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Long Beach

6420 E Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 167 Long Beach, CA 90803

Explore custom window treatments like Shades, Blinds and Drapery at our showroom in the lively2nd & PCH community in Long Beach, CA. All our window treatments are handcrafted in the USA for exceptional quality. Visit us today to experience all our products and customizations.
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6420 E Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 167

Long Beach, CA 90803

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Linda J  | Seal Beach, CA |  December 21, 2023

The installation went well. It looks great in the room. Thank you for the great service all around. 

Julie P  | Long Beach, CA |  August 29, 2023

All went well today. The window treatments look great. 

Angela L  | Long Beach, CA |  August 10, 2023

Everything was great! The installer was very professional and did a great job! 

Alex M  | Long Beach, CA |  August 2, 2023

Everything went very well! We’re very happy with the new shades! 

Chris S  | Long Beach, CA |  August 2, 2023

The installation went smoothly and I’m happy with how it looks.  

Cynthia T  | Huntington Beach, CA |  July 28, 2023

The install went great! 

Heidi D  | Long Beach, CA |  July 14, 2023

The Client is happy with everything, as far as I have heard! Thank you so much for the help and looking forward to future projects, as well!  

Lynn F  | Long Beach, CA |  July 12, 2023

I’ve got my new shades and they’re beautiful. 

Jessica S  | Long Beach, CA |  June 28, 2023

It went great and they look wonderful! 

Chris S  | Long Beach, CA |  June 21, 2023

Our Design Consultant patiently explained everything so that the hardest (easiest) decision I had to make was the material and color. I'm excited and looking forward to next month. 

Bradford R  | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA |  June 15, 2023

Everything was done on time. 

Tim / Debbie R  | Long Beach, CA |  May 23, 2023

Everything looks great!! 

Michele R  | Huntington Beach, CA |  May 20, 2023

The installation was great from start to finish, he was kind and efficient, we really liked him.  

Vincent & Yasmine O  | Rossmoor, CA |  May 18, 2023

We are so pleased. 

Barbara A  | Long Beach, CA |  May 17, 2023

The installation was seamless. 

Christine F  | Lakewood, CA |  May 12, 2023

The shades look fantastic! We’re very happy.  

Richard C  | Long Beach, CA |  May 12, 2023

It went well. Quick installation and it looks great. 

Samantha & Brian M  | Long Beach, CA |  May 9, 2023

They look great! 

Tania W  | Cerritos, CA |  April 29, 2023

Installation went great! He was fast and just so kind. The shades turned out great and I’m happy with how it all looks. Looking forward to doing some more windows.  

Jose C  | Lakewood, CA |  April 28, 2023

Everything went very well. The installer was right on time, he performed the installation in less than 1/2 hour, cleaned up after himself, and took away all packaging and the old blinds. On top of that he was very personable and readily addressed all my concerns. He was terrific. As for the blinds themselves, I couldn’t be more pleased. They are absolutely beautiful. Thank you so very much!  

Kiki H  | Long Beach, CA |  April 26, 2023

My client LOVES her window treatments! 

Loree S  | Seal Beach, CA |  April 25, 2023

Everything came out great! 

Margrethe P  | Long Beach, CA |  April 25, 2023

It looks beautiful !! 

Vanese D  | Lakewood, CA |  March 31, 2023

The shades are gorgeous and I love them! Thanks for helping me achieve a beautiful product. 

Katherine K  | LONG BEACH, CA |  March 30, 2023

I LOVE the drapes, they are gorgeous. 

Richard C  | Long Beach, CA |  March 28, 2023

Things went well. The roller shades look great and so far so good operationally.  

Jon and Amber K  | Long Beach, CA |  March 18, 2023

All went well and we're super happy with the shades. The gentleman who did our install was excellent, too. In fact, we are thinking about doing a couple more rooms in our house!  

Teri and Chris K  | Rossmoor, CA |  February 10, 2023

We are very happy with our blinds. 

Izabel D  | Manhattan Beach, CA |  January 26, 2023

It looks so much better and the install was a breeze. The guy who came was very professional and knew what he was doing! 

Jennifer P  | El Segundo, CA |  January 25, 2023

Everything is great! Love my shades. 

Tamara L  | Rossmoor, CA |  December 28, 2022

I love the shades!!  

Sabrina Z  | Huntington Beach, CA |  December 24, 2022

I love love LOVE my shades. Both guys did an amazing job. 

Andy C  | Rolling Hills Estates, CA |  December 22, 2022

So far so good, I love how they look overall and the privacy we now have. 

Eric M  | Buena Park, CA |  December 14, 2022

We received our shades, installed them, and overall have been very happy with our experience with The Shade Store. 

Laura & Charles H  | Cerritos, CA |  November 6, 2022

The installation was well executed, my thanks to the installer and the guy that came out to do the measurements, excellent work ! 

Palma G  | Rossmoor, CA |  October 11, 2022

You made an overwhelming task of selecting & ordering shades for my home so easy & pleasant. You are the best!! 

