shade Store! 

Jared O  | San Jose, CA |  July 10, 2022

Shades look amazing now that their up. Super pleased with how it turned out! Will definitely reach out when it comes time to do the other windows.  

Yael W  | Los Gatos, CA |  July 9, 2022

The installation was so smooth! And it looks AMAZING!  

Vy N  | Hillsborough, CA |  June 30, 2022

Thanks again for your help. You've been amazing to work with. 

Altaf P  | San Jose, CA |  June 29, 2022

The Shades are beautiful and we love them. They look very pretty!  

Dennis R  | Los Gatos, CA |  June 29, 2022

Install went great, they do the job!! Finally some shade in our bedroom!! 

Rachel and Jack S  | San Jose, CA |  June 25, 2022

Thank you, it looks great and our house is looking sharp now. I think that wraps us up for this project, but we’ll definitely reach out with anything else we need in the future. Thank you so much, you’ve been exceptionally helpful throughout this process!  

Jodi B  | Los Gatos, CA |  June 18, 2022

Thank you, We are very pleased with the new shades. They look great and the installer was wonderful. Thank you for your help. 

Jon H  | Los Gatos, CA |  June 18, 2022

Everything looks great and the hub is working. Thank you very much for the extra efforts to make the job perfect.  

Stella and Toby L  | Los Gatos, CA |  June 1, 2022

Love my new blinds! Thank you so much for making everything happen so fast and efficiently. Was so easy. Will be coming to you for more this summer. 

Jennifer C  | Santa Cruz, CA |  May 31, 2022

Everything went according to plan. The service all around was excellent and I said so in the survey. Thanks so much for your help.  

Colleen C  | San Jose, CA |  May 28, 2022

Hi. Thanks for checking. Everything went well. The shades look beautiful and working nicely. Thanks for everything.  

Seongdo K  | Campbell, CA |  May 8, 2022

The installation went well, and now everything looks good. I will reach out to you if I need additional treatment in the future. Thank you for your assistance!  

Shannon P  | Capitola, CA |  April 26, 2022

Hi, You were AMAZING and your selection can't be beat! We are very grateful for all your help . 

Christine S  | San Jose, CA |  April 26, 2022

Everything went well with installation. Shades work great, so far so good. Thank you and your whole team! Very helpful and professional. 

Valerie C  | San Jose, CA |  April 19, 2022

Thank you for the check in. They look great and makes the room look grand! Appreciate your help and look forward to my next project with The Shade Store.  

Katie N  | San Jose, CA |  April 17, 2022

Hi! Thanks so much for reaching out! The shades are great and installation went well :). We will definitely reach out if/when we need more shades in the future! 

Ann W  | San Jose, CA |  April 13, 2022

I just want you to know that I would recommend The Shade Store in a heartbeat, your customer service was nothing short of fantastic! 

Bhooma S  | San Jose, CA |  April 12, 2022

Thank you for working with us - you've been wonderful, accommodating our questions and requests.  

Mauricio P  | San Jose, CA |  April 5, 2022

I love my shades! It’s a total upgrade to my life!! 

Karen N  | Saratoga, CA |  April 4, 2022

Shades look great. Thanks. 

Mary Jane O  | Los Altos Hills, CA |  March 16, 2022

Thanks for checking in. Everything is fine.  

Leslie S  | Cupertino, CA |  March 16, 2022

The installer just finished installing my roman shade and my drapery, and both look amazing. Thank you for all your help organizing, directing, and making this project all work smoothly. I will happily recommend you and the Shade Store to friends and associates.  

Yael W  | Los Gatos, CA |  March 5, 2022

The roller shades are installed and it looks incredible! The pro who installed did an excellent job and he was so nice and helpful.  

Susanne K  | Saratoga, CA |  March 2, 2022

Thank you! What awesome customer service and products!  

Cindy W  | Los Gatos, CA |  March 1, 2022

Super happy with the end result! All shades and curtains look and function terrific.  

Daphne W  | Los Gatos, CA |  February 22, 2022

Our curtains and shade are up! The pro did a great job on the installation, he was very meticulous and professional. Everything looks great.  

