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1774 Fourth Street Berkeley, CA 94710

Located in Beautiful Berkeley, CA - home to the University of California, Berkeley. This showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts ready to assist you.
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1774 Fourth Street

Berkeley, CA 94710

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Sarah E  | Oakland, CA |  July 26, 2021

We absolutely love everything, it couldn’t be more perfect!! Thanks again for all your help along the way. 

Marisa S  | Oakland, CA |  July 26, 2021

I’m so happy! I can see the vegetation and landscape much better now. The room doesn’t look so enclosed anymore. It’s exactly as I had envisioned. 

Kylie M  | Berkeley, CA |  July 13, 2021

It was so great working with you & I truly appreciate all your help! 

Gazelle S  | Oakland, CA |  July 11, 2021

The installation went smoothly, thank you for checking in. The roller shade looks great above the trim, I’m pleased with how it all turned out. Appreciate you checking in! 

Stephanie M  | Castro Valley, CA |  July 9, 2021

The installation went smoothly and we are really happy with the blinds. We will definitely contact you when we move on to our other windows. 

Sharon L  | Berkeley, CA |  July 9, 2021

Thanks, and yes everything was great. And it really changes the room for the better. Instant update! After seeing what a difference it makes, I want to do more new shades!  

Winnie C  | Alameda, CA |  July 7, 2021

Thank you for checking in. The installation was pretty quick. We're enjoying them! They offer noticeable insulation from the sun and decent blackout from neighbor's night lights! 

Anita T  | Oakland, CA |  July 7, 2021

Thank you everything went well we love the function and look - I will likely add a layer of sheer to soften the industrial feel. 

Reed & Reanna K  | Berkeley, CA |  July 7, 2021

It went great and they look fantastic. 

Julie C  | Berkeley, CA |  June 23, 2021

Looks great! All is well. Thanks for your help.  

VI L  | Pleasanton, CA |  June 21, 2021

Yes! It was great! Thank you! 

Kevis G  | Berkeley, CA |  June 20, 2021

Thanks so much for checking in! All went smoothly. I am sure I will be back. Also, I love the idea of a tree planted for this and every purchase - it's a lovely touch.  

Teresa G  | Alamada, CA |  June 20, 2021

We had our shade installed today and I absolutely love it! Thank you so much for helping me get that accomplished.  

Zarah & David R  | Berkeley, CA |  June 20, 2021

Thanks for checking in! We love the new shades and the install went smoothly.  

Alexander K  | Oakland, CA |  June 13, 2021

The shades look great and we are very happy with them.  

Megan K  | Oakland, CA |  June 5, 2021

Everything went great. I LOVE the new shades. The installer was very nice and efficient. I can't wait to recommend The Shade Store and to do some more business myself.  

Jon D  | Berkeley, CA |  June 1, 2021

Very happy. Our selection (with your help) looks great with everything in the living room. And we are very please with the quality and the installation. Thanks! 

Cheryl P  | Oakland, CA |  May 24, 2021

We totally totally love the new shades, they are just perfect. We couldn’t be more happy with the result! You, the fellow who came to measure the windows, and the installer were each a pleasure to work with. Thank you so much again. 

Ania W  | Sebastopol, CA |  May 22, 2021

Thank you very much for your message and help on this project. All solar shades look stunning and the client loves them! They upgrade the quality of the house. Thank you so much for your kindness, warmth, help, and support. I appreciate it a lot.  

Ana O  | OAKLAND, CA |  May 21, 2021

Thank for checking in, everything looks great! I really appreciate all your help. 

Julie C  | Berkeley, CA |  May 21, 2021

The new shades looks great.  

Chrissy D  | Piedmont , CA |  May 18, 2021

Everything is fixed and is working perfectly. Seamless experience. Thanks so much for your help!! 

Allyson N  | Piedmont, CA |  May 18, 2021

Thanks for checking in! Installer came by last Friday and he was great--I'm obsessed with my new shades!!!! They look so good. Thank you for everything. Will certainly be back in touch when we're ready to do more rooms.  

Deb & Dave N  | Berkeley, CA |  May 10, 2021

We are really pleased with the new shade. And our installer was excellent, polite, professional, and helpful. 

Lokendra S  | Kensington, CA |  May 9, 2021

The shades have been installed and are working fine. The whole process was quite smooth, thanks for your help. 

Ben W  | Oakland, CA |  April 27, 2021

My windows look beautiful!! What an improvement!!! The measurements and installation technicians did precise work. Thank you for your help in choosing the materials.  