Andy C  | Rolling Hills Estates, CA |  September 16, 2022

So far so good, we are loving how they look. 

Amy B  | Long Beach, CA |  August 22, 2022

The shades are exactly what we wanted and needed and look great!  

Wesley G  | Long Beach, CA |  August 20, 2022

I wanted to let you know that our shades have been installed and they all look great. 

Catherine V  | Huntington Beach, CA |  June 25, 2022

The installation was fantastic and the new shades are wonderful. We are super happy with them.  

Tine H  | Long Beach, CA |  June 16, 2022

Everything looks great! Thank you for everything.  

Loretta H  | Seal Beach, CA |  May 28, 2022

The Shade Store has a large selection of beautiful, quality window coverings and provides excellent customer service. Thank you. 

Loree S  | Seal Beach, CA |  May 26, 2022

It was great and we love them! Looking forward to working with you again! 

Marina S  | Altadena, CA |  May 12, 2022

It looks perfect. The seems are made so perfect that I don’t even see them! The fabric is very nice too.  

Justin L  | Irvine, CA |  May 11, 2022

I normally don't post reviews but my wife and I were really pleased with the experience you provided during the entire process. I understand now why The Shade Store has the most extensive list of positive reviews for window treatment products and service!  

Kim T  | Signal Hill, CA |  May 7, 2022

Everything went smoothly. The installer was great. The blinds look amazing. Thanks for all of your help. We will definitely be getting more windows done! 

Laurel S  | Manhattan Beach, CA |  April 26, 2022

We LOVE the shades - they look so great. Thanks again for all your help.  

Linda C  | Redondo Beach, CA |  April 21, 2022

We received the drapes & I was able to install them easily. We look forward to working with you again when we are ready for our other projects.  

Jamie L  | Long Beach, CA |  April 13, 2022

The shades were installed this afternoon. They are perfect! Thank you so much.  

Claudia G  | Whittier, CA |  April 13, 2022

I love love my shade. 

Monica D  | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA |  April 2, 2022

Everything looks great! Thank you.  

Yonga S  | Long Beach, CA |  March 30, 2022

The install went smoothly and quickly and we are very pleased with our new shades. They look fantastic. Thank you for all your help! 

David S  | Tulsa, OK |  March 3, 2022

Thanks! I’m amazed by the excellent service.  

Barbara J  | Long Beach, CA |  March 2, 2022

The person who came to measure yesterday was great! 

Roberta T  | Long Beach, CA |  February 24, 2022

Install was excellent & shade is perfect!  

Philip / Oliver W  | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA |  February 17, 2022

Thank you! It looks very very beautiful in the house.  

Lisa P  | Manhattan Beach, CA |  February 3, 2022

Installation went quick and easy.  

Audrey M  | Seal BEach, CA |  January 29, 2022

The install went great and the shades are beautiful.  

Timothy & Myev L  | Hermosa Beach, CA |  January 19, 2022

Thank you, the shades look great, we are very happy with them.  

Cathy B  | manhattan beach, CA |  January 4, 2022

Thanks for all your help! We love them!!! 

Cathy B  | manhattan beach, CA |  January 4, 2022

Thanks for all your help! We love them!!! 

Dana B  | Golden Valley, MN |  December 31, 2021

The installation went really well and the installer was terrific, very thorough in his process and the window treatments all look beautiful.  

Amir B  | Long Beach, CA |  December 29, 2021

Everything went very well and we had a great installer. The condo looks beautiful with the window covering.  

Angela B  | Carson, CA |  December 27, 2021

They turned out perfect! Thank you!  

David & Julie M  | Huntington Beach, CA |  December 20, 2021

All the blinds turned out perfect and exactly what we wanted! Without your guidance this wouldn't have looked and fit so well.  

Valerie L  | Manhattan Beach, CA |  December 18, 2021

That’s outstanding service! It is indeed a great Christmas present!! Thank you for all your help.  

Maria J  | Redondo Beach, CA |  December 10, 2021

Everything looks really nice and the installation was completed yesterday.  

Daniella F  | Los Angeles, CA |  December 8, 2021

Our shades are in, and they look great! Thanks again for all your help  

Holly L  | Los Alamitos, CA |  November 8, 2021

I just listened to your voicemail, so thank you so much for checking in! I absolutely LOVE the shades and they are all even better than I imagined!  

Dewey M  | Yorba Linda, CA |  October 27, 2021

Everything worked out great, and the shades look good. Thanks again for your help.  

Barbara H  | Signal Hill, CA |  September 14, 2021

Yes…everything went very smoothly. Everyone we worked with or saw was very professional and capable. Much appreciated.  

Jennifer A  | Manhattan Beach, CA |  August 19, 2021

They look absolutely amazing. 

Laura G  | Pacific Palisades, CA |  August 17, 2021

All went well today and look great! I can’t wait for the Roman shades! Thank you. 

Jennifer P  | Capistrano Beach, CA |  July 29, 2021

Hi - I had meant to email you the day of the install to tell you how fabulous the blinds are and how happy we are with them. We are so happy we are going to be ordering more.  