Suzanne C  | San Jose, CA |  February 15, 2022

Thank you - all went well and the shades look great. Thank you for all of your help.  

Tim A  | San Jose, CA |  February 5, 2022

Thank you for the note! We appreciate it. Our dealings with The Shade Store have already been great.  

Rachel S  | San Jose, CA |  February 5, 2022

Thanks for checking in! The install went well and we’re really pleased with how it turned out!  

Joel B  | San Jose, CA |  January 26, 2022

Thanks for checking in! Installation went well. Everything looks great!  

Barbra I  | Santa cruz, CA |  January 18, 2022

We LOVE our new shades. So far they work great. Definitely nice to have some privacy..  

Wendy R  | San Jose, CA |  January 14, 2022

The new shades are great! My husband is very happy.  

Molly R  | Saratoga, CA |  January 10, 2022

Hope you had a good holiday . Thank you for your email. The installation is great, and our curtains looks more beautiful now:) 

Mylinh Y  | Saratoga, CA |  January 4, 2022

They look great! Installation went smoothly :) 

Kelly M  | Los Gatos, CA |  December 31, 2021

The valances make them look finished - much better. Thanks for all your help!  

Lee K  | Los Gatos, CA |  December 23, 2021

Thank you, I'm doing well, hope the same for you. The installation was perfect. The installer was on-time, professional, and courteous.  

Terry F  | San Jose, CA |  December 22, 2021

Hi, thanks for your follow up ! All is good on my dining room installation—both windows are now complete and I just love my new shades! So does everyone who sees them ! … thanks again !  

Patricia and Alex M  | San Jose, CA |  December 20, 2021

The pro was awesome. I love them. They look great. He said it might change in a week or so after using them. But if it still is tough I could let you guys know and he’ll come back and fix it.  

Barbra I  | Santa Cruz, CA |  December 20, 2021

I also want to let you know that we've enjoyed working with you. You really helped us make great informed decisions. You are appreciated. 

Danielle and Greg P  | San Jose, CA |  December 8, 2021

Thanks for Checking in. We love them. Thank you for all of your help.  

Stephen and Dorranne H  | Saratoga, CA |  December 1, 2021

The shade looks great, thanks.  

Barbra I  | Santa cruz, CA |  November 29, 2021

Thank you soooo much for all your help. We appreciate you!  

Pushparaj S  | San Jose, CA |  November 29, 2021

Thank you for the follow up. So far everything is great. I will keep you posted in case of any help.  

Mimi W  | Los Gatos, CA |  November 21, 2021

I gave the shade store and you 5 stars with a description of my very positive experience.  

Mimi W  | Los Gatos, CA |  November 12, 2021

They are lovely! We will stay in touch as we plan a room renovation next spring and will need shades of some kind. 

Cynthia G  | Redwood City, CA |  November 9, 2021

The window treatments were installed today. The treatments fit and the installer did a great job.  

Hussein & Sarah S  | Campbell, CA |  November 6, 2021

Thanks for checking in! Everything looks good.  

Anissa N  | Santa Cruz, CA |  November 6, 2021

I’m obsessed with our new shades!!!! Beautiful. 

Michael B  | San Francisco, CA |  October 30, 2021

Everything looks good.  

Sara T  | Santa Cruz, CA |  October 23, 2021

I love the window shades.  

Elizabeth F  | Menlo Park, CA |  October 19, 2021

I really appreciated your friendly welcome and the information you gave me when I stopped into The Shade Store a couple months ago.  

Joanne K  | Los Gatos, CA |  October 18, 2021

Thank you for checking in. The shades are lovely. The installers were great. Looking forward to new shade and valence in the media room.  

Emily B  | Los Gatos, CA |  October 6, 2021

The window looks great! Thanks so much!  

Marsha R  | Saratoga, CA |  October 1, 2021

The shades looks great. 

Nancy D  | Los Altos, CA |  October 1, 2021

very happy with my new shade!!! 

Michelle S  | Palo Alto, CA |  September 30, 2021

Installation was super smooth. My husband loves what I chose, which I take as a success! :) Appreciate your help during this process!! 

