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Scottsdale - Fashion Square

7014 E Camelback Road , Suite 1041 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Our Scottsdale Fashion Square showroom is in the bustlingFashion Square shopping center , making it an ideal destination for a day out. Get all the info you need before visiting our showroom in Fashion Square, Scottsdale, AZ.
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7014 E Camelback Road

Suite 1041

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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Kevin & Ana V  | Scottsdale, AZ |  August 18, 2023

All is complete. We are very happy with everything.  

Valerie B  | Scottsdale, AZ |  August 3, 2023

The installation was great & the shades are beautiful. I am very happy! 

Allen and Ashley W  | Phoenix, AZ |  July 22, 2023

We’re really pleased!  

Kevin & Ana V  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 15, 2023

We love them! The installer did a great job!! 

Lori S  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 21, 2023

Everything is great!  

Geri F  | Phoenix, AZ |  June 2, 2023

The window treatments look perfect. I appreciate you making the installation happen in such a timely manner. 

Angie R  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  May 13, 2023

Everything turned out great. 

joy o  | Flagstaff, AZ |  April 29, 2023

The installation went smoothly and the team was great. 

Stephen B  | Scottsdale, AZ |  April 15, 2023

Turned out great.  

Jennifer & Mark D  | Phoenix, AZ |  April 11, 2023

The install was great and the drapes are perfect. 

Shelley K  | Peoria, AZ |  April 10, 2023

Gentleman did a wonderful job, clean and neat. Really like the drapes! 

Sue A  | Scottsdale, AZ |  March 28, 2023

All is great!! 

Vickie & David S  | Scottsdale, AZ |  November 21, 2022

It went great! The Installer was awesome and so are the blinds!!  

Jill & Tim I  | Queen Creek, AZ |  November 7, 2022

Everything went well! We love our shades! 

Patti R  | Saint Helena, CA |  October 14, 2022

We love the shades.  

Carol F  | Mercer Island, WA |  October 9, 2022

The installation went smoothly, and I am delighted with the shades. 

Susan S  | Mesa, AZ |  October 7, 2022

Everything is fine. 

Brett W  | Scottsdale, AZ |  October 2, 2022

Everything went amazing! 

Laura B  | Phoenix, AZ |  September 27, 2022

They are great! 

Debbie & Morrie A  | Mt. Vernon, WA |  September 18, 2022

Very nice installation guys. We had to have a remote replaced on our tv room shades and they had a new one with them, so that was nice. The shades look good and so far, they work as hoped. Thanks for keeping our order on track. It was a very easy process! 

Josh K  | Phoenix, AZ |  September 16, 2022

Looks great, and helping with the heat and light! 

Sandy W  | Scottsdale, AZ |  August 26, 2022

The blinds look so much better! I'm very happy with the valances. It's very refined esthetic. 

Julia S  | Tempe, AZ |  August 19, 2022

Everything turned out great. 

Doreen P  | Delray Beach, FL |  August 12, 2022

I’m thrilled with the way it all turned out. I’m so satisfied with all the decisions and the installers were very professional. 

Leanne M  | Gilbert, AZ |  June 18, 2022

The drapes are beautiful. Stunning!  

Neeta J  | Phoenix, AZ |  June 18, 2022

Everything went smoothly. We are very happy with the shades.  

Meghan M  | Phoenix, AZ |  June 18, 2022

The shades and drapes were installed today and look amazing! Thank you for all your help.  

Marilyn H  | Phoenix, AZ |  June 10, 2022

Thanks! It turned out great, as usual! 

Laura K  | Seattle, WA |  May 28, 2022

As usual, the installation was quick and easy. I've been so happy with The Shade Store's customer service throughout the years! We definitely recommend them to people every chance we get. :) 

jeanne s  | Prescott, AZ |  May 23, 2022

The shades installation went very well and the shades fit the sidelight windows perfectly. The drapes are very easy to open & close since the pro added the larger extension brackets last month. I really love how elegant everything is. I am so glad I made this investment in my house. Thanks again for all your recommendations, expertise and follow up.  

Randi G  | Buckeye, AZ |  May 17, 2022

We are absolutely thrilled with how everything turned out! I can't thank you enough for all of your time and help. You will have to come out and see the house.  

Karen M  | Flagstaff, AZ |  May 14, 2022

I sincerely appreciate your attentiveness. One of the top customer care experiences I have ever had.  

Linda B  | Phoenix, AZ |  May 10, 2022

All went terrific!! I have not stopped telling everyone how great my experience has been with you and The Shade Store!! Above and beyond happy from start to finish.  

John F  | Buckeye, AZ |  May 4, 2022

I have to say the overall experience (from ordering to installation) was wonderful and we could not be happier with the new shades. The installer was very professional and quick.  

Stephanie G  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  April 27, 2022

The new shades look great and significantly reduced the light coming into the bedroom last night. Very happy with installation and the entire ordering process. If I have any future projects, I’ll reach out.  

Jeff F  | Phoenix, AZ |  April 1, 2022

Your installer was fantastic and the drapes look incredible. Thank you for all your help!  

