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Located in Beautiful Berkeley, CA - home to the University of California, Berkeley. This showroom features fully interactive product displays, free swatches and a team of design experts ready to assist you. 510.292.4393 / email

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Maribel  M  | Oakland, CA |  January 21, 2020

The shades look fantastic! Thank you for following up and for all your help. 

Andy & Deborah P  | Berkeley, CA |  January 20, 2020

Installation went smoothly. The installer was terrific. The shades look fantastic. Thanks again for all your help. 

Michele and Kelly M  | Albany, CA |  January 19, 2020

I wanted to let you know the blinds look fantastic. Great colors for all the rooms. Anyway, just a thank you note to let you know all is well and looking very, very good. 

Susan A  | Berkeley, CA |  January 12, 2020

The shades look wonderful and my husband is thrilled with them. We are really pleased with the flexibility they give the new space. 

Dia C  | Berkeley, CA |  January 12, 2020

Thank you for your help! The installation went great and we are very happy with our new shades. 

Nancy T  | Kensington, CA |  January 11, 2020

The installation yesterday went very smoothly. The installer was very efficient and had no trouble doing it by himself. 

Andrew B  | Oakland, CA |  January 9, 2020

They’re perfect! After my puppy grows out of chewing a little bit more, I’ll be back for some more! It was such a flawless experience! 

Jeff L  | Menlo Park, CA |  January 6, 2020

Many thanks. You make me feel like I'm your only customer! Please let your boss know I think you're TERRIFIC! 

Cristina S  | Concord, CA |  January 4, 2020

We love it. Getting the remote feature was a plus. Thanks so much for your help. 

Cherie E  | Berkeley, CA |  December 29, 2019

Thank you! It worked out perfectly. The installer did an excellent job. 

Carol  B  | Menlo Park , CA |  December 20, 2019

The shade is great! Thank you so very much! 

Charlotte M  | Piedmont, CA |  December 13, 2019

The shades look lovely and the client really likes them. All worth it in the end. Thank you for your help. You definitely helped get this project through to completion. 

Grace C  | Berkeley, CA |  December 12, 2019

Everything went very well. The installer is super nice and did a great job. 

Holly J  | Alameda, CA |  December 7, 2019

The shades are beautiful! 

Michelle T  | Mountain View , CA |  December 5, 2019

We love the blinds in the nursery! It has helped the room be so much darker and our son can now sleep in much later. They look great. Thanks, and we will come to you guys in the future for all our drapery and blind needs! 

Lara D  | Orinda, CA |  November 25, 2019

The drapery turned out beautiful! Well done. 

Pieter and Liz A  | Emeryville, CA |  November 25, 2019

Everything is great. The installation person did an amazing job, and I am happy with the style! 

Christoph N  | Oakland, CA |  November 13, 2019

The shades have been great so far!  

Ann D  | Lafayette, CA |  November 13, 2019

All went very well. Love the blinds.  

Laurel and Mari Z  | Oakland, CA |  November 4, 2019

Thank you for your excellent customer service Davon! Much appreciated. -  

Sue B  | Albany, CA |  October 30, 2019

The installer was great and I am very happy with the blinds. Thank you for your assistance. 

Emily N  | Kensington, CA |  October 19, 2019

Everything was great! The shades look perfect. Thanks!  

Rebecca H  | Berkeley, CA |  October 19, 2019

Thanks Kristin! We love the shades and the installer was excellent in every way. This has been a great experience, thank you! 

Mandy W  | Oakland, CA |  October 10, 2019

The shade looks and works great, and the installers were perfect. Thank you!  

Leah M  | Kensington, CA |  October 9, 2019

The shades look beautiful; we are really happy with them. Thank you for all of your help and your colleagues' help. The installation was super quick and easy as was the whole process. 

Catherine P  | Emeryville, CA |  October 7, 2019

The roller shades look great! Installation went smooth. Thanks again for all your help.  