Wendi S  | Piedmont, CA |  April 26, 2021

My clients are very happy! Thanks for all your patience and help. I’ll be sure to come back to you again!  

Linsey M  | Orinda, CA |  April 24, 2021

All done now and they look amazing!! Thank you so much for everything - we're very happy. 

Erica T  | Oakland, CA |  April 22, 2021

Thank you for reaching out, the installer was great and we are really happy with the window treatment! Adds so much elegance to the room. Thanks for all your help 

Edin B  | Oakland, CA |  April 22, 2021

All good, installation went well and we are happy with our new window treatments. 

Monika M  | Berkeley, CA |  April 19, 2021

The installation went smoothly and we are happy with our blinds. 

Kristin A  | Richmond, CA |  April 19, 2021

Loving it! And a shout out to your team members who did the measurements and install. I’ll be needing another motorized shade in the future once we do a window replacement, so I’ll be back in touch for sure. Thanks so much!  

Debbie G  | Alameda, CA |  April 18, 2021

We are very happy with the selections and the installation. Thanks for all of you help! 

Deborah & Dennis R  | Berkeley, CA |  April 14, 2021

We are very happy. The shades are just right and they look lovely on all the windows. Beautifully installed!  

Jonah C  | Berkeley, CA |  April 11, 2021

The installation went super smoothly and we are really happy with the shades.  

Deborah M  | Berkeley, CA |  March 29, 2021

Installation went very well and the shades are gorgeous.  

Anna S  | Kensington, CA |  March 26, 2021

Thank you so much for making this an easy process! 

Jani M  | Lafayette, CA |  March 23, 2021

I’m so glad I brought both samples home. I will pick the Jeffrey Alan Marks, Chromio. It works with everything and brightens up the room. The Shade Store is the BEST thing that ever happened to windows. 

Susan G  | Richmond, CA |  March 21, 2021

Shades are in and look great! Thank you. 

Kelly E  | Berkeley, CA |  February 19, 2021

We got them and installed them no problem. They are great! Thanks for your help! 

Jason & Nati W  | Oakland, CA |  February 19, 2021

The installer was awesome. Fast and courteous. We love the new shades. Looking forward to the kitchen too.  

Kim L  | Piedmont, CA |  February 9, 2021

They look great and are helping to keep the room a little warmer, too.  

Lara C  | Oakland, CA |  February 8, 2021

The shades are great! Perfect. Thank you for all your help. 

Delanie R  | Kentfield, CA |  February 6, 2021

My interactions with you, and the entire staff in Mill Valley, and all the installers were wonderful.....professional and helpful! Thank you so much!  

Shannen F  | Alameda, CA |  February 6, 2021

The window treatments are perfect! The installer actually contacted us to see if he could install them a day earlier, so that worked out perfectly! Thanks again for your help with the project and your experienced recommendations!  

Jennifer C  | Moraga, CA |  February 6, 2021

The install went great! We love the shades. Thanks!  

Jenny C  | Berkeley, CA |  February 6, 2021

The window blinds look great, thanks for everything! 

Jeffrey K  | Tiburon, CA |  February 1, 2021

They look great. Smooth installation and the installer was really nice. 

Bridget C  | Berkeley, CA |  February 1, 2021

Everything is great, thank you!!  

Kimberly B  | Richmond, CA |  January 30, 2021

The shades are all gorgeous. It's a super clean look and the footprint on the windows is minimal. They look really great and we're super happy with them. Both the installer and the measurement team were great. Thank you for guiding us through the process and helping us pick these out! 

Shirley H  | Berkeley, CA |  January 19, 2021

I LOVE our new shade! It is just perfect! Thank you for all your assistance! 

Carol W  | Berkeley, CA |  January 18, 2021

The shades are looking great and installation went smoothly. Thanks for your help to get this done! 

Curt F  | Napa, CA |  January 9, 2021

We have been really enjoying all of our window shades - a beautiful product and installation! Everyone that visits our home comments on them.  

Virginia K  | Oakland, CA |  December 26, 2020

I love my new shades. They are exactly what I wanted. The shades on the triple windows in my living room have exactly the light filtering quality that I hoped for, both during the day and at night. And, the shades for the living room door and bedroom windows offer just the right amount of privacy without being opaque. If and when my new shades need to be replaced (I had my original shades for 12 years), I will head right back to The Shade Store! 