Megan K  | Gilroy, CA |  September 25, 2021

Thank you so much for everything!!! We absolutely love the shades - they make the rooms look so, so good! Thank you again for all of your help and flexibility!  

Hsien P  | San Jose, CA |  September 25, 2021

The shades are better than I expected. Your help and expertise made the process easy and the installation was so seamless. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I’ve already recommended you and the Shade Store to my friends.  

Jess W  | Los Gatos, CA |  September 18, 2021

All went very smoothly, thank you so much for your help! If/when we need shades again I will be sure to come to you.  

Julie H  | Monte Sereno, CA |  September 8, 2021

They are great, thanks for the follow up! 

Ailish K  | San Jose, CA |  September 1, 2021

Yes, we are ALL GOOD! Thank you so very much for hanging in there with us this last year. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working with you. You’ve been the epitome of professionalism.  

Christine D  | Mountain View, CA |  August 27, 2021

Yes, everything went very well. The guys were great, very professional and nice. The window turned out great. Thanks for all of your help.  

Lee and Eric D  | Aptos, CA |  August 23, 2021

The installation went great and we love the new blinds! 

Polly G  | Felton, CA |  August 7, 2021

Thank you!! Yes, they went in on Thursday, and they look beautiful. The process was a breeze from the day I met you in the store. Thank you so much for your help and personal attention. 

Scott K  | San Jose, CA |  August 22, 2021

Everything turned out perfect! 

Denise D  | Saratoga, CA |  June 30, 2021

The blinds have been successfully installed. Installation was very good. Overall, excellent service & notifications throughout. Thank you!  

Rosanna B  | Redwood city, CA |  June 25, 2021

Happy Friday! Thanks for checking in. The install went well and the client's are happy with it. The shades look great. 

Kathryn S  | Emerald Hills, CA |  June 23, 2021

Thank you for checking back. The installers were amazing, super quick and the window treatments look great! We’re really happy. Thank you so much for all your help!  

Linda S  | Los Gatos, CA |  June 5, 2021

We are very happy with our motorized shades. They are exactly what we needed. The installation was perfect and efficient.  

Ashley P  | Gilroy, CA |  May 12, 2021

Thank you for everything! You were so wonderful to work with and you helped make this so easy. I know that I had a lot of requests and changes and that can be a lot.  

Sylvia D  | San Jose, CA |  April 14, 2021

I am 100% delighted with my entire experience at The Shade Store! Thank you so much for all of your help. I love the shades and the material I ended up picking for each room. What an exercise, but it paid off! :) I appreciate your patience and time while I made my decisions. 

David G  | n/a | San Jose, CA |  April 8, 2021

We found the process super helpful. 

Julie H  | n/a | Monte Sereno, CA |  March 26, 2021

All went great and the shades are perfect. Thank you for your help and the quick turnaround! 

Cheryl & Pam  H  | San Jose, CA |  March 16, 2021

We like our shades and the installer was great! 

Stephanie T  | San Carlos, CA |  February 15, 2021

The installer was so great and he was super helpful. I love the result.  

Madelene F  | Los Gatos, CA |  February 11, 2021

The drapery is beautiful, and the roller shades work so well. Overall very pleased with everything. 

Kerry G  | Santa Cruz, CA |  January 11, 2021

They look fantastic. So far I'm really happy with them and the installer was very professional.  

Liping Y  | Saratoga, CA |  January 6, 2021

The installation is hassle free, and the result is great! I couldn't be happier with the result! Thanks for your assistance through the process 

Amrit B  | Roseville, CA |  December 21, 2020

We absolutely love our new shades! They turned out gorgeous and fit so perfectly on our windows. We also love the automated experience. Thank you so much! 

Susan H  | Mountain View, CA |  November 30, 2020

The shades are absolutely perfect. Thank you!  

Becky T  | ca, CA |  November 14, 2020

The installation went smoothly and we are very happy! Thanks for your help throughout this process. We appreciate it. 

Amy P  | Leselva Beach, CA |  September 12, 2020

I just wanted to let you know that my shades were installed today. I am over the moon about the quality of the shades and the service! Thank you so much for all your help.  

Mark G  | Los Gatos, CA |  June 5, 2020

Couldn’t be happier! Excellent service e and great result.