Gilda W  | Richmond, CA |  October 5, 2019

New draperies are just what I wanted. They hang well and look fine. 

Miche M  | Sacramento, CA |  October 2, 2019

Everything went well and the clients are very happy. Thanks for all your help.  

Steve H  | Piedmont, CA |  October 2, 2019

Yes, we're very happy with the shades. It's a nice clean look compared to what we had. Much thanks for you help and especially for your patience. 

Kylie R  | San Francisco, CA |  October 1, 2019

The shades look great! I'm so thrilled.  

Alicia M B  | El Dorado Hills, CA |  September 30, 2019

I'm pleased to say I'm delighted with the way the blinds look. Thank you for a job well done and the assurance that The Shade Store stands behind their products. 

Sharon Z  | Oakland, CA |  September 29, 2019

We love the shade! Such a pretty shade of green! Thanks so much! 

Stephen B  | Berkeley, CA |  September 28, 2019

The shades on the double-hung windows are perfect and the mechanical front shades are such a delight :) 

Maryanne W  | Berkeley, CA |  September 23, 2019

Everything turned out just wonderful! Installers were great and the shade looks stunning!  

Lewis B  | Oakland, CA |  September 8, 2019

The shades are working out fine and the installers were very, very good. 

Martin D  | Berkeley, CA |  September 7, 2019

Everything went well and we are pleased. Thanks! 

Care S  | Albany, CA |  September 3, 2019

The installers came early, and stuck around until the agreed upon time so I could get home from work, it was the first day of school and I'm a teacher. They installed and were quick and clean. I am happy with my window treatments. Every room looks so good, and the windows have a simple, uncluttered look. My bedroom is dark at night which is a big change. The blinds and shades enhance each room and that was an unexpected bonus. I only wish I had done it sooner. Thank you 

Pam and Susan H  | Berkeley, CA |  August 31, 2019

The installer Richard Avila was WONDERFUL. What a gem, a real keeper! 

Ann  C  | Albany, CA |  August 29, 2019

The shades all turned out so beautiful, and are so easy to use. Thank you so much for your patience, walking me though the design process and soothing all my concerns. I can tell that you have been doing this for a long time!  

Jo  H  | Hercules, CA |  August 28, 2019

Everything looks great. I really like the blinds.  

Katy C  | Richmond, CA |  August 28, 2019

The installation went very smoothly and we love the shades! Thank you for all your help!  

Jocelyn A  | Alameda, CA |  August 24, 2019

We were able to install today, and very happy with the results!  

Liz F  | Berkeley, CA |  August 16, 2019

The shades look AMAZING. 

Praj K  | Berkeley, CA |  August 10, 2019

Hope you are doing well. I wanted to reach out and thank you for facilitating the install. It went smoothly. We love the new shade and it does match the old ones.  

Afshar J  | Berkeley, CA |  August 10, 2019

The installation was done well. The installers were very professional. We are happy with the shades. 

Ron  M  | El Cerrito, CA |  August 6, 2019

We are enjoying the new shades!  

Christina V  | Oakland, CA |  August 5, 2019

Thank you for asking! Everything went smoothly. The installers arrived promptly at 8:00 a.m. I am very happy with the new window treatments. It’s been a pleasure working with you and the installers.  

Pam and Susan H  | Berkeley, CA |  August 5, 2019

Thank you so much Kristin! You have been amazing in this process.  

Mamood M  | Berkeley, CA |  August 3, 2019

I love my shades. Specially the Zen ones. The living room shades are very nice too.  

Kubra K  | Oakland, CA |  August 2, 2019

We are very happy with our shades. Many thanks 

Shelley D  |  | Kensington, CA |  July 30, 2019

We are thrilled with the shades. The install guys were GREAT! Thanks for all your patience with us working through the decisions. 

Lauren C  | Oakland, CA |  July 27, 2019

We love our new shades. They came out wonderful - thank you again for your help throughout the process.  