Diane A  | Berkeley, CA |  December 23, 2020

The shades are installed and they look great! The installers did an awesome job with the installation. They were courteous, professional and capable. And I'm so glad you encouraged me to get the rounded hardware. Thank you again for all of your help. It was a pleasure working with you and I truly appreciate all that you did to shepherd us through this process. 

Andrea A  | New York, NY |  December 22, 2020

Shades look great! 

Susan P  | Oakland, CA |  December 22, 2020

Yes, everything looks great. Thanks for checking in. 

Sandra K  | Spokane, WA |  December 20, 2020

We are very pleased with the product! Actually we just opened the boxes and hung them and they fit perfectly- could not have done that without your counsel.  

Carol C  | Oakland, CA |  December 19, 2020

Thank you for checking in. We just received all the boxes last week and had them installed on Monday. Everything looks great and we are so pleased with them. 

Elizabeth F  | Berkeley, CA |  December 19, 2020

Your suggestions about not using a valance and sizing were very helpful. The installation was quick because everything fit perfectly. Thank you for your service.  

Elisabeth W  | Berkeley, CA |  December 18, 2020

The installation was perfect and we are so happy with the results. 

Jodie M  | artdecor | Berkeley, CA |  December 18, 2020

I love my shades! The guy who installed them was professional- very nice and took care of everything. Thank you again for amazing customer service.  

Andrea & Brook D  | OAKLAND, CA |  December 17, 2020

Shades were installed yesterday, and they look GREAT! We are REALLY happy with them. Thanks so much for your help (and your patience as we dithered about this). The installation crew was also terrific – professional, friendly and helpful.  

Janet D  | DRAKE DESIGN ASSOCIATES | Berkeley, CA |  December 16, 2020

Thanks for the follow-up- Andrea. The shade looks great & works fabulous. Nice to have the front office entry back to 100% blind use.  

Kimi H  | Berkeley, CA |  December 11, 2020

The shade delivery and installation all went smoothly. Meanwhile, we are looking at other windows which will eventually need shade replacements, and we will definitely keep The Shade Store in mind.  

Craig C  | Oakland, CA |  November 30, 2020

My new blinds have been installed today and they look great.  

Janet H  | Berkeley, CA |  November 21, 2020

Just wanted to let you know how excellent the installation went. I received a call 45 minutes before the appointment. The installer, a very polite and friendly gentleman, arrived on time, put on booties and quickly installed the shades. He cleaned up all the packing material and was done in about half an hour. Thank you for a very good experience. 

Lisa W  | Berkeley, CA |  November 21, 2020

They look better than we had imagined and, of course, now we are sorry we ever hesitated in ordering them.  

Bronya F  | Berkeley, CA |  November 17, 2020

The installation went well, he was fast at his job!  

Kristine F  | Alamo, CA |  November 16, 2020

I just wanted to thank you for your help and let you know the drapes look great! I never would’ve picked the one you did (I was going more light) and I love your suggestion as it frames the windows nicely and anchors my overall office! I also wouldn’t have known to do the close up and bottom blinds but the functionality is simpler than I imagined and such a better product!!!! Also, the installer was an amazing! Not only excellent at what he does, but professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about the different options, etc. As a new client to The Shade Store, I will definitely refer and let people know when they ask! Also, I may need more coverings next spring and will definitely work with The Shade Store again!  

Lisa B  | SAN RAFAEL, CA |  November 16, 2020

The installer just finished and the motorized shades look great, thanks again!  

Leslie Z  | Oakland, CA |  November 9, 2020

Thanks so much for your help picking out the shade. It’s going to look great!!  

Emily S  | Oakland, CA |  November 3, 2020

The installation happened today! First, the young man who did the install was great. Kudos for professional customer service. I'd give him 10 stars. Love both rooms! I am so happy with the choices and it was worth the angst. My daughter said tonight at bedtime that her "shade is so beautiful". Thanks again for your great service. Amazing!  

Helen O  | Emeryville, CA |  November 3, 2020

Your installer team finished the final part of of our shades installation today. They did so brilliantly with quiet professionalism. Many thanks to you and your team. 

Melinda & Mark M  | Oakland, CA |  October 30, 2020

THANK YOU for expertise, professionalism, ideas, patience with us and the finished products!! We LOVE what you helped us create! The installation team did a FABULOUS job on the install today! We LOVE the completed project! Long-anticipated ~ NOW fini! Beautiful and the SOUND is something we didn't think to anticipate. It's like walking into a real theater! Absorbing sound is what those drapes are also good at... besides looking stunning and elegant!  