Aby M  | Scottsdale, AZ |  March 27, 2022

I was not here, but my husband said your installer was great. I’m very happy with the result!  

Marcia D  | Oxnard, CA |  March 21, 2022

We installed the drapes yesterday. We are pleased with the results, overall look and the quick turnaround. The drapes help in pulling the room together, without blocking the view.  

David and Vianey G  | Tempe, AZ |  March 20, 2022

The installation went well and the blinds look amazing. Thank you for all your help!  

Carley K  | Phoenix, AZ |  March 17, 2022

They are WONDERFUL! Everything I could have dreamed of. Thank you so much for all your help throughout the process.  

Marilyn H  | Gold Canyon, AZ |  March 15, 2022

Everything looks and works fantastic! Thank you so very much! I have already recommended you to two of my friends here who were very impressed by the looks and service you provided!  

Alfred E  | Chandler, AZ |  March 7, 2022

We are more than pleased. The new blinds are beautiful and enhance the room. 

Cara & Brock C  | Chicago, IL |  February 24, 2022

It's great, thank you!  

Barclay S  | Phoenix, AZ |  February 21, 2022

The new shades are wonderful! I'm so happy they are up and my living room refresh is complete. Thanks for your help!  

Elie G  | Scottsdale, AZ |  February 3, 2022

Thank you! So far so good! Thanks again for your help! Very easy for me!  

Craig C  | Scottsdale, AZ |  January 25, 2022

Everything is great. Thanks! 

Marilyn H  | Phoenix, AZ |  January 18, 2022

The install was fine. I will definitely get in touch if we need more of your products, and I have recommended you to others and will continue to do so. Thanks for all your help!  

Lynn N  | Chandler, AZ |  January 6, 2022

Everything looks great thank you for checking in. Appreciate all of your hard work on this and I am very happy.  

Susan S  | Phoenix, AZ |  December 27, 2021

Thanks. All turned out fine. Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year! 

Susan B  | Phoenix, AZ |  December 21, 2021

Everything went well with the installation and we are very satisfied with the shades. Eventually my daughter wants draperies for a front room and I'm sure she will get in touch when she is ready.  

Randy J  | Scottsdale, AZ |  December 21, 2021

Everything looks great very happy thanks. 

Janet J  | Scottsdale, AZ |  December 15, 2021

Thanks for checking in. The installation went well and we are learning how to handle the top-down functions. The blinds look great! 

Adrienne E  | Scottsdale, AZ |  December 15, 2021

He was on time, very pleasant and had our shades up in no time at all. We are very pleased with the service and the shades! Thank you!  

Chelsea K  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  December 7, 2021

Yes the gentleman came out and replaced the roller shades, they look great!! 

Jill K  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  December 4, 2021

It was great. I like that installer very much.  

Melissa B  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  December 1, 2021

It went great I was really happy with them thanks!  

Laura K  | Seattle, WA |  November 16, 2021

Just wanted to take the time to thank you, again, for your assistance in ordering our roller shade, scheduling the install, and checking on the appointment time for me yesterday. 

Kristi M  | Phoenix, AZ |  November 13, 2021

They turned out wonderful, Thank you for asking! 

Sunanda S  | Goodyear, AZ |  November 7, 2021

It was great! Thank you so much!!  

Jillian L  | Phoenix, AZ |  October 31, 2021

The blinds look great and the installation was much faster than expected! Thank you so much for all the help.  

Craig C  | Scottsdale, AZ |  October 29, 2021

Thanks for checking in. The install went well. Both guys did a great job. My parents are happy!!!!  

Nancy P  | Scottsdale, AZ |  October 29, 2021

I wanted to let you know I’m thrilled. The installer was fantastic.  

Samantha M  | Scottsdale, AZ |  October 8, 2021

Thank you for checking! Yes, the installation was perfect and the installer did a wonderful job. The shades look great in my bedroom and I’m happy with the bottom up, top down feature. Everything works well. I’ll be making decisions on my other 3 windows for the great room.  

Bradley M  | Scottsdale, AZ |  October 8, 2021

Thank you so much, the second installation went well. Thank you for following this to its completion. Have a great weekend 

Dale R  | Ferndale, WA |  October 1, 2021

The install went perfect!  

Masha H  | Yarrow Pt., WA |  September 24, 2021

Yes, the kitchen looks superb. The blinds are a little see through so we still see our view, which was the original goal! (it has taken a while but we did it - thank you).  

Jim P  | Phoenix, AZ |  September 5, 2021

Everything went very well. The Blackout shades look good and are very functional. The transplanted shades look good in the other room. I appreciate you making everything go so smoothly.  

Adair H  | Los Lunas, NM |  August 28, 2021

We did receive the shade and we have installed it. It’s perfect. 

Amy M  | Seattle, WA |  August 17, 2021

Super happy. The installation went smoothly and the guy was done faster than expected! 