Kate and Steve K  | Berkeley, CA |  July 26, 2019

Thanks for reaching out. The two young men who did the installation were top notch, so professional! They also did the measuring. Everything is perfect and looks great.  

Lauren R  | Oakland, CA |  July 22, 2019

Everything went well and I am very happy with the shades! Thanks so much for checking in!  

Terry  A  | Oakland, CA |  July 20, 2019

I've been absolutely thrilled with the Aventura shades that I had installed. They give me pleasure every time I walk in the rooms.  

Georgia H  | Albany, CA |  July 17, 2019

The shade is great. Thank you  

Oliver E  | Point Richmond, CA |  July 13, 2019

Everything is fantastic and looks great! I've done a bit of entertaining since installation --- and people immediately make comments/observations about them. I appreciate your help in the selection process.  

Noel and Penny N  | Berkeley, CA |  July 13, 2019

Thanks for your follow-up note. Yes, the installation was completed very well and we’re pleased with the result. Thank you for your very fine and helpful service and attention! 

Carrie B  | Berkeley, CA |  July 13, 2019

The shades are great. They are very simple in color and style but solve my window problem. Maybe next shades I will be more adventuresome! The two gentlemen who installed them were quick , professional and on time. Thanks for all your help. I will be back with my next project .  

Stacy and Tom P  | Alameda, CA |  July 11, 2019

I love my new shades! Thank you for getting them installed so quickly, I really appreciate it.  

Kylie R  | San Francisco, CA |  July 9, 2019

They are so fab! I love them — what’s a game changer!  

Jon and Susan B  | Oakland, CA |  July 6, 2019

It went perfectly. We are very pleased. Thanks so much!  

Jessie P  | Richmond, CA |  July 6, 2019

We are very happy and our installation was quick and truly pleasant. Our shades are simple and clean and just what we were looking for. 

Tom K  | Emmeryville, CA |  July 5, 2019

Thanks for planting a tree on our behalf. My wife liked that idea. The installation was very smooth and well done.  

Jani M  | Lafayette , CA |  July 5, 2019

The shades look terrific, Kristin. You were a steady professional with a good eye!  

Joan G  | Berkeley, CA |  July 5, 2019

I am loving my shades and they are doing their job very well. The installation went smoothly and all is right with the world. Thank you so much for your help. It really was a pleasure working with you. I have recommended you and The Shade Store to at least two people.  

Dawn and Dylan K  | Berkeley, CA |  June 28, 2019

We love the new window treatments! We have decided that we are finally adults because we have window treatments.  

Jessica and Mike S  | Orinda, CA |  June 22, 2019

All is great - we are very happy with the shades. Thanks so much! 

Julia L  | Alameda, CA |  June 19, 2019

It's been great and we are happy with the new shades!  

Neha Z  | San Francisco, CA |  June 16, 2019

The shades are great and were a good choice for us.  

Howard M  | Pt Richmond, CA |  June 17, 2019

I love the new shades!!!  

Nancy C  | Berkeley, CA |  June 16, 2019

I love my shades and can see how they might go well on the two window in the living room as well. It is much brighter with the shades and I have so much more light in the room.  

Shelia O  | Moraga, CA |  June 10, 2019

Installation went well, and it is perfect... especially the color. 

Danielle and Stephan S  | Oakland, CA |  June 6, 2019

The shades look great, we are very happy so far. The installation team was great as well, they were quite efficient getting the shades installed. 

Cynthia L  | Oakland, CA |  June 6, 2019

Love the motorized roller mechanism. Referred my neighbor to your services.  

Philip B  | Oakland, CA |  June 3, 2019

Went well and we're really pleased with the final result. Thank you for your help with this! 

Christina G  | C/O Andrea | El Cerrito, CA |  May 20, 2019

Thanks for checking in. The shades are working out very well so far. We like that they are pretty unobtrusive and they seem helpful at blocking the heat. 