David Y  | San Ramon, CA |  October 26, 2020

Perfect installation! The installer did a great job. Greatly appreciated your help and follow up. 

Barbara M  | Oakland, CA |  October 26, 2020

Everything went well with the blinds installation and the installer did a fine job. The wood blinds look terrific, as expected. Thank you so much for all your help! Your input was much appreciated. 

Stefano S  | Berkeley, CA |  October 21, 2020

The shades are great. It was super easy to install them and they look very nice. Thank you for your help in selecting them.  

Linda & Dan B  | Berkeley, CA |  October 18, 2020

We are extremely please with the shades and installation went smoothly. Technician was here right on time, installation took 35 minutes and he did an excellent job! We are 2 happy customers.  

Joshin B  | San Francisco, CA |  October 12, 2020

The shades are great! I’m so glad I decided to go with the Shade Store. I’m very pleased with the product and the service. 

Veronica D  | El Cerrito, CA |  October 11, 2020

Thanks for checking in. Everything went smoothly and we are happy with them so far. Glad to have them during these heat waves.  

Ai T  | San Rafael, CA |  October 4, 2020

We love the new shades! Especially the blackout shades for the master bedroom. They totally block the street lights and I sleep a lot better now! And, I love the kitchen shades too. Since the windows are facing west, it had been so hot to cook dinner in the direct sun. 

John P  | Oakland, CA |  September 28, 2020

The installation was very quick and efficient and the treatments are great. They, and the new windows, keep out almost all of the street noise and light. So I am a satisfied customer and thank you for your service/product. 

Holly B  | Oakland, CA |  September 27, 2020

The installation of the shades went very well; my 16 year old daughter installed them herself! Easy-peezy! We are The Shade Store life customers. 

Camille S  | Berkeley, CA |  September 24, 2020

Everything looks great and I'm super happy. I really appreciate your help especially since we had to do this virtually due to COVID. 

Emily M  | Berkeley, CA |  September 23, 2020

It all looks great! Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciate your patience & insights.  

Jackie O  | Piedmont, CA |  September 22, 2020

Everything was great and we are enjoying our shades. Thank you so much!  

Lishelle B  | Berkeley, CA |  September 19, 2020

Thank you so much for working with me on my new window shades - I love them and they really are making me happy during this other wise dreary time. This is my second purchase with you and your company and I’m a happy camper.  

Drew C  | Saint Helena, CA |  September 12, 2020

The installation went well and I have nothing but great things to say about the installer. He did the measurements as well and was awesome.  

Erin B  | Berkeley, CA |  September 6, 2020

The installation was seamless; the installer who came to the house was very professional and remarkably fast. The quality of the shades is wonderful, and we love the way they look. I have a few more windows that need shades, but I am going to wait until the late fall or early 2021. Thank you so much for your help.  

Lilia F  | Narrative Interiors // Maveron | Oakland, CA |  September 3, 2020

They look great. Thanks for your help on this project!  

Rick R  | Manhattan Beach, CA |  August 27, 2020

I really like the shades and taking the time to mull over all the samples makes me feel like it paid off. They look fantastic. Thanks for your help.  

Joan R  | Santa Monica, CA |  August 27, 2020

The curtains came out great and look very beautiful in the space. My client was delighted both with how they look and how they function in absorbing sound. The shades also look terrific by the way.  

Doris K  | Oakland, CA |  August 18, 2020

Thank you! We love the motorized shades in our bedroom. The only change I would make would have been to motorize the living room shades too! All in all a great experience. 

Stacey J  | Kensington, CA |  August 16, 2020

Everything went well and we're very happy. Thanks so much! 

Matthew B  | El Cerrito, CA |  August 12, 2020

Very easy process! Everyone was so nice and the installer was very professional and very polite too. 

Ann C  | Albany, CA |  August 9, 2020

Oh yes. Everything went well and I am very happy with the result! Thank you for all your help! 

Jason G  | Berkeley, CA |  August 7, 2020

The shades are gorgeous! I love how beautifully the sheer diffuses the room's light; I wasn't expecting it to have such a dramatic impact. And I think our color choice for the blackout shade was spot on. Thanks again for all your help! 

Noelle N  | Alameda, CA |  August 5, 2020

Just would like to thank you again and your team. The measurement was perfect as well as installing. Hopefully we get the same guys again!! 

Peggy W  | Piedmont, CA |  August 5, 2020

They look great. Thank you for all your help!