Anna G  | Seattle, WA |  August 11, 2021

I wanted to thank you both for assisting me in getting blackout replacements for my kids' bedroom. The installer came this morning and I already know that it's going to make a huge difference in my kids' sleep (and my overall family's well-being!) I really appreciate you and your company's commitment to customer satisfaction and will definitely come back when I need more window treatments in the future. 

Emanuell A  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  August 11, 2021

Everything is great. Thank you!! 

Dustin S  | Phoenix, AZ |  August 4, 2021

Thank you for checking in. Yes, the shades were installed yesterday and look great. We appreciate your help! 

Meredith S  | Paradise Valley, AZ |  August 2, 2021

It went well. All set! Thank you for all of your help! 

Cynthia E  | Mercer Island, WA |  July 29, 2021

The installer was professional and very good. The blinds need to unwrinkle a bit, so we will like them even more in a few days! Thank you for your help in selecting them and being patient during all of our questions. We are both happy! Yay!  

Jennifer S  | Gilbert, AZ |  July 23, 2021

I truly appreciate you checking in on us. It really means a lot. We LOVE LOVE them. The installation was awesome and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks again for all your expertise and help!  

Beth S  | Phoenix, AZ |  July 20, 2021

Thanks for the follow up. The installer did a great job and the shades work and look great! So much better than the shades we have elsewhere in the house! 

Jodi M  | Bridgehampton, NY |  July 12, 2021

Thank you for your email. Everything went smoothly and it completed the look.  

Sue & Steve H  | Scottsdale, AZ |  July 1, 2021

Install went well!! The installer was very nice and the window treatment looks great.  

Marsha S  | Goodyear, AZ |  July 1, 2021

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help. I do love the shades and draperies, the room looks and feels so much lighter.  

Carolyn G  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 30, 2021

Looks FABULOUS! Thank you.  

Bill G  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 28, 2021

They look awesome and your installer was very professional. Thanks for everything - they’re exactly what my son was looking for!  

Rhonda G  | Phoenix, AZ |  June 27, 2021

Yes, everything worked out nicely, no complaints. 

Chris K  | Seattle, WA |  June 26, 2021

They did a great job and the shades look wonderful! 

Amy T  | Seattle, WA |  June 20, 2021

Everything went smoothly and things look great!  

Briana H  | Gilbert, AZ |  June 17, 2021

Everything went well and we love the shade. Thank you for all of your help! 

Patsy N  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 14, 2021

It was great as I’m so glad to have the shade. Thanks so much for your help.  

Jackie C  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 5, 2021

All is well! We love our new blinds; the lighter color makes such a difference in our house. The easy controls are awesome, too! We’ll be back sometime to update more of our shades; right now we are focusing on updating a few of our bathrooms.  

Lesleigh S  | Scottsdale, AZ |  June 4, 2021

I wanted to follow up with you, we will keep the drapes with the light! I actually like it and my husband is totally good with it! Yay!! They are beautiful!! I hope our paths cross again. I will refer you to clients and already referred you to my mother in law! So great working with you! Thank you!!!  

Kara W  | Seattle, WA |  June 1, 2021

Everything went well. Thanks for checking back. 

Kevin M  | Flagstaff, AZ |  June 1, 2021

Thanks so much for your follow up! The shade is absolutely gorgeous and we love it! It matches our new home perfectly. We really appreciate all your help with this and will definitely recommend your services and high quality products!!  

Jackie C  | Scottsdale, AZ |  May 25, 2021

WE LOVE OUR NEW BLINDS! The installers took their time as each window was unique since our house is rather circular? It’s so nice to have the ugly brown gone and have more modern shades up which are so easy to use, too. We will be back to add more to other rooms in the house; decided to slowly update.  

Tigran S  | Bellevue, WA |  May 23, 2021

Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it. I will be in touch soon with new project.  

Lauren M  | Scottsdale, AZ |  May 21, 2021

Thank you for the follow up on the drapery. The install went well and the drapes look great. 

Chad A  | Tempe, AZ |  May 16, 2021

Everything looks great! After that condo sells, I will be returning to update the window coverings in my new place. 

Linda M  | Scottsdale, AZ |  May 7, 2021

The installation was super smooth and the curtains are fantastic - we are so happy with them! Thank you for all your help.I look forward to working together again in the future.  

Julie M  | Oak Park, IL |  May 7, 2021

They look wonderful. The installation went seamlessly, the installer was great. Thank you again for your help. If I have other clients looking for treatments I will definitely use The Shade Store. Everything is great. 

Anandi R  | Phoenix, AZ |  May 5, 2021

They're great!!  

Daniella D  | Phoenix, AZ |  April 13, 2021

Yes, everything went wonderfully! Thank you for the follow up! I will be in touch soon for my next client. 

Jennifer C  | Scottsdale, AZ |  April 5, 2021

It went smoothly and the color choices were perfect. The bedroom color of the bedroom shades is virtually identical to the walls and blend flawlessly with the decor. Thanks for all your help. 

Smita S  | Phoenix, AZ |  March 15, 2021

We really liked the shades for the office and the installer did an excellent job with the shades. Didn’t take much time to install. They look great!! Thank you for helping us with material and installation. Thanks again for your efficient service!