Roxanne H  | Walnut Creek, CA |  May 24, 2019

Thank you so much!! Great customer service! 

Brenda H  | Lafayette, CA |  May 22, 2019

The shade installation went well. We like them very much - the color matched perfectly too! Thanks for your assistance and for the follow-up.  

Susan H  | Walnut Creek, CA |  May 22, 2019

We love the shade. It provides just enough privacy and is a nice addition to the bathroom.  

Rachel & Brad K  | Orinda, CA |  May 22, 2019

The installation went well and setting up the app and window control was simple. Thanks again. 

Corey L  | Berkeley, CA |  May 21, 2019

The shades got here on time and the installation went smoothly. They look great, thanks for all your help.  

Maila F  | Martinez, CA |  May 13, 2019

I’m happy with the quality of the shades I chose and I will definitely be using The Shade Store when I’m ready to cover my other windows. I was also impressed with the respectful installers who did our initial job! 

Beth H  | Mountain View, CA |  May 9, 2019

Blinds just got installed they look great 

Casey W  | Berkeley, CA |  May 7, 2019

Thank you so much for all of your support and working so hard to make sure that we have a great experience. 

Nancy  S  | Richmond, CA |  May 6, 2019

Steve and Jakari just finished installing and they look great! I wanted to be sure to let the company know what great customer service and professionalism both Jakari and Steve provided. Any company should be extremely proud to have them represent them out in the field. Certainly if I should direct this positive feedback to someone else in the company, please let me know. 

Jennifer L  | Campbell, CA |  April 30, 2019

Everything’s great love the new black out shades! It’s exactly what we needed thanks :)  

Sue F  | Oakland, CA |  April 29, 2019

Thank you! I love all the drapery and materials. They look amazing in our house!  

Elianna L  | Campbell, CA |  April 28, 2019

Love them. Would totally use the shade store again for future projects. Great service - very professional and detail oriented. Thanks for checking in.  

Ryan & Emily C  | Oakland, CA |  April 27, 2019

Thanks! We love them, and will definitely reach out when we're ready to do our other windows.  

Linda  H  | Sonoma, CA |  April 26, 2019

Thanks for your assistance in completing this project. The options you designed are great.  

Andrea  F  | Alameda, CA |  April 24, 2019

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help and the great customer service I’ve received throughout this process!  

Tiza P  | Walnut Creek, CA |  April 19, 2019

Thank you! We love it - it looks great! 

Christina V  | Oakland, CA |  April 19, 2019

I am very happy with the window treatments. I appreciated the installers who were on time, polite, and efficient. Over the weekend, I showed my friends the painting and floor remodel work done. They were in awe of the window treatments that added the perfect classic touch to the decor. I referred them to the Shade Store for friendly and efficient service. Since Friday, I’ve enjoyed waking up to see shades and the way the morning light comes in. 

Marco C  | Berkeley, CA |  April 15, 2019

The shades where successfully installed without problems and fit perfectly. Thank you again 

Kristi R  | Sausalito, CA |  April 14, 2019

We want to thank you for making this process effortless. We're so happy with the quality of the shades - they look beautiful. We were talking last night about the whole experience with The Shade Store - your assistance, how lovely the showroom is, the installer could not have been more professional or thoughtful and then we got a card in the mail about the tree planting! We have another shade project for our house and will be in touch as soon as we finish the design for that room. Many, many thanks! 

Nancy  S  | Richmond, CA |  April 8, 2019

The measure pro was fantastic and helpful. Thank you for your help! You made this painless and even fun. 

Jane W  | Walnut Creek, CA |  April 8, 2019

Thank you very much for the follow up. 

Cynthia L  | Oakland, CA |  April 6, 2019

Loving the new shades and the motorized rollers! Thank you so much. 

Meredith W  | Berkeley, CA |  April 2, 2019

Thank you so much for the follow up. I am very happy and you have been terrific to work with.