Trixy O  | Cerritos, CA |  July 29, 2021

All the techs have been so timely and professional - a great experience!  

Kamila D  | Long Beach, CA |  July 29, 2021

Thank you for reaching out. The blinds are beautiful and work great.  

Christine B  | Torrance, CA |  July 20, 2021

The installer arrived earlier today. The Shade Store experience has been excellent.  

Carrie & Jeff L  | Long Beach, CA |  July 15, 2021

Everything worked out well. We are very happy. Thanks for your follow up. We can finally see the tv in the afternoon!  

Lori C  | Palos Verdes Estates, CA |  July 1, 2021

The installer was awesome. Truly first class. The finish product is lovely.  

David M  | Long Beach, CA |  June 23, 2021

Thanks for being so helpful and guiding us through this process. We love the new drapes and we are very happy with them. Thanks again for your help.  

Peipei & Pinju L  | Brooklyn, NY |  June 22, 2021

The installation went well yesterday! We are so happy to have our shades! I love how it’s motorized and we can remote control it. It’s exactly the kind of feel I’m looking for too. Thank you so much for your patience and all your help throughout the process! So glad we met you in the online chat!  

Georgia H  | Long Beach, CA |  June 7, 2021

The window shades and blinds are wonderful. They make such a change in our home; we should have done this years ago. Amazing how much impact the window treatments make. Thanks for your help.  

Lisa S  | Stamford, CT |  June 5, 2021

We are very happy with the shades we purchased. Thank you very much.  

Polly D  | San Francisco, CA |  May 28, 2021

Installation was great. I love the shade! Thanks for all your help.  

Vickii P  | Seal Beach, CA |  May 26, 2021

Thank you for a great purchase experience. Our installer was very professional and the installation was completed easily without any concerns. We are delighted with the results and am already using and appreciating what these block-out shades can do. 

Laurie S  | Long Beach, CA |  May 20, 2021

I LOVE the shades!!! Thank you for your expert advice. It was exactly what I wanted.  

Anja W  | Oakland, CA |  May 12, 2021

I am so happy to have the window treatments in place; it was such a big decision to make, but I truly appreciate your help and all the samples you provided, in addition to guidance on the best products for these two rooms! Also both the measuring and install experts were super thoughtful of my space (for instance wearing shoe covers, vacuuming any debris) and friendly, and took such care of even removing all the boxes and packaging material. Very much appreciated!  

Hayley R  | Oakland, CA |  April 30, 2021

Everything went really well with the installation. The shades look so good! Thank you for your help.  

Ward & Kavita P  | LONG BEACH, CA |  April 17, 2021

We are SO happy with our blinds and ripple fold drapery! Thank you so much for your patient and insightful guidance in this project. 

Hector M  | Whittier, CA |  April 15, 2021

Everything looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! The crew was amazing and efficient. I can’t say enough. My place is transformed.  

Samina T  | Malibu, CA |  April 6, 2021

Thanks so much for your help. Shades look great; installer did an excellent job.  

Karen T  | New York, NY |  March 29, 2021

Yes we loooove it (which I kinda can’t believe given that I never ordered a swatch) and the installer did an amazing job. I think he said a survey would be sent out which I haven’t seen but we’d give him a 10 A+. And we’ve been sleeping so much better with the black out!  

Andrea R  | Sunset Beach, CA |  March 11, 2021

Thank you. They look great we are very happy!! Appreciate all your help.  

Christine W  | Stanfordville, NY |  March 11, 2021

All went really well. I am happy with the product, your service and the installation. Thank you so much for everything. I definitely look forward to being in touch again in the future. 

Carolynn K  | Long Beach, CA |  March 9, 2021

I'm super happy with the window treatments, great looking and so functional. The installer was kind and professional. Thank you for all of your assistance. I will be in touch in the future!  

Giselle & David B  | La Habra, CA |  March 2, 2021

We can’t thank you enough. We are totally in love with our new shades. We couldn’t be happier. The shades bring the perfect amount of light and homey feel we were looking for.  

Maire k  | Seal Beach, CA |  February 26, 2021

It has been a great pleasure to get to know you and to work with you on this project which has turned out beautifully. You have a place in my heart! 

Gillian M  | Lafayette, CA |  February 22, 2021

You have been awesome. Thanks so much. I’m so impressed by the way this whole experience went with The Shade Store. From customer service, sending of samples, the zoom call, to the quality of the product. All amazing. 

Anne Y  | San Pedro, CA |  February 19, 2021

I cannot tell you just how much of a difference we notice in the living room temperature with our new shades! It’s the best purchase choice I’ve made so far in 202! I just wanted to say thank you for being so accessible throughout the process and for your amazing eye for textures/style/design. I’m definitely recommending The Shade Store to any friends who are looking for window treatments in the near future! 

Noreen & Nate O  | Torrance, CA |  February 19, 2021

We’re really happy with the shades, they came out great. We were not only impressed with the shades, but we were also very pleased with the level of service that we